Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kosovo Serb Policeman Wounded in Ambush in Village, U.N. Reports

Published: September 11, 2005
PRISTINA, Kosovo, Sept. 10 (Reuters) - A Kosovo Serb policeman was wounded when his car was ambushed and fired on late Friday, the United Nations police force said.

The attack happened in a region where two Serb men were shot and killed two weeks ago.

The latest attack took place shortly before midnight on the main road near the Serb region of Strpce in southern Kosovo, the mainly ethnic Albanian province that is administered by the United Nations.

A statement by the United Nations police force said the officer's car "was ambushed and fired upon by unknown armed suspects."

The brother of the wounded officer said the man had been hit in the back and leg and had been taken to a nearby United States military base, Camp Bondsteel. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

One police official said two other Serb policemen had been in the car but escaped unhurt.

The car was attacked near a memorial to ethnic Albanian guerrillas killed in the 1998-99 war with Serb forces. The memorial was damaged Thursday in an explosion, but the United Nations police commissioner, Kai Vittrup, said that it was not clear if the incidents were related and that the police were "reinforcing security measures" in the area.

Kosovo, which is legally part of Serbia, has been run by the United Nations since 1999 when NATO bombing drove out Serb forces accused of atrocities in a war on separatist rebels.

Thousands of Serbs fled after the conflict, and those who stayed became frequent targets of violence here.

The attack on Friday night took place several miles from the site of a drive-by shooting on Aug. 28 in which two Serb men were killed, shattering a yearlong lull in attacks involving Serbs.

United Nations police officials have declined to speculate on possible motives for the attacks. But Serb leaders in Belgrade blame ethnic Albanian extremists pushing for independence from Serbia in negotiations expected to begin this year.

A United Nations envoy is within weeks of submitting a report to Secretary General Kofi Annan on whether Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leadership has made enough progress on democracy and minority rights for those talks to begin, possibly next month.

The Serbian government in Belgrade says the 100,000 Serbs living in Kosovo, where ethnic Albanians make up 90 percent of the population, are under threat, and it has called for the talks to be delayed.


Anonymous said...

"ambushed and fired upon"
just like the Gaza Strip and Baghdad....same thing. Americans didn't serve as your airforce for this.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. There will be no independent Kosova acording to top diplomats.

Anonymous said...

Why there is no serb Gendarmerie in Kosovo? It is necessary to impose peace and freedom for all the communities.

Anonymous said...

they are popping off Serbs like they are target practice.

Anonymous said...

hehe you guyz know what's gonna hapen with Kosovo?

Top diplomats are saying No Independence for Kosovo a?.. hahha, guyz I see you're from Earth, and I See you can read and write Read NEWS in Propper WAY not on reverse, and by the way guyz, everyone knows who's doing this propaganda with serb niggaz, last 2 killed in KS was killed from serbs, but serbs newspapers said that it was Albanians who killed them, and after all, the serb man was shown on TV and said that serbians killed each-other, so noone's believeing anymore nothing from serbs, they are trying to desabileasie Kosovo as much as possible, but forget it ;)

I know serbs are always inocent, even that they've masacred 8000 ppl in Bosnia for 1 week (there are videos to prove it), and they did war for almost 5 years so imagine how many killed and they're still innocent, but guyz, if someone wants to kill someone else, you know you cant hide and there is no power on earth to make it impossible even if you have all worlds police in your country.

I Hate serbs, and I'm gonna hate 'em for ever just cuz, they commit a crime, and they say Albanians did it, cuz they dont have ass, they got dick on their mouth, and Albanians say "I DID IT" and will not run like bitch ass!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!
And God Will judge everyone, and He is doing it right now at this moment!

Anonymous said...

Serbs are quite quicj to jump at conclusions. Early this week the Serb popullation of the area desacrated a monument of the Albanins fallen during the war. This Serbian policeman was guarding the monument after the attack. It is very possible that the same Serbs who desacrated the monument were angry that one of their own was guarding what they were so anxious to ruin. It is quite possible that he was shot by Serbs angry at him because he was protecting something Albanian. People like the posters above would have been the first to shoot him for protecting Albanian monuments.

Anonymous said...

all from

Contribution to humanity
Serbs have played a prominent role in the development of the arts and sciences. Prominent individuals have included the scientists Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Jovan Cvijic, Milutin Milanković and Mileva Maric (mathematician and Albert Einstein's first wife); the famous composer Josip Runjanin; Rudjer Boscovich's father was Serb. In the United States, two Serbs are NBA stars: Vlade Divac and Peja Stojaković and actress Mila Jovović's father is Serbian.
The mother of the last (Eastern) Roman Emperor Constantine XI Paleologos Dragases was Serbian princess Helene Dragas, and he liked to be known by her Serbian surname of Dragas.
According to the National Enquirer, author Ian Fleming patterned James Bond after Dusko Popov, a Serbian double agent nicknamed Tricycle.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed Slavonic March (Marche Slave) in 1876 known at first as the “Serbo-Russian March” based on Serbian folk melodies as “Come, my dearest, why so sad this morning?”
David Albahari
Ivo Andrić (Nobel Laureate)
Svetislav Basara
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Predrag R. Dragić Kijuk
Nićifor Dučić
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Enki Bilal (Enes Bilal) (director)
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Brad Dexter (Boris Milanović - actor)
Milla Jovovich (Milica Nataša Jovović - model/actress)
Emir Kusturica (director)
Karl Malden (Mladen Sekulović) (actor)
Princess Catherine Oxenberg (actress of royal descent)
Velimir Bata Živojinović (actor)
Ljubisa Samardzić (actor/director)
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Željko Joksimović (pop singer)
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Alex Lifeson (Aleksandar Živojinović - guitarist with "Rush")
Stefan Milenković (Violin player)
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Milan Budimir
Jovan Chokor
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Milan Mandaric Owner and chairman of the Portsmouth football club
Milo Medin Vice President for now defunct @Home company
Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac
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Vladimir Mitić (Owner of Robne kuce Beograd)
Milan Panić President and Chief Executive Officer, MP Global Enterprises & Associates, USA
Djordje Vajfert (Czech originated Serb, owner of old Weifert brewery)
George Yerich (Successful businessman from Niagara Falls, Canada owns the Skylon and Holiday Inn)
Philip Zepter (owner of Zepter formerly known as Milan Janković)
Milan Puskar (Owner and Originator of Mylan Laboratories)
Assassins, outlaws
Dragutin Dimitrijević Apis - leader of Black Hand organization
Mijailo Mijailović - Anna Lindh assassin; no political affiliations, mental illness
Gavrilo Princip - Serb national hero, assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Puniša Račić - parliament assassin of Stjepan Radić and Đuro Basariček
Jovo Stanisavljević Čaruga - outlaw
Joco Udmanić - outlaw
World Record Holders
Vesna Vulović
Milorad Čavić
Category:Serbian sportspeople
Group sports
Dejan Bodiroga
Dražen Dalipagić (Hall of Famer; Bosnian Muslim father, Bosnian Croat mother; naturalized Serb)
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Mike Mamula (NFL)
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John "Big Serb" Miljus (baseball)
Bob O'Billovich (CFL)
Aleksandar Šapić (waterpolo)
Dragan Škrbić (handball)
Goran Vujević (volleyball)
Peter Vuckovich (baseball) (AL Cy Young winner: 1982)
Peter Zezel (hockey)
Solo sports
Milorad Cavic (swimming)
Jelena Dokić (tennis) (Serb born in Croatia)
Svetozar Gligorić (chess) - grandmaster, once rated the strongest European chess player outside Russia.
Ana Ivanovic (tennis)
Jelena Jankovic (tennis)
Daniel Nestor (Nestorović) (tennis)
Nataša Pavlović (flight)
Snezana Peric (karate)
Jasna Šekarić (shooting sports)
Bill Vukovich (car racing) (Two-time Indy 500 winner)
Nenad Zimonjić (tennis)
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Vuk Branković (Medieval lord)
Prince Lazar
Tsar Stefan Dušan Silni (tzar)
Tsar Jovan Nenad
Stefan Lazarević
Vlatko Vuković (Medieval lord)
Jovanka Broz Budisavljević (Tito's third wife)
Milovan Đilas (Communist leader and dissident)
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Dragoslav (Draža) Marković - mentor of Slobodan Milošević
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Moše Pijade (Communist leader of Jewish descent)
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Karadjordje Petrović (or Supreme Commander Karadjordje or Djordje Petrović)
Prince Alexander Karadjordjević,
HM King Petar I Karadjordjević,
HM King Alexander I Karadjordjević,
Princess Maria of Romania and Hohenzollern HM Queen Mother Maria,
HRH Tomislav Karadjordjević
HM King Petar II Karadjordjević,
Prince Pavle Karađorđević
Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark
HRH Princess Jelisaveta of Serbia and Yugoslavia
HM Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia and Yugoslavia
Tijana Arnautovic (Miss World Canada - 2004)
Archimandrite Sebastian Dabovich (First US born Serbian Orthodox priest: San Francisco 1863)
Đuka Mandić - mother of Nikola Tesla
Stevan Moljević
Mila Mulroney (nee Mila Pivnicki: Canada's First Lady)
Nikola Djuric (attorney with Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan)
Connected to Serbs

Of course, a lot of f.e. world politicians are in some way connected to Serbs. But this list lists people intimately connected to Serbia or Serbs.
Madeleine Albright (saved by Serbs in Second World War)
Josip Broz (was married to Jovanka Broz Budisavljević)
Major Richard L. Felman (USAF, ret.)
Pierre-Henri Bunel
Luc Besson (was married to Milla Jovovich)
Patrick Besson
Albert Einstein (was married to Mileva Maric)
Mira Furlan (married to Goran Gajić)
Prentis Cobb Hale (married to Denise Minnelli Hale)
Peter Handke
Lottar Matthaus (coached FK Partizan Beograd)
Francis Mackenzie
Vincente Minnelli (married to Denise Minnelli Hale)
Archibald Reiss publicist, a professor, famous criminologist
Monica Seles (tennis player; an ethnic Hungarian born in Vojvodina)
Daniel Shifer
Aleksandar Solovjev (Александр Соловьёв)
Sir John Tavener (composed: The Epistile of Love and The Veil of the Temple on Serbian Medieval Poetry)
Henry McIver soldier of fortune - Serbian general de brigade
Serbian language speakers, learners, etc.

Friedrich Engels
Johann Wolfgang von Göthe
Jakob Grimm
J. R. R. Tolkien
Leo Tolstoy

Anonymous said...

As the poster above said Albanians would have no reason to shoot someone that's protecting something that is so sacred to them. On the other side the Serbs who partially ruined the monument last week would have all the reasons to shoot at someone who was preventing them from finishing their job of ruining the monument.

Anonymous said...

I read it and now I'm gonna take a crap.

Anonymous said...

here we go again; albanians unable to cope with the manifestation of their people's hatred for 'others'. Always violence and killing. This time, over a stupid monument. A life for a monument to terrorists. Nice work, albanians. This really helps your image internationally on the eve of talks about your continued occupation.

Anonymous said...

I told you, inter-Serb violence will take place. Independence, which is being made clear to all Serb politicians so that they can prepare their police for riot control, is coming and that has started the blame game among Serbs. Once again, it will be the innocent and those that are for interethnic cooperation like this poor policeman and the three youths earlier that will bear the punishment for the failure of their politicians.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when police are armed only with hand guns. Give them shotguns so they can blow chicken motherfcukers to bits.

Anonymous said...

Here's just a short list of famous Albanians I know.

Mother Teresa - famous missionary. All the world knows her. Nobel Peace prize winner.

Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg - national hero. He was the only one in the Balkans who defeated the Ottoman army for 25 years in a row.

Jan Kukuzeli - Byzantine artist. This guy composed Te Deum, the very same one you sing today in churches.

James Belushi - actor
John Belushi - actor
Eliza Dushku - actress
Masiela Lusha - actress ( George Lopez show, she plays the daughter)

Aleksander Moisiu (April 2, 1879–March 22, 1935) (aka Alexander Moissi) was a famous Albanian stage actor. He was born in Durrës to an Albanian father and Arbëresh mother. Some of his roles have included Hamlet, Oedipus, Faust, Fedya in Tolstoy's "Buried Alive", and Dubedat in George Bernard Shaw's "The Doctor's Dilemma". He was one of the preferred actors of the director Max Reinhardt. Moisiu has also performed in several films. Although he made his name abroad (such as Germany, Russia and Switzerland), he is well remembered and honored in Albania. The High College of Drama in Tirana and the Professional Theatre of Durrës are named after him. He is buried in Lake Lugano, Switzerland.

Inva Mula-Tchako (alternate spellings Inva Mula, Inva Mula Tchako, Inva Mulla Tchako) (born 1963) is an opera singer born in Tirana, Albania. She is perhaps most well-known to the American pop culture as the soprano voice behind the Diva in the movie The Fifth

Stan Dragoti - Director, Producer, Screenwriter( This dude created the I love New York ads.)

Peter Malota is best known for his appearances in 3 films starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. In 1985, Peter made his film debut as a member of a syndicate gang in the actioner Los Angeles Streetfighter. In 1991, Peter began to work with Van Damme. The first on the 3 films was 1991's Double Impact, where he played an assassin with kicking skills with knives in his shoes. The second would be Nowhere to Run, playing the convict Van Damme tries to free but is killed. The last was 1996's The Quest. In this film, Peter puts his kicking skills to use again as he played the Spanish fighter that Van Damme fights in the tournaments. However, Peter would return 5 years later to work with Van Damme again on The Order. Originally from Albania, Peter currently lives in Michigan where aside form acting, he teaches martial arts.


* L.A. Streetfighters (1985)
* Double Impact (1991)
* Nowhere to Run (1994)
* The Quest (1996)
* The Order (2001)

Luan Krasniqi- European heavyweight champion. Watch him fight against Lemon Brewster for the world title in Sept 28.

Kristina O'Donnelly author, editor and publisher ( father Shemseddin Sami Vendresha, a.k.a Sami Alberto.)

Ismail Kadare is a world renowned Albanian writer. Kadare is published in over forty countries all over the world and is considered to be one of the greatest writers of our epoch and a literary classic of the 20th century. He has been a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature and in 2005 he received the inaugural Man Booker International Prize.

Mehemet Ali - viceroy of Egypt
Anastasius - Byzantine Emperor
(491-518 AD)
Farouk of Egypt - king of Egypt (ethnic Albanian)
Fawzia of Egypt - Egyptian princess (ethnic Albanian)
Fuad I of Egypt - king of Egypt (ethnic Albanian)
Fuad II of Egypt - king of Egypt (ethnic Albanian)

# Mehmed Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1656-1661) (ethnic Albanian)
# Ahmed Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1661-1676) (ethnic Albanian)
# Mustafa Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1689-1691) (ethnic Albanian)
# Hüseyin Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1697-1702) (ethnic Albanian)
# Numan Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1710-1711) (ethnic Albanian)
# Abd Allah Köprülü - Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire (from 1723-1735) (ethnic Albanian)

Pope Clement XI - Catholic Pope

Ferid Muradi - scientist, Nobel laureate

These hold silver and gold medals

Ilir Kafarani - Olympic weightlifter
Ymer Pampuri - weightlifter
Erkand Qerimaj - Olympic
Ilir Suli - weightlifter
# Donald Suxho - volleyballist for American Olympic Team
# Gert Trasha - Olympic weightlifter
# Theoharis Trasha - Olympic weightlifter
# Tie Domi- Pro hockey player
# Carl Ritter von Ghega - builder of the Semmering Railway in Austria that became the model of Europe.
# Mehmet Isa - chief architect of the Taj Mahal
# Sadefqar Mehmeti - chief architect accredited with the design of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Anonymous said...

Add to the Albanian list the following Roman and Byzanthine Emperors.

Claudius II - Gothicus, as he was also known, reigned for a short period from 268-270 AD. He was born in Dardania in 214. He was a Roman officer in the army and upon the death of the Roman emperor Gallenius in 268 was proclaimed emperor by the soldiers and was affirmed by the Roman senate. His reigned was highlighted by several military campaign victories over the invading Goths (Germanic tribe) and for this he named known as Gothicus. He died on the throne in 270.

Aurelian - Aurelian reigned from 270-275 AD. Born in Moesia in 214. He received high military status under the reign of Claudius II. Aurelian's emphasis was to restore the general welfare and unity of the empire and was given the title, Restitutor Orbis, or Restorer of the Empire. He commissioned a wall to enclose the city of Rome, but was assassinated by some of his officers in 275 on a expedition to Persia before it was completed.

Probus - He reigned from 276-282 AD. He was born in Pannonia. As a Roman officer he kept the Germanic tribes at bay. After the murder of his rival, Probus assumed the throne. He led many successful military campaigns and was known as a military emperor and would eventually see the same fate as Aurelian as Probus was also killed by some of his officers in 282. He did complete the enclosing wall of Rome that was begun by his predecessor.

Diocletian - He was born in 245
to a Dalmatian family and reigned
from 284-305 AD. Diocletian
became a Roman officer and was
declared emperor in 284. Because
of hostilities in respects to his reign,
Diocletian made his confidant and
his Pannonian officer, Maximian
joint emperor in 286 and Constantius I (an Illyrian from Moesia and father of Constantine the great - ruled jointly with Maxentius from 305-306) and Galerius as Caesars, or sub-emperors. This method succeeded brilliantly as Britain was restored to the empire and the Persians were subdued. He did incur economic problems and Christians were severely persecuted under his reign. After his and Maximian's abdication in 305, the once brilliant system of emperors and sub-emperors led to internal strife. Maximian returned to aid his son, Maxentius, but was forced out by him in 308. Maximian committed suicide in 310 to the advice of Constantius I. Diocletian had retired to his Palace in Salona, Dalmatia and died in 313.

Constantine the Great - Born in Moesia in 285. Reigned from 306-323 as joint emperor and then solely from 323-337 AD. He was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity and established it as the preferred religion. Constantine defeated Maxentius in 312 to become sole ruler in the western province and defeated the joint emperor, Licinius, to become the sole Roman ruler. Constantine also moved the empire's capital to the Greek city, Byzantium and later renamed it Constantinople. After his death, Constantine's sons would also rule:
Constantine II (337-340)
Constans I (337-350) and
Constantius II (337-361)

Justin I - Born of Dardanian peasants in 450 AD and ruled from 518-527 AD. Surprisingly elected to the throne at the age of 70 only because of his military expertise. Justin began to see a formidable threat against the Byzantium - the Slavs who began to settle on the empires borders. Justin would not live long enough to see the Slavic invasion dying of an illness in 527.

Justinian I - Born in 483 AD and appointed successor by his uncle Justin I. Justinian assumed the throne in 527 after Justin's death and would rule until 565. His reign was one of Imperial greatness as he recaptured much of the territory of the western empire that fell to the Germanic invaders and successfully kept the Slavs at bay. He also unified Roman laws into one code known as the Justinian code (civil laws). Justinian had acquired an early education at Constantinople. Justinian was the last of the Illyrian emperors.

Anonymous said...

constantine the great hahahahaha u forgot alexander the great, aristotle, plato, jesus and GOD himself!!! hahhahahahah I mean how funny is it that you put down names of people and claim them as albanian BEFORE ALBANIANS EVEN EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STUPID STUPID STUPID!
dude actors from van damme movies, the george lopez show??????????? how r u not ashamed of putting these people down as something u would be proud of????? mother terresa was ashamed of her albo roots for a reason i see. FINALLY SOME TRUTH ON THIS SITE thanks to admitting to the fact that YES, AS U STATED, albos were willing servants of the ottomans and u are proud that ur people held these high ranking postitions within the ottoman empire, that needs no words to discribe what type of two faced traitors (who even sold out their own religion and took the occupiers) we are dealing with. i mean come on get at least a few decent people on the list, havent u been around for like 100,000 years? such a pathetic list from the "oldest people" in the universe hahahahahhahahah!

arianit said...

Dude, you got served. Look at your list, you put Arkan on it for his military skills. Holly shit, Arkan had military skills!!! I would rather put him and Legija under the most skilled human butchers of Serbia.

When Serbs becomes patriotic regarding the (un)cooperation with Turks it just proves how much history has been whitewashed in Serbia. Didn't your kings give their daughters to Ottoman Sultans as one of the thousand bitches he kept in his harem. Nigga, plz! Here in American they say: history is a prostitute and historians are pimps. Who more than Serbs have literally pimped throughout history?
And when there were no more Serb kings, your priests collected taxes for the Sultans while Arberit/Albanians rose on every chance they got. Talking about pus*y a*s traitors, what can be a better one that those that finance the enemy. Learn Ottoman history better, Ottomans almost never seeked to convert (it's technically prohibited in Islam). All they wanted was taxes to maintain the massive military and the exotic imperial court. You financed their army, homie.

Noel Malcolm says it very well, in Bosnia and in Serbia city dwellers converted to Islam and took the more superior Islamic culture (compared to the mediaval European one native to the Balkans)that Ottomans brought. Those that din't take the new culture were usually rednecks in disant villages or high mountains far war from the Ottoman influence practicing voodo-orthodox-chritianity. Islam of cities like Sarajevo, Mostar, and Prizren at this time was all about sophistication, eruditation, and shick that cities like London, Paris , and New York evoke today. Immagine this, in 16th century, a time when women were sold in markets like property (think cows) in other parts of Europe, spas of both genders existed in Prizren.
Belgrade alone had more than 1,000 mosques. People that prayed in them , muslim Serbs, were either forcefully converted, expelled to Bosnia, or massacred without a second thought from rednecks from Kursumlija that took over when Russia got you the autonomy. 200 years and 1000 mosques later, Belgrade is now clear of any sign of Muslim culture. Last mosque in Belgrade was burnt in 2004. Talk about Christian Talibans!

Btw, add to the Albanian list the whole Paleologu-Komneni dynasty of the Byzantine empire.

Ko to kaze ko to laze,
Da srbija je mala,
Nije Mala, nije mala,
ali je propala


Anonymous said...

pathetic really!! hahahh u even admit to your enire nation being sellouts and converting IN MASS AS AN ENTIRE PEOPLE!!!!! dude there were always individuals on all sides in every nation who were opportunitsts but int eh case of albaniacs ur entire nation is a sellout!! what is the saying "religion lies with the sword" hahahahah!!!!! pathetic! noel malcom!!! teh biggest serb hater alive, show a source prior to the 1990s where the serbs werent written about as the GREATEST heros and greatest threat to teh ottoman empire!!! 1804! 1804 man look it up, the serbs started an uprising 50 years before italy was even united. serbian and greek uprisings are what brought the ottomans down! the serbs in the bosnian sities converted and in kosovo up to teh 1950's the cities were always mostly othodox, u were muslim peatens fucking sheep in the moutain (DUDE U ARE A NATION OF SHEAPERDS NO?) hahhahahahah u muslim filth!! superior muslim faith!!! hahahah dude everything worth anything in the world was created by christians and especially the great brilliant orthodox minds from russian to serbs to greeks (see the list and by the way I didnt have to complie a list like u it is simply on wikipedia under list of serbs, while there are like barley any albos in ur list,the ones that are there are nobodys). and yes the ottomans did not forcibly convert people (THAT MAKES UR SELLOUT NATION EVEN WORSE TAHTN I WAS PRESENTING IT AS!! HAHAHA DUMB ASS SHEEP FUCKER) they found many serbs in bosnia and sandjak and albos in albania (that time u werent even in kosovo) as the people who were their most willing converts who sold their souls to the occupying power, not to pay taxes!!!????? what? ur entire nation did so the ENTIRE NATION not just a few here and there. u albos ae proud of the people who served in th high ranks of the ottoman empire, u love the turks, u took their religion and a they lov u as well today! there was never 1k muslim mosques in belgrade, that is a lie. the greatest monuments in the balkans are serbian and greek structures, ur filthy muslim scum brothers had to even steal hagia sophia and just convert it to a mosque, pathetic that is something guys would do as well.

Anonymous said...

One name only. Mother Teresa. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

hahah what does it say???? NOTHING, she was a very nice lady but still was on the vaticans payroll (like as if u were a humantarian working for hitler, oh sorry that what u albos were!!!)) HAHAHAHHAAH! mother teressa!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE! come on ALBOS where are the 100,000,000 years of contributions to the world?????? isnt god albanian? didnt u invent the world and the universe? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! as well as the dinasours cause it expalins ur facial features!! HAHAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

So what you saying is every catholoic in the world is a little Nazi, Mother Teresa included, and the Pope is Hitler. Somehow this coming from a Serb doesn't surprise me at all. So this is what the average Serb think if you're muslim you're a terrorist, If you're a catholic you're a Nazi, if you're a Budhist or a Hindu you're an idiot, if you're anything but a Serb orthodox you're a subhuman the lowest of the animal kingdom. Good you showed true face of the Serb people, brainwashed boy.

Anonymous said...

To the Orthodox loser:

Go get a life.

At some point in history, the Serb nation or their ancestors converted to Christianity. Now, according to your (Orthodox Serb) logic that makes you "traitors" who sold out their own religion.

Talking about traitors and selling out your own religion, check out who is selling what in the holy land: Jerusalem clergy dump patriarch. If an Orthodox Patriarch, I repeat Patriarch, is ready to sell holy land for cash then what is an ordinary Orthodox (like you) ready to sell for cash?

Allow my to thank you sincerely for showing the world the true face of Serbs and Serbia. You are doing it better than me or any other Kosovar would have ever hoped.

This message is not aimed at people of Orthodox faith, and I apologise in advance if it causes any offence. This message was aimed at the Orthodox loser for him to taste some of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

no not every catholic is a nazi nor is every muslim a terrorist, show me where state that hhahahah liars!!! but the fact is that the vatican is an institution taht has the deaths of tens of millions on its hands, from what they did to teh serbs to southern america: mayas, incas, forced conversions, deats of millions, the vatican was 100% in support of hitler, read "unholy alliance" by Loftus. and no not every muslims is a terrorist but the fact is that 95% of all terrorist acctivites including the KLA around the world is conducted by ur muslim brothers:

" The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks Since September 11th, 2001

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
9/10/05 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslims slash a 62-year-old Buddhist man to death while he was on his way to work.
9/10/05 India Awantipora 5 7 Vicious ambush on an Indian convoy by Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists leaves five security force personnel dead and seven injured.
9/9/05 Afghanistan Heart 1 0 Taliban extremists kill the bodyguard of an election candidate.
9/9/05 India Gandoh 1 0 The Mujahideen kill a Hindu as he is grazing his cattle.
9/9/05 India Udhampur 2 0 Two shepherds are abducted from their field by the Mujahideen and then killed in captivity.
9/9/05 India Dharmari 6 8 Six members of three families are massacred by Muslim militants, who level continuous fire into their village. Two women are among the dead.
9/8/05 India Sopore 1 13 One civilian is killed and thirteen others injured when Muslim militants toss a grenade into a bus stop.
9/8/05 India Doda 2 0 Two civilians are abducted and killed in separate attacks by the Mujahideen.
9/8/05 Pakistan Gilgit 2 0 Two civilians are killed in attacks by rival Islamic groups.
9/7/05 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 0 The Taliban kill four policemen guarding a road maintenance crew.
9/7/05 Iraq Basra 16 21 Muslim terrorists car bomb a take-out restaurant, killing sixteen civilians in and around the building. Twenty-one are injured.
9/7/05 Russia Khasavyurt 1 0 A Russian soldier is killed in an Islamic terror bombing.
9/7/05 Aghanistan Helmand 1 2 A suicide car bombing goes badly, killing three bombers but only one passerby.
9/7/05 Iraq Basra 4 0 Four American civilians are killed by Muslim terrorists in a roadside bombing.
9/6/05 Russia Inchkhe 3 0 Islamic militants suspected in a shooting attack on a police vehicle that leaves three Russian officers dead.
9/6/05 India Kashmir 2 1 Two civilians are gunned down by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen in separate attacks.
9/5/05 Iraq Hit 11 16 Eleven Iraqis, mostly civilian, are killed by a 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber on a city street.
9/5/05 India Batpora 0 16 Sixteen civilians are injured when a Muslim terrorist hurls a grenade into the road.
9/5/05 India Achar 3 0 Three brothers are shot to death by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
9/5/05 India Kahi 1 0 Militant Muslims shoot a young woman to death approximately two months after her husband is killed.
9/5/05 India Sangiot 1 0 An elderly woman is abducted and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
9/5/05 India Poshana 1 0 A civilian is abducted and killed by Islamic militants.
9/5/05 Iraq Balad 2 1 Suicide bomber kills two Iraqis.
9/5/05 Palestine Gaza City 4 27 Four people, including a woman, are killed and twenty-seven injured when a Hamas weapons lab blows up in a residential neighborhood.
9/4/05 Afghanistan Helmand 5 0 The Taliban execute a British hostage and also ambush a a police patrol, killing four officers.
9/4/05 Philippines Karawan 3 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill three unarmed, off-duty Filipino soldiers.
9/4/05 India Bijbehara 2 0 The Mujahideen shoot a retired schoolteacher to death. Elsewhere (Poshana) another civilian is abducted and killed in captivity.
9/4/05 Iraq Qaim 10 0 al-Qaeda takes over a small town and executes at least ten people, including a woman accused of being a prostitute.
9/3/05 Iraq Zubayr 1 4 Shia gunmen fire on Sunni worshippers at a mosque, killing one.
9/3/05 Afghanistan Zabul 1 2 Taliban extremists murder a police officer at a checkpoint.
9/3/05 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslims kill a 45-year-old Buddhist man as he is traveling home with his daughter.
9/3/05 Iraq Samarrah 3 11 Islamic militants fire several mortars into a residential area, killing three civilians and injuring eleven.
9/3/05 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim terrorists spray a grocery store with machine-gun fire, killing a Buddhist patron.
9/3/05 Iraq Baqubah 16 2 Jihadis murder sixteen Iraqi security force personnel in three separate attacks.
9/2/05 Iraq Baiji 5 9 Five Iraqi soliders are killed in a terrorist bombing while on patrol. Nine are injured.
9/2/05 Russia Makhachkala 3 11 Three people are killed and eleven wounded in a Jihad bombing attack.
9/2/05 Pakistan Laddha 1 0 al-Qaeda militants kill a village elder.
9/2/05 India Soundhar 3 4 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists attack a group of civilians, killing three and injuring four. The casualties include two women.
9/1/05 Algeria Ammal 1 0 The mayor of a small town is shot and killed by Islamic fundamentalists at a fake roadblock.
8/31/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 36 Sunni radicals stage three separate attacks on Shia pilgrims, killing seven and injuring about three dozen.
8/31/05 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Islamic radicals spray a police checkpoint with bullets, killing an officer and severely injuring his wife.
8/31/05 Pakistan Mastung 1 3 Muslim radical detonates a bomb on a city street, killing a passerby and injuring three others.
8/31/05 Thailand Sungai Kolok 0 15 Fifteen people are injured by six bombs set by Muslim militants outside a hotel.
8/31/05 Chechnya Novoterskoye 2 0 Two police officers are killed in a shootout with Islamic militants planning a major terror attack in Chechnya.
8/31/05 Afghanistan Heart 3 2 The Taliban gun down three security officers in cold blood and kidnap a British engineer and his interpretor.
8/31/05 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 A cleric is beheaded by the Taliban for participating in an election.
8/31/05 India Wusan Pattan 1 0 A campaign worker is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
8/29/05 Iraq Mosul 3 7 Islamic insurgents "fight for freedom" by killing a child with a missile that also injures seven other children, who are then treated by U.S. soldiers. Elsewhere the bodies of a beheaded civilian and a policeman are found.
8/28/05 Israel Beersheba 0 8 Eight Israelis are hospitalized by a Fatah suicide bomber, including two guards that were seriously wounded.
8/28/05 Philippines Lamitan 0 30 Thirty people are injured when Abu Sayyaf militants, disguised as fishermen, bomb a ferry.
8/27/05 Afghanistan Uruzgan 1 0 A political candidate is murdered by the Taliban.
8/27/05 Kosovo Urosevac-Skopje 2 2 Two Christians are killed and two wounded when Muslim gunmen attack their car.
8/27/05 Pakistan Shawal 2 1 Islamic militants kill two Pakistani soldiers with a bomb.
8/27/05 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three members of a Sunni political party are kidnapped and later killed in front of a mosque by men calling them "non-Muslims."
8/27/05 Egypt Halal 2 0 Two Egyptians are killed in the Sinai, when Islamic radicals detonate a landmine under their car.
8/26/05 Russia Nazran 1 1 An assassination attempt by Islamic militants injures a prime minister and kills his bodyguard.
8/26/05 India Kashmir 4 18 Several separate attacks across Kashmir by Muslim terrorists leave four civilians dead and more than a dozen people injured.
8/25/05 Indonesia Ambon 0 7 A bomb set by Muslim radicals in a Christian sector of town injures seven people.
8/25/05 India Thanna Mang 2 1 A man and his son are shot to death by the Mujahideen, while another family is injured in the attack.
8/25/05 Israel Jerusalem 1 1 A Palestinian stabs two young ultra-orthodox Jews on the street, killing one of them and leaving the other badly injured.
8/25/05 Iraq Oraida 36 0 The bodies of thirty-six men in civilian clothes are found dumped in a remote area. They were handcuffed and executed.
8/25/05 Iraq Abu Sayda 6 15 Six civilians, mostly elderly men, are murdered in a café by militant Muslim gunmen, who enter at breakfast to gun down the victims.
8/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 9 35 In at least four separate attacks, nine people are killed by Jihadis and over thirty injured.
8/24/05 India Srinigar 0 7 Seven peop;e are injured when an Islamic militant throws a grenade into the street.
8/23/05 Iraq Baqubah 7 19 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber on foot slaughters seven people and injures about twenty others.
8/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 In four separate attacks across the country radical Sunnis kill eight, including a married couple in their car, the owner of a food shop and his son, and two truck drivers.
8/22/05 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 3 Jihad gunmen spray a police van with bullets, killing eight and injuring three. Casualties include civilians.
8/22/05 India Koteranka 5 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen kill three family members inside their home. Two other civilians are abducted and killed in separate incidents in Kashmir.
8/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 Two children are killed in a bombing by Islamic terrorists. Six others are injured.
8/21/05 Russia Nazran 1 2 A 48-year-old passerby is killed by Islamic militants in a remote-controlled bombing.
8/21/05 India Salbala 1 0 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists kidnap and kill a civilian.
8/21/05 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 A terrorist bomb kills four Iraqis and injures five.
8/21/05 Thailand Pattani 8 15 Islamic separatists kill eight people, mostly civilians, in five separate attacks across the southern Thai provinces using bombs and bullets.
8/21/05 Afghanistan Daychopan 4 3 The Taliban kill four American soldiers by bombing a bridge as their Humvee is crossing it, then shelling the rescue team.
8/20/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 3 1 Islamic Jamaat claims responsibility for a bombing that killed three policemen walking past a grove of trees.
8/19/05 Algeria Kechida 6 0 In a gruesome attack, Islamic fundamentalists knife six hikers to death, including a woman.
8/19/05 Jordan Aqaba 1 1 A Jordanian soldier is killed by an al-Qaeda rocket attack at a seaport.
8/19/05 India Gogaldara 1 0 A man is gunned down in cold blood by the Mujahideen.
8/19/05 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Jihadi gunmen abduct three Sunni political workers that were hanging posters urging people to vote. They are later made to stand against a wall, where they are executed.
8/18/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 2 A teacher and a policeman are shot dead by Muslim militants in separate attacks.
8/18/05 Iraq Samarrah 4 0 Islamic terrorists kill four U.S. soldiers with a roadside bomb.
8/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Jihadis murder a judge and his driver.
8/18/05 India Kashmir 4 0 In four separate attacks, the Mujahideen kill four civilians, including a 75-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy.
8/17/05 Iraq Baghdad 43 89 Jihadis murder over forty people in three separate car bombings that also leave about one-hundred injured. Most of the victims were simply waiting at a bus stop or seeking medical treatment at a hospital when they were targeted.
8/17/05 India Qazigund 1 9 An Indian guard is killed, and nine other people are injured by a Mujahideen car bombing in a residential area.
8/17/05 Iraq Hawija 6 0 Six Iraqi recruits are pulled from a bus by Sunni radicals and shot to death execution-style.
8/17/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 11 One person is killed, and eleven others injured by a Taliban bus bomb.
8/17/05 Bangladesh Dhaka 2 115 The Jumatul Mujahedin take credit for hundreds of sychronized blasts that kill two, including a 40-year-old rickshaw puller. Over one-hundred others are injured.
8/17/05 Algeria Mozaya 3 0 Three civilians are killed when Islamic fundamentalists attack their village.
8/15/05 Iraq Uwarige 30 0 The mass grave of thirty people, including two women, is uncovered. The Fedayeen tortured the victims before executing them.
8/15/05 Iraq Dura 1 0 'Holy Warriors' kidnap a Christian woman and then cut off her head.
8/15/05 Chechnya Grozny 2 11 Muslims target a restaurant with a car bomb, killing a woman and a 12-year-old boy.
8/14/05 Chechnya Roshnichu 5 2 Four investigators are killed by Islamic terrorists on their way to probe another murder that took place earlier in the day.
8/14/05 Pakistan Sialkot 5 0 Five family members lose their lives in an 'honor killing.'
8/14/05 Iraq al-Mahawil 2 5 An Islamic suidide bomber kills two civilians and injures five others.
8/14/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 2 In three separate attacks, Muslim gumen shoot two Buddhist men at point-blank range as they are drinking tea. They also shoot a 40-year-old woman by the side of the road and hack another woman with a machete while she is working her garden.
8/13/05 India Shajroo 5 9 Muslim militants attack a Hindu village in the middle of the night, killing five people in their homes, including three Hindu teenagers, and injuring at least nine others.
8/13/05 Thailand Pattani 0 2 A man and his 13-year-old son are critically wounded by Muslim gunmen.
8/12/05 India Kulhand 2 0 The Hizb-ul-Mujahideen attack a village and shoot two teenage boys to death.
8/12/05 Iraq Nasaf 4 19 Three children are among four civilians killed by a bomb planted by radical Muslims near a mosque.
8/12/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 6 A bomb explodes in a women's market, killing a young child.
8/11/05 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Islamic radicals kidnap, torture and kill a Catholic layman and former government official.
8/11/05 India Kawani 1 0 An employee of an irrigation works project is abducted and killed by the Mujahideen.
8/11/05 Algeria Skikda 3 4 Muslim extremists kill three community guards and injure four others.
8/10/05 Iraq Baiji 2 0 Two oil pipeline security guards are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
8/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Jihadis kill a 12-year-old girl's mother and pharmacist father in an attack that also leaves her injured.
8/10/05 Iraq Ghazaliya 6 14 A suicidal Sunni detonates a car bomb near a group of police, killing at least six, including four civilians. Fourteen suffer injury.
8/10/05 Philippines Zamboanga 0 26 Abu Sayyaf behind two bombs that injure twenty-six near a parked van and at a restaurant.
8/10/05 Afghanistan Bakurzai 1 0 The Taliban drag a poor, illiterate woman from her house and shoot her to death.
8/10/05 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Muslim extremists kill two Shia civilians in separate motorcycle attacks.
8/10/05 India Bandipore 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct and later kill a police officer.
8/10/05 Pakistan Taza Ghondai 4 1 al-Qaeda targets and kills four civilians with a landmine.
8/9/05 India Thannamandi 1 0 A shepherd is beaten to death by the Mujahideen.
8/9/05 Chechnya Grozny 1 2 Militant Muslims spray a car with automatic weapons fire, killing the parent of a young child, who was also severely injured in the attack.
8/9/05 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Catholic layman is abducted and strangled to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 21 41 At least six separate Jihad attacks, mostly on civilians, leave over twenty Iraqis dead and more twice that many injured.
8/9/05 Iraq Baiji 4 5 In a senseless attack, terrorists use a roadside bomb and small arms fire to kill four U.S. soldiers investigating explosives.
8/8/05 Iraq al-Sharqat 7 3 Seven civilians, including three children are murdered when Islamic terrorists bomb a minibus.
8/8/05 Afghanistan Ghanzi 2 0 The Taliban murder a doctor, on the grounds that he was planning to run for public office. Another villager is killed as well.
8/8/05 India Batalik 3 0 Three young girls are killed by a Mujahideen bomb.
8/8/05 India Awantipore 2 0 Two civilians are killed in a bomb blast outside a shop.
8/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 4 In six separate attacks, Jihadi gunmen kill ten Iraqis.
8/7/05 India Thatharaka 1 1 The Mujahideen invade two residences, killing one civilian and severely injuring another.
8/7/05 Iraq Tikrit 2 10 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking two Iraqis with him. Ten others are injured.
8/6/05 Pakistan Koti Ashro 1 2 al-Qaeda suspected in the attack on a highway police checkpoint that leaves an officer dead.
8/6/05 India Doda 1 4 The Mujahideen throw a grenade at a hostel, killing a pregnant woman.
8/5/05 Iraq Dora 1 5 Jihadis open fire on a line of cars at a gas station, killing one civilian.
8/5/05 Iraq Mosul 5 0 The bodies of five civilians, including a kidnapped Christian surface in Mosul with signs of torture.
8/5/05 Iraq Baquba 3 0 Muslim fanatics invade the home of an Iraqi soldier and kill his wife, 12-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son in their beds.
8/4/05 Iraq Baquba 7 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills four Iraqis and injures an unknown number of others.
8/4/05 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 0 The Taliban kill an election worker in an attack from a motorcycle.
8/4/05 Iraq Doloyah 2 0 Jihadis shoot two engineers to death for working at a U.S. base.
8/4/05 Pakistan Miranshah 5 0 al-Qaeda militants kill five Pakistani soldiers with a landmine.
8/3/05 Iraq Basra 1 1 Shia gunmen abduct and execute an American journalist. They also cause severe injury to his female interpretor.
8/3/05 Israel Sderot 1 9 Palestinian terrorists fire a rocket at a group of Israeli demostrators. The missile hits their own group instead, killing a 3-year-old boy and injuring nine others, including five children.
8/3/05 Iraq Haditha 15 1 Fourteen U.S. Marines and one civilian are killed when terrorists detonate a bomb under their vehicle.
8/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 24 An Islamic suicide bomber kills four civilians and injures two dozen.
8/2/05 Iraq Shu'la 7 0 Shia gunmen kill a Sunni cleric and his brother, then gun down a vehicle carrying five mourners on their way to view the bodies.
8/2/05 India Nandyali 1 0 A woman is shot to death by the Mujahideen inside her home.
8/2/05 India Pulwama 1 0 The Mujhideen kill a man who is woking his paddy fields.
8/2/05 Afghanistan Nuristan 8 0 The Taliban kill eight police in an attack on their checkpoint.
7/31/05 India Badarkot 1 0 A civilian is shot to death inside his own home by militant Muslims.
7/31/05 Iraq Haswa 7 12 Seven civilians are killed by a Jihad car bombing.
7/30/05 India Srinigar 2 25 The Mujahideen stage an attack on a hotel that claims the lives of two security personnel and injures about twenty-five others.
7/30/05 Afghanistan Charchino 3 0 A district governor and his two bodyguards are assassinated by the Taliban in a roadside attack.
7/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Police find the bodies of three airport workers, bound and tortured by the Jihadis. Their throats were cut.
7/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 26 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six Iraqis near a theatre. Twenty-six others are injured.
7/30/05 Iraq Basra 2 2 A bomb attack on the British Embassy convoy leaves two security guards dead and two children injured.
7/29/05 Iraq Rabiah 52 35 A suicidal religious extremist wanders into a crowd of people and detonates explosives strapped to his body, killing at over fifty people.
7/29/05 Thailand Pattani 1 3 A village leader is gunned down and three others suffer injuries in a separate attack in Narathiwat.
7/29/05 India Rajouri 6 0 Muslims line up five Hindu villagers and then slit their throats. Elsewhere in the same district, they murder a woman with an axe.
7/29/05 India Kupwara 2 0 The Mujahideen invade a home to kill the wife of a police officer, along with his young nephew.
7/29/05 Bangladesh Boalmari 2 0 Two Christian charity workers are hacked to death inside their home by hard-line Islamic militants, who chained the doors shut to prevent their escape or rescue.
7/29/05 Algeria Boumerdes 2 4 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat kill two Algerian police officers in an ambush.
7/29/05 India Doda 2 0 Islamists kill two policemen in an ambush.
7/28/05 India Sokar 3 0 A 5-year-old girl, her mother and grandmother are slaughtered in a home invasion by the Mujahideen.
7/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 al-Qaeda executes two Algerian diplomats that were abducted several days earlier.
7/26/05 Iraq Basra 3 0 In two separate attacks (one in Tikrit) Jihadis kill three innocents, including a child and a truck driver.
7/26/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 The Taliban kill a police chief and one other with a rocket attack on their car.
7/26/05 Ethiopia Jigjiga 5 30 A Muslim separatist group, the ONLF, kills five people, including a child, in two grenade attacks against civilian targets.
7/26/05 India Mahore 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members invade a home and murder a civilian.
7/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 27 Sunni gunmen massacre sixteen Shia civilians with an automatic weapons attack on their vehicles. Over two dozen are inured with gunshot wounds.
7/26/05 Chechnya Dargo 1 3 Muslim terrorists ambush a security patrol, killing one and injuring three.
7/26/05 Iraq Hilla 3 0 Three policemen are killed when terrorists fire a rocket at point-blank range.
7/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 16 A Fedayeen suicide bomber drives his car in front of a hotel and slaughters a dozen people. Sixteen others are injured.
7/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 30 A horrific scene as a Fedayeen suicide bomber kills twenty-two people, mostly civilians in a crowded area near sidewalk cafes.
7/24/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 4 Muslim terrorists put a bomb beneath a passenger train that kills one and injures four commuters.
7/23/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic militants shoot a 58-year-old village leader twice in the head as he is riding with his wife.
7/23/05 Lebanon Beirut 0 12 Twelve people are injured by a car bomb placed in a Christian neighborhood.
7/23/05 Egypt Sharm el-Sheik 88 119 More than eighty tourists and workers are killed when Islamic militants detonate three powerful car bombs outside a café and two hotels. One suicide bomber drove into the lobby. Over one-hundred people suffer injuries.
7/23/05 Israel Kissufim 2 5 Palestinian gunmen murder an Israeli husband and wife. They also open fire on medical rescue workers, injuring five of them.
7/23/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 The Taliban assassinate a judge as he is walking to work.
7/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 5 Four Jihad attacks leave twelve Iraqis dead, including a senseless ambush on a wedding party that left the bride and her mother dead.
7/22/05 Pakistan South Waziristan 4 0 al-Qaeda suspected in shooting deaths of a tribal leader, his two sons and brother.
7/21/05 Iraq Mahmudiya 5 8 A religious extremist kills himself and five innocents in a blast at a traffic checkpoint.
7/21/05 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 The Taliban ambush a vehicle carrying two people. Both are killed in the explosion.
7/21/05 India Anantnag 1 2 Militant Muslims fire on a bus stop, killing a civilian and injuring two others.
7/21/05 India Sopore 2 2 Two civilians are killed when the Mujahideen attack a security camp.
7/20/05 Pakistan Gilgit 3 0 Three people are gunned down in sectarian attacks.
7/20/05 India Srinigar 6 17 Hizbul Mujahideen suicide bomber targets a missionary children's school in the Indian capital, killing at least six and injuring more than a dozen.
7/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 21 A suicidal Sunni murders ten people near an airport and causes egregious injuries to at least a dozen others.
7/20/05 Iraq Hilla 4 4 Two Jihad car bombings kill four and injure four, including a young girl.
7/19/05 Iraq Baqubah 13 0 Jihadis stage a shooting attack on a minivan carrying civilians, killing thirteen in all.
7/19/05 Chechnya Znamenskoye 14 36 Fourteen people, including civilians, are killed in a Jihad attack by Muslim separatists on a remote road.
7/19/05 India Chitabas 6 0 The Hizbul Mujahideen enter a residence and slaughter six members of a family, in a heinous attack.
7/18/05 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 A Shia schoolteacher is gunned down, and his wife critically injured.
7/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Islamic insurgents murder six policemen and a government worker in six separate shooting attacks.
7/18/05 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A Sunni cleric is attacked in his car by Shia on motorcycles, who manage to kill his son.
7/18/05 India Arwani 1 1 The Mujahideen shoot a man to death outside his shop.
7/18/05 Thailand Yala 3 1 In three separate attacks, Muslims behead a farmer and shoot at least two other people to death, including a school principal.
7/18/05 Pakistan Chilas Farm 5 15 Five passengers aboard a bus are killed when the Mujahideen ambush it along a mountain road. Fifteen others are injured.
7/18/05 Afghanistan Uruzgan 9 0 Nine villagers are slaughtered in a Taliban raid.
7/17/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 21 Four Fedayeen kill twenty-two people in separate suicide suicide bombings.
7/16/05 India Baramulla 2 0 The Mujahideen shoot a man to death outside his home, and also stage a separate attack that kills a 6-year-old girl.
7/16/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Muslim separatists attack a school, killing two security guards.
7/16/05 Iraq Musayyib 71 160 A religious extremist with explosives wrapped around his chest, detonates himself in a crowded city street, killing over seventy other people. Nearly two-hundred others are injured in the horrific attack.
7/16/05 Iraq Basra 3 2 Muslim terrorists kill three British soldiers with a roadside bomb.
7/15/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two female teachers are gunned down by Muslims on motorcycles as they are walking home.
7/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 100 Seven suicide bombers take at least twenty-seven innocents with them to Allah. About one hundred others suffer injuries; many lose limbs.
7/14/05 Thailand Yala 2 21 Islamic militants set off four bombs in restaraunts and other business areas, killing at least two people.
7/14/05 Israel Netiv Haasara 1 1 Palestinian terrorists hit an Israeli residence with a missile, killing a woman.
7/13/05 India Bigambri 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct a civilian, then kill him in captivity.
7/13/05 Iraq Jalawlah 2 16 A suicide bomber kills two others inside a Sunni mosque.
7/13/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 25 An Islamic suicide bomber deliberately plows his car into a group of children, slaughtering at least twenty-seven. Children were amply represented among the injured.
7/13/05 Pakistan Jhal Magsi 3 3 Three children, including two brothers, are killed by a homemade bomb.
7/12/05 Israel Netanya 5 70 The terror group, Islamic Jihad, takes credit for a suicide bombing, in which a bomber kills five Jews crossing the street in front of a mall. All of the victims were female, two were teenage girls. About seventy others were injured.
7/12/05 Iraq Kirkuk 3 15 Sunnis detonate a car bomb in an industrial district, killing three civilians and injuring fifteen more.
7/11/05 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 al-Qaeda assassinates a Somali peace activist outside his home.
7/10/05 Iraq Syrian Border 7 0 Two Islamic suicide bombers kill seven customs agents.
7/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 25 47 A al-Qaeda suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking twenty-five innocents with him. Nearly fifty others are injured.
7/10/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 15 Suicidal Sunni kills four civilians on a highway, near a hospital. Fifteen are injured in the blast.
7/9/05 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia cleric is gunned down on a street by Pakistani Sunnis.
7/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 A family of eight Shia is grusomely murdered by Sunni radicals as they sleep in their home.
7/9/05 Algeria Tezi Ozo 4 0 A group of thirty Islamists set-up a fake roadblock, then slaughter four Algerians that are fooled into stopping.
7/8/05 India Rajouri 4 0 Four Indian soldiers are ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.
7/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda Organization for Holy War pronounces "Allah's judgment" and kills a kidnapped Egyptian diplomat on video.
7/7/05 UK London 52 750 Islamic terrorists massacre more than fifty commuters on three separate subway trains and a double-decker bus on the street with four suicide bombs. Over seven-hundred people are injured.
7/7/05 Iraq Mosul 5 52 Five people at a market are killed when Sunni terrorists lob more than a dozen mortar rounds into the square.
7/7/05 Afghanistan Helmand 10 0 Ten Afghan police officers are captured by the Taliban and senselessly beheaded.
7/6/05 Iraq Jbeila 13 30 Thirteen civilians are slaughtered in twin suicide bombings by Muslim extremists. About thirty others are injured.
7/6/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslims on motorcycles shoot a 52-year-old in the neck and hand as he is riding to market.
7/6/05 India Budgam 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap a student from his classrom and subsequently shoot him to death.
7/6/05 Algeria Skikda 1 13 Islamic fundamentalists bomb a convoy, killing one Algerian solider and injuring thirteen others.
7/5/05 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 44-year-old security force member is abducted and beheaded by Islamists.
7/5/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Islamic extremists shoot three barbers to death for shaving beards.
7/5/05 India Pulwama 2 1 In two separate home invasions, the Mujahideen shoot two people to death and critically injure the wife of one.
7/5/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 0 A prominent politician is assassinated, along with his uncle, by suspected Islamists as they sit in their car at a light.
7/4/05 India Wagbal Karhama 1 0 A youth is abducted and hanged by the Mujahideen.
7/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Sunni insurgents kill a painting contractor, and kidnap, torture and behead another man.
7/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 A remote-controlled bomb kills two civilians, including a woman.
7/4/05 India Dadsar 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct then shoot a civilian to death.
7/4/05 Iraq Fallujah 3 9 Three civilians are blown to bits, and nine others badly injured by a Fedayeen suicide bombing on a busy road.
7/4/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 2 Two policemen are killed by an insurgent bombing.
7/4/05 Afghanistan Bande Sardeh 1 2 A suicide bomber on a bicycle kills a Turkish engineer and injures two others.
7/3/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Pro-democracy cleric is killed by a Talibn sniper his home.
7/3/05 Syria Damascus 2 0 Two Syrian border patrol personnel are killed an an Islamic extremist, near Lebanon.
7/2/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 11 23 Russian troops and civilians are casualties in a radio-controlled bomb attack outside a bathhouse blamed on Islamic militants.
7/2/05 Afghanistan Paktika 6 2 The Taliban attack a UN convoy with a roadside bomb, killing six Afghan security personnel.
7/2/05 Iraq Hillah 6 26 Two Sunni suicide bombers kill at least six people and injured dozens more in a Shia neighborhood.
7/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 22 A suicidal Muslim bomber kills sixteen other people outside a police station. About two dozen others are injured in the blast.
7/2/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 A bomb hidden in a vegetable cart targets a Shia funeral procession.
7/1/05 India Kashmir 3 0 Three civilians are abducted from their homes and executed by the Mujahideen, including a 65-year-old man.
7/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down in cold blood by Sunnis in a drive-by attack.
6/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Muslim gunmen burst into an optician's shop and kill seven people in cold blood - four from the same family.
6/30/05 India Kallar Kattal 1 0 A man is attacked in his home and beaten to death by militant Muslims.
6/30/05 India Mahakund 4 0 The Mujahideen kill a 20-year-old girl on the night before her wedding, along with her mother and a neighbor. A civilian is also abducted from his home and killed in the same district.
6/30/05 Afghanistan Tirin Kot 9 1 Nine village elders are kidnapped and killed by the Taliban, along with a 10-year-old boy.
6/29/05 India Srinagar 0 14 Fourteen people are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenade into a city street.
6/29/05 Israel Mt. Dov 1 3 Hezbollah attacks an Israeli position from across the Lebanese border, killing one and injuring three.
6/28/05 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A janitor and a poultry trader are murdered in separate attacks by Islamic militants on motorcycles.
6/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 An 87-year-old Iraqi politician and four others, including his son, are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
6/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 24 Four civilians are killed, and dozens injured when fundamentalists detonate a car bomb outside a theater.
6/28/05 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Sunni terrorists kill three oil company workers with a roadside bomb.
6/28/05 Iraq Musayyib 3 13 A suicide bomber enters a hospital then detonates his explosives, killing three other people.
6/28/05 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic militants shoot a government worker to death as he is walking along the side of the road.
6/28/05 Iraq Tal Afar 4 21 Four people, including a child, lose their lives in a Jihad mortar attack.
6/28/05 India Bhaderwah 4 0 Four security personnel are killed by Muslim militants in a shootout.
6/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists attack a barbershop, killing two, including a 9-year-old boy, then blow up the building.
6/27/05 India Kupwara 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct a woman from her home, torture then murder her.
6/26/05 Iraq Mosul 36 19 Four bombings by suicidal Fedayeen in disguised vehicles leave three dozen people dead and dozens more injured.
6/26/05 India Dachabpore 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct a civilian from his home, take him to an orchard and kill him in brutal fashion.
6/25/05 Israel Beit Hagai 2 3 A brutal shooting attack a point-blank range on a group of Israeli teenagers, hitchhiking on a roadside, leaves a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old dead. Three others were injured. al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade take credit for the murder.
6/25/05 India Behibagh 1 0 A female schoolteacher is killed by the Mujahideen.
6/25/05 Iraq Mosul 5 2 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking five innocents with him.
6/25/05 Iraq Samarrah 9 16 Suicide bomber slams into a residential neighborhood, killing nine civilians and injuring sixteen.
6/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Sunni insurgents mortar bomb a crowded Shia café, killing five civilians and injuring seven.
6/24/05 Afghanistan Chora 3 0 The Taliban murder an election candidate and two of his bodyguards.
6/24/05 India Srinigar 9 25 Nine people are killed when Islamic militants detonate a powerful car bomb at a popular tourist attraction.
6/24/05 Iraq Ramadi 13 10 Eight policemen are captured at a checkpoint by Jihadis, then executed. Two separate attacks elsewhere leave five others dead.
6/24/05 Thailand Yala 2 0 A man and his wife stop to remove a tree branch from the road, when they are attacked by militant Muslims, who then cut off their heads.
6/23/05 Iraq Fallujah 4 13 A senseless attack on a U.S. Marine mail convoy kills four, including three women.
6/23/05 Pakistan Karachi 2 1 Two Sunni clerics are assassinated in an attack that leaves a boy injured.
6/23/05 Pakistan South Waziristan 4 0 Probable al-Qaeda ambush on a delivery truck leaves four people dead.
6/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 17 60 Four more car bombs aimed at Shia civilians kill fifteen and injure over fifty in residential neighborhoods.
6/22/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim extremists behead a 34-year-old cloth vendor. The head is found 2km away.
6/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 18 46 Eighteen Shiite civilians are slaughtered in three separate bombing attacks by radical Sunnis. About fifty are injured.
6/22/05 Thailand Narathiwat 0 7 A bomb set off by Muslim extremists injures seven, including two monks and three elderly people.
6/22/05 India Nadihal 2 0 The Mujahideen abduct and kill two civilians by slashing their throats.
6/22/05 India Bijbehara 0 17 About seventeen people, including two teenage boys are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenade onto a road.
6/21/05 Afghanistan Maiwand 1 1 Taliban terrorists kill the husband of an election worker.
6/21/05 Lebanon Beirut 1 1 An anti-Syria political leader is assassinated by a car bomb in Lebanon.
6/21/05 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Islamic militants invade a home and shoot three young volunteer teacher to death.
6/20/05 India Watalar 1 0 Two Harkat-ul-Mujahideen terrorists assassinate a local political figure.
6/20/05 Israel Baqa al-Sharqiya 1 1 Palestinian snipers kill an Israeli civilian traveling in his car. His 13-year-old son is shot as well.
6/20/05 Iraq Ebril 19 118 Three car bombs, at least one by a suicidal "holy warrior," kill eighteen people, mostly Kurds, and injure over one-hundred.
6/19/05 Afghanistan Nad-e Ali 3 0 The Taliban machine-gun a car with three people, including a judge.
6/19/05 Israel Gaza 1 2 The Palestinian terrorist group, Abu Rish Brigade, takes credit for an ambush on a civilian labor group that leaves an Israeli guard dead.
6/19/05 Iraq Tikrit 3 9 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three Iraqis.
6/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 23 36 A suicidal religious extremist walks into a restaurant and blows up twenty-three innocent people. Another thirty-six patrons are injured.
6/19/05 Iraq Iskandariya 3 7 Sunni terrorists open fire on shoppers at a marketplace, killing three and injuring seven.
6/19/05 India Dachan 1 1 The Mujahideen fire into a civilian's home, killing his 14-year-old daughter and injuring his wife.
6/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 A 10-year-old girl is killed by a bomb and two bodies are found, brutally executed.
6/18/05 Saudi Arabia Makkah 1 0 Senior Saudi official is gunned down by Islamists outside his home.
6/17/05 Iraq Fallujah 14 8 Fourteen Iraqis die when a suicide bomber detonates an explosives laden car on a street corner.
6/16/05 India Awantipora 0 15 Fifteen people, including a child and two women are injured by the splinters of a grenade thrown by the Mujahideen on a road.
6/16/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 3 Three separate attacks in the same Thai province by militant Muslims leave two dead and three injured.
6/16/05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Ansar al-Sunna terrorists shoot an Iraqi judge to death, along with his driver.
6/15/05 Iraq Khalis 23 28 A particularly heinous suicide bombing attack on Iraqi soldiers eating lunch at their base leaves twenty-three dead and about thirty injured.
6/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 29 A suicide bomber detonates near a market, murdering four Iraqis and injuring twenty-nine others.
6/15/05 India Chaklas 2 0 The Mujahideen assassinate a veterinarian and also set fire to another civilian's house, killing his 8-month-old daughter in the flames.
6/15/05 Iraq Ramadi 5 0 Five U.S. Marines are killed by a terrorist while riding in their vehicle.
6/14/05 Iraq Baqubah 6 4 Suicide bomber kills six Iraqis, including two children and injures four others.
6/14/05 Iraq Kirkuk 19 89 A Fedayeen suicide bomber wades into a crowd of people shopping in a market and kills nineteen, including children, and injures about ninety others in an egregious and senseless attack.
6/14/05 Afghanistan Khost 7 0 Taliban extremists walk into a medical clinic and gun down a doctor and seven hospital workers in cold blood.
6/13/05 India Pulwama 13 100 At least thirteen people are slaughtered, and over one hundred injured when the Mujahideen set off a truck bomb near a school. Many schoolchildren are among the casualties.
6/13/05 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Two Buddhist twin brothers are shot by Islamic terrorists as they are riding home from school. One dies.
6/13/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 3 Islamic radicals plant a bomb in a garbage truck, killing one of the workers and injuring several more.
6/12/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 4 Three people are killed, and at least four injured in two separate suicide blasts.
6/12/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 4 The Taliban kill a woman with a landmine. The blast injures her two children and two other women.
6/12/05 Russia Uzunova 0 15 Fifteen people are injured when a bomb believed to be planted by Chechan terrorists derails a commuter train
6/11/05 Iraq Diyara 11 2 Jihad gunmen open fire on a bus carrying construction laborers, killing eleven in the brutal attack and injuring two.
6/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 0 Ten people are slaughtered by a Sunni bomb in a Shia neighborhood, including a pregnant woman and her husband.
6/11/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslims murder a 49-year-old Buddhist construction worker on his way to work.
6/11/05 Iraq Najaf 2 3 A bomb planted in a Shia cemetery kills two people, including an 8-year-old girl, and injures three others, all from the same family.
6/10/05 Iraq Basra 2 0 A policeman and his brother are shot to death by Jihadis while riding in their car.
6/10/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two separate shooting attacks by Muslim militants leave two, including a Buddhist, dead.
6/9/05 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Two Iraqis are killed in a Jihad attack on their vehicle.
6/9/05 Chechnya Tver 7 1 Seven Chechnyan police officers are killed when Mujahideen rebels fire a grenade launcher at their car.
6/9/05 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist teenager is shot in the head by Muslim separatists.
6/9/05 Iraq Haqlaniya 5 0 Five U.S. Marines are killed in a terrorist bombing.
6/9/05 Syria Damascus 1 1 Two Syrian security force personnel are shot by religious extremists as they are attempting an arrest.
6/9/05 Iraq Qaim 17 0 The bodies of seventeen Iraqi Shiites are discovered bound and executed. Some were beheaded.
6/8/05 Afghanistan Shkin 2 8 al-Qaeda terrorists shoot rockets at American soldiers unloading supplies, killing two.
6/7/05 Iraq Habaniyah 7 0 The 'Army of Ansar al-Sunna' ambushes a civilian truck convoy and slaughters seven drivers.
6/7/05 India Bahk-e-Hakar 1 0 A civilian is abducted from his home and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
6/7/05 Israel Ganei Tal 3 0 Islamic Jihad bomb an Israeli greenhouse, killing three, including a Chinese worker.
6/7/05 Algeria M'Sila 13 6 Militants fighting for an Islamic state kill thirteen soldiers in a bombing attack on their truck.
6/7/05 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 0 Two Pakistani truck drivers are murdered by the Taliban.
6/7/05 Iraq Hawija 18 38 Militant Sunnis kill eighteen Iraqi civilians in a series of four suicide bombings and other attacks.
6/6/05 Thailand Bangkok 1 0 A 59-year-old Buddhist plantation worker is captured and beheaded by militant Muslims.
6/5/05 Iraq Shorgat 1 3 An Iraqi soldier is killed by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.
6/5/05 India Bandipora 2 0 The Mujahideen abduct and kill two civilians.
6/4/05 Mauritania Limgheiti 15 19 al-Qaeda militants attack and kill fifteen Mauritanian soldiers in a remote area. Nineteen others are injured.
6/3/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 5 Five separate attacks by the Taliban, leave five people dead and at least five others injured.
6/3/05 Iraq Balad 10 12 Ten Iraqis are slaughtered by a suicidal religious fanatic in a car bombing. Twelve more are injured.
6/3/05 Aghanistan Tirin Kot 1 1 The Taliban invade the home of a civic educator, beat up his elderly father, then execute him.
6/2/05 Iraq Tuz Khormato 12 40 Suicidal religious extremist plows his car into a restaurant and detonates a blast that leaves at least twelve people dead, including children, and forty others maimed.
6/2/05 India Harwan 4 1 The Mujahideen abduct and later behead four members of two families.
6/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 9 0 Muslim militants fire into a crowded market from three passing cars, murdering at least nine civilians.
6/2/05 Iraq Mosul 5 13 Jihadis detonate bombs on two motorcycles parked outside a café, killing five Iraqis.
6/2/05 Lebanon Beirut 1 1 Car bombing in a Christian area of the city takes the life of a journalist who oppossed Syrian hegemony.
6/2/05 Iraq Baqouba 4 4 Four Iraqis killed in a blast by a suicidal Sunni.
6/2/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 11 A convoy of civilian contractors is targeted by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who paves his way to Paradise with at least four dead bodies.
6/1/05 Aghanistan Kandahar 21 42 An al-Qaeda member wades into a crowd of mourners at a funeral for a murdered anti-Taliban cleric, killing about two dozen people and hurting dozens more.
6/1/05 Aghanistan Lashkargah 2 5 The Taliban kill two mine-dectection crewmen in a remote-controlled blast.
5/31/05 Pakistan Karachi 6 0 A mob of angry Shias take out their frustration at Sunnis on Kentucky Fried Chicken employees, killing six, including four who were burned alive.
5/31/05 Pakistan Karachi 5 26 A suicide bombing attack at a Shia mosque kills five people and injures twenty-six.
5/31/05 Algeria Boumerdes 2 5 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat ambushes a security patrol, killing two and injuring five.
5/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 118 Two Fedayeen suicide bombers kill twenty-seven Iraqis. The first waded into a crowd before detonating. The second ran after the survivors, killing many of them as well.
5/29/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 The Taliban stage a bold assassination on an opposition cleric, as he is leaving his office.
5/29/05 Pakistan Kani Wam 3 2 al-Qaeda suspected in ambush on Pakistani official's car that leaves three dead.
5/29/05 Iraq Tuz 2 9 Jihadis kill two civilians with a car bomb outside a school. Nine others are injured.
5/29/05 India Anatnag 0 44 Forty-four people are injured in twins blasts set by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. One went off near a post office.
5/29/05 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight civilians, including children, are blown to bits by Islamic terrorists.
5/29/05 Iraq al-Madyen 2 8 A suicide car bomber kills two Iraqis and injures eight on his way to Paradise.
5/28/05 Iraq Sinjar 5 45 Two religious extremists kill five other people and injure at least forty more in coordinated suicide bombings.
5/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Islamists stab a 44-year-old Japanese hostage to death on videotape.
5/28/05 Indonesia Sulawesi 22 60 A priest and an infant are among the nearly two dozen Christians killed when Islamic militants detonate two bombs in the center of a village. At least sixty others are injured.
5/27/05 Nigeria Sokoto 1 14 Nigerian Sunnis attack a Shia political office, killing one and injuring fourteen.
5/27/05 Iraq Tikrit 2 24 Two civilians are killed and at least two dozen others injured, some badly, in a terrorist bombing.
5/27/05 Philippines Sulu 2 3 Abu Sayyaf militants trigger a landmine against a vehicle on a water run, killing two soldiers and inuring three others.
5/27/05 Pakistan Islamabad 19 41 A suicide bomber blows himself up amid a crowd of mostly Shia worhippers at a Pakistani shrine. At least nineteen are killed and dozens injured.
5/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Suicidal extremist kills three Iraqis and injures six with bombs hidden in a taxi.
5/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Jihadis attack and kill a university professor, along with three of his bodyguards. They also knife a Shiite to death elsewhere.
5/25/05 Pakistan Makin 6 0 A woman, her two sons and three daughters, are killed by a bomb planted in their home.
5/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 8 Car bombing outside a girl's school kills six and injures eight.
5/23/05 India Kashmir 3 3 In a series of overnight attacks, the Mujahideen hang a woman and shoot two other innocents to death.
5/23/05 Iraq Tal Afar 35 25 Two suicidal religious extremists murder more than thirty people outside the house of a community leader with twin bombings.
5/23/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 7 22 A suicidal Sunni tries to drive his explosives-packed car into a mosque. Seven are killed and more than thirty hurt. Five killed are family members.
5/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 82 Muslim extremists detonate a car bomb outside a Shiite restaurant, killing seven and injuring more then eighty. Many have serious injuries.
5/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Sunni radicals spray a car with automatic weapons fire, killing a top official and his driver.
5/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed by a suicide bomber. Three others are injured.
5/20/05 India Moghla 4 0 The Mujahideen ambush a security patrol from behind bushes, killing four Indian soldiers.
5/20/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 2 Gema’at Sharia assassinate a government official with a powerful bomb that also kills his driver and injures two children playing nearby.
5/19/05 Iraq Mosul 7 3 Fedayeen gunmen attack the house of a Sunni politician, killing seven people inside the home.
5/19/05 Afghanistan Zabul 6 0 Taliban gunmen ambush and kill six humanitarian aid workers transporting the bodies from those killed in an attack the day before.
5/19/05 Iraq Samarrah 2 0 In a brutal attack, Sunni gunmen kill a policeman and his elderly father as they are riding in a car.
5/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 8 Suicide bomber kills an Iraqi soldier at a checkpoint. Eight others are injured.
5/18/05 Afghanstan Helmand 5 0 A gruesome scene as an attack on a humanitarian project leaves five people dead.
5/18/05 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Religious fundamentalists kill a 24-year-old woman in her home. She had been a pop music personality.
5/17/05 India Srinigar 2 17 The Mujahideen attacks a funeral of a man they murdered, killing two additional mourners and injuring seventeen.
5/17/05 Algeria Lakhdaria 3 5 Members of an al-Qaeda linked group ambush an Algerian patrol, killing three and wounding five.
5/17/05 Iraq Dujail 6 0 Six Iraqi truck drivers are pulled from their cabs and killed by radical Sunnis.
5/17/05 India Lohardaga 4 3 Seven family members, including women are asleep in their home when militant Muslims barge in and slit the throats of four of them while beating the rest.
5/16/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three blindfolded and bound bodies are found. Some were shot miltiple times.
5/16/05 Indonesia Maluku 6 0 Five policemen and a civilian are killed by Islamic militants in Indonesia, as they were sleeping. The militants accused them of protecting a Christian village.
5/16/05 Iraq Aalgaya 2 2 Muslim gunmen shoot a policeman and his wife to death in their car. The attack also left their two young children badly injured.
5/15/05 Algeria Khenchela 11 0 All eleven members of a water supply convoy are blown up or machine-gunned by the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat.
5/15/05 Iraq Iskandariya 34 0 The bodies of thirty-four people, some in handcuffs, are found dumped in three locations. Jihadis tortured and beheaded many of them.
5/15/05 Iraq Baqubah 5 20 Two suicide bombers, one in a car the other following on foot, attempt an assasination. Five innocents are blown apart - another twenty badly injured.
5/15/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 5 After burning down in elementary school in Yala, Muslim extremists bomb a government vehicle, killing one Thai and injuring five others.
5/15/05 Iraq Latifiyah 6 0 Three Kuwaiti TV journalists, two Iraqi assistants and their driver are forced off the road by Jihadis then forced to kneel as their throats are cut.
5/14/05 India Kalakote 4 1 The Mujahideen murder a father and his three sons as they are returning from their work in a coal mine.
5/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Civilians are victimized by another suicidal car bomber looking for a ticket to paradise.
5/14/05 India Srinigar 1 0 A businessman is gunned down by Muslim militants.
5/14/05 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar 3 0 Three beheaded corpses are found with signs of torture.
5/13/05 Chechnya Ishkoi-Yurt 2 3 Islamists kill two policemen in an ambush. Three others are injured.
5/13/05 Iraq Baiji 5 0 Car bomb kills five Iraqis.
5/13/05 Iraq Baqubah 3 6 Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into a troop transport, killing two Iraqi soldiers and one civilian.
5/13/05 India Sangdan 1 0 A government teacher is dragged out of a high school class and shot to death on the sidewalk by the Mujahideen.
5/12/05 India Srinigar 2 46 The Mujahideen target a school with grenades, killing two women and injuring about fifty others, including eleven children.
5/12/05 Iraq Baghdad 17 65 Jihad terrorists detonate a car bomb outside a market and a cinema, killing seventeen people and injuring nearly seventy, some with severe burns and internal injuries.
5/11/05 Iraq Hawija 30 37 A Fedayeen straps explosives to his chest then wades into a group of unemployed civilians waiting to apply for government jobs. At least thirty are blown to bits, with another forty suffering injuries.
5/11/05 Iraq Tikrit 27 75 A suicide car bomber swerves his vehicle into a crowd of people on a sidewalk. At least Twenty-seven are killed in the explosion.
5/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 14 Three separate Jihad attacks leave four dead and fourteen injured.
5/11/05 India Srinigar 1 40 The Al-Nasreen terrorist group claims responsibility for a powerful car bombing at a busy intersection.
5/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 16 Seven civilians are blasted and burned to death by Fedayeen suicide car bomber on a busy street.
5/9/05 India Chakka 3 0 The Mujahideen open fire on civilians exiting a mosque, killing three and injuring an unknown number.
5/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 A grisly scene as a suicidal Sunni rams his car into two police vehicles, burning the occupants to death.
5/8/05 Afghanistan Kabul 2 6 A suicide bomber in a café kills two civilians and injures six in a horrific blast.
5/8/05 India Kuligam-Lalpora 1 2 A 12-year-old girl is killed by a bomb that also injures her father and sister.
5/7/05 Yeman Sanaa 0 5 Five solider are injured when Yemeni fundamentalists throw a grenade at them from a passing car.
5/7/05 Lebanon Jounieh 0 28 Twenty-eight people injured by a bomb set in a commercial district of a Christian town.
5/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 36 Suicidal Sunnis target a civilian convoy at a busy intersection. Twenty-two are killed in the blast and dozens lay injured in the circle of mutilated bodies.
5/6/05 Iraq Baghdad 14 0 Assyrian Christians are thought to be among the fourteen, bound corpses of torture victims found in a city garbage dump.
5/6/05 Iraq Suwayra 16 36 Sixteen Iraqis shopping at a marketplace are murdered by a Fedayeen, who wades into the crowd before detonating explosives strapped to his body. At least thirty-six are injured.
5/6/05 Iraq Tikrit 7 8 A suicidal religious extremist blows his car up next to a minivan taking Iraqi police to work, killing seven and injuring eight.
5/5/05 Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot 9 3 Taliban fundamentalists ambush a military patrol with a landmine and automatic weapons, killing nine Afghans.
5/5/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 43 Three separate attacks, including another suicide bomber at a recruitment station, leave twenty-two Iraqis dead and at least that many injured.
5/5/05 India Udhampur 3 22 Mujahideen militants lob a grenade then open fire on a Hindu wedding party, killing two teenage girls (ages 15 and 17) and injuriing twenty-two others.
5/4/05 Iraq Erbil 60 150 A Fedayeen suicide bomber walks into a crowd of Iraqi civilians standing in line to apply for jobs with the police and detonates his explosives, killing sixty and injuring about three times that number.
5/3/05 India Pulwama 0 14 Fourteen people are injured when an Islamic terrorist lobs a grenade into the road near a bus stop.
5/3/05 India Pattan 5 0 A political figure is assassinated by the Mujahideen, along with three civilians and a police officer.
5/2/05 Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot 2 4 Taliban fundamentalists kill two police officers with a terrorist bomb.
5/2/05 Iraq Mosul 23 50 Twenty-three Iraqis, including children are killed in eight car bombings by Muslim extremists. More than fifty are badly injured.
5/2/05 India Harni 1 4 The Mujahideen attack a security patrol, killing one personnel.
5/1/05 Israel Tzieda 1 1 Islamic Jihad kills a 21-year-old Israeli soldier.
5/1/05 Afghanistan Baghlan 3 0 The Taliban kill three women, at least one of whom was an aid worker.
5/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 5 A Jihad car bomb kills four civilians and injures another five.
5/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Iraqi policemen are shot to death by al-Qaeda operatives at a checkpoint.
5/1/05 Iraq Tal Afar 25 51 A Kurdish funeral is the target of a suicidal religious fanatic, who kills at least twenty-five others and injures about fifty mourners.
4/30/05 Egypt Cairo 0 9 Two women in veils stage a shooting attack on a tour bus. They are the only fatalities, but nine innocents are injured.
4/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 11 36 A series of five bombings kills at least eleven and injures dozens.
4/29/05 Russia Nalchik 1 2 One Russian cop is killed by Islamic militants.
4/29/05 Iraq Baghdad 41 120 Seven separate suicide bombings by Muslim extremists leave more than forty people dead and at least one-hundred and twenty injured. Women and children are among the victims.
4/28/05 Algeria Sidi Daoud 2 0 Algerian fundamentalists kill two soldiers in a terror bombing.
4/27/05 India Pahalgam 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct and murder an Indian school teacher.
4/27/05 Iraq Najaf 1 0 Shiite cleric gunned down on his way to work.
4/26/05 Afghanistan Dishu 4 2 Four police officers are killed in an ambush by Taliban terrorists on their convoy.
4/25/05 Yemen Sanaa 2 2 Followers of a radical Shiite throw a bomb from a car window, killing two, including a student and injuring two others.
4/25/05 Philippines Jolo 2 5 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill two Philippine soldiers with a bomb. Five others are badly injured.
4/25/05 India Khurhama 1 0 A political activist is kidnapped by the Mujahideen and then shot to death.
4/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 15 40 Sunni extremists plow a car into a crowd of people outside an ice cream shop in a Shia neighborhood, then detonate the vehicle as others rush to help the victims.
4/24/05 Iraq Tikrit 6 33 Jihadis murder six policemen with two bombs. Nearly three dozen others are injured.
4/24/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 3 Militant Muslims kill two Thai policemen with a remote-controled bomb that injures three civilians as well.
4/24/05 Indonesia Sulawesi 6 0 At least six Christian villagers are killed by their Muslim neighbors after refusing to 'return to Islam.'
4/24/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 The Taliban attack a government building, killing two security staff.
4/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 13 30 Multiple bombings by Jihadis, including at least one suicide attack, leave thirteen Iraqis dead and at least thirty injured.
4/23/05 Algeria Ain Defla 4 4 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat shoots two family members to death, then kills two community guards in separate attacks.
4/22/05 Iraq Baqubah 1 1 Radical Sunnis murder a 7-year-old girl with a roadside bomb.
4/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 26 Twelve people, including a 10-year-old boy, are killed when religious extremists bomb a Shia mosque. Twenty-six others are badly injured.
4/22/05 India Baramulla 2 0 Two youth are killed in separate attacks by the Mujahideen. One has his throat slit.
4/22/05 Algeria Bir El Ater 2 0 Two Algerian civilians die in a bomb attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
4/21/05 Saudi Arabia Mecca 2 0 Saudi Islamists kill two Saudi policmen.
4/21/05 Iraq al-Taji 11 0 Yelling "Allah Akbar" Islamists bring down a civilian helicopter with a missile, killing ten. The lone survivor is helped to is feet, then shot to death.
4/21/05 Iraq Suwayra 57 0 Women and children are amply represented among the more than fifty bodies pulled out of a river after having their throats cut by Islamist kidnappers.
4/20/05 Pakistan Nowshera 1 0 Pakistani mob chases a 'blasphemer' up a tree then kill him.
4/20/05 India Sopore 2 10 The Mujahideen take out a vegetable vendor and another innocent woman in a grenade attack in a shopping district.
4/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 13 Three terrorist attacks, including an ambush on a truck convoy, leave four civilians dead and at least thirteen injured, some critically.
4/20/05 Iraq Haditha 19 0 Jihadis mark the birth of Muhammed by abducting nineteen Iraqi soldiers in civilian clothes heading home to celebrate the holiday with their families. The men are then executed in a soccer stadium.
4/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Two American soldiers are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
4/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 38 Islamist blows himself to Allah in a green minivan, taking four Iraqi police recruits with him and injuring thirty-eight others
4/17/05 Pakistan Kandahar 1 3 One truck driver is killed, and three others injured when Taliban extremists attack their oil convoy with rockets.
4/16/05 Iraq Baqubah 9 12 Radical Sunnis detonate a bomb in a restaurant, killing nine patrons and injuring over a dozen.
4/16/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Religious extremists blows himself up, killing three other civilians and wounding six. One of the women killed was described as 'Angel of Mercy.'
4/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 18 36 al-Qaeda sets off two car bombs on a crowded city street, massacring eighteen people and injuring about forty others.
4/14/05 Iraq Mahawil 4 6 Suicide bomber takes four Iraqi with him. Six others are badly injured.
4/14/05 Iraq Kirkuk 6 0 Ansar al-Sunnah terrorists gun down five police officers and one civilian in a single attack.
4/13/05 Algeria Relizane 2 5 Two civilians are shot to death in an ambush by religious fundamentalists. Five others are injured in the attack.
4/13/05 Algeria Tebessa 3 3 Religious fundamentalists kill three security guards and injure three others in three different bombings.
4/13/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 2 A policeman is killed and two others injured as Islamic militants plant a bomb on a road leading to the airport.
4/13/05 Iraq Kirkuk 12 3 Muslim terrorists plant a decoy bomb near another live one that kills a dozen policemen while they are trying to defuse the decoy.
4/12/05 India Shopian 1 0 The Mujahideen shoot a woman to death in front of her house.
4/12/05 Iraq Mosul 5 12 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders five civilians on a city street.
4/12/05 Iraq Tal Afar 5 8 A suicide car bomber manages to kill five Iraqis and injure eight. Most of the victims were children.
4/11/05 Iraq Samarrah 3 22 Fedayeen suicide bomber blows his pickup truck to pieces in a crowded market, killing three civilians an injuring more than twenty others.
4/11/05 Iraq Qaim 0 0 Three remarkably inefficient suicide bombers manage to send themselves to Allah, but not anyone else.
4/10/05 India Shopian 2 20 Islamic militant hurls a grenade into a group of pedestrians, killing two and injuring twenty.
4/10/05 Nigeria Benue 14 4 Fourteen Christians are killed in an attack on their villages by Muslim militants in the large African nation.
4/10/05 India Srinigar 4 3 The Mujahideen kill four people in four separate shooting attacks across the region and take take three policemen hostage.
4/9/05 Afghanistan Qalat 1 0 The Taliban murder government official taken hostage two days earlier.
4/9/05 Iraq Mosul 2 13 Islamic insurgents detonate a roadside bomb, killing two civilians and injuring thirteen others.
4/8/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Roadside bomb kills four children.
4/8/05 Iraq Baqubah 10 0 The bodies of ten civilians, abducted, bound and executed by Jihadis are found.
4/8/05 Iraq Latifiya 15 0 In a senseless killing, members of the "Islamic Army" stop a vehicle carrying non-uniformed Iraqi soldiers and machine-gun them to death.
4/7/05 Egypt Cairo 3 18 Islamist detonates a nail-packed bomb in a shopping area, killing a French woman and two others, including an American tourist. Eighteen others are injured.
4/7/05 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 A priest and his Christian driver are detained then stabbed to death by Muslim extremists, who also cut off the hands, noses and ears of the victims.
4/7/05 India Srinigar 0 7 Fedayeen suicide attack on the bus terminal housing elderly 'freedom riders' is largely unsuccessful. Two attackers are killed.
4/7/05 Sudan Khor Abeche 17 0 Arab militia raids an African village, killing at least seventeen and torching homes. A small mosque was one of only two structures spared.
4/7/05 Algeria Oued-Djerma 14 0 Algerian fundamentalists set up a fake roadblock then slaughter the trapped victims and set fire to their cars.
4/6/05 India Hanjivira 0 7 Mujahideen bomb intended for a passenger bus explodes early, injuring seven civilians.
4/6/05 Afghanistan Charchino 3 0 Three civilians are murdered by the Taliban.
4/6/05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Video posted on the Internet showing two young men brutally stabbed to death as assailants yell "Allah Akbar."
4/5/05 India Jammu 2 3 Pakistani Fedayeen take Indian border guards by surprise, killing two Hindus and injuring three before fleeing.
4/3/05 Algeria Boumerdes 3 2 Three farmers are killed when Islamic fundamentalists with suspected ties to al-Qaeda set off a roadside bomb in Algeria.
4/3/05 Thailand Songkhla 2 70 Islamic militants set off three bombs, killing two and injuring at least seventy. The fatalities were from the bomb set at the airport. The other two bombs were at a hotel and a department store.
4/3/05 Afghanistan Helmand 9 3 Muslim extremists attack a government building, killing nine Afghan soldiers.
4/2/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 5 The Taliban kill four people, including two children, in two bomb attacks (the second in Mazar-i-Sharif).
4/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 5 Car bomb kills five Iraqis and injures another five. A government minister of education is gunned down in a separate attack.
4/1/05 Pakistan Lahore 1 3 Sunni gunmen kill a Shiite cleric in his car in an attack that also his young daughter and two of her friends.
4/1/05 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 3 0 Taliban extremists kill three truck drivers and then burn their vehicles.
4/1/05 Lebanon Broummana 0 12 Bomb placed outside a shopping center in a Christian resort village by Syrian-backed terrorists injures a dozen.
3/31/05 Iraq Tuz Khormato 5 14 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders five others, including a child, outside a shrine.
3/31/05 India Thannamandi 5 5 The Mujahideen kidnaps and kills two more villagers from their home. Elsewhere in Kashmir three other civilians are killed in separate attacks.
3/31/05 India Sonabrari 3 0 The bodies of three shepherds abducted and executed by the Mujahideen two days earlier are found.
3/30/05 Iraq Mahaweel 1 2 Sunni extremists open fire on a Shiite pilgrims making their way to a religious festival, killing at least one person.
3/30/05 Iraq Mosul 6 8 Four Jihadi gunmen open fire on a street, killing six people and injuring another eight in what appeared to be a suicide attack.
3/29/05 Algeria Thenia 1 0 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat kidnaps a 32-year-old man then slits his throat.
3/29/05 Iraq Mussayib 5 5 Suicide bicycle bomber pedels his way to Paradise, taking five other souls with him including three civilians.
3/29/05 Afghanistan Anar Darah 4 0 The Taliban ambush and kill four policemen in a remote area.
3/29/05 India Biwilian 1 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists kill a boy who refuses to courier money for them.
3/28/05 Yemen Saada 4 0 Islamic extremists ambush and kill four Yemeni policemen.
3/28/05 India Machan 2 8 Muslim terrorists ambush a local security patrol, killing two and injuring eight.
3/28/05 Iraq Karbala 7 9 Sunni extremist kills seven Shia pilgrims at a religious event with a suicide car bombing. At least nine others are injured.
3/27/05 Thailand Narathiwat 0 15 Bombing and shooting attack on a train by Muslim separatists results in more than a dozen casualties.
3/27/05 Iraq Abu Tamir 6 3 Six Iraqis are killed by Jihadists in and around Baqubah in several shooting attacks.
3/27/05 India Udhampur 4 0 Mujahideen militants set fire to a civilian's house after killing his mother, wife and infant daughter. They also murder a neighbor.
3/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Religious fanatic blows himself up, also killing two U.S. soldiers.
3/27/05 Pakistan Khambay 1 6 Four Islamic militants open fire on an church Easter service, killing at least one Christian and injuring six other worshippers.
3/26/05 Iraq Tal Afar 4 6 Four policemen are killed, and six wounded, in an attack on their station by radical Sunni.
3/26/05 Lebanon Beirut 0 5 Bomb in a predominately Christian suburb injures five.
3/26/05 India Srinagar 1 16 Sixteen people are injured and one killed when the Mujahideen lob a grenade near a crowded bus stop.
3/25/05 India Manwa-Dangal 1 0 Muslim terrorists abduct a civilian then slit his throat a day later.
3/25/05 Iraq Ramadi 11 14 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills eleven police officers at a checkpoint and injures another fourteen.
3/25/05 Iraq Karbala 2 19 Two Shia pilgrims are killed, and nineteen others injured by a Sunni suicide bomber as they are marching to the shrine city.
3/24/05 Thailand Yala 0 4 Four people, including an elderly Buddhist monk are injured by a bomb that Islamic militants trigger with a cell phone.
3/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Jihad gunmen open up on a van carrying cleaning women from their job at an American base. Five women are shot to death.
3/24/05 India Bakhipora 2 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen invade a civilian's home, kidnap his son and nephew then execute them in captivity.
3/23/05 India Srinigar 1 5 The Mujahideen kill a civilian and injure several other people with a car bomb in a shopping district.
3/23/05 Lebanon Jounieh 3 3 Three people are killed when Muslim terrorists detonate an 80kg bomb in a shopping center in a Christian area north of Beirut.
3/22/05 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Roadside blast kills four civilians. Elsewhere (in Kut), the bodies of six captured soldiers are found bound and executed.
3/21/05 Thailand Songkhla 1 3 Islamic separatists open fire on a restaurant, killing one customer and injuring three others.
3/21/05 Iraq Aziziyah 7 0 A roadside bombing rips through the bodies of four women and three children riding in a vehicle.
3/21/05 Iraq Sammarah 3 6 Three people, including two women, are murdered in a Jihad car bombing.
3/20/05 Iraq Mosul 5 14 A suicide bomber walks into a government building and kills three others. Jihadists then open fire on the subsequent funeral, killing two others.
3/20/05 Pakistan Fatehpur 39 55 Radical Sunni suicide bomber blows up a Shia religious festival near a Pakistani shrine, killing about three dozen and injuring many more.
3/20/05 Thailand Yala 1 13 One civilian is killed, and thirteen other people injured by two bombs placed by Islamic separatists, one near a river pavilion.
3/19/05 Qatar Doha 1 16 Egyptian suicide bomber slams his car into a theatre, killing a British national and injuring sixteen others in the Qatari capital.
3/19/05 Lebanon Beirut 0 9 Syrian-backed terrorists set off a car bomb in a Christian neighborhood, injuring at least nine.
3/19/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 2 Three separate shooting attacks by Islamic militants leave at least two villagers dead, including a Buddhist man shot in the back of the head while sitting in his tea shop.
3/19/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 5 Jihad insurgents gun down a police officer, then kill three others at his funeral procession.
3/18/05 India Bandipore 1 6 The Mujahideen kill an 8-year-old boy by tossing a grenade into a school. Six of his classmates sustain critical injuries.
3/17/05 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 32 The Taliban detonate a roadside bomb targeting a humanistarian convoy that kills two women, two men and one Afghan child. Thirty-two others are injured.
3/17/05 Nigeria Benue 1 0 Two Muslim men rape a Christian girl and then poison her.
3/17/05 India Rajouri 3 24 Three people are killed when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade at a restaurant.
3/16/05 Iraq Baqubah 3 8 al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills three soldiers and injures eight other people, including civilians.
3/15/05 India Poonch 0 7 Seven people standing outside a bank are injured when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade at them.
3/15/05 Thailand Yala 1 3 A policeman is killed and three other people injured when Muslim separatists set off a bomb at a railway station.
3/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 Suicide bomber successfully kills a young child and injures four others.
3/15/05 India Tangmarg 2 0 A leader of the terrorist group, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, kills two people in making an escape from jail.
3/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 Jihad car bombing kills four civilians and injures seven.
3/14/05 Scotland Glasgow 1 0 Five Pakistani immigrants abduct, torture and then burn alive a 15-year-old Scottish teen in a horrendous attack. Three later flee the country.
3/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Three car bombings kill a total of four civilians, including two farmers.
3/14/05 India Baramulla 2 0 The Mujahideen ambush a search party, killing at least one person. They also kill a civilian at his home (Gagrot Piri).
3/14/05 Philippines Manila 3 3 Abu Sayyaf militant grabs a gun and shoots three prison guards to death.
3/13/05 Iraq Hillah 2 1 Muslims kill two American security contractors with a roadside bomb.
3/13/05 Iraq Mosul 6 1 Sunni Jihadists kill a police officer's wife and two young children then shoot three other policemen attending the funeral a day later.
3/12/05 Algeria Bouira 2 2 Islamic extremists set up a fake roadblock, then machine-gun two policemen to death in their vehicle.
3/11/05 Philippines Sulu 5 4 Moro Islamic Front attack a military patrol, killing five and injuring four.
3/10/05 Iraq Mosul 50 86 Devout Sunni blows himself up inside a Shiite mosque, taking fifty lives and leaving about a hundred other people badly injured.
3/9/05 Iraq Al-Rumana 41 0 The bodies of forty-one people, massacred by Jihadists, are found. All had been executed, many were beheaded, including several women and young children.
3/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 40 Two suicide bombers drive a garbage truck packed with explosives into a hotel, killing two others and injuring several dozen.
3/8/05 Pakistan Danyore 1 0 Sunni government official shot to death by Shia militants while waiting for a bus.
3/8/05 Bangladesh Jalalpur 1 0 Christian pastor attacked and beheaded by Muslim extremists as he is returning home from work.
3/7/05 Israel Hebron 0 2 Two Israelis are wounded by a Palestinian sniper.
3/7/05 Iraq Baqoubah 15 17 al-Qaeda suicide bomber accounts for most of the fifteen people dead in four attacks. At least twenty-six others are injured.
3/7/05 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three people, including two Bhuddists and a businesswoman are murdered in three separate attacks by Muslim terrorists.
3/7/05 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 British national gunned down by a Taliban terrorist while waiting at a traffic light.
3/7/05 Iraq Balad 12 21 Jihadists murder a dozen people, mostly civilians with a car bombing in a residential neighborhood.
3/6/05 Thailand Narathiwat's 2 0 Two young civilians are gunned down by Islamic militants in a motorcycle attack.
3/6/05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Gema’ah Islamiyah terrorists, disguised as fully-veiled Muslim women open fire on a police checkpoint, killing two Thai officers.
3/4/05 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Jihadists kill four American soldiers with a terrorist bombing.
3/3/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Five people are killed by two Fedayeen suicide bombers outside a government building.
3/3/05 Iraq Baqoubah 1 3 Jihad car bombing kills one civilian and injures three.
3/2/05 Bangladesh Narsingdi 0 10 Militant Muslims injure ten people with a bomb outside a shrine.
3/2/05 Thailand Pattani 3 1 Muslim terrorists murder three civilians in separate random shooting attacks.
3/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 13 30 Two suicide car bombings kills thirteen Iraqis and wound thirty. In a separate attack a judge and his son are gunned down.
3/1/05 Chechnya Grozny 1 16 One policeman is killed, and sixteen others injured when the Mujahideen attack their station.
2/28/05 Sudan Toray 17 14 Arab militias with the support of the Islamic government attack a village and kille seventeen civilians and injure a dozen others including several women who were raped.
2/28/05 India Surankote 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap a 17-year-old boy from his home and then kill him.
2/28/05 Iraq Hilla 135 141 Fedayeen suicide car bomber blows his way to paradise by driving into a crowd of unemployed Iraqi Guard volunteers and taking the lives of more than one-hundred souls. Well over a hundred more are injured in the barbaric attack. Many were Christian.
2/28/05 India Matribugh 2 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists capture, disarm and then execute two Indian soldiers.
2/27/05 Algeria Souk El-Khemis 2 0 Two people in a small Algerian town are killed when religious fundamentalists set off a bomb.
2/27/05 Iraq Mosul 12 2 Car bomber kills eight people and Jihad gunmen kill another four in a separate incident, also in Mosul.
2/25/05 Israel Tel Aviv 5 49 Three weeks after a truce-signing, a Palestinian suicide bomber kills five Israelis outside a nightclub. Forty-nine others in line are injured.
2/24/05 Iraq Tikrit 15 22 Islamic suicide bomber drives an explosive-packed vehicle into a police compound, killing fifteen and leaving another two dozen in various stages of agony.
2/24/05 India Sopore 0 12 Militant Islamist hurls a grenade into a crowd of people, injuring at least ten civilians.
2/24/05 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 8 A young girl is among the three people killed by a Sunni car bombing. Eight others are injured, two critically.
2/24/05 India Srinigar 5 2 The Mujahideen kill five people and injure at least two others in a suicide assault on a government building in the region's capital.
2/24/05 Afghanistan Chakul 9 0 The Taliban ambush and murder nine Afghan police officers.
2/24/05 Thailand Yala 7 0 Muslim terrorists kill seven people over a two day stretch that includes a Buddhist grocery store owner and a village chief.
2/23/05 Iraq Mosul 2 14 Jihad car bombing kills two Iraqis and leaves fourteen others injured.
2/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 30 Suicide bomber rams his car into a police convoy, killing four and injuring about thirty.
2/22/05 Afghanistan Sangin 2 0 The Taliban stop a vehicle carrying two humanitarian aid workers then execute each with a shot to the back of the head.
2/21/05 Chechnya Grozny 9 2 Nine Russian servicemen are killed in an attack by the Mujahideen in the capital's suburbs.
2/19/05 Iraq Baqubah 42 91 Eight suicide attacks by Fedayeen 'Holy Warriors' (including one on a bicycle), along with a bus explosion kill at least forty innocent people and injure over one-hundred.
2/19/05 Algeria Batna 4 0 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat ambush and kill four soldiers in remote Algeria.
2/18/05 Iraq Bahgdad 15 23 Suicide bomber kills fifteen Shia worshippers inside a mosque just as Friday prayers are beginning. Another two dozen are injured.
2/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 20 Another suicide bomber blows himself to Allah outside a Shia mosque, taking at least ten others with him.
2/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Two people in a religious procession are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber on a city street.
2/18/05 Lebanon al-Shuwayfat 2 0 Islamists bomb a Christian-owned gas station, killing two people.
2/18/05 Thailand Sungai Kolok 6 44 Muslim separatists kill six people near a hotel hosting a wedding reception with a powerful car bomb.
2/17/05 Iraq Zakho 1 0 Christian taxi driver gunned down after refusing to convert back to Islam.
2/17/05 Somalia Mogadishu 2 5 Bombing kills two and injures five near a hotel.
2/16/05 India Kishtwar 2 7 Mujahideen toss a grenade into a bus stop, killing one and injuring seven. Elsewhere (Rajouri) they kidnap and kill a 60-year-old man.
2/15/05 Pakistan Noorpur Shahan 3 14 Sectarian shooting attack leaves three dead Sunnis and fourteen others injured.
2/15/05 Indonesia Ambon 2 2 Muslims shoot two people, including a teenage girl, to death in an attack on a karaoke club.
2/14/05 Philippines Manila 3 79 The Abu Sayyaf terrorist group detonates a bomb in the Philippine capital outside a crowded bus terminal, setting three buses on fire and killing at least three.
2/14/05 Philippines General Santos 5 36 An bomb outside a shopping mall kills five shoppers and injures at least three dozen others. Abu Sayyaf claims responsibility.
2/14/05 India Shopian 0 25 Twenty-five people are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenande into a crowded street.
2/14/05 Lebanon Beirut 15 120 Powerful suicide bomb blast kills the former Lebanese Prime Minister and fourteen others. One-hundred and twenty are injured in the blast.
2/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Sunni extremists spray the inside of a passenger car with automatic weapons, killing an Iraqi officer and two companions.
2/14/05 Philippines Davao 1 8 A 12-year-old boy is killed in an Abu Sayyaf bombing at a bus stop. Eight others are injured.
2/14/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim separatists shoot a 48-year-old man off of a motorcycle, injuring his wife as well.
2/13/05 Iraq Nasiriyah 2 0 An Iraqi translator and his son are gunned down by Islamists near their home.
2/11/05 Thailand Yala 2 24 Thai Muslims shoot a buddhist shopkeeper to death, then trigger a bomb that kills another person and injures two dozen.
2/11/05 Iraq Balad Ruz 13 40 Suicidal fanatic detonates a massive bomb using a vegetable truck outside a Shia mosque, killing over a dozen and injuring more than forty.
2/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 11 0 Sunni gunmen block off a street with their cars and then mow down Shia patrons at a bakery, killing eleven and injuring a unknown number of others.
2/10/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Thai Islamists set off a bomb in a market stall, killing one villager and injuring another.
2/10/05 Iraq Suwairah 21 0 The decomposing bodies of twenty-one Iraqi truck drivers hauling food are found two days after their convoy was ambushed by Islamic radicals. They had all been burned inside their vehicles.
2/9/05 Iraq Basra 2 0 Shiite radicals gun down an Iraqi journalist and his 3-year-old son in front of their home.
2/8/05 Iraq Baghdad 21 27 Shaheed suicide bomber blows himself to paradise, along with nearly two dozen others. About thirty are seriously wounded in the street attack.
2/7/05 Philippines Panamao 12 15 Muslim separatists attack Philippino troops, killing a dozen.
2/7/05 Iraq Mosul 12 4 Suicidal extremist kills a dozen police who were guarding a teaching hospital, by pretending to need assistance from the officers.
2/7/05 Pakistan Wana 2 2 al-Qaeda militants ambush four journalists riding in a car. Two are murdred.
2/7/05 Iraq Baqubah 15 17 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills himself and at least fifteen others who were seeking jobs outside a police station.
2/4/05 Nigeria Demsa 36 0 Militant Muslims attack a Christian village in Nigeria, killing at least three dozen and displacing some three thousand others.
2/4/05 India Taryath 1 2 Two people escape after being kidnapped from their village by the Mujahideen, but another is executed.
2/3/05 Iraq Balad 2 0 Two people are shot to death by Sunni radicals for voting in the election.
2/2/05 Dagestan Makhachkala 4 0 Dagestani Islamists kill a high-ranking government official and three others in a shooting ambush on their vehicle.
2/2/05 Iraq Kirkuk 12 2 Takfir wa Hijra (Islamist) terrorists stop a bus full of unarmed Iraqi recruits. Twelve are dragged off and shot execution-style.
2/1/05 Pakistan Quetta 1 7 Two bombs, one placed on a railroad track and the other near a hotel, kill one and injure seven.
1/31/05 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 Jamaat-e-Islami terrorists kill a business man with a bomb in a shopping center.
1/31/05 India Anantnag 2 1 The Mujahideen break into a house and kill a woman, then kidnap and hang her student son.
1/31/05 India Nathali-Bagwa 4 3 Four members of a family, including three children and their mother, are killed when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a house after knocking down the door.
1/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 44 67 A string of suicide attacks by theocratic fanatics kill over forty Iraqis in an effort to prevent the citizenry from exercising their right to vote in elections.
1/30/05 Kuwait Kuwait City 2 4 Islamic militants kill two people in a shootout.
1/29/05 Afghanistan Spinboldak 9 1 Nine Afghan soldiers are blown to bits by the Taliban while riding in a pickup truck near the Pakistani border.
1/29/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Islamic militants hit the U.S. embassy with a rocket, killing two Americans.
1/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 Four Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
1/28/05 Chechnya Alkhan-Yurt 9 0 Jihad suicide bomber kills nine Chechan policemen after crashing his car into theirs at full speed.
1/27/05 Nigeria Numan 1 0 A Christian woman is shot to death by Muslim troops in the troubled African province.
1/27/05 Bangladesh Habiganj 4 0 Four people, including a 73-year-old man are assassinated by Muslim radicals in a grenade attack as they leave a public meeting.
1/27/05 Bangladesh Habiganj 5 100 Islamic fundamentalists lob a grenade into an opposition political rally, killing a former finance minister and at least four others. About one hundred people are injured, some badly.
1/27/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 3 7 Three civilians are killed, and seven injured by a Sunni bomber.
1/27/05 India Kremshora 2 0 The Mujahideen abduct and kill an Indian government employee and his son.
1/27/05 India Pampore 0 26 Two grenades tossed by the Mujahideen at an election office injure twenty-six people, almost all civilians.
1/27/05 Iraq Samarrah 3 0 Three civilians, including two women, are killed in a Jihad bombing attack.
1/26/05 Iraq Kirkuk 7 3 Seven Iraqis are killed by two Jihad car bombings.
1/26/05 Iraq Sinjar 15 31 Sunni radicals pack a tractor with explosives and detonate it outside a Kurdish political office, killing at least a dozen.
1/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 12 Islamic insurgents kill sixteen people in various shooting attacks, including the 5-year-old daughter of a policeman.
1/24/05 India Kulgam 2 6 The Mujahideen gun down an orchard worker (Shopian) and toss a grenade into a bus stop.
1/23/05 Algeria Tizi Ghenif 2 1 Islamic fundamentalists attack a security patrol killing two police and injuring one civilian.
1/22/05 Afghanistan Uruzgan 4 0 Four people, including a police chief and two relatives, are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.
1/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two truck drivers are kidnapped and beheaded on a public street as executioners chant 'Allah Akbar.'
1/21/05 India Anantnag 1 3 The Mujahideen kidnap three civilians and torture two of them, eventually killing one.
1/21/05 Iraq Yusufiyah 12 38 Suicide bomber drives an ambulance full of explosives into a Shia wedding party, slaughtering a dozen, including women and children and injuring dozens more including the bride and groom.
1/21/05 Iraq Baghdad 14 42 Radical Sunnis car bomb a Shia mosque as the victims celebrate a religious holiday. Fourteen are killed, and about forty injured.
1/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 26 25 Three al-Qaeda suicide bombings leave more than two dozen dead and scores of civilians badly injured. One of the targets was the Australian embassy.
1/20/05 Afghanistan Spinboldak 3 0 Pakistani fuel truck driver and two assistants are murdered by the Taliban in a senseless attack.
1/19/05 Sudan Hamada 105 0 The Islamic government bombs a village in Darfur, killing more than a hundred people, mostly women and children. An unknown number are wounded.
1/18/05 Israel Gush Katif 1 7 Palestinian suicide bomber murders a father of three and injures seven others.
1/18/05 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 At least three killed as militant Muslims go on a wild shooting and arson spree.
1/18/05 Israel Sderot 1 1 17-year-old Israeli girl dies trying to protect her 10-year-old brother from a Hamas rocket attack (on 1-15).
1/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 Sunni takes two members of a Shia political party with him to 'paradise.' Car bombing injures nine others as well.
1/17/05 Iraq Ramadi 3 9 Three civilians are killed as a dedicated Muslim blows himself to Allah. Nine others injured.
1/17/05 Iraq Beiji 8 25 Eight people are killed by a suicide bomber, with another 25 injured, some critically.
1/17/05 Iraq Buhriz 8 4 Jihadists attack a police checkpoint with machine-guns, killing eight.
1/17/05 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 The bodies of three civilians and one soldier are found in a field, brutally slain, with handwriting declaring them to be traitors to the cause of Allah.
1/16/05 Thailand Yala 1 30 Muslims plant a bomb in a Thai restaurant, killing the owner and injuring thirty others.
1/15/05 India Srinigar 2 0 Al-Mansoorian terrorists storm a passport office and kill two government employees.
1/15/05 Bangladesh Natore 3 89 Islamic militants set off bombs at two different carnivals killing three and injuring about ninety others, including stage performers.
1/15/05 India Srinigar 2 17 Grenade thrown into an election rally by the Mujahideen kills two people and injures seventeen.
1/15/05 Dagestan Kaspiisk 4 1 Islamic terrorists kill four policemen in two separate shootouts in Dagestan (Kaspiisk & Makhachkala).
1/14/05 India Yarbug Panzla 1 0 The Mujahideen enter a civilian's house and kill his 20-year-old daughter.
1/13/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Islamic gunmen riddle a civilian minivan with machine-gun fire as it is picking up a Turkish businessman.
1/13/05 Israel Karni Crossing 6 4 Three Palestinian suicide bombers infiltrate the security wall, via an explosion, and murder six Israelis. Four others are wounded.
1/13/05 Iraq Khan Bani Saad 7 30 A car bomb outside a Shia mosque kills seven people and injures another thirty, some critically.
1/12/05 Afghanistan Helmand 6 0 Six Afghan soldiers are kidnapped and executed by the Taliban.
1/12/05 Chechnya Vedeno 4 0 Mujahideen attack on a government car leaves four civilians dead.
1/12/05 Iraq Salman 6 0 Radical Sunnis shoot a Shia cleric and his son to death on the street, along with four of their bodyguards.
1/12/05 Israel Morag 1 3 Palestinians use explosives and arms fire to murder an Israeli officer in the process of constructing a security fence.
1/11/05 Iraq Yussifiyah 7 0 Seven Iraqi civilians are killed when militants destroy their minibus with a roadside bomb.
1/10/05 Philippines Mamasapano 8 5 Moro Islamic Front stages a surprise attack on government post, killing eight Philippine soldiers.
1/10/05 Kuwait Kuwait City 2 2 Islamic gunmen kill two security guards outside a government building.
1/10/05 Iraq Tikrit 8 12 Fedayeen suicide bombing leave six police dead and a dozen injured. Police chief also assassinated in Baghdad, along with his son.
1/10/05 Iraq Suwayrah 9 10 Eight Ukrainian bomb sappers, and one Kazakh are killed by the 'Islamic Army' in a terrorist bombing attack.
1/9/05 Pakistan Gilgit 6 0 Shia burn six Sunnis alive after herding them into a house in a revenge for an earlier attack on a Shiite leader.
1/9/05 Israel Shebaa Farms 1 3 An Israeli officer is killed, and three others injured, in a Hezbollah rocket attack along the Lebanese border.
1/8/05 Pakistan Gilgit 2 2 Sunni attack on the vehicle of a Shia cleric leaves two of his guards dead.
1/7/05 Iraq Mosul 18 0 The bodies of eighteen Shia laborers abducted and shot execution style by Sunni radicals are unearthed in a field.
1/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 A heinous roadside bombing attack on a U.S. Marine vehicle leaves all seven occupants dead.
1/7/05 Israel Nablus 1 3 An Israeli motorist is killed by a Palestinian sniper. Three others are injured, two critically.
1/7/05 India Srinigar 3 2 Fedayeen militants from the al-Mansoorian outfit storm a government building with grenades, leaving at least four dead.
1/6/05 Iraq Baqubah 6 13 al-Qaeda group sends a suicide bomber into a security point. Six dead and thirteen injured.
1/5/05 Iraq Hillah 20 44 Fedayeen suicide car bomber kills at least twenty outside a police graduation ceremony. About four dozen others are badly hurt.
1/5/05 India Srinigar 0 6 Four civilians and two Indian police suffer injuries when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a city street.
1/5/05 Chechnya Grozny 17 25 A series of Mujahideen attacks across the country leaves seventeen dead, nineteen wounded and six others, including two college students kidnapped.
1/4/05 Pakistan Vinnoi 5 0 A husband and wife, their son and two other relatives are murdered in their home in an 'honor killing' by a group of armed men.
1/4/05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslims murder a Thai village official from the back of a motorcycle as he is driving to work.
1/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 60 Fedayeen 'Holy Warrior' rams a checkpoint with a truck full of explosives, killing ten and injuring at least sixty, including women and children.
1/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Iraqi governor, an advocate for democracy, is gunned down along with six of his guards by Islamic theocrats.
1/3/05 Algeria Biskra 18 0 Algeria's Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat bombs a convoy then rakes it with machine-gun fire, killing eighteen people and injuring an unknown number.
1/3/05 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Ansar al-Sunna Islamists kidnap and decapitate an Iraqi, then booby-trap the headless body with a bomb that kills a police officer.
1/3/05 Iraq Tikrit 16 43 Three suicide bombers blow themselves to Allah in separate attacks, taking sixteen other souls with them. Over forty others sustain burns, open wounds and lost limbs.
1/2/05 Iraq Balad 23 6 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills twenty-three people, mostly Iraqi National Guardsmen in a terrorist attack.
1/2/05 Iraq Samarrah 4 1 Radical Sunnis machine-gun four cops to death as they sit in their car.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
12/31/04 Iraq Baiji 7 0 Suicide bomber kills seven and injures an unknown number of people.
12/30/04 India Waspora 2 1 Two citizens are shot dead in their home after the Mujahideen barge in. Another relative is injured.
12/30/04 Philippines Malisbong 1 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a 68-year-old man execution style.
12/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 29 58 At least twenty-nine, including two dozen civilians are killed when Islamic radicals blow up several houses near one being searched by police with a massive bomb.
12/29/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 2 Saudi militants kill one person in two car bomb blasts.
12/29/04 Pakistan Wana 1 0 al-Qaeda members assassinate a local political figure in a drive-by with ties to the Afghan President.
12/29/04 India Kashmir 9 0 The Mujahideen shoot nine people to death in separate attacks. One is the leader of the youth wing of a political party.
12/29/04 Algeria Algiers 3 0 A man and his two teenage daughters bleed to death after their throats are cut by Islamic fundamentalists in their home.
12/28/04 Iraq Muradiya 5 31 Five civilians are killed by a Sunni car bomb. About thirty more are injured.
12/28/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 26 In two attacks (Tikrit and Baqubah), Jihadists slaughter twelve Iraqi police officers by slitting their throats and murder five National Guardsmen a bomb.
12/28/04 Algeria Algiers 7 0 Seven Algerian civilians are gunned down by al-Salafeyah extremists.
12/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 15 48 'Holy Warrior' detonates explosives in front of a Shia party headquarters, killing himself and at least fifteen other. Several dozen are injured, many suffering burns and missing limbs.
12/26/04 Thailand Chana 3 1 Three Thai policemen are killed by Muslims in a motorcycle terror attack as they are passing by.
12/25/04 India Pakherpora 2 28 Islamic separatists kill two and injure twenty-eight in a grenade attack on a busy street.
12/25/04 Pakistan Chitral 2 0 Armed fundamentalists kill two employees of an international aid foundation and set fire to vehicles.
12/24/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 7 Islamic separatists plant a bomb on a motorcycle, outside a bank, and kill two people, injuring at least seven.
12/24/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 Religious fundamentalists finally murder an economics professor on campus after several unsuccessful attempts
12/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 19 An explosives-rigged fuel truck detonates in a residential neighborhood, killing nine, including seven members of the same family. "Shahid" suicide bombing.
12/22/04 Israel Hebron 1 0 Palestinians snatch rifle from Israeli guard and shoot him to death with it.
12/22/04 India Sangam 1 14 One person is killed and fourteen others, mostly civilians are injured when Mujahideen militant hurls a grenade into the road.
12/21/04 Israel Moshov 1 0 A 39-year-old Israeli woman is stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists.
12/21/04 Iraq Mosul 22 69 Twenty-two people, including several civilians are killed and about seventy injured when an Ansar al-Sunnah terrorist blows himself up in the middle of the lunch hour at a mess hall.
12/20/04 Afghanistan Maywand 4 4 Taliban insurgents ambush a security checkpoint, killing four policemen.
12/19/04 Iraq Najaf 52 142 An Islamic extremists plows his car into a Shia funeral procession and detonates it near a mosque. Over fifty people are killed and about one hundred and fifty injured in the suicide attack.
12/19/04 Iraq Karbala 16 37 Sixteen people are killed by Fedayeen suicide car bomber and about forty injured in the attack on a Shia holy site.
12/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Christians are kidnapped and then murdered by Jihadists.
12/18/04 India Shingru 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot and kill a 70-year-old political activists and abduct and kill a youth (Kanir).
12/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Three people are dragged from a car, forced to kneel, and then shot by "holy warriors." Elsewhere, a husband and wife are shot to death in their homes for supporting "infidels." (Son is kidnapped as well).
12/17/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Grisly murder of four men traveling in a car through Mosul (three are foreigners). Bodies are mutilated and set aflame.
12/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 17 20 Sunni insurgents ambush a police convoy, killing four people on the spot. Thirteen officers are taken prisoner and subsequently executed.
12/15/04 Iraq Karbala 10 40 Sunni extremists bomb a Shia mosque, eventually killing ten and injuring forty people in the mosque and on the street.
12/15/04 Israel Khan Yunis 1 2 Hamas militants kill a foreign agriculture worker at an Israeli settlement and injure two more with mortars.
12/15/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two more Buddhist civilians, both in their 50's, are shot to death by Muslim extremists. One was selling ice-cream from his vending bike at the time.
12/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Buddhist teacher is gunned down by two Muslims in a motorcycle attack.
12/14/04 Kabardino-Balk. Nalchik 4 0 Wahhabi terrorists attack a government building and kill the four security staff members on duty.
12/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Another Muslim takes his life in a suicide car blast that also kills seven civilians and injures at least thirteen.
12/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 15 Fedayeen suicide car bomber murders more than a dozen civilians and seriously injures another fifteen in a blast designed to maximize human casualty.
12/12/04 Philippines General Santos 15 59 Abu Sayyaf suspected of a mall bombing that kills fifteen Christmas shoppers. Nearly sixty others are injured.
12/12/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 3 Muslims open fire on churches in Indonesia, injuring three Christians.
12/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 6 Five Israeli soldiers are killed when Hamas terrorists set off a bomb under a checkpoint. Six others hospitalized.
12/11/04 Israel Neveh Dekalim 0 4 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) lobs several rockets into an Israeli neighborhood. Four, including three children, are seriously injured.
12/10/04 India Magani 4 0 Heavily-armed Mujahideen ambush on a police patrol and slaughter all four Indian cops.
12/10/04 Pakistan Quetta 11 27 Bomb attached to a bicycle rips through a marketplace, killing more than ten people and injuring about two dozen.
12/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three civilians are killed and five injured when Jihadists lob mortar bombs into a residential neighborhood.
12/9/04 India Shopian 2 5 Mujahideen murder two cops in an ambush. Five others are injured.
12/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a Christian doctor as he is attending to (Muslim) patients in a hospital.
12/8/04 Iraq Samarrah 4 5 Sunni insurgents kill four civilians and injure several more with a terrorist bombing in the city centre.
12/8/04 Nigeria Bauchi 1 0 Muslim students at an African university abduct and kill a Christian student.
12/8/04 Iraq Taji Camp Road 2 0 Two American civilians are gunned down by a group calling itself the "Jihad Brigade."
12/8/04 India Anantnag 0 36 Thirty-six people are injured by a grenade thrown by the Mujahideen on a busy street.
12/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three Shia election workers are gunned down by Sunni activists.
12/7/04 Chechnya Grozny 6 9 Muslim separatists murder four civilians, including a teenager in separate attacks that also claim the lives of two Russian soldiers. Seven others are injured and two taken hostage.
12/7/04 Israel Karni 1 4 One Israeli soldier is killed by a bomb at a border crossing. Four are others injured.
12/6/04 Saudi Arabia Jedda 5 2 al-Qaeda members attack the U.S. consulate in Saudi Arabia with grenades, killing at least five international contractors and injuring several Americans.
12/5/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 13 Islamic insurgents pull aside two buses carrying civilians and open fire at point-blank range, machine-gunning seventeen to death and injuring at least thirteen others.
12/5/04 India Pulwama 11 0 Eleven people are blown to bits by the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group on a road, while traveling to a security camp.
12/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 38 Sunni extremists murder sixteen people and injure thirty-eight with two suicide car bomb blasts on a commercial street in the heart of the city.
12/3/04 Jordan-Iraq Border 2 0 A suicide bomber kills two Americans near the Jordanian-Iraqi border.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 5 al-Qaeda militants attack a police station with RPGs and small arms, killing sixteen officers and injuring five.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 14 19 Four suicide bombers drive a minibus loaded with explosives into a Shiite mosque. Fourteen civilians are killed and at least nineteen others critically injured.
12/3/04 India Sopore 5 5 al-Mansoorain terrorists stage a suicide attack on a police camp. At least five officers are killed.
12/2/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists kidnap and decapitate a 29-year-old Christian man.
12/2/04 Iraq Baqoubah 3 5 Extremists lob an explosive into a house, killing three children and injuring another five. All of the kids were from the same family.
12/1/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 1 7 Another suicidal extremist kills one civilian and injures seven others with a car bombing.
11/30/04 Sudan Itou 65 0 Sixty-five civilians are reported dead after an air force bombing of their village by the Islamic government. An unknown number are injured.
11/30/04 Thailand Yala 1 2 Two separate shooting attacks by Muslim missionaries from the back of a motorcycle leave a teacher dead and two other civilians injured.
11/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 19 Fedayeen suicide bomber takes four civilians on to Allah with him. Nineteen others are injured in the attack.
11/30/04 Pakistan Quetta 0 10 Chechen Mujahideen hurls two grenades at Pakistani police attempting an arrest. Ten are injured.
11/29/04 India Srinagar 0 12 Mujahideen hurl a grenade into the center of a commercial district, injuring a dozen civilians.
11/29/04 Iraq Baghdadi 7 9 Seven policemen, lining up for pay, are killed in a suicide bombing by Sunni extremists.
11/28/04 Iraq Samarrah 5 4 Five civilians are killed in a roadside bomb attack by Jihadists.
11/28/04 Afghanistan Delaram 3 3 The Taliban attack an NGO office and machine-gun three aid workers to death. Three others are injured.
11/27/04 Sudan Kossa 15 6 Attack by Arab militias leaves fifteen African villagers dead and six injured.
11/27/04 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen more bodies, of executed hostages are found in Mosul.
11/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 30 Sunni extremists kill three Iraqi and four British civilians with three bombings over a 24-hour period.
11/26/04 India Doda 3 0 Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen kill two Hindu travelers on a road, along with a college student dragged of his house.
11/24/04 Pakistan Islamabad 2 2 Pakistani Islamists attack a police vehicle, killing two occupants.
11/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Suicide car bomber kills at least two civilians, including one woman.
11/23/04 Nigeria Jigawa 2 10 Muslim extremists attack a group of Christian evangelists. Two people are beaten to death and at least ten others injured.
11/23/04 India Kashmir 3 3 Muslim militants stage two attacks against border guards, killing three and injuring three.
11/23/04 Sudan Adwa 30 100 More than thirty civilians, including women and children are killed by the government in a ground attack on their village. More than a hundred others are raped or injured.
11/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 8 15 Sunni terrorists kill eight policemen and injure fifteen in a shooting ambush.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Nine policemen are captured by Islamists, then murdered with bullets to the back of the head.
11/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Jihadists chase down a car carrying public works employees on their way to work and machine-gun all four to death.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Iraqi Kurds are captured by Ansar Al-Sunna, tortured for seven days and then executed.
11/19/04 India Surankote 3 1 Three people are killed when the Mujahideen bomb their vehicle.
11/18/04 Belgium Antwerp 1 0 Synagogue worker gunned down on the streets of Antwerp.
11/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 Jihadists kill three Iraqis, including a woman, with a suicide car bombing. In Balad they kidnap and behead a native contractor.
11/18/04 Iraq Baiji 4 0 The Fedayeen kill two women, a man and a child in a bombing attack on their car.
11/17/04 Philippines Zamboanga City 0 1 24-year-old Christian man is attacked by Muslim activists, badly beaten and left for dead.
11/17/04 Iraq Baiji 15 22 Suicide car bomber kills fifteen, including six women and six children. The attack took place in the middle of a crowded street.
11/17/04 Pakistan Mingora 2 29 Bomb explodes in the back of a cinema, killing two people and injuring about thirty.
11/16/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 4 6 The Taliban kill four policemen in a landmine attack. Six others are injured.
11/16/04 India Budgam 6 0 Militant Muslims invade a residence and kill six members of a family, including two women.
11/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 59-year-old humanitarian aid worker, kidnapped by Islamists last month, is executed on video with a bullet to the back of her head.
11/16/04 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 Hindu minority leader gunned down in his home.
11/15/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 Body of a Polish female kidnapped by Islamists is found. Her throat had been slit and she had been disemboweled with a knife. She was identified by her long blond hair.
11/15/04 India Patnazi 2 1 Two civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen while collecting wood in a forest.
11/14/04 Pal. Auth. Gaza 2 6 Palestinian extremists kill two people guarding the new PA leader. Six bystanders are wounded.
11/14/04 India Chakarbathi Bala 3 0 Three people, including a husband and wife, are burned to death when the Mujahideen set fire to their home.
11/14/04 India Nadimarg 3 0 Jaish-e-Mohammed militants kill three policemen assigned to protect a minority Indian ethnic group after a horrific massacre last year.
11/13/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 5 4 Muslim terrorists kill five and injure four with a bomb hidden on a public bus. Two of the dead are women.
11/13/04 Thailand Yala 2 0 Muslims gun down two civilians - one in his home and another who happened on the attack.
11/13/04 India Malikpora Bandipora 2 2 The Mujahideen invade two houses, killing the wife of one occupant. The owner of the other house is kidnapped and then has his throat slit.
11/13/04 Thailand Tharnto 1 6 Militant Muslims explode a bomb in the middle of a marketplace, killing one person instantly and leaving at least six others critically injured.
11/13/04 Algeria Algiers 2 3 Armed fundamentalists kill two Algerian soldiers in separate terror attacks.
11/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Sunni gunmen kill two American civilians in an ambush.
11/12/04 Israel Beit Zeit 0 0 Two bungling al-Aqsa terrorists are killed, and a third injured, when their car bomb explodes prematurely shortly after Arafat's funeral.
11/12/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 14 A Buddhist teacher is gunned down by Islamic militants. They also plant a bomb in a restaurant, which injures fourteen.
11/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 19 24 A Fedayeen blows himself to Allah, taking at least nineteen people with him that happened to be passing by on a packed city street. Women and children are among the victims.
11/10/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Group calling itself the "Islamic Secret Army" takes five civilians hostage to use as human shields, then summarily executes them when no longer needed.
11/9/04 India Wagora 2 1 The Mujahideen stage an attack on the home of a politician. A neighbor and a security guard are killed.
11/9/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Thai Muslims cut the head off of a 60-year-old Buddhist plantation worker.
11/8/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Laskar Jihad terrorists kill the driver of a public minibus.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 60 Jihadists car bomb the emergency unit of a hospital, killing thirteen civilians and injuring at least sixty.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 45 Muslim extremists bomb two Christian churches, killing three and injuring over forty, including women and children.
11/8/04 Iraq Samarra 6 0 Ansar al-Islam terrorists set two tanker trucks on fire, burning the Turkish drivers alive. Elsewhere, four Iraqi civilians are killed when gunmen ambush their car and set it on fire.
11/8/04 Afghanistan Arghandab 3 2 Taliban extremists machine-gun Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint, killing three and injuring two.
11/8/04 Iraq Zubayr 2 0 Car bombing kills two British and South African civilians.
11/7/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Scottish civilians are killed by Shia militants. One of them is a father of two.
11/6/04 India Srinagar 2 2 Mujahideen terrorists throw a grenade at two off-duty soldiers shopping in a retail district, killing them and injuring two civilians.
11/6/04 Iraq Samarra 34 66 Thirty-four people, mostly civilians, are blown up by Fedayeen suicide bombers [looking to curry favor with Allah] in several coordinated attacks.
11/6/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two Buddhists, one a grocery store owner, are gunned down by militant Muslims.
11/5/04 Algeria Relizane 2 0 Algerian Islamists ambush and kill two policemen. The fundamentalists have killed about thirty civilians thus far during Ramadan.
11/5/04 Iraq al-Muqdadiya 2 4 Jihadists kill a 3-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl with a rocket.
11/4/04 Iraq Dujail 3 7 Car bombing kills three Iraqis and injures seven.
11/4/04 Thailand Pattani 9 2 Muslim terrorists kill nine Buddhists over a 24-hour period in separate attacks. At least one monk survived with injuries, as well as a young boy.
11/4/04 Afghanistan Orgun 4 1 Four civilians are killed by a homemade Taliban bomb as they were passing by in their vehicle.
11/4/04 Iraq Bahgdad 4 8 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills three British soldiers manning a checkpoint, along with their translator.
11/4/04 Indonesia Poso 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap and decapitate the Christian leader of an Indonesian village.
11/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four more Iraqis kidnapped and beheaded.
11/3/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 2 Shia gunmen open fire on a Sunni mosque, killing one and injuring two.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 29 Terrorists kill six people outside a Ministry of Education building with a car bombing.
11/2/04 Thailand Mamong 1 0 Muslim agitators murder a 58-year-old Buddhist village chief.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 A Christian family is ambushed in their car by Muslim gunmen, who manage to kill the father and his 10-year-old son.
11/2/04 Netherlands Amsterdam 1 1 Dutch filmmaker (Grandnephew of painter Van Gogh) shot to death by a 26-year-old Moroccan after making a film critical of Islam.
11/1/04 India Shopian 0 21 Harkat-ul-Ansar terrorist hurls a grenade into a busy market, injuring over twenty people.
11/1/04 Israel Tel Aviv 3 38 Two Jewish women and a man are murdered at a cheese deli in an open market by a 16-year-old who let the Abu Ali Mustafa terrorist network strap explosives to his chest.
11/1/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Two high-ranking government officials are assassinated in separate ambushes.
10/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Qur'anic quoting militants bound a Japanese hostages arms then cut off his head.
10/31/04 Sudan Mallaga 18 6 The Janaweed attack an African village earlier in the month, killing eighteen civilians and injuring another six.
10/31/04 Thailand Narathiwat 5 0 Muslim separatists kill a Buddhist construction worker, a police officer, two agricultural workers, and one other civilian.
10/31/04 Iraq Tikrit 15 8 Jihadists fire a rocket at a hotel, killing fifteen civilians and injuring eight others.
10/30/04 India Mahore 2 1 Mujahideen assassinate a politician and his 12-year-old son after invading their home. The dead boy's mother is severely injured in the attack.
10/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 19 Fedayeen car bombing on an Arabic TV station leaves seven dead and nineteen badly injured.
10/30/04 Iraq Anbar 8 10 'Holy Warrior' suicide car bomber kills eight U.S. Marines and injures ten others on routine patrol.
10/29/04 India Kukurgaon 2 3 Two Muslim clerics are killed by the other's followers in a religious dispute. Woman and two young girls injured.
10/28/04 Thailand Sungai Kolok 2 15 Local Muslims gun down a Buddhist orchard owner and bomb a bar. The bomb kills one person and injures fifteen.
10/28/04 Iraq Hillah 11 0 Eleven Iraqi Guardsmen are taken hostage by Ansar al-Sunnah. All eleven are bound and then executed, some with a shot to the head others with a slow beheading. The killers admonish the video audience to "Repent to Allah."
10/27/04 Pakistan Karachi 6 2 Vicious killing by Islamists who barge into a Christian charity office, tie up six men, then execute six by shooting them in the back of the head.
10/26/04 Algeria Tizi Ghenif 5 2 Algerian Islamists kill five more people at fake roadblocks in two remote areas. Three are beheaded.
10/26/04 India Senabathi 1 1 The Mujahideen invade another house and kill two teenagers, including an 18-year-old girl.
10/26/04 Pakistan Spinkai Raghazai 9 5 al-Qaeda kill nine tribesmen with rockets in western Pakistan. At least five others are critically injured.
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 6 12 A series of Fedayeen suicide bombings in Mosul and Baghdad kill six Iraqi civilians and leave at least a dozen injured.
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An Assyrian Christian woman, mother of three children, is murdered in her home by Jihad warriors.
10/24/04 Iraq Basra 48 0 A very heinous attack by "Unification and Jihad" leaves forty-eight unarmed police recruits dead. Their three minibuses were stooped by the Jihadists, who forced the men out by the side of the road and executed each with a shot to the head.
10/24/04 Algeria Boumerdass 1 1 Armed Islamists kill a security guard and injure a civilian in eastern Algeria.
10/24/04 India Anantnag 1 1 Mujahideen attempt another political assassination at a funeral. A passerby is killed in the mine attack.
10/24/04 India Salbala 3 2 Mujahideen terrorists invade a home. They shoot two members of a family to death and kidnap another member, whom they later behead.
10/23/04 Iraq Baghdadi 10 48 Muslim zealot kills ten policemen and injures forty-eight people in a powerful suicide bombing.
10/23/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 6 A Taliban extremist straps six grenades to his body then detonates them on a city street, killing a 12-year-old Afghan girl and an American woman.
10/22/04 India Anantnag 1 1 The Mujahideen assassinate a prominent moderate politician and critically injure his bodyguard.
10/22/04 Algeria Medea 16 13 Armed Islamic extremists stop cars carrying young people to a soccer game at a phony roadblock. They then use knives and small-arms to kill sixteen. Thirteen others are missing.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Islamists stage a shooting ambush a bus carrying airline workers, killing four women, and injuring at least eleven others.
10/21/04 Indonesia Poso 1 0 Muslim gunmen kill the security guard at a Catholic church.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two women and their driver are shot to death by Muslim insurgents as they are driving to work.
10/20/04 Iraq Samarra 4 20 Islamic insurgents kill four children with a car bomb. Twenty others are injured.
10/19/04 Pakistan Spin Kairakzai 3 9 Three security officials are killed in an attack by the same religious fundamentalists that recently massacred eleven Chinese workers.
10/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 80 Jihadists behead two Macedonian hostages on video. They also kill four Iraqi Guardsmen standing in formation and injure more than eighty with a mortar attack.
10/18/04 Afghanistan Paktika 5 0 Religious fundamentalists kill five, including an election worker, in a landmine attack.
10/17/04 India Mohammadpora 1 5 The Mujahideen kill a 22-year-old man and badly injure five members of his family who were trying to prevent his murder.
10/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 26 Car bombing near a café kills six and injures twenty-six. Police and civilians among the casualties.
10/17/04 India Mandli 1 14 An Islamic terrorist lobs a grenade at a village defense committee trying to guard a bus station.
10/16/04 Iraq Qaim 4 0 Suicide car bomber kills one civilian and three U.S. troops.
10/16/04 Iraq Latifiyah 9 0 Jihadists ambush a minivan carrying nine police recruits traveling from Jordan. All are shot to death.
10/16/04 Syria Hasaka 2 0 An Assyrian Christian is beaten and killed by Muslim attackers, who then mutilate his body and dump it in the Christian quarter of town. A friend coming to help is shot and killed.
10/15/04 Afghanistan Kunar 4 0 The Taliban sets a truck on fire, then detonates a remote-controlled bomb after a crowd gathers. Three children are among the dead.
10/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 4 Jihad car bombing kills four palm grove laborers and a family of four that was passing by in a car. Two other bystanders were killed as well.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Small Christian girl kidnapped and killed by Muslims who had demanded ransom from her family.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 A female reporter, Iraqi judge and two South African civilian contractors are murdered in three separate shooting attacks. A Chinese hostage is also shot to death by al-Qaeda terrorists..
10/14/04 Pakistan Jandola 1 1 Uzbeki militants affiliated with an Islamic terror cell kidnap two Chinese engineers and execute one.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 18 A suicide bomber kicks off the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by killing five civilians at a café. Eighteen others are injured.
10/13/04 Bangladesh Bagerhat 2 0 Muslim invaders kill a Hindu husband and wife in their home.
10/13/04 Indonesia Jono Oge 2 0 Sword-wielding Muslim mob kills two Christians on a busy street in an Indonesian province. One dies at the scene, another at the hospital.
10/13/04 India Poonch 1 2 A 23-year-old is killed by the Mujahideen. Elsewhere in the district a mother and her son are abducted. Their fate is unknown.
10/13/04 Pakistan Jalala 4 35 Islamist throws a grenade at a wedding party in an Afghan refugee camp, because they were listening to music, which was forbidden under the Taliban.
10/13/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Suicide car bombing leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five injured.
10/13/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 2 Laskar Jihad gunmen kill a Hindu woman and injure two Christian men by opening fire on their houses.
10/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Ansar al-Sunnah takes a Shiite hostage then cuts off his head on video.
10/12/04 Thailand Pattani 2 9 Muslim gunmen storm a police station with firearms and grenades. An officer and a civilian are killed.
10/11/04 Iraq Mosul 3 24 Two civilians and one American soldier are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing.
10/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 16 Two suicide bombers kill at least eleven (mostly Iraqi women) and injure sixteen.
10/10/04 Pakistan Lahore 3 6 A suicide bomber walks up to a Shiite mosque and kills a young boy and two guards who intercepted him before he could kill other worshippers.
10/9/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 In another motorcycle attack, Muslims shoot a 23-year old Buddhist student to death.
10/9/04 India Pattan 5 45 Jaish-e-Mohammad militants use a suicide car bombing against a mini-bus, killing five and injuring some forty-five civilians and soldiers.
10/9/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Sunni clerics are gunned down by Shia terrorists in the street.
10/8/04 France Paris 0 10 An Islamic extremist group plants a bomb outside the Indonesian embassy in Paris, injuring ten.
10/8/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslims kill a 38-year old Buddhist soldier with an assault rifle as he is walking home.
10/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 In front of a banner proclaiming "One God and Jihad" kidnappers slice the head off of a 62-year-old British engineer.
10/7/04 Egypt Ras a-Satan 4 40 Two explosions kills three Israelis and one Egyptian. "Brotherhood of International Islamists" takes responsibility.
10/7/04 Pakistan Multan 41 100 Forty-one Sunnis are targeted by rival Shiites in two car bomb blasts as the victims are holding a rally.
10/7/04 Egypt Taba 33 149 At least thirty-three people, most of them Jewish tourists, are killed by a massive suicide car bombing at an Egyptian resort hotel. About one-hundred and fifty others are among the injured. Several Muslim groups scramble to claim responsibility.
10/6/04 Afghanistan Khandahar 7 0 Taliban militants kill seven Afghan policemen with a landmine.
10/6/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 1 Two constables are killed outside a mosque in a shooting attack by Islamists.
10/6/04 Iraq Anah 12 25 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking twelve Iraqi Guardsmen at a checkpoint with him. Twenty-five others are injured.
10/6/04 Afghanistan Faizabad 2 5 The Taliban kills two people with a bomb at an election rally. Five others sustain injuries.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Jihadists kill three more hostages by means of decapitation. Bodies found with hands bound.
10/5/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 2 Sunni car bombing kills four and injures at least two.
10/5/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 5 Ansar al-Sunna radicals kill four Kurds in a shooting attack on their minivan.
10/5/04 Iraq al-Mahmodeyah 10 1 Ten policemen are killed by Jihad fighters in three separate attacks. One is bound and beheaded.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Jihadists kidnap and then behead a 15-year-old Christian boy. They then burn his body.
10/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 24 96 Three suicide car bombings, two in Baghdad and one in Mosul, kill at least twenty-four and injure nearly one-hundred. The casualties are mostly civilians as the attacks occurred on city streets.
10/3/04 Iraq Youssifiyah 2 0 Islamists tie a man up and cut off his head. Another hostage, female, is shot through the head. Both bodies dumped in the same area.
10/3/04 India Baramulla 1 3 Grenade attack injures three civilians and one policeman. A civilian later dies of injuries (10/6/04)
10/1/04 Pakistan Bangashwala 4 1 A homemade al-Qaeda bomb kills four teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18.
10/1/04 Lebanon Beirut 1 5 Pro-Syrian terrorists use a car bomb in an attempted political assassination.
10/1/04 Pakistan Sialkot 31 50 Sunni suicide bomber kills at least thirty-one worshippers at a Shia mosque. More than fifty others injured in the blast.
9/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 51 230 At least fifty people, including thirty-five children are killed by a series of car bombings. More than two-hundred others are injured. The main target was a ceremony marking the opening of a new sewage system.
9/30/04 Israel Sderot 2 15 Two small children (ages 2 and 4) are killed by a Palestinian rocket while playing in the front yard of their home. Hamas (Islamic Resistance) claims responsibility.
9/30/04 Israel Eley Sinai 2 0 Palestinian gunmen kill a female jogger - and the medic trying to save her life.
9/29/04 India Anantnag 2 0 Muslim militants shoot a government official and bodyguard to death as they are waiting at a traffic light.
9/29/04 Iraq Tal Afar 4 16 An Islamic insurgent car bombing kills four civilians and injures at least sixteen others.
9/29/04 Afghanistan Zabul 12 0 Taliban terrorists attack a government post, killing twelve Afghan soldiers.
9/29/04 Pakistan Quetta 1 9 A teenager is killed, and nine other civilians injured by a bicycle bomb.
9/28/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Shia gunmen prevent the rescue of two injured British soldiers, who later die from wounds suffered in a terrorist ambush.
9/28/04 Philippines Lamitan 2 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists shoot two policemen to death as they ride by on a motorcycle.
9/27/04 Iraq Falluja 7 7 Two explosions, at least one a Fedayeen suicide bombing, is responsible for the deaths of seven Iraqi Guardsmen in Fallujah and Mosul.
9/27/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Muslims use motorbikes to stage two shooting attacks that leave a government official and one police officer dead.
9/27/04 Pakistan Sarokai 3 6 al-Qaeda militants use an IED to kill three Pakistani soldiers riding in a convoy.
9/26/04 Thailand Yala 1 9 Islamic separatists kill the owner of a fruit orchard. Elsewhere, a grenade attack leaves nine injured.
9/26/04 Afghanistan Charchino 1 3 A local official is killed and three other people injured when the Taliban attacks their vehicle in a remote area.
9/25/04 Pakistan Quetta 3 3 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi radicals ambush a policeman near his home, killing him and two others.
9/25/04 Chechnya Grozny 4 0 Four Russian police are killed at a traffic stop by Jihad terrorists.
9/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 In a tragic and senseless attack, Islamic insurgents kill murder six young men in a minivan who had just signed up as police recruits.
9/25/04 Chechnya Alleroi 0 2 Heavily-armed Mujahideen attack a village, burning residences and badly injuring an 8-year-old girl and at least one other.
9/25/04 Saudi Arabia Jeddah 1 0 Islamists shoot a French resident to death as he is walking to his car in a supermarket parking lot.
9/25/04 India Anantnag 1 5 Victim of the 9/22 grenade attack - a man waiting for a bus - succumbs to his injuries.
9/25/04 Afghanistan Helmand 9 0 Nine Afghan soldiers are killed by Taliban militants who ambush their SUV convoy.
9/24/04 Israel Neve Dekalim 1 0 Palestinians fire a mortar into a Jewish residential neighborhood, killing a 22-year-old woman.
9/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Jihad militants mortar bomb a city street, killing three civilians and injuring fourteen. Elsewhere, six Egyptian mobile-phone company workers are kidnapped.
9/23/04 Cechnya Mairtup 2 0 Two people are killed in a Mujahideen automatic-weapons attack on their vehicle.
9/23/04 Israel Morog 3 1 Palestinian gunmen attempt to infiltrate a Jewish settlement. They are stopped by Israeli troops, but manage to kill three.
9/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 54 Six people are murdered by an Islamic suicide bomber outside a photocopy shop. Nearly sixty others are admitted to the hospital.
9/21/04 Pakistan Ratta Kalachi 3 1 Three members of a Shia family are slaughtered in a sectarian attack. One young girl survived with injuries.
9/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two American civilians are beheaded on videotape by an al-Qaeda group called 'Jihad and Unification.'
9/20/04 Afghanistan Zabul 3 0 Taliban militants stop a taxi carrying three unarmed Afghan soldiers (out of uniform). They pull them out of the car and behead all three on the side of the road.
9/20/04 Nigeria Bama 10 0 Armed Nigerian militants, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' invade two towns and kill ten people, including seven civilians.
9/19/04 Iraq Samarra 6 7 Three young Kurdish party members are captured by 'Ansar al-Sunna' terrorists and beheaded. Elsewhere, a suicide car bombing kills three.
9/18/04 Bangladesh Jamalpur 1 0 A Christian convert from Islam has his throat slashed by Muslim fundamentalists.
9/18/04 Algeria Kalous 4 1 Armed Islamic extremists set up a fake road block on a remote road. They shoot to death four people that stop there and also abduct a woman.
9/18/04 Iraq Kirkuk 19 39 Nineteen people waiting in line for jobs are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
9/18/04 Iraq Mosul 5 4 Gunmen pull beside two cars carrying oil executives. Five are shot to death, four wounded.
9/17/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist judge is shot to death by Muslim gunmen after dropping his children off at school.
9/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders eight people in a shopping district. Forty-one others survive with injuries.
9/16/04 Algeria Tebsa 4 0 Islamic fundamentalist plant a bomb that kills four village guards.
9/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 13 Two Iraqi workers are ambushed and shot to death in Kirkuk. A car bombing in Baghdad kills two and injures ten. Three Western civilians there are also kidnapped.
9/15/04 Iraq Al Dijail 3 0 The headless bodies of three people, two of who were Assyrian Christians, are found in a field with with Qur'anic inscriptions carved into them.
9/15/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 British man gunned down by terrorists in the parking lot of a shopping center.
9/14/04 Iraq Baqubah 12 3 Sunni insurgents spray a police van, carrying officers and civilians, with automatic weapons, killing twelve and injuring three.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 114 Fedayeen suicide bomber fervently practices his religion by killing himself and forty-seven others in a car bombing on a busy street next to a line of police recruiting hopefuls. Over one-hundred others are injured in the attack.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Canadian (Arab) Christians are chased by a mob of Muslims and beaten to death.
9/13/04 India Kalmund-Bachana 3 0 Lashker-e-Toiba members, invade a house, torture three family members with sharp instruments, then shoot them to death.
9/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Group "Unification and Jihad" beheads a Turkish truck driver in front of a video camera. Elsewhere, two Italian women are taken hostage.
9/12/04 Iraq Hilla 3 3 In a senseless attack, terrorists kill three Polish sappers who were working to clear the country of landmines.
9/11/04 India Srinigar 3 7 Suicide attack on a heavily-guarded tourist hotel leaves three security personnel dead and seven others injured.
9/11/04 India Kupwara 1 20 Mujahideen militants toss a grenade into a crowded marketplace, killing one civilian and injuring twenty others.
9/10/04 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Two Sunni gunmen on a motorcycle kill a prominent Shiite academic as he is driving home.
9/9/04 Indonesia Jakarta 9 173 At least nine are killed when the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group detonates a suicide car bomb outside the Australian embassy in a business district. More than one-hundred and seventy others are treated for injuries.
9/9/04 Pakistan Somyani 2 1 Two are killed, and one injured when militants bomb a State-run space research center.
9/9/04 India Futlipora 1 0 Suspected Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami members abduct a 52-year-old man from his orchard, then march him to the top of a nearby hill where he is executed.
9/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Three Iraqis are killed by a roadside bomb.
9/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 10 6 Seven U.S. Marines and three Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen ('Holy Warrior') suicide car bomber who plowed right into their convoy.
9/4/04 Iraq Kirkuk 15 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least fifteen people and injures another forty with a car bomb.
9/3/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 4 Two people, including a teenager are killed by a bomb, placed by the Taliban under a truck.
9/3/04 Russia Beslan 344 600 Islamic militants shoot fleeing children in the back, then blow them up, along with their mothers and teachers with nail-packed bombs. Others are crushed or burned to death from the effects of the bombs. More than three-hundred innocents slaughtered.
9/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 The Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Holy War ) Islamic group forces three Turkish hostages to kneel before a video camera, then shoots each in the chest.
9/2/04 India Barhi Draman 1 3 Mujahideen kill a young boy and injure three members of his family for their refusal to send the boy to a terrorist training camp.
9/2/04 Iraq al-Mayasa 2 0 Islamic terrorists gun down two Christian brothers, known for advocating the rights of minorities.
9/1/04 Russia Beslan 16 14 At least sixteen people are killed as Mujahideen terrorists invade a school, taking more than a hundred children hostage. Children are made to stand in windows with suicide bombers behind them.
9/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 43-year-old Christian man is killed by Jihadists just after leaving a hospital where he was treated for injuries following an earlier attack.
8/31/04 Iraq Bartella 3 0 Three young Christian women are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in a small Iraqi village.
8/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 An Islamist group called Jaish Ansar al-Sunna slowly beheads a Nepali hostage while eleven other hostages are shot through the back of the head in front of a Qur'anic banner.
8/31/04 Russia Moscow 11 51 A female suicide bomber kills eleven rush-hour commuters at a subway station in Moscow. Fifty-one others are injured.
8/31/04 India Pulwama 1 26 Muslim militant hurls a grenade into a road, killing a school teacher and injuring twenty-six other people.
8/31/04 Israel Be'er Sheva 16 98 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bombers murder sixteen people, including a 3-year-old child riding two passenger buses. About one-hundred others are injured in the explosions.
8/30/04 Pakistan Qalat 3 10 Three are killed and ten injured by a bomb planted near a food stand.
8/29/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 11 Six police officers manning a checkpoint are gunned down by Islamic terrorists in two minibuses.
8/29/04 Afghanistan Kabul 9 24 The Taliban kill at least nine people, including one child with a remote-controlled truck bomb on a busy street in the capitol city.
8/28/04 Afghanistan Zormat 10 15 A bomb planted by the Taliban at a school kills nine children and one adult. Fifteen other youngsters were injured in the attack.
8/27/04 Iraq Najaf 1 0 In a crime so barbaric that even al-Jazeera declined to air the video, an Italian journalist, pacifist, and father of two is taken hostage and murdered by an Islamic group.
8/26/04 Sudan Yassin 64 156 Arab militia, supported by the Islamic government, burns down an African village and kills sixty-four civilians. Some one-hundred and fifty-six others survive with injuries.
8/26/04 Iraq Kufa 75 376 Clashes between supporters of rival Shiite clerics results in at least seventy-five deaths and more than three-hundred injuries.
8/26/04 Algeria Zemmouri 1 2 Two members of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat sneak up to two guards at a beach. Then shoot one to death and severely injure another, along with a female bather.
8/25/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 30 Muslim separatists bomb a food market, killing one and injuring at least thirty others.
8/24/04 India Safarwaw Gund 4 0 Four civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen, two at a picnic spot and two others in Pulwama, after abducting them from their homes.
8/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 15 'Holy Warrior' suicide bombers kill themselves and five others in twin blasts. More than a dozen Iraqi civilians are injured.
8/24/04 Russia Moscow 89 0 Militant Muslims hijack two Russian passenger airliners, then murder all eighty-nine people, including women and children on board the two planes. The terrorist group Islambouli Brigade claims responsibility.
8/24/04 India Kara 2 0 In a heinous attack, a Muslim "freedom fighter" hurls a grenade at two children in a remote village, killing the 3-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother.
8/23/04 Algeria Boumerdes 7 13 Seven security force members are killed in an ambush by Islamic fundamentalists, who lured them by setting fire to a children's center. Several children were injured.
8/23/04 Yemen Saada 11 0 Eleven Yemeni soldiers are killed in an ambush by followers of a radical Shiite cleric in that country.
8/22/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 4 Fedayeen suicide bomber attempts a political assassination. Two guards are killed.
8/21/04 Chechnya Grozny 22 10 Twenty-two people, including policemen and other civilians are killed in several terrorist attacks by Muslim separatists in the capital city and across the country.
8/21/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 19 300 Nineteen people are killed and over 300 injured when Islamists throw more than a dozen grenades into an opposition political rally.
8/19/04 Afghanistan Farah 0 7 Seven people are hurt when the Taliban detonate several bombs inside an electoral commission building.
8/19/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Muslim mob takes 26-year-old Christian from his home then tortures him to death.
8/19/04 Iraq Najaf 8 30 Radical Shiites kill eight and injure thirty in the Holy City of Najaf in a mortar attack on a police station.
8/18/04 India Rajouri 2 0 Mujahideen militants - led by a Pakistani national - abduct and then cut off the heads of a man and his son.
8/18/04 India Udhampur 4 0 Islamic separatists invade a family's home and then massacre the father, his daughter and two sons.
8/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Islamic insurgents fire a mortar round into a crowded street outside a barbershop, killing six, including two children, and injuring at least thirty others.
8/17/04 Dagestan Makhachkala 3 2 Two separate terrorist attacks staged by Muslim rebels leave a civilian and two anti-terrorist agents dead.
8/17/04 Algeria Bouira 2 0 Two Algerian village guards are killed by Islamic fundamentalists in separate bombings.
8/16/04 Iraq Baqouba 5 4 Mortar attack kills two civilians and injures four. In the same city, a roadside bomb kills three Iraqi Guardsmen.
8/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Bus station bombed with mortars - at least one killed and five injured.
8/15/04 Afghanistan Maiwand 6 0 Taliban extremists attack an Afghan army post and kill six soldiers.
8/15/04 Iran Neka 1 0 Iranian Mullah publicly hangs a 16-year-old girl for having a 'sharp tongue.'
8/14/04 India Galothi 2 0 Mujahideen terrorists shoot a young couple to death as they beg for their lives.
8/13/04 Israel Itamar 1 1 Palestinian gunman murders an Israeli driver outside a settlement.
8/12/04 India Watapora Beerwah 2 0 Mujahideen abduct and later shoot dead two civilians from a remote village.
8/11/04 Iraq Khan Ban Sad 6 10 Muslim terrorists bomb a busy marketplace in a small town, killing six people and injuring at least 10 others.
8/11/04 Israel Jerusalem 2 16 Unsuccessful suicide car bombing at an Israeli checkpoint kills two Palestinians and injures sixteen.
8/11/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamic insurgents spray a car with machine-gun fire, killing four occupants, including a woman and child.
8/9/04 Iraq Balad Ruz 7 14 In another case of "killing for Allah," a Fedayeen suicide bomber destroys seven Iraqi policemen and injures another fourteen people.
8/9/04 Iraq Khalidiya 4 4 Civilian minibus is the target of another Fedayeen bombing. Four are killed and four injured.
8/8/04 Algeria Boukaid 2 0 Two local security guards are shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 16 A 10-year-old boy is killed, and sixteen others, including a 13-year-old girl, badly injured when Sunnis mortar-bomb a pickup truck in a residential neighborhood.
8/8/04 Pakistan Karachi 8 42 Two bombs, staggered to cause maximum casualties, rip through a Pakistani restaurant near a Sunni school leaving at least eight dead and dozens injured.
8/8/04 Iraq Kirkuk 1 3 Roadside bomb kills a 7-year-old child and injures three others.
8/7/04 Afghanistan Gilan 3 1 Taliban kill two U.S. soldiers and their Afghan interpreter with a roadside bombing on their vehicle.
8/6/04 Afghanistan Uruzgan 2 1 The Taliban kill two humanitarian election workers and take another hostage in an attack on their convoy.
8/6/04 India Gundana 1 0 Suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists invade a woman's home and kill her in cold blood.
8/5/04 India Srinigar 9 8 Muslim terrorists attack a police building in the heart of Srinigar, killing eight officers.
8/5/04 England West Bromwich 1 0 Shopkeeper is brutally beaten to death by members of a Muslim family upset over the presumed "taboo" relationship between his son and their Pakistani daughter.
8/5/04 Bangladesh Sylhet 1 15 Fundamentalists bomb two cinemas, killing a 13-year-old boy.
8/5/04 Iraq Filfil 1 0 Gunmen stop a truck convoy and kill a Turkish father of three who is unable to recite prayers on command.
8/5/04 Iraq Mahawil 5 18 Islamic extremists kill five policemen in a shooting attack followed minutes later by a suicide minibus bombing.
8/4/04 Afghanistan Gardez 2 0 Taliban radicals ambush and murder two charity workers.
8/3/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 6 Suicide bomber kills four Iraqi National Guardsmen at a roadside checkpoint. Six others are injured.
8/3/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Two al-Qaeda gunmen shoot an Irish engineer four times in the chest at his office.
8/3/04 Israel Rafah 3 10 Attempted bombing of an Israeli bulldozer backfires. Three Palestinian bystanders are killed and ten others, including journalists, are injured.
8/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda members place a hood over the head of a cleaner taken hostage, then shoot him three times while praising Allah.
8/2/04 Pal. Auth. Gaza 3 0 Palestinian terrorists shoot three suspected informants to death in their hospital beds.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 61 Islamic radicals bomb five Catholic churches, murdering nearly a dozen Christians and injuring close to one-hundred people.
8/1/04 Iraq Mosul 4 32 A suicide bomber kills at least four people and injures between thirty and fifty in a residential neighborhood.
8/1/04 Algeria Ziama Mansouria 3 1 Bombing by the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat leaves three security company employees dead and one critically injured.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Terrorist bombing near a hotel kills two civilians and badly injures two others.
8/1/04 Pakistan Khuzdar 6 2 Islamists use automatic weapons at point-blank range to ambush a car carrying soldiers and civilians, killing six.
7/31/04 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 A local Afghan official and his bodyguard are shot to death by the Taliban.
7/31/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Hard-line fundamentalists bomb car dealership, killing two people.
7/31/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 5 Muslim gunmen on motorcycles shoot a 39-year-old woman four times in the chest. In a separate attack, a bomb hidden under a street bench, injures five.
7/30/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 3 5 Three suicide bombers kill three others and injure five in synchronized attacks on the U.S and Israeli embassies.
7/30/04 Pakistan Fateh Jang 6 25 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six and injures at least twenty-five others. Pakistani finance minister was the target.
7/29/04 India Bafliaz 2 1 Mujahideen invade a home, kill a mother and father and injure their young child in the process.
7/28/04 Iraq Baqubah 68 56 An Islamist kills himself and sixty-eight others, including twenty-one passengers on a passing bus, and injures dozens more in a suicide bombing at a marketplace.
7/28/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four policemen are killed by a homemade bomb while on routine patrol.
7/27/04 India Satoora 2 0 Police recover the body of a woman abducted by Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists. Her husband had also been killed by the same group.
7/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Group calling itself the 'Islamic Army' brutally executes two Pakistani civilians taken hostage.
7/27/04 India Dal Lake 5 2 Fedayeen militants kill five Indian security force personnel and injure two in an attack on a resort.
7/27/04 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 2 The Taliban bombs an election station at a mosque, killing six workers and injuring two.
7/26/04 India Baramullah 1 29 One citizen is killed, and nearly thirty others injured when militant Muslim throws grenade into the street outside a hospital.
7/26/04 Iraq Basra 2 3 Muslim extremists open fire on a private vehicle carrying workers. Two women are killed and another three injured.
7/26/04 Iraq Mosul 3 5 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three, including two civilians and causes another five to suffer critical burns.
7/25/04 Chechnya Samashki 3 1 Three cannery workers are killed, and another wounded in a terrorist bombing on their vehicle.
7/25/04 Pakistan Ghuzdarra 2 0 al-Qaeda attack on a remote border post leaves two dead.
7/25/04 India Daraj 3 1 Militant Muslims invade a home and cut off the heads of a 65-year-old man and his two children, one a teenage girl. They attempt to cut the head off his wife, but she survives the attack.
7/24/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 Group calling itself 'Lion of God' takes an Egyptian hostage. Elsewhere gunmen stage an assassination attempt that kills two bodyguards.
7/24/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 Bus bombing kills at least one and injures seven. Bus was carrying teachers and an electrician.
7/23/04 Iraq Beiji 1 0 al-Qaeda members kill a Bulgarian truck driver, taken hostage several weeks earlier, by cutting off his head.
7/23/04 Israel Beit Hanun 1 3 al-Aqsa militants shoot a 16-year old boy to death and injure other three members of his family who object to the terrorists using their backyard for launching missiles into Israel.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Muslim insurgents car bomb a residential neighborhood, killing at least three and hurting at least two others.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Sunni extremists fire a missile into a hospital, killing two.
7/21/04 Afghanistan Helmand 11 0 Taliban ambush a convoy of cars with rockets. Eleven are killed.
7/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 14 At least four people, including three brothers are killed by a car bombing. Fourteen others are injured.
7/21/04 Sudan Kalma 11 0 Eleven more villagers killed by an Arab militia supported by the Islamic government.
7/20/04 Israel Syrian Border 2 0 Hezbollah snipers kill two IDF members as they are repairing an antennae.
7/20/04 India Koti 4 0 Lashkar-e-Taiba militants kill four policemen as they are investigating a previous crime in a remote village.
7/20/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Sunni extremists assassinate a council member, along with two others.
7/20/04 India Rajauri 5 0 Islamists wipe out five members of a family, after invading their home in the middle of the night. Two women and a 3-year-old boy were among those murdered.
7/19/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 0 Arafat's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade takes credit for killing an Israeli judge at close range as he was driving home.
7/19/04 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists kill the Christian owner of a restaurant selling food to Americans. They also blind and cut off both hands of his Muslim business partner.
7/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 62 Religious fanatic kills himself and nine others by blowing up a truck filled with fuel on a busy street. Sixty-two others are injured, including many who are badly burned.
7/19/04 Indonesia Palu 2 3 Islamic gunmen enter a church and kill the female pastor and a 17-year-old girl. Three other teenage worshipers were also shot.
7/19/04 India Kapran 6 50 Six people, including two women were killed, and more than fifty others sustained injuries when Muslim terrorists attacked a political rally with grenades.
7/18/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 Taliban terrorists fire a rocket into the city
7/18/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 The Taliban fire a rocket into the city centre, killing a woman and injuring a man.
7/18/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 A political figure is assassinated in a drive-by shooting. His 7-year-old son was shot as well, but survived.
7/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 'Jihad and Unification' terrorist group uses a car bomb to kill four and injure seven in an attempted assassination of an Iraqi minister.
7/17/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 22 Fedayeen bomber blows himself to Allah, taking the lives of two people and injuring another twenty-two who were waiting in line for jobs.
7/16/04 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 4 Three civilians are killed, and four others suffer injury after an al-Qaeda attack on a fortified structure.
7/15/04 Iraq Hadithah 10 27 Ten Iraqis, including seven civilians are killed in a Fedayeen car bombing. Another twenty-seven innocents are injured.
7/15/04 India Mendhar 2 1 Islamic militant kills two policeman with a grenade and injures a third.
7/14/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Militants ambush a car carrying a government official, killing three.
7/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 41 Ten people, mostly civilians, are killed and more than forty injured when a Fedayeen suicide car bomber detonates his explosives along a busy road.
7/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim motorcycle attack kills a police officer as he is driving to work. Another is injured.
7/13/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 al-Qaeda militants execute a Bulgarian truck driver that they had taken hostage.
7/13/04 Chechnya Grozny 1 3 Jihad terrorists attempt to assassinate the acting President in a motorcade bombing, killing a guard and injuring three others.
7/13/04 India Bhaderwah 3 1 Islamic terrorists kill three construction workers and injure another in a senseless terrorist attack on a road-building project.
7/13/04 Sudan Tabaldiat 80 39 Another raid by armed Arab militias leave eighty villagers dead - including children - and their homes burned to the ground.
7/13/04 India Srinagar 2 12 Militant Muslims kill two persons and injure twelve in a street bombing.
7/12/04 Iraq Musayyib 1 0 Regional Shiite political leader is assassinated by extremists.
7/12/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 5 Taliban members attack and burn a district police headquarters, killing four and injuring five.
7/12/04 Chechnya Avtury 8 12 Jihad fighters kill eight Chechan security personnel and take another dozen hostage. Hostages are typically executed after a reading from the Qur'an.
7/12/04 Philippines Buldon 2 0 Moro Islamic Front members kill two farmers on their land with automatic weapons.
7/12/04 Sudan Donki Dereisa 150 90 Arab militia, supported by the Islamic government's fixed-wing aircraft raid a village and kill one-hundred and fifty civilians, including six children. The children were captured during the assault and burned alive the next day.
7/12/04 Pakistan Shakai 2 0 Two children die of injuries suffered from an al-Qaeda attack in the west Pakistani mountains.
7/11/04 Thailand Bangkok 2 1 Islamic separatists kill two more civilians in southern Thailand.
7/11/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 34 A woman waiting for a bus is murdered in an al-Fatah bombing. Thirty-four others are injured. The bomb was packed with metal bolts.
7/11/04 Afghanistan Heart 5 33 Five people, including a 12-year-old boy are killed in a packed marketplace by a Taliban terrorist bombing. More than thirty others are injured.
7/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 In a particularly senseless attack, Islamic fundamentalists enter the home of a Christian family and stab two girls (ages 16 and 6) to death.
7/10/04 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 Islamists bomb five shops selling alcohol. A passing taxi driver is killed in one of the explosions.
7/10/04 Israel Gaza 1 0 Three members of a Palestinian "resistance" group (billing itself as non-violent) are killed when the bomb they are transporting goes off earlier than expected. A passerby is also killed.
7/10/04 India Mattan Adda 0 34 Thirty-four people are injured when a militant Muslim tosses a grenade onto a crowded road.
7/9/04 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 The Taliban continues to target women who work to register voters for the election. One is killed in the blast, and two others badly injured.
7/9/04 Chechnya Znamenskoye 11 10 A village elder, who opposed Jihadist attempts to recruit young men, was executed by them. Jihad terrorist attacks also killed ten others (mostly Russian servicemen).
7/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni militants kill a child and injure three others in a mortar attack on a hotel.
7/8/04 Bangladesh Harinakundu Bazaar 1 1 Bangladeshi terrorists kill a policeman (father of two) returning to the station after patrol.
7/8/04 Afghanistan Chakaw 6 4 Taliban ambush kills six Afghani soldiers and injures another four.
7/8/04 Iraq Samarra 7 30 al-Qaeda use a residential neighborhood as a staging area for firing mortars, killing five U.S. soldiers and two Iraqis.
7/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 3 0 An Iraqi civilian and two policemen are shot at point-blank range after their car is stopped by extremists.
7/7/04 Iraq Bagdhdad 0 6 Extremists fire mortars at the residence of the new Iraqi Prime Minister, injuring six.
7/6/04 Iraq Baqubah 14 25 Fourteen mourners at a funeral for a man killed by terrorists are themselves victims of a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Dozens of others are injured.
7/4/04 Israel Yabad 1 1 Palestinian gunmen stop a car, confirm that the occupants are Jewish civilians, then open up with automatic weapons, killing a man and injuring his wife.
7/4/04 Pakistan Mata Banda 3 7 Three people, including a woman are killed, and seven injured when armed militants fire on a passenger bus.
7/4/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 1 Fedayeen "holy warrior" suicide car bombing leaves three dead.
7/3/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 Third woman dies from injuries sustained in the Taliban grenade attack against election workers.
7/3/04 India Srinigar 2 66 Two citizens are killed, and more than sixty injured by two Islamist planted bombs, hidden handcarts, near a tourist center.
7/3/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 7 5 Seven Iraqi National Guardsmen are gunned down at a checkpoint by Sunni extremists.
7/2/04 India Mughal Maidan 5 15 Pakistani-backed Islamic militants bomb a string of police cars, killing at least five and injuring over fifteen.
7/1/04 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Muslim separatists kill a police informer and, in a separate attack, shoot a food vendor several times in the back.
7/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed, and three badly injured, as Sunni extremists detonate a bomb near a hospital.
7/1/04 Ingushetia Malgobek 2 1 Two policemen are killed, and one injured, as the were attempting to arrest the terrorists behind the 6/23 attacks that left over ninety people dead.
7/1/04 Iraq al-Khadra'a 3 2 Three civilians are killed as they pass over a bomb in their vehicle.
6/30/04 India Pulwama 1 0 Islamists kill a schoolteacher with a grenade.
6/30/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 26 One man was killed and twenty-six others, including five children, were injured by two Taliban bombs hidden in fruit carts.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 In a tragic attack, Islamic militants use a roadside bomb to kill three U.S. Marines after the handover of power. A British soldier was killed in Basra the day before in similar fashion.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Jazeera airs a videotape of a U.S. hostage being executed by al-Qaeda.
6/29/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim terrorists on motorcycles shoot a Buddhist policeman to death as he is driving to work.
6/29/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 0 Extremists cite Qur'anic verses then attack a police station with assault rifles, killing an officer and a civilian.
6/29/04 Israel Beit Rima 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down a 63-year-old Israel truck driver. Arafat's al-Aqsa takes credit.
6/28/04 Israel Sderot 2 12 Palestinian militants fire a rocket into a residential area, killing two, including a 3-year-old boy. The murdered child's mother was among a dozen injured.
6/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Insurgents drop a mortar on a soccer field, killing two children and injuring another eight.
6/27/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 4 Sunni extremists attack a checkpoint with automatic weapons and rockets, killing six Iraqi guardsmen.
6/27/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 6 Muslim group plants a bomb under a soccer field to kill off-duty policemen, who were inaugurating a youth league.
6/27/04 Israel Gaza 1 5 al-Aqsa terrorist group digs a 350-meter tunnel under an Israeli guard post, detonates explosives, then uses assault rifles to prevent ambulance crews from rescuing the victims.
6/27/04 Algeria Blida 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists kidnap two civilians, then kill them by cutting their throats. They place a bomb under one of the bodies that kills an investigating medical worker.
6/26/04 India Zainapora 2 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists kidnap two Hindus (a railway engineer and his brother) on Wednesday, then slit their throats.
6/26/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 11 Two female election workers and one child are killed, and nine other women and two children are badly injured when a Taliban-planted bomb explodes on a bus.
6/26/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 20 Car bombing kills one, injures twenty. In Erbil, a shooting and grenade attack on a Shiite political office leaves two guards dead.
6/26/04 Iraq Hilla 23 58 Twenty-three civilians are killed by two car bombings near a Shiite mosque in Hilla. About sixty others are injured in the blasts.
6/25/04 Chechnya Grozny 1 1 Government official shot to death as he left a restaurant with his wife, who was badly injured in the assassination.
6/25/04 India Tiali Kathamara 12 12 Twelve people, including a woman and five children are killed by militant Muslim gunmen who enter a remote village and force the people out of their homes. Ethnic cleansing appears to be the motive.
6/25/04 Afghanistan Zabul 16 0 The Taliban stops a bus in a remote area, kidnaps sixteen people carrying voter registration cards, then kills them in brutal fashion.
6/24/04 Thailand Cho Airong 1 2 Muslim separatists attack an army base, killing one Thai soldier and injuring two others.
6/24/04 Iraq Mosul 112 320 Series of coordinated terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings and other Fedayeen tactics kill over one-hundred Iraqis and injure hundreds more across the country. Recorded message says 'killings will continue until Islamic rule back on earth.'
6/24/04 Algeria Medea 5 0 Islamic fundamentalists stop a car on a remote road carrying members of a family and slit the throats of all five - ages 8 to 50.
6/23/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 As their father waited at home for their return, two Christian sisters are gunned down by Muslim extremists in a particularly heinous and senseless murder.
6/23/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 A mother and her child are among three killed by a roadside bomb. Two other civilians are wounded in the blast.
6/23/04 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 2 Taliban extremists shoot a rocket at an Afghan military vehicle on security patrol. Five killed, two injured.
6/23/04 Ingushetia Nazran 35 58 Thirty-five more bodies are found from the attack on a town by Jihad terrorists. The number injured doubles to one-hundred nineteen.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Car bomb explodes in a residential neighborhood, killing three, including a 3-year-old girl and injuring another six civilians.
6/22/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Islamists stab a female law professor to death on her doorstep. Her husband is killed in the same manner.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda group "Monotheism and Jihad" beheads a Korean hostage in front of a banner praising Allah.
6/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 0 Sunni extremists kill ten civilians and police in a mortar attack.
6/21/04 Israel Kfar Darom 1 0 Palestinian terrorists attack a Jewish settlement, killing a greenhouse worker from Thailand.
6/21/04 Sudan Golo 6 0 Government-backed militia burns several villages and kill six civilians. More than a thousand are displaced.
6/21/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 A policeman is killed and an election worker, along with four others are injured in a Taliban motorcycle attack.
6/21/04 Ingushetia Nazran 57 60 Jihad fighters rampage through a town, shooting in cold blood or burning to death at least fifty-seven people and injuring another sixty.
6/21/04 Algeria Algiers 0 11 Eleven are injured in a fundamentalist car bombing of a power plant.
6/20/04 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Husband and wife are killed when "holy" warriors fire rocket into their home.
6/19/04 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Militant Muslims spray a police car with an AK-47, killing the driver. The same group injures four others with a bomb.
6/19/04 Iraq Basra 3 0 Remote-controlled bomb kills two oil workers and one Iraqi security personnel.
6/18/04 Sudan Babanousa 3 12 The Islamic government kills two student demonstrators, along with a 50-year-old shop owner.
6/18/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Family members of captured hostage appeal to kidnappers humanity with children and grandchildren. Islamists quote from the Qur'an, praise Allah and then cut the victim's head off.
6/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 35 145 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills at least thirty-five Iraqi civilians and injures nearly one-hundred and fifty other innocents who happened to be on a busy street near a recruiting center. The vehicle used was apparently packed with artillery rounds.
6/17/04 Iraq Balad 6 4 Car bombing by Sunni insurgents kills six member of the Iraqi Defense Forces and injures four.
6/16/04 Thailand Narathiwat 3 7 Muslim separatists kill an 18-year-old college student, a school janitor and a police officer in a drive-by shooting attacks. They also bomb a police check-point, injuring five.
6/16/04 Afghanistan Kanduz 4 1 Four citizens, including two children and an elderly man are killed by a Taliban remote-control bomb.
6/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 1 Four people assassinated in as many days by Fedayeen. The civilian victims are an oil company executive, a cleric, district mayor and the father of a policeman.
6/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 61 A suicide bomber targets foreign civilian contractors working to restore the country's power plants. Thirteen people, other than this religious man, were killed immediately and more than sixty injured.
6/14/04 India Rajouri 2 0 A father and son are shot to death in their home by Muslim terrorists.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Extremists assassinate two government officials in separate shooting attacks.
6/13/04 India Handwara 1 22 Twenty-two civilians are injured, four critically by an Islamist who threw a grenade into a busy street. One victim later dies in the hospital (6/14/04).
6/13/04 India Baramulla 2 1 Islamic militant hurls a grenade at the house of a retired government official, killing the man, his sister and seriously injuring his son.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 12 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills thirteen Iraqis and injures at least a dozen with a car bomb.
6/12/04 India Pahalgam 5 28 Islamist kills five tourists, including two children with a grenade lobbed inside a crowded hotel. Twenty-eight others are injured.
6/12/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 al-Qaeda kills an American civilian as he is parking his car outside his home and kidnaps another American.
6/11/04 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 al-Qaeda members kill three hostages kidnapped the day before by cutting their throats. The three were employees of a telecommunications company.
6/10/04 Pakistan Karachi 11 10 Islamic militants ambush a convoy in a busy residential neighborhood. The intended target escapes the shooting attack, but eleven others are killed.
6/10/04 Afghanistan Kunduz 11 4 Taliban attack a construction site and shoot to death eleven Chinese nationals working there. Four others are injured.
6/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian man is attack and murdered by Islamists in his home.
6/10/04 USA Atlanta, GA 0 4 A man riding on an Atlanta commuter train mutters Qur'anic verses then attacks an army officer for no other apparent reason. An elderly woman and two arresting officers are hurt as well.
6/10/04 India Udhampur 4 0 Militant Muslims shoot four members of a family to death, including two women and a 6-year-old child.
6/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 5 Jihad attacks leave nine Russian soldiers and one policeman dead over a 24-hour period.
6/8/04 Iraq Suwayrah 6 0 Six European coalition troops are killed by a mortar fired at their base.
6/8/04 Iraq Baqouba 6 24 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six, including five civilians, and injures over two dozen with his attack, which took place on a busy road at rush hour.
6/8/04 Iraq Mosul 10 58 Ten Iraqis are killed by a car bombing. Dozens of others are injured in the terrorist attack.
6/8/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 American civilian gunned down by Islamists at his home in Saudi Arabia.
6/7/04 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two policemen are killed in a Taliban attack on their station.
6/7/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim gunmen shoot a Buddhist teacher to death on the street.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 Islamic terrorists target Christian workers in a morning shooting attack that leaves four dead and several wounded.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 In the same Christian neighborhood as the morning drive-by, Islamic extremists murder four, including three women returning from work.
6/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 48 Two suicide bombers, belonging to a group calling itself the 'Unification and Jihad Group' kill nine Iraqis and injure forty-eight others.
6/6/04 Kosovo Gracanica 1 0 17-year-old Christian teenager is shot to death in a restaurant by Muslim terrorists.
6/6/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 Islamist shoots a Briton to death on the sidewalk. One other is injured in the attack.
6/6/04 Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan 1 1 Female Shia doctor is gunned down by Sunni radicals outside a hospital. Her driver is seriously wounded in the attack.
6/5/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 9 25 At least nine people, including an infant and two women are killed when a state bus is set on fire by organized Islamic terrorists. About thirty others are hospitalized for serious burns.
6/5/04 India Mawar 2 0 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen gunmen invade a home and kill a 55-year-old woman and her daughter.
6/5/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Mujahideen gunmen kill four civilian contractors in an ambush - two Americans and two Poles.
6/5/04 Iraq Musayyib 7 0 Jihadists disguise themselves as police officers to gain entrance to a police station, then proceed to kill seven officers in cold blood.
6/5/04 Algeria Jijel 3 0 Islamic extremists ambush and kill a policeman and two village guards.
6/5/04 Iraq Mosul 0 17 Militants fire RPGs at jobseekers lining up outside a recruitment office. Seventeen are injured.
6/4/04 Russia Samara 10 39 Ten people are killed in a bomb explosion in an outdoor market. Another forty are injured by the blast, which is attributed to militant Muslims.
6/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 5 Terrorists bomb a Humvee on routine security patrol. Five U.S. soldiers are killed and five more injured.
6/4/04 Chechnya Itum-Kalinskiy 4 5 Jihadists attack a Russian convoy, killing four and injuring five with grenades and automatic weapons.
6/3/04 India Kellar Pahalgam 2 0 A political activist is assassinated by militant Muslims. Another civilian his killed in his home in a separate attack (Kishtwar).
6/3/04 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 2 al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills a border guard and injures two others.
6/2/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 Attack by gunmen on the former UN headquarters leaves a policeman and a civilian dead.
6/2/04 Algeria Bejaia 11 44 The Islamic Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat attack an Algerian security convoy, killing at least eleven.
6/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 37 Five people rushing to help an injured woman are killed by a car bomb. Thirty-seven others are injured in the terrorist blast.
6/2/04 Afghanistan Khair Khana 5 0 Five members of Doctors Without Borders, the international aid group that provides medical assistance to the impoverished are killed by the Taliban in an ambush on their vehicle.
6/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Three are killed, and more than twenty injured by a car bombing targeting the minority Kurds, who are seen as infidels by the other Muslim sects.
6/1/04 Iraq Beiji 11 26 Car bombing by Sunni terrorists kills eleven Iraqis and injures twenty-six.
6/1/04 Algeria Theniet El-Abed 3 11 Islamic fundamentalists ambush a security patrol, killing three Algerians and wounding eleven.
5/31/04 Pakistan Turbat 1 12 Fundamentalists target a Minster of Education who proposed reduced Islamist influence in a new curriculum. She survives the rocket attack, but a 14-year-old boy is killed and a dozen others injured.
5/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 25 Four Iraqis are killed in a car bombing. Another twenty-five are injured.
5/31/04 Pakistan Karachi 19 35 Sunni suicide bomber targets a Shia mosque. Nineteen worshippers are killed and at least thirty-five others injured.
5/30/04 Afghanistan Musa Qala 4 8 Taliban assassins riding motorbikes swoop into a town and shoot up a government building, killing four and injuring eight.
5/30/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 4 Senior Sunni cleric, age 72, assassinated in an ambush by Shia radicals.
5/29/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim radicals kidnap a Buddhist civilian and decapitate him. They leave the body with a note attached, warning other Buddhists of the same fate.
5/29/04 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Christian prosecutor, working to keep three Bali bombers in jail is assassinated by Jemaah Islamiah extremists in his car.
5/29/04 Saudi Arabia Khobar 22 45 "Are you Christian or Muslim," ask al-Qaeda militants as they shoot twenty-two infidels to death, including a 10-year-old boy and take over forty-five hostage in an attack on an office complex.
5/28/04 India Beerwah 3 0 Five Islamic terrorists invade a home and kill an elderly man, a 2-year-old boy, and the boys mother. All are shot to death.
5/28/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Pakistani Christian who was attacked with a hammer by a policeman for violating the State's blasphemy laws dies of his injuries. The killer claimed he wanted to "earn a spot in Paradise."
5/28/04 Iraq Mahmudiya 2 0 Two Japanese journalists on their way to pick up a 10-year-old blinded child for treatment in Japan are attacked by a Muslim mob, dragged out of their car and beaten to death.
5/28/04 Sudan Tabit 20 17 Sudanese warplanes bomb a Christian village, killing at least twenty.
5/28/04 Eritrea Barentu 7 88 At least seven people are killed, and more than eighty injured in a bomb blast. The government in neighboring Sudan is suspected of funding the Islamic groups responsible for these attacks.
5/28/04 Nigeria Langtang 3 0 Assault by armed Muslims leaves three Christians dead and several hundred homeless after their village is burned.
5/27/04 India Jammu 5 2 In five separate attacks in the J&K, militant Muslims assassinate four civilians and one former SP officer. Two others are abducted and missing.
5/27/04 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Fedayeen insurgents attack a vehicle carrying a member of the Iraqi governing council. Her son and bodyguard are killed.
5/27/04 Uzbekistan Isfara 1 0 Baptist pastor gunned down by members of the Islamist group, Bayrat.
5/26/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 22 Twin Jihadist car bombings outside the Pakistan-American cultural center kill one and injure at least twenty-two others.
5/26/04 Iraq Bagdad 5 6 Two Russian civilian contractors and two Iraqi civilians are killed in a shooting attack on their bus as it is pulling out from a power plant. This follow the 5/10 beating death of another Russian civilian.
5/26/04 Nigeria Wase 3 6 Fulani militia attacks a government building, killing three workers and injuring at least six. They also burned houses.
5/26/04 Chechnya Vedeno 4 4 Four policemen are killed, and four others injured in an attack by Muslim rebels.
5/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 An Iraqi boy is killed, and four other civilians injured when a car bomb explodes outside a hotel, near the Australian consul's office.
5/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 1 13 Bomb blast in the Christian sector of the city kills one and injures thirteen. A second bomb is found near a church and defused.
5/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Islamic terrorists kill two British civilians in a rocket attack on their vehicle.
5/23/04 India Srinigar 33 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants trigger a bomb under a bus carrying security personnel and their families. Thirty-three people, including six women and three children are killed.
5/23/04 Iraq Basra 5 0 Five members of a family, including two children (ages 4 and 7), are killed in an insurgent mortar attack.
5/23/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing a university student and a police official.
5/23/04 Afghanistan Waza Khwa 3 1 Three Afghan security personnel are killed in a Taliban ambush while they are escorting a food and medical supply shipment to an impoverished area.
5/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 5 6 Five Russians are killed when Jihadists blow up their vehicle and then open fire with assault rifles.
5/22/04 Sudan Abga Rajil 56 24 Arab militia kill fifty-six African villagers in a raid. The government-supported terrorists targeted black civilians in their attack.
5/22/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 A German caterer is shot in the head and body, execution-style, on the sidewalk outside a shopping mall.
5/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six other Iraqis and injures at least ten. In addition to improving the bomber's afterlife, the blast was intended to kill a ministry official and his wife.
5/22/04 Israel Nablus 0 4 A 19-year-old suicide bomber kills himself and injures four others at a checkpoint.
5/21/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 1 Jihadists kill four Iraq security personnel manning a road block by driving up and then unloading with RPGs and weapons fire.
5/21/04 Bangladesh Sylhet 2 50 At least two people are killed by a bomb blast at a shrine. Some fifty others, including a British diplomat are injured.
5/21/04 Nigeria Saminaka 7 0 In the latest of a series of attacks on Christian villagers, seven more are killed by Nigerian Jihadists as they sought refuge in their homes.
5/21/04 Nigeria Jiram 15 0 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by Jihadists.
5/20/04 India Chadoura 3 22 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill three, including two children, and injure about two dozen with a bomb planted on a bicycle.
5/20/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Bomb blast kills one Iraqi civilian and injures four others.
5/19/04 Nigeria Bakin Ciyawa 24 0 Jihadists kill twenty-four Christian villagers.
5/19/04 Nigeria Sabo Gida 10 0 Ten Christian villagers are killed by armed Muslims. An unknown number are injured by the attackers, who also burned churches and houses.
5/18/04 Algeria Setif 2 13 Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, an Islamic extremist group kills two Algerian soldiers and injures thirteen others in two bombing ambushes.
5/18/04 Nigeria Gidan Sabo 18 0 Muslim Nigerians kill eighteen Christian villagers - mostly farmers, women and children.
5/18/04 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 Four members of Pakistan's Christian minority are targeted and killed by Islamists. One was a kidnapped youth and two others were on their way to a picnic.
5/18/04 Israel Rafah 2 0 Palestinian bombs take the lives of two Arab teenagers - a sixteen-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother - who were washing clothes on the roof of their house when hit by the shrapnel.
5/17/04 Chechnya Grozny 12 3 Three separate Jihad attacks leave twelve Russian servicemen dead and at least three injured or kidnapped.
5/17/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 3 Muslims bomb three Buddhist temples on Sunday, injuring two. The next day they shoot a police officer in the head, as he is riding to work.
5/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 8 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills the Iraqi governing council president and at least six others. Eight were reported to be injured in the blast.
5/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 1 Muslim radical opens fire on a minibus carrying Christian women, forcing them to the side of the road. He then tosses an explosive in the vehicle, killing three, including the driver.
5/16/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 1 1 Iraqi woman working as a translator for the coalition is killed in her home.
5/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 17 Four civilians were killed, and seventeen others injured by a mortar attack on a recruitment office.
5/14/04 Israel Rafah 2 2 Hamas snipers kill an Israeli soldier as he was in the process of bringing food to an elderly Palestinian woman's house. A soldier attempting to help the first was killed as well.
5/14/04 Pakistan Lahore 7 0 Seven members of a Shia' family, including two women and two children (one a 7-year-old girl) are bound and executed in their home with a bullet to each head. 'Shiites are Infidels' is found written on the wall.
5/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 0 Another remote-controlled landmine attack by Islamic Jihad on an APC kills five additional Israeli soldiers attempting to block off tunnel used by Palestinian terrorists.
5/12/04 Iraq Balad 1 4 Philippine warehouse worker is killed, and four other civilian employees injured in a mortar attack on a U.S. base from a residential neighborhood.
5/12/04 Philippines Jolo 1 14 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a fifteen-year-old Catholic girl with a grenade - fourteen others are also injured in the attack.
5/12/04 Nigeria Kano 30 44 Muslim rampage against Christians continues in Kano with at least another thirty people losing their lives.
5/11/04 Israel Gaza 6 0 Hamas terrorists trigger a land mine blast under an APC, killing six young Israeli soldiers. Hamas also takes the body parts to prevent their recovery.
5/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 "Allahu Akbar" shout jubilant al-Qaeda members as they cut off the head of an American (civilian) prisoner on video. Elsewhere in the city, a Russian contractor is killed and two others abducted.
5/11/04 Nigeria Kano 11 0 At least eleven Christians are burned to death by a Muslim mob that also sets two churches on fire.
5/10/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Insurgents kill a four-year-old girl in a rocket strike.
5/10/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Radicals shoot two foreign civilians and one Iraqi to death in front of their house.
5/9/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two foreigners, one a Swiss citizen, are stoned to death in a public park.
5/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Terrorists kill a child and six others by exploding a bomb in a crowded market. Thirteen others are injured.
5/9/04 India Doda 1 15 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a hospital, killing one and injuring fifteen others.
5/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 24 60 Jihadists assassinate the Chechan President and at least twenty-three others in a stadium blast that leaves more than fifty, including elderly and children severely injured.
5/7/04 Pakistan Toba Tek Singh 1 0 Catholic student abducted by Muslim school refuses to convert to Islam and is tortured to death.
5/7/04 Pakistan Karachi 13 80 Thirteen worshippers are killed, and more than eighty others injured when a suicide bomber detonates his explosives inside a Shiite mosque.
5/7/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 An award-winning Polish journalist is shot to death, along with an Algerian colleague by Sunni insurgents in a drive-by attack.
5/7/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Roadside terrorist bombing kills four Iraqi policeman.
5/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 25 Suicide car bomber kills five civilians and one soldier at a checkpoint. Twenty-three other civilians and two U.S. soldiers are injured in the blast.
5/6/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Car carrying a government official is attacked by Sunni extremists, killing him and the driver, and wounding his wife.
5/5/04 Egypt Taha al-Aamida 3 0 Muslim police take three Christians, including a priest, into custody as they are repairing a church wall. All three are then murdered.
5/5/04 India Anantnag Lok Sabha 1 2 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a polling booth, killing one and injuring two.
5/5/04 Indonesia Maluku 2 3 Muslim gunmen in a speedboat kill a Christian man and an 11-month-old baby. Three others are also shot, but manage to survive.
5/4/04 Afghanistan Nuristan 3 0 Two British civilians, working to register Afghans for upcoming elections, are killed along with their translator in a suspected Taliban ambush.
5/3/04 Pakistan Gawadar 3 11 Pakistani radicals bomb a bus carrying Chinese engineers to a port project. Three are killed and eleven injured.
5/3/04 Afghanistan Zabul 10 0 Separate Taliban attacks in southern Afghanistan leave ten security officers dead.
5/2/04 Israel Gush Katif 5 3 Palestinian gunmen ambush a vehicle and kill four Jewish children and their pregnant mother who were in the process of entering their community. Islamic Jihad takes credit for the brutal attack.
5/2/04 Algeria Chrea Forest 2 4 Two soldiers are killed when a bomb planted by Islamic extremists explodes under their car. Four others are injured.
5/2/04 Algeria Medea 3 1 Three community guards are killed by Islamists. A fourth is kidnapped.
5/2/04 Algeria Algiers 2 0 Two police officers are gunned down by Islamists while on-duty.
5/2/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 Sunni mortar attack on a U.S. base kills five sailors and one soldier.
5/1/04 Saudi Arabia Yanbu 7 25 Three Saudi employees of an oil company use their access to the building to systematically shoot as many Westerners as possible in a room-by-room attack. At six are killed on the spot and a seventh man dies two weeks later in a Houston hospital.
5/1/04 Algeria Sabounet 3 1 A mother and her two children are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in an attack on their village in the Algerian desert.
5/1/04 Sudan Akobo 204 70 Khartoum-backed militia kills over two-hundred people, many women and children in a raid on their camp. Sudan recently criticized the U.S. for abusing prisoner rights.
4/30/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Two foreign security guards are killed in a bomb attack. Five others are injured.
4/30/04 Algeria Relizane 2 0 Two hunters fall victim to Islamic extremists in western Algeria.
4/30/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 6 Suicide car bomber kills two U.S. soldiers and injures six.
4/29/04 Iraq Basra 1 0 South African civilian is killed by Muslim extremists in a drive-by shooting.
4/29/04 Afghanistan Thaloqan 6 0 Six Afghan soldiers traveling on motorcycles are attacked by Taliban terrorists and killed.
4/29/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 8 4 Car bombing kills eight U.S. soldiers and injures four others.
4/28/04 Thailand Yala 5 0 Thai Muslims storm 15 government buildings in a coordinated attack and kill at least five. An unknown number are injured.
4/28/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Series of Sunni attacks in Mosul kills eight Iraqi policemen and one civilian.
4/28/04 India Srinigar 2 55 Two people are killed, and fifty-five others injured in a terrorist explosion at an election rally.
4/28/04 Iraq Kut 2 1 Two Ukrainian soldiers are killed an RPG attack on their convoy while on security patrol.
4/27/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 A female civilian and a policeman are killed in a shooting and bombing attack on the British embassy in Damascus by four Islamic radicals.
4/26/04 Afghanistan Panjwayi 3 2 Taliban members walk into a humanitarian office and shoot several employees to death. The office was established to help Afghanis with their basic needs.
4/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 38 24 Islamic radicals go on a rampage against Christians, killing more than thirty (some in sniper attacks) and then setting a UN building on fire.
4/25/04 Israel Migdal Oz 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a border policeman and wound two others in a sniper attack from a residential section.
4/25/04 Iraq Mosul 2 10 Jihad rocket attack on a hospital kills two medics and injures ten other civilian workers.
4/25/04 India Kulgam 3 46 Militant Muslims attempt to assassinate a female political figure in a grenade attack. Three are killed and forty-six injured.
4/24/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 16 Roadside bomb kills four - two police and two civilians. Sixteen others were injured.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 6 Five U.S. soldiers are killed in a rocket attack launched from a residential neighborhood. Six are wounded.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 25 Twelve people in a market were killed when Jihadists launched mortar rounds into the crowded area.
4/24/04 Iraq Basra 2 4 Two U.S. sailors were killed after a boat they boarded exploded. Two other boats with suicide bombers were intercepted before they could do harm.
4/24/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 14 11 Fourteen passengers are killed when a bus hits a roadside bomb. Another eleven are injured in the explosion.
4/24/04 India Bazipora 2 0 Militant Muslims enter the home of a police officer while he is on duty and behead his wife and 8-year-old daughter.
4/23/04 India Surankote 1 2 Militants open fire on a police station, killing one officer and injuring two others.
4/23/04 India Srinigar 0 23 Two separate grenade attacks on political offices leave at least twenty-three people injured, mostly civilians.
4/22/04 India Srinigar 2 6 Two people are killed and six injured in grenade attacks by Islamists attempting to disrupt the elections.
4/22/04 Afghanistan Sperah 2 0 Taliban ambush kills two soldiers, one U.S. (Pat Tillman), the other Afghan.
4/22/04 Thailand Rayang 3 0 Muslim separatists set fire to fifty government buildings, then kill two firefighters trying to put out the blazes. The next day they shoot an army officer dead in his driveway while he was washing his car.
4/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 South African civilian is shot twice in the head and back while on his way to buy meat for a barbecue.
4/21/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 6 148 al-Qaeda suicide bomber blasts his way to Allah, taking six others, including an 11-year-old girl, with him in the car bomb explosion. One-hundred and forty-eight innocents are injured.
4/21/04 India Udhampur 2 2 One civilian is killed in his home (Doda), another abducted and later shot dead. Muslim militants also cut off the ears of two other people for participating in the elections.
4/21/04 Iraq Basra 68 100 Five suicide bombings kill sixty-eight people, including eighteen children who burned to death in their school bus. More than one-hundred other civilians were injured in the "Holy Warrior" blasts.
4/20/04 India Srinigar 16 24 Militant Muslims kill at least sixteen, including a female journalist and a taxi driver, in an attempt to disrupt elections. At least two dozen others are injured.
4/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 22 90 U.S. controlled prison is shelled in a mortar attack. Twenty-two prisoners are killed and over ninety injured.
4/19/04 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 1 1 Afghan driver is killed in a Taliban ambush on his oil truck.
4/19/04 Algeria Tipaza 3 0 Three people killed by Islamic fundamentalists who set up a fake road block to snag the victims.
4/18/04 Thailand Sungai Padi 1 0 Railway worker shot and killed by Muslim separatists while he was on his way to work.
4/17/04 Algeria Baghlia 2 7 Bomb planted by Islamic fundamentalists explodes on a road, killing two Algerian security personnel and injuring seven.
4/17/04 Israel Eraz 1 3 Hamas takes credit for a suicide bombing that kills a 20-year-old border guard then complains loudly when it's own leader is taken out with a missile a few hours later.
4/17/04 Kosovo Mitrovica 2 10 Jordanian shoots two American women to death who were working as prison guards. He also injures ten others in the attack.
4/16/04 Iraq Mosul 8 17 Fedayeen mortar attack leaves eight Iraqi civilians dead and seventeen injured.
4/16/04 Afghanistan Del Aram Road 8 0 Eight Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint are killed in a nighttime rocket attack by Taliban miscreants.
4/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Terrorists attack a U.S. security patrol with rocket-propelled grenades. Three soldiers are killed and three injured.
4/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 An Italian hostage is executed on videotape after being interviewed by an Arabic news crew. Elsewhere, an Iranian diplomat is shot to death by Sunni extremists.
4/15/04 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 Muslim kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested and wanted to restore their "honor."
4/15/04 Sudan Darfur 32 0 Thirty-two villagers are massacred by government-backed militias violating a cease-fire. There were also several homes torched and people injured.
4/15/04 Afghanistan Chinarto 10 0 A local police chief and nine bodyguards are killed in a Taliban ambush on their vehicles.
4/14/04 India Banihal 2 22 Terrorist hurls grenade at a political rally, killing one and injuring twenty-two. Another soul dies of injuries four days later.
4/14/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 2 Taliban elements ambush an Afghan military patrol, leaving two dead and two injured.
4/14/04 Iraq Mosul 4 6 Four civilians, including two women are killed and six others injured by a Fedayeen mortar attack on a crowded market.
4/13/04 Saudi Arabia Um Sedrah 4 2 Militants gun down four Saudi police officers at a checkpoint.
4/13/04 USA Raleigh 1 4 Mental health problems behind member of tight-knit Muslim community deliberately running down five strangers with a vehicle? One died.
4/12/04 Chechnya Ishkhoi-Yurt 7 0 At least seven policemen were killed in a terrorist attack by Jihad fighters on their vehicles.
4/12/04 Israel Netzarim 0 0 Two Palestinians are killed by the IDF as the attempt to infiltrate a settlement for the purpose of killing Israeli citizens.
4/11/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 9 Car bomb set by Islamists at a music concert kills a 23-year-old man and injures nine others.
4/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Helicopter shot down by Jihad militants. Both crew members are killed.
4/11/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 7 Islamic gunmen open fire on an Easter church service, wounding seven worshippers.
4/11/04 Philippines Sabah 0 3 Abu Sayyaf terrorists attack a tugboat and take three crew members hostage.
4/11/04 Nigeria Rwang Doka and Jenkur 3 0 Muslim militia attacks two Christian villages and kills three people, in addition to burning homes.
4/10/04 Iraq Hit 4 12 British security guard protecting electrical contractors is shot dead. Elsewhere, an attack on a fuel convoy leaves three dead and twelve injured.
4/10/04 Thailand Had Yai 1 35 Bomb planted by Muslim separatists at a railway station kills a 7-year-old boy and injures thirty-five others.
4/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three U.S. civilian truck drivers are killed in an attack on their convoy by Fedayeen gunmen. Their bodies are subsequently mutilated.
4/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 5 RPG fired from a mosque injures five Marines. Another is killed in the ensuing gun battle.
4/8/04 India Uri 11 68 Four people are killed immediately (seven others die in hospitals), and sixty-eight injured at a political rally by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
4/7/04 India Choornar Forest 4 16 Four security force personnel are killed, and sixteen injured when Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists detonate an IED under their vehicles.
4/7/04 India Parigam 1 0 Muslim terrorists enter a civilian's home and shoot his young daughter to death.
4/6/04 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 At least three people are shot to death by gunmen riding motorcycles.
4/6/04 Iraq Kut 1 0 Radical Shiites enter a house and shoot a South African contractor to death.
4/5/04 Somalia Berbera 1 1 Somaliland government admits that the killers of a Kenyan aid worker were from an al-Qaeda faction. A German aid worker was seriously injured by the same terrorists.
4/5/04 India Srinigar 0 60 About sixty people, including women and children are injured when a militant Muslim hurls a grenade into a busy intersection.
4/4/04 Pakistan Karachi 5 1 Terrorists attack a Pakistani police station, force five captured officers to chant from the Qur'an, then execute them.
4/4/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 Shooting ambush kills Iraqi police chief and his driver.
4/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 24 A mob of Shiite radicals storm through a neighborhood, killing nine coalition soldiers sent to protect citizens from violent attack. Twenty-four others are injured.
4/3/04 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Father of six shot dead by a Hamas terrorist outside his home after spending the evening with his children.
4/3/04 India Kashmir 8 7 Mujahideen militants kill two Indian soldiers and six civilians in separate attacks. Some of the bodies are mutilated.
4/3/04 Spain Madrid 1 11 Seven terrorists responsible for the deaths of more than two-hundred train commuters, recite the Qur'an and then blow themselves up. One policeman is killed.
4/2/04 Uzbekistan Bukhara 1 0 Female suicide bomber kills a policeman and critically injures herself.
4/2/04 Iraq Baquba 3 3 Attackers yell "Allah Akbar," then kill three policemen riding in a vehicle with a hand grenade. Three others are injured.
4/2/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Christian pastor is gunned down by Muslim extremists in front of his wife and four children.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Five U.S. soldiers are killed as terrorists detonate a roadside bomb under their vehicle.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 In a very brutal attack, a mob of Muslims stop two cars carrying American civilians providing security for a food-providing convoy, kill occupants, set their vehicles on fire, disfigure the bodies and then drag them through the streets.
3/31/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 5 Six civilians killed by a car bomb. Five injured.
3/31/04 Iraq Baquba 0 10 Six civilians and four police are injured by a car bomb in the Sunni Triangle.
3/31/04 Sudan Deleig 120 0 Troops from the Muslim Republic descend on a village earlier in the month and haul away about one-hundred and twenty men selected for execution. (2004)
3/30/04 Indonesia Tomura 1 1 A Christian pastor is fatally wounded by Muslim gunmen in front of his wife at his church. One other person is also injured in the attack.
3/30/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 4 0 Civilian and three police officers killed in a series of self-induced explosions and gun battles with terrorists.
3/29/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 19 26 Nineteen people, including children, police officers and civilians are killed in a series of suicide bombings by Muslim extremists in central Uzbekistan. Twenty-six people are killed.
3/28/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawud 2 13 Taliban attack on a military post leaves two people dead, three wounded and ten missing.
3/27/04 Indonesia Poso City 1 0 A 27-year-old Christian is gunned down by Muslim terrorists. (2004)
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 19 Rocket attack on a city hall kills two civilians and injures nearly twenty, including a child.
3/27/04 Afghanistan Khost 0 6 Six civilians, including a young child are injured by a Taliban rocket attack on a restaurant.
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Mujahideen gunmen shoot two British security guards at an oil well then set their vehicle on fire.
3/27/04 Thailand Sunghai Kolok 0 28 Twenty-eight people are injured when a bomb hidden on a motorcycle explodes outside a karaoke bar.
3/26/04 Iraq Fallujah 8 25 Eight civilians, including three children are killed by Sunni extremists in gun battles and mortar attacks with U.S. troops.
3/26/04 Pakistan South Waziristan 8 0 Eight injured soldiers, captured by al-Qaeda, are executed in cold blood. Bodies are recovered by local tribesmen.
3/26/04 Pakistan Zam Cham 2 12 Two civilians are killed, and more than a dozen injured when al-Qaeda remnants fire a rocket into their village.
3/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni gunmen kill a Christian Assyrian police officer.
3/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Terrorists kill a 3-year-old boy, his grandmother, and another relative with a roadside bomb targeting infidels.
3/24/04 India Rajouri 1 1 Militant Muslims kill a 15-year-old girl in an IED attack that also injures her mother.
3/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 Drive-by shooting kills two police officers and injures two others.
3/23/04 Kosovo Kuzmin 2 1 Albanian terrorists kill two police officers and injure and English translator in Kosovo.
3/23/04 Iraq Hilla 9 2 Sunni gunmen open up on a minibus carrying police and recruits with automatic weapons fire, killing nine and injuring at least two.
3/23/04 Pakistan Bannu 4 4 Package bomb and Russian-made rocket attack kill at least four.
3/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 13 Ten servicemen and police officers are killed in several different terrorist attacks by Jihadists over a 24-hour period.
3/23/04 Iraq Mosul 2 6 Fedayeen rocket attack kills two civilians and injures six others.
3/22/04 Iraq Balad 2 25 Car bomb inside a tunnel kills two Iraqi civilians and injures twenty-five others.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Finnish businessmen are shot and killed by Fedayeen terrorists.
3/22/04 Pakistan Islamabad 11 12 Two al-Qaeda ambushes claim the lives of eleven Pakistani soldiers.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Islamists bind and cut the throats of an Assyrian (Christian) couple in their home. (2004)
3/21/04 India Tanka 3 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill two children (ages 4 and 5) in their residence with an IED. Four other family members are injured in the attack. The same group also killed an off-duty policeman elsewhere in the Doda district.
3/21/04 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A Buddhist policeman is hacked to death by militant Muslims. One other policeman and a village chief are shot to death in separate attacks within a 24-hour span.
3/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 12 A rocket attack on a U.S. compound kills two Iraqi civilians. Elsewhere a roadside bombing kills one civilian and one U.S. soldier.
3/20/04 India Manasbal 2 40 Two soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb. Thirty-eight others, along with two civilians were injured in the terrorist attack.
3/19/04 Somalia Hergeysa 2 0 Two aid workers shot to death in Somalia by anti-Western extremists.
3/19/04 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 al-Aqsa Brigade apologizes after the jogger that it gunned down in cold blood turns out to be Arab.
3/19/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 6 Islamic radicals spray a police car with automatic weapons fire, killing one and injuring six others, including four passersby.
3/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Muslims barge into a Christian home and kill the two children they find there. There mother is also killed, as well as their grandfather.
3/18/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three other Iraqis and injures at least one outside a hotel.
3/18/04 Iraq Baquba 3 10 Sunni gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Iraqi journalists and crew of a local TV station funded by Americans. Three are killed and ten injured.
3/17/04 Algeria Berrouaghia 8 2 Armed Islamic Group (GIA) attack two ambulances in the desert with machine-gunfire, killing eight people and injuring two.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 51 al-Qaeda car bomb rips through a hotel, killing seven and injuring over fifty.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Two separate mortar attacks on U.S. bases leave three soldiers dead and nine wounded.
3/16/04 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two more humanitarian aid workers (German) on a clean water project are gunned down by Fedayeen (Holy Warriors).
3/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Two separate rocket attacks in Baghdad, leave two children dead and about eleven wounded.
3/16/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 An Iraqi translator is killed in a shooting ambush in the Sunni Triangle. Two of his family members are injured.
3/15/04 Kosovo Pristina 1 0 Serbian youth is killed in a drive-by shooting by Muslim terrorists.
3/15/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 22 Nine Russian soldiers and police are killed in eighteen separate Jihad attacks over a two-day period.
3/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Four Christian missionaries working on a humanitarian clean water project for Iraqis are gunned down by Fedayeen terrorists while riding in their vehicle.
3/14/04 Israel Ashdod 10 19 Two 18-year old suicide bombers kill ten port workers, and injure about twenty more. Al-Aqsa takes credit and says its intended target, chemical tanks, would have caused far greater civilian casualties.
3/13/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 5 Four U.S. soldiers are killed while on security duty by two roadside bomb attacks in Tikrit and Habbiniyah.
3/12/04 Algeria Tebessa 4 0 Four Algerian soldiers are killed in an attack by Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat).
3/12/04 India Pulwama 13 12 Muslim militants hole up inside a girl's school after a gun battle with police. Thirteen people are killed, and at least a dozen wounded in this and incidents in a 24-hour period.
3/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Shia cleric survives assassination attempt, but his son and son-in-law are killed in the shooting ambush
3/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 Taliban bomb kills two Afghan soldiers and injures another three.
3/11/04 Indonesia Maranatha 1 5 Brutal machete attack on a Christian village leaves a mother of two dead and five others injured.
3/11/04 Spain Madrid 201 1500 Ten coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts on commuter trains during the rush hour leave over two-hundred people dead and some fifteen hundred injured.
3/10/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Iraqi women, on their way home from working laundry at a coalition base, are shot to death.
3/9/04 Iraq Hillah 3 0 Two American civilians, including a female human rights worker, along with an Iraqi translator are executed after being stopped at a phony checkpoint.
3/9/04 Turkey Istanbul 2 7 Suspected al-Qaeda terrorists use an explosive device and weapons fire against the restaurant of a Masonic lodge.
3/9/04 India Budgam 3 35 Attempted abduction goes awry with a terrorist killing himself and three others with a grenade. Thirty-five are injured.
3/8/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 5 Nine Russian soldiers are killed in separate Jihad attacks over a 24-hour period.
3/8/04 Sudan Aish Barra 12 0 Twelve civilians, including three children are killed by a militia group supported by the Muslim government.
3/7/04 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Terrorist RPG attack on a police station kills two civilians and injures two more.
3/7/04 Algeria Kabylie 2 4 Bombing attack by Islamic extremists leaves two Algerian soldiers dead and four injured.
3/6/04 Sudan al-Kureinik 15 0 Government-supported militia group raids a refugee camp and kills fifteen Christian civilians, including a child.
3/6/04 Afghanistan Nokhaiz 1 0 Taliban gunmen kill an aid worker driving home.
3/6/04 Sudan Tawila 75 350 Arabs kill seventy-five Africans, rape 100 women and then abduct about two-hundred children and a further one-hundred and fifty women.
3/6/04 Yemen Zammar 5 30 Gunman tosses grenades and opens fire outside a mosque, killing five and injuring thirty.
3/6/04 Israel Eraz 3 9 Three Palestinian policemen were killed, and nine injured in a botched attack by three terrorists against an Israeli border checkpoint.
3/5/04 Afghanistan Shay Joy 2 2 Taliban gunmen kill and Afghan guard and a Turkish engineer. They abduct two others.
3/4/04 Afghanistan Pakistani Border 7 0 Seven Afghan troops are killed by a Taliban rocket and machine-gun attack on their post.
3/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three members of a family are killed, and five others injured, by a rocket attack on their car.
3/3/04 India Jammu 7 12 Lashker-e-Toiba ultras storm high-security central jail in an effort to free other terrorists. The dead include policemen and civilians.
3/2/04 Iraq Karbala 123 300 al-Qaeda bombers, including one Fedayeen, kill at least one-hundred and twenty Shias gathered for a religious festival. About three-hundred others are injured.
3/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 58 200 Three Sunni Fedayeen suicide bombers kill themselves and about fifty-eight worshippers at a Shia shrine and injure more than two-hundred.
3/2/04 Pakistan Quetta 42 160 Sunni terrorists invade a Shia religious procession. They throw grenades, then fire weapons into the crowd, and finish it off by blowing themselves up. At least forty-two are killed and more than one-hundred and sixty injured.
3/1/04 India Pulwama 3 0 Militant Muslims kill a civilian and his son in their home. They also return to the scene of an earlier murder and kill the victim's wife.
3/1/04 Thailand Mayoh 1 0 Muslim separatists shoot a policeman to death as he is driving to work.
2/29/04 India Srinigar 0 8 Eight civilians are injured when militant Muslims stage grenade attack on a security camp.
2/28/04 India Bijbehara 0 13 Five security personnel and eight civilians are injured in a grenade attack.
2/28/04 Pakistan Islamabad 0 4 Suicide bomber attacks a Shia mosque. His is the only fatality, although he did manage to cause serious injury to two children.
2/27/04 Algeria Boukerdane 2 0 Two off-duty soldiers are executed by Islamic extremists after being stopped at a fake checkpoint.
2/27/04 Israel Lahav 2 0 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian vehicle, killing two young Jewish parents of a two-year old daughter.
2/27/04 India Beerwah 1 3 Militant Muslims fire on a political rally with RPGs. One woman is killed and two other women hurt.
2/27/04 Philippines Mariveles 186 12 Abu Sayyaf, the Muslim extremist group, claims responsibility for an explosion on a ferry that kills nearly two-hundred people.
2/26/04 Afghanistan Sarobi 5 3 Five aid workers, involved in a project to build roads and provide clean water, are ambushed and killed by the Taliban. Three are injured.
2/25/04 Nigeria Yelwa 49 0 Forty-nine members of a farming community are slaughtered by Muslim Fulanis after taking refuge in a local church. Most of the Christians were brutally hacked to death. The number of injured is unknown.
2/24/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Two Iraqi translators and a technician are shot to death by Sunni terrorists as they drove to work at a coalition military base.
2/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 8 35 Eight Iraqi policemen are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Thirty-five others, including two children were hurt.
2/23/04 India Gagarsula 2 3 One security force personnel is killed, and three injured by an remote-controlled bomb. Elsewhere (Kremshore) a civilian is shot dead outside his shop.
2/23/04 India Dadsara 1 4 A 10-year old child is killed, and four others critically wounded when an Islamic militant throws a grenade onto a playground.
2/22/04 Israel Jerusalem 8 61 An al-Aksa suicide terrorist blows up another civilian bus during rush hour, killing eight passengers and injuring over sixty.
2/22/04 Afghanistan Thalogan 1 1 A Muslim gunman attacks a helicopter on a humanitarian mission, killing the Australian pilot and injuring an American woman helping to set up health clinics in the area.
2/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Muslim cleric and an Iraqi translator are gunned down by assassins.
2/19/04 Nigeria Jos 4 0 Muslim gunmen ambush a police vehicle and kill the four passengers.
2/19/04 Iraq Khaldiya 2 1 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle leaves two U.S. soldiers dead.
2/19/04 Philippines Jolo 1 1 Abu Sayaaf gunmen abduct a 7-year old girl at a Roman Catholic school after killing her driver.
2/18/04 Iraq Hilla 8 106 Eight Iraqis, including five children are killed and more than one-hundred others injured by twin Fedayeen suicide car bombers who were stopped by coalition forces.
2/18/04 Kosovo Staro 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot two civilians, a man and a woman, to death as they were sitting in their car.
2/17/04 India Dada 2 0 Muslim terrorists invade a house and shoot a civilian and his son to death.
2/17/04 Sudan Anka 15 8 Government troops and the Janaweed attack and destroy a village, killing fifteen civilians. (2004)
2/16/04 India Hyderpora Chowk 3 0 A political activist and two policemen are gunned down by Islamists.
2/16/04 India Budgam 2 0 Muslim rebels kill two villagers.
2/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Two terrorist bombings in the Sunni Triangle leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five wounded.
2/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A Christian pastor is killed, and four others are injured when vehicle pulls alongside their car and fires into the cabin.
2/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Muslim gunmen on a motorcycle kill two workers as they are on their way to a job site.
2/14/04 Iraq Fallujah 21 33 'There is no god but Allah!' shout gunmen who storm a police prison, killing more than twenty and injuring at least thirty-three others.
2/13/04 Dagestan Bamnatbekyurt 3 4 Three police officers were killed, and four wounded by Muslim rebels in a village ambush.
2/13/04 Afghanistan All Shaire 2 6 A shopkeeper and Afghan soldier were killed by a Taliban terrorist bomb that also injured six others.
2/13/04 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 4 0 Four Afghan aid employees, working to rid the country-side of landmines are shot to death by Taliban extremists.
2/12/04 Algeria Toudja 7 3 Armed Islamic extremists ambush and kill seven policemen. Three others are injured in the attack.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in roadside bombing.
2/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 Suicide Taliban attacker kills senior Afghan intelligence official.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 75 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills forty-seven people waiting in line for jobs and injures nearly one-hundred.
2/10/04 Chechnya Oktyabrsky 3 0 Jihad fighters strip three Russian soldiers of their weapons then shoot them to death.
2/10/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 53 150 At least fifty-three people are killed by a massive truck bomb outside a police station. Some one-hundred and fifty others are injured.
2/10/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Buddhist official killed by Muslim gunmen.
2/10/04 Algeria Jijel 4 0 Islamic extremists kill four patron of a roadside café. Three are shot and one has his throat slit.
2/10/04 Chechnya Grozny 6 0 Six security forces are killed by Jihadist remote-controlled IED.
2/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four police officers (two cousins and two brothers) are killed in drive-by shootings as they travel to work.
2/9/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian family members killed by radical Jihadists.
2/8/04 Philippines Mangosatubig 2 1 Moro Islamic Front terrorists attack a fishing village, killing two and injuring one.
2/8/04 Iraq Sawaryah 3 11 Bombing attack on the offices of a deputy police chief leaves three dead and eleven wounded.
2/8/04 Algeria Miliana 2 0 Two policemen are murdered at point blank range by two fundamentalist youth who stopped their car on the pretext of seeking information.
2/7/04 Egypt Cairo 0 3 An Australian and two Norwegian tourists are injured in a knife attack by a man "angered" at Israel.
2/6/04 Russia Moscow 40 134 Forty people are murdered by a female Fedayeen suicide bomber as they were commuting to work on a Moscow subway. About one-hundred and thirty-four are injured.
2/5/04 India Salar 4 7 Four Indian security forces are killed by a landmine planted by Muslim rebels in Kashmir. Seven others are injured.
2/5/04 Chechnya Grozny 7 11 Seven servicemen and police officers are killed in three separate incidents by Mujahideen rebels over a 24-hour period.
2/5/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 5 0 Five police are murdered by armed Islamic extremists in the regional capital.
2/4/04 Thailand Yarang 1 0 Government employee is slashed to death in a machete attack similar to the manner in which three Buddhist monks were killed last month.
2/3/04 Russia Vladikavkaz 2 10 Two people, including a woman are killed, and at least ten others injured by a car bomb near the Chechnyan border.
2/3/04 India Chewdara 3 0 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists invade a home and kill the couple inside, along with another family member.
2/2/04 India Srinigar 1 1 A police officer is gunned down outside a mosque.
2/1/04 Iraq Arbil 117 133 Two Ansar al-Islam suicide bombers dresses as Muslim clerics kill more than one-hundred people and injure about one-hundred and thirty in attacks on two buildings housing Kurdish political officials.
2/1/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 8 5 An Afghan mayor and seven of his family members, including three children are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb attack. Five others are injured.
2/1/04 Chechnya Alleroi 5 0 Five security guards are killed when grenade-wielding gunmen burst into a government building intent on a political assassination.
1/31/04 Sudan Surra 250 30 Final tally from the genocidal attack on an African village earlier in the month is about two-hundred and fifty people slaughtered, mostly women and children. An unknown number were injured and thirty are still missing. (2004)
1/31/04 Iraq Mosul 9 45 Nine people are killed and about forty-five injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing outside a police station.
1/31/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb while riding in their convoy.
1/30/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 7 1 Six security guards and a civilian are killed by radical Islamists operatives while attempting to break up a terrorist cell.
1/29/04 India Handwara 4 0 Muslim gunmen invade a home and shoot to death a resident and a guest. Two women are killed in a similar manner in Pulwama Rajouri.
1/29/04 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Eleven people are murdered, and at least fifty others injured by a Palestinian suicide bombing inside a passenger bus. Al-Aksa martyrs brigade claims responsibility.
1/28/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 17 At least four people, including a South African national are killed by a Fedayeen car bombing outside a hotel. Some seventeen others are killed.
1/28/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 One British Peacekeeper is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber in a taxi. Four others are injured in the blast.
1/27/04 Iraq Samarra 3 4 Three Iraqis killed, and four injured when truck bomb explodes outside a courthouse.
1/27/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 3 Another roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills three U.S. soldiers traveling in a convoy and injures three more.
1/27/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 11 Taliban suicide bomber throws himself on a patrol vehicle in downtown Kabul and kills one Canadian peacekeeper and a civilian. Eleven others were injured.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 4 Two Iraqi civilians and three U.S. soldiers are killed by two roadside bombs set to go off in succession in the Sunni Triangle.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two CNN employees are killed in a shooting attack as terrorists open up on the car in which they are riding.
1/27/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat) kill two soldiers and one security guard in an ambush.
1/26/04 Chechnya Sharoi 4 4 Jihad attack on a convoy leaves four Russians dead and four injured.
1/26/04 Iraq Al-Amiriyah 2 3 Two policemen are killed in a drive-by Fedayeen shooting attack on a checkpoint. Two civilians and a third policeman were injured.
1/26/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 IED device set on a busy highway explodes, killing two civilians and injuring two others.
1/25/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Three policemen and a civilian are killed in a terrorist attack on a highway checkpoint.
1/24/04 Iraq Samarra 4 36 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills four Iraqi civilians and injures another thirty-six people..
1/24/04 Iraq Khaldiyah 5 9 Car bombing kills three U.S. soldiers and injures six others. Two other soldiers were killed in a separate bombing west of Fallujah.
1/23/04 India Kashmir 4 0 Militant Muslims kill four people in Baramulla and Bandipora, all suspected of being politically active.
1/22/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 1 Two Buddhist monks are hacked to death while begging for food in a Muslim neighborhood. Another is seriously injured in the machete attack.
1/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two members of the Communist party are killed by a bomb in their office.
1/21/04 Indonesia Maranatha 1 0 The 56-year-old head of a local Christian community is killed by Muslim villagers. (2004)
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four Christian Iraqi women, who were laundry workers for the coalition, are attacked and killed while riding in a minivan. The male driver was injured.
1/21/04 Iraq Baqouba 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed by a hit and run mortar attack in the Sunni Triangle.
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 Sunni terrorists attack a police checkpoint with grenades and automatic weapons. Three Iraqi policemen and a civilian are killed, with another five injured.
1/19/04 Israel Lebanese Border 1 2 Israeli bulldozer hit with a Hezbollah rocket attack. One soldier was killed and two injured.
1/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 23 61 At least twenty-three Iraqis are killed, and more than sixty others injured by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who used day laborers as a cover for gaining entrance to a secured zone. All eight were among the dead.
1/18/04 Algeria Leghdira 1 2 Islamic fundamentalists kills a "repentant" with a bomb that also injures two police officers.
1/17/04 Iraq Tikrit 5 2 Two Iraqis and three U.S. soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb planted in a culvert. Two others were injured.
1/16/04 India Srinigar 0 7 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen car bombing injures seven members of a security detail.
1/15/04 Pakistan Karachi 0 12 At least a dozen people are injured when a car bomb explodes outside the local headquarters of the Christian Bible Society.
1/14/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 2 12 At least two civilians are killed, and a dozen other people, including children injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing attack.
1/14/04 Israel Gaza 4 10 Female suicide bomber kills herself and four others at a checkpoint for Palestinians entering Israel to work. Ten others are injured in the blast. The mother-of-two pretended to fall over, then detonated her bomb against those rushing to help her.
1/14/04 Algeria Zaouia 1 1 A mother and daughter heading out to harvest olives are hit by a bomb blast. The mother is killed and the daughter seriously wounded.
1/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A U.S. soldier is killed, and two others wounded by a roadside bombing attack in the heart of Baghdad.
1/12/04 Bangladesh Mazar 3 36 Jamaat-e-Islami fundamentalists place bomb at a shrine that kills three and injures thirty-six. Ten-year old boy among the dead.
1/12/04 India Anantnag 1 14 Grenade attack on a demonstration kills a police officer and injures fourteen other people.
1/12/04 Afghanistan Kashrud 4 0 Four government soldiers are killed when Taliban extremists attack their post with knives and assault rifles.
1/11/04 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 1 1 Jihad attack on a security patrol leaves one Russian serviceman dead and another injured.
1/11/04 Israel Talmon 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a father of five as he is traveling in his car. Two others are shot and injured.
1/10/04 India Lurgam 2 0 Man and his wife killed by Mujahideen terrorists outside their home.
1/10/04 Indonesia Palopo 4 2 Four people are killed, and at least two injured by a bomb blast at a karaoke café. Islamist terrorist attacks killed nearly a dozen Christians there in November.
1/9/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 4 36 Four Shiite worshippers are killed, and thirty-six others injured by a car bombing at a mosque in a predominately Sunni town.
1/9/04 Afghanistan Helmand 0 0 Four Taliban terrorists are killed when the bomb they are planting goes off prematurely.
1/9/04 India Jammu 0 20 At least twenty people are injured when a militant hurls a grenade at two police officers. The blast carries into a local shop.
1/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 9 0 A medivac helicopter, clearly marked with a red cross, is downed by a missile in the Sunni Triangle, killing all nine U.S. soldiers aboard.
1/8/04 Pakistan Adam 4 0 Rocket attack on a military base near the Afghan border kills four Pakistani soldiers.
1/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 30 Rocket attack by Sunni terrorists on a U.S. logistical base leaves one soldier dead and about thirty wounded.
1/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Two French civilians are gunned down by Sunni insurgents.
1/6/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 15 15 Bicycle bombing by the Taliban (former religious leaders) along a crowded street kills fifteen people and injures more than fifteen. Eight children were among the dead.
1/5/04 Pakistan Khanewal 1 0 Christian priest shot dead by Islamic terrorists as he was boarding a train.
1/5/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two policemen are killed while trying to defuse a bomb on a parked motorcycle.
1/5/04 Egypt Patmos Center 1 2 One Christian is killed, and two others injured when elements of the Egyptian army burn down a church.
1/4/04 Thailand Narathiwat 4 0 Muslim extremists raid a government armory and then set fire to 18 secular schools in a rampage that leaves at least four soldiers dead and an unknown number injured.
1/4/04 Philippines Parang 22 81 Twenty-two people at a political rally for a Christian mayor in a predominately Muslim region are killed by a bomb blast. More than eighty are injured. Two Muslims later identified and charged..
1/3/04 India Jammu 4 15 Four people are killed, and more than fifteen injured when militant Muslims attack a railway station with grenades and small-arms fire.
1/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 6 Three separate attacks by radicals leave four U.S. soldiers dead and six injured.
1/1/04 India Srinigar 1 6 Islamic rebels detonate a bomb near a site hosting a peace rally. One civilian is killed and six others injured.
1/1/04 India Rainawari 0 7 A terrorist is killed, and seven civilians sustain injuries when a bomb being carried on a bicycle detonates prematurely.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
12/31/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 35 A car bomb rips through a restaurant, killing eight people and injuring at least thirty-five.
12/30/03 India Lawapora 0 34 Thirty-four personnel are injured when Hizbul Mujahideen militants bomb a military patrol.
12/30/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 One Iraqi is killed, and three others injured in a roadside bomb attack.
12/29/03 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 3 Five Afghan soldiers are killed when their post is attacked by Taliban terrorists. Three are injured.
12/29/03 India Jammu 0 10 Muslim terrorists injure ten people waiting for a bus with a grenade.
12/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Two Iraqi children and one U.S. soldier are killed by a roadside bomb on a crowded street. Five others are injured.
12/28/03 Afghanistan Kabul 6 0 Six Afghan policemen are killed by two suicide bombers being transported for investigation.
12/27/03 Iraq Karbala 12 37 Islamic Fedayeen terrorists kill twelve, including four Bulgarians, two Thai engineers and six civilians in three separate suicide attacks. At least thirty-seven others are injured.
12/26/03 India Singhpora 1 11 One woman is killed, and eleven other people are injured when Muslim terrorists trigger a roadside bomb against a transport vehicle.
12/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Five U.S. soldiers are killed, and seven others injured in various terrorist attacks in the Sunni Triangle over a 24-hour period.
12/25/03 Pakistan Rawalpindi 7 16 Assassination attempt on Pakistani President by Muslim extremists, involving several car bombs, leaves seven dead and at least sixteen injured.
12/25/03 Israel Tel Aviv 4 18 Suicide bomber kills four Israeli civilians, including a teenage girl and injures at least eighteen more at a bus stop.
12/24/03 Sudan Darfur 24 25 Government-sponsored militias in this Islamic Republic, kill another two dozen villagers - adding to a toll of more than two million over 20 years.
12/24/03 Iraq Irbil 3 12 A suicide car bomber kills three other people and injures at least a dozen innocents.
12/24/03 Iraq Samarra 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb in the Sunni triangle.
12/24/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Civilian bus is bombed by Sunni terrorists. The driver is killed and two passengers are injured.
12/23/03 India Bandipora 0 10 Ten people are injured when Muslim militants lob a grenade at a security patrol near a hospital.
12/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Roadside bomb in the Sunni Triangle kills two U.S. troops and an Iraqi translator. Two others are wounded.
12/22/03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Top level judge shot six times in the back by Fedayeen loyalists.
12/22/03 Israel Kfar Darom 2 2 Two Israelis are killed when members of the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade open up on a security patrol with grenades and automatic weapons.
12/21/03 India Kulgam 0 14 Fourteen people are injured in a grenade attack against a police station by militant Muslims.
12/20/03 Afghanistan Khaima 5 2 Taliban terrorists attack a remote security post with machine guns and kill five Afghan soldiers as they are eating their evening meal.
12/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Terrorist blast kills one woman working for the main Shiite party in their office building. At least five others are injured.
12/18/03 India Rajouri 2 3 Fedayeen attack on a police station kills two officers and leaves three more injured.
12/17/03 India Gagarsulla 1 4 Terrorists shoot dead one civilian and abduct four others from a remote village.
12/17/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Shiite leader is gunned down near his home by Sunni loyalists and a U.S. soldier is killed in an ambush.
12/16/03 Philippines Datu Piang 4 12 Government troops seeking refuge in a mosque are attacked by Moro Islamic Front terrorists. Four are killed and twelve are missing.
12/16/03 Algeria Medea 2 0 Islamic extremists shoot and kill two policemen.
12/15/03 Iraq Ameriyah 0 7 Another Fedayeen suicide bomber kills himself and injures seven Iraqi policemen.
12/15/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber drives car bomb to gates of a police station. Eight Iraqis are killed in the explosion and at least ten injured.
12/15/03 Dagestan Shauri & Mokok 9 0 At least nine border guards are murdered by Muslim rebels who crossed over from Chechnya to attack a hospital.
12/14/03 Philippines North Cotabato 4 3 Ambushes by the Moro Islamic Front leave four villagers dead and two wounded.
12/14/03 Iraq Khaldiyah 17 33 Seventeen city workers, policemen, and civilian bystanders are killed, and another thirty-three injured by Fedayeen suicide blast.
12/12/03 Israel Nablus 0 7 Palestinian gunmen ambush a van carrying Israeli worshippers on their way home from a prayer service. Seven are injured.
12/12/03 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Young boy is killed by a bomb while sifting through garbage outside a house owned by President Karzai of Afghanistan.
12/11/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 14 Three Fedayeen suicide bombers in a furniture truck blow themselves up at the gates of a U.S. military base. One soldier is killed and fourteen others wounded.
12/10/03 India Poonch 3 15 Muslim terrorists lob a grenade into a bus station and then fire indiscriminately into the crowd, killing three and injuring at least fifteen.
12/10/03 Iraq Mosul 2 4 Militant Sunnis kill two U.S. soldiers on guard duty at two gas stations in drive-by shootings. Four others are injured.
12/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Bombers target a mosque, killing two and injuring three.
12/9/03 Iraq Mosul 1 2 Drive-by shooting attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others injured.
12/9/03 Iraq Mosul 0 62 Fifty-nine U.S. soldiers and at least three Iraqis sustain mostly light injuries when an Islamic suicide car bomber attempts an attack.
12/9/03 Russia Moscow 6 14 Female Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six people near the Kremlin and injures at least fourteen, including several college students.
12/8/03 India Anantnag 0 10 Ten people, including civilians and policemen are injured in Mujahideen grenade and shooting attacks in Kashmir.
12/8/03 Afghanistan Muqur 2 0 Taliban ambush kills two Pakistani engineers working to restore country's infrastructure.
12/8/03 Chechnya Itum Kale 4 1 Four Russian soldiers are killed while investigating an explosion at a school. Another is taken hostage.
12/6/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 0 18 Eighteen Afghan civilians, including three children are injured by a bomb detonated from a parked bicycle. The Taliban takes credit for the attack.
12/6/03 Algeria Bouira 1 0 24-year old police officer is gunned down in a store by Islamic extremists.
12/5/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 13 At least three Iraqis and one U.S. soldier are killed by a roadside bomb on a crowded street. Thirteen others, including eleven Iraqis are injured.
12/5/03 Russia Yessentuki 44 150 Mujahideen suicide bomber detonates explosive on a Russian commuter train carrying civilians to work. At forty-four people, including children eventually die and about one-hundred and fifty others are injured.
12/4/03 Afghanistan Bukwakay 1 11 A UN worker was killed by a Taliban attack while conducting a census. Eleven others were injured.
12/4/03 Yemen al-Baidah 1 1 Regional governor survives assassination attempt by Islamic extremists, with injuries. His brother is murdered.
12/3/03 Philippines Muti 4 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists round up four villagers, line them up on a road and shoot them.
12/2/03 India Srinigar 0 21 Nineteen policeman and two civilians are injured when militant Muslims attack their station with grenades.
11/30/03 Iraq Tikrit 2 2 Two South Korean engineers are killed, and two others seriously wounded by Fedayeen terrorists while traveling in their vehicle.
11/30/03 Indonesia Poso 2 0 Two Hindu migrants are gunned down as they sat outside their house.
11/30/03 India Jammu 4 8 At least four people are killed, and eight injured when Muslim militants defy a brokered cease-fire and hijack two civilian vehicles.
11/29/03 India Wadna 1 4 Militant Muslims fire at a passenger vehicle, killing one and injuring four.
11/29/03 Iraq Suwayrah 7 1 Fedayeen ambush kills seven Spanish intelligence agents, riding in two cars, with grenades and automatic weapons.
11/29/03 Iraq Tikrit 3 0 Two Japanese diplomats, and their Iraqi driver are shot and killed by Fedayeen terrorists.
11/28/03 Algeria Djelfa 9 3 Nine people, including a Saudi prince, are ambushed and killed by Islamic extremists while on a hunting trip in the desert.
11/27/03 Philippines Barira 5 4 Five people in the middle of planning a wedding were killed, and four others injured when Moro Islamic Front terrorists strafe their house with gunfire.
11/27/03 India Srinigar 1 12 One person was killed, and twelve others injured when militants hurl a grenade into a busy intersection.
11/25/03 Israel Nablus 1 0 Assassination attempt by Palestinian gunmen on Nablus mayor, said to be working with Jews, leaves his brother dead.
11/25/03 India Anantnag 2 4 An assassination attempt on a Hindu politician by Muslim radicals leaves two people dead and four injured.
11/23/03 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A Muslim mob throws a concrete block in the way of a military vehicle, causing it two crash. The mob then drags the two soldiers out, beats them and then slits their throats.
11/22/03 Iraq Ba'quba 9 15 Six Iraqi policeman and three civilians are killed in a Fedayeen car bombing. More than fifteen others were injured.
11/22/03 Iraq Khan Bani Sa'ad 9 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills nine Iraqis and injures ten at a police station. A subsequent explosion in the same area injures at least two children.
11/22/03 Israel Jerusalem 2 0 Two Israelis are shot dead while guarding a construction site.
11/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 20 Four people were killed when Islamists hurled a grenade into a market stall that was selling alcohol. One of the dead was an 11-year old boy. Some twenty others were injured.
11/21/03 India Budgam 2 0 Two citizens are shot dead by Muslim militants. One in his house and the other as he was returning home from worship.
11/20/03 Turkey Istanbul 31 400 Coordinated Fedayeen suicide truck bombings, one near a British bank and the other outside the British consulate, kill more than thirty and injure over four-hundred people. Al-Qaeda and another Islamic group claim responsibility for the killing.
11/20/03 Iraq Kirkuk 4 6 At least four civilians are killed, and at least a half dozen injured, by bomb blast in Kurdish political headquarters.
11/19/03 Jordan Israeli Border 1 5 Jordanian truck driver fires rifle across the border into Israel, killing an Ecuadorian women and injuring four of her tourist companions.
11/19/03 Iraq Ramadi 2 1 Saddam calls again for Holy War. A child and one other person are then killed by a car bomb aimed at a pro-American Sunni leader.
11/19/03 Afghanistan Khost 14 23 Sustained Taliban rocket attack on an airport kills fourteen Afghans and injures at least twenty-three.
11/19/03 France Paris 2 0 Two Jews are brutally murdered by Muslims in separate attacks in Paris. One has his throat slit and eyes gouged while a 53-year old mother is stabbed 27 times in the neck and chest.
11/19/03 Algeria Henchir Toumeghni 2 3 Armed Islamists open fire in a café, killing a policeman and injuring several patrons. Elsewhere (El Aouana) a rural watchman dies in an ambush.
11/19/03 Bangladesh Chittagong 11 0 Eleven members of a Hindu family, including seven women and a newborn baby are burned alive by a Muslim mob that surrounded their home in the early morning hours.
11/18/03 Israel Gush Etzion Tunnel 2 0 Palestinian (al-Aqsa) gunman approaches checkpoint with an AK-47 concealed in a prayer mat, which he then uses to shoot two Israeli soldiers to death at point-blank range. He then flees.
11/18/03 India Srinigar 1 5 At least one person is killed, and more than five others injured when Islamic terrorists attack a hotel with bombs and automatic weapons.
11/17/03 India Tatagaon 3 0 Three civilians are killed in separate incidents (Anantnag & Tatagaon) by militant Muslims, including a young girl who was tortured and then killed.
11/16/03 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 Taliban terrorists shoot a female French aid worker to death in a motorbike attack.
11/16/03 India Gole Chakri 3 4 Terrorists lob a grenade into a military jeep on a crowded street. One SF personnel is killed and four other people, including two civilians, sustain injuries. Another ambush in Briyali leaves two SF dead.
11/15/03 Turkey Istanbul 23 257 Islamics attack two synagogues with car bombs, killing at least twenty-three and injuring over two-hundred and fifty. The victims included children and at least one pregnant woman.
11/15/03 Iraq Mosul 12 9 An RPG attack by militant Muslims results in two U.S. helicopters crashing, killing seventeen and injuring five.
11/15/03 India Hazratbal 2 6 Six worshippers are injured by bomb blast at one of India's holiest shrines. Elsewhere, in northern Kashmir, a man and his teen-age daughter are killed by militant Muslims.
11/14/03 India Kashmir 3 0 Three civilians, including a woman, are killed by Muslim terrorists in separate incidents (Gotapora, Srinigar, Pattan).
11/14/03 Ingushetia Troitskaya 5 10 Terrorists detonate bomb as Russian soldiers are conducting a house search. Five are killed and ten injured, three critically.
11/13/03 Iraq Balad 1 1 Sunni terrorists shoot a civilian contractor to death, and injure another in an attack on their vehicle.
11/12/03 Afghanistan Kunar 4 3 Taliban car bombing kills four and injures at least three Afghans.
11/12/03 Iraq Nasiriya 31 80 Over thirty people are killed, and about eighty injured when Fedayeen suicide bombers crash their cars through the gates of an Italian compound and detonate the explosives.
11/11/03 India Quil Muqam 2 0 Two civilians, including a woman, were killed by Islamic terrorists, who used them as human shields in a gun battle.
11/11/03 Iraq Basra 6 9 Six Iraqi civilians are killed, and nine injured in a car bomb blast in the Shiite city of Basra. School children were among the injured.
11/11/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One U.S. soldier is killed, and two others injured by a roadside terrorist bomb.
11/10/03 Philippines Basilan 1 3 Abu Sayyaf rebels ambush a routine patrol, killing one and injuring three.
11/10/03 India Badgam 2 0 Militant Muslims kill two civilians in their homes. One was a photographer, the other a farmer.
11/9/03 India Awantipora Chowk 5 0 Political activist gunned down by Islamic rebels - is the fifth political activist assassinated within the past week.
11/8/03 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Remote controlled bomb against a vehicle kills two U.S. soldiers and injures one.
11/8/03 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 17 122 Seventeen people, including five children are killed and one-hundred and twenty-two injured by al-Qaeda suicide bombing in a residential neighborhood.
11/8/03 Algeria Bouira 0 4 Four people are injured by Islamic extremists in two separate attacks using small-arms fire and a landmine.
11/8/03 Sudan Darfur 42 0 At least forty-two people are killed, and an unknown number wounded when Jihad militias attack 32 villages, burning houses and setting fire to crops.
11/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Six U.S. soldiers and judicial workers are killed when their helicopter is shot down during transport.
11/5/03 Iraq Mosul 3 9 Three Iraqis are killed, and at least nine other people are injured in two separate terrorist grenade attacks. The dead include a 10-year old boy.
11/5/03 India Tangmarg 3 0 Militant Muslims invade three homes and kill three civilians, including a mother.
11/5/03 Iraq Mahmudiya 1 2 Fedayeen grenade and small-arms attack kills one U.S. soldier and leaves two others injured.
11/4/03 Iraq Tikrit & Baghdad 2 2 Two U.S. soldiers killed and two wounded in separate terrorist bombing attacks.
11/4/03 India Hari Budda 3 2 Militant Muslims bomb a security patrol, then use small arms fire to kill at three and injure two others.
11/4/03 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Christian judge is assassinated in shooting attack. This occurs a day after another judge is kidnapped and murdered in Najaf
11/3/03 Saudi Arabia Mecca 2 1 At least two killed and one wounded in militant Islamic shooting attack in Mecca.
11/3/03 Iraq Karbala 2 4 Car bomb kills two Iraqis and injures four near a Shiite shrine.
11/2/03 Iraq Fallujah 16 20 Sixteen U.S. soldiers are killed and twenty injured when shoulder-launched missile downs their helicopter in the Sunni triangle.
11/2/03 Israel Nablus 1 5 Islamic Jihad bombing of a jeep, kills 1 Israeli soldier and leaves five others injured.
11/2/03 Iraq Falujah 2 0 Two civilian contractors are killed by bomb in their vehicle. Muslim mob celebrates.
11/1/03 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Roadside attack leaves two U.S. soldiers dead and two injured.
11/1/03 Bangladesh Jessore 1 3 The leader of a Ahmadiyya religious group is killed by radical Muslims in an attack that also injures several others.
10/29/03 Algeria Tipaza 3 0 Islamic extremists kill three civilians after stopping them on a road during Ramadan.
10/29/03 Iraq Balad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and one injured, by roadside bombing attack on their tank in the Sunni triangle.
10/29/03 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three Iraqi civilians killed, and at least two others injured in RPG terrorist attack on police station.
10/28/03 Algeria Adekar 2 0 Two Algerian soldiers are killed by a landmine planted by the country's Islamic fundamentalists during Ramadan.
10/28/03 India Khilani 3 7 Three members of a security patrol are killed, and seven others injured in bombing and small arms ambush by militant Muslims.
10/28/03 India Srinigar 3 32 Islamic rebels lob a grenade into a telegraph office, killing at least three civilians and injuring more than thirty.
10/28/03 Iraq Fallujah 3 6 Three people, including school children, are killed and an six injured by a Fedayeen car bombing.
10/28/03 India Akhnoor 2 8 Last surviving Muslim terrorist involved in the bridge bombing at Akhnoor opens indiscriminate fire on a family, killing two children and injuring eight.
10/28/03 Philippines Cotabato City 0 5 Five people are injured when suspected Jemaah Islamiah members bomb a Catholic church.
10/28/03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Editor of a pro-democracy newspaper gunned down by Islamists.
10/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 16 94 Fedayeen bombing attacks on the first day of Ramadan on three Iraqi police stations kills at least sixteen and leaves nearly one hundred injured.
10/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 11 20 At least eleven people are killed, and more that twenty injured, when a Fedayeen bomber targets the International Red Cross, a humanitarian organization helping Iraqis meet basic needs.
10/27/03 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Christian farmer killed by Jemmah Islamiah terrorists while working his field.
10/27/03 Philippines Tawi Tawi 5 0 Abu Sayyaf rebels abduct six foreign tourists from a Malaysian resort then use them as human shields in a gun battle. Five are killed.
10/27/03 India Gaghwal 4 1 First day of Ramadan in Kashmir sees Islamic terrorists blow up a railroad bridge, narrowly missing a civilian passenger train. Subsequent small arms leaves two civilians and two soldiers dead.
10/26/03 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 Muslim separatists kill a policeman and two defense volunteers, two days before a larger attack was planned.
10/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Baghdad's deputy mayor assassinated in a drive-by shooting.
10/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 15 Jihad rocket attack on a hotel injures 15 people and leaves a U.S. soldier on guard duty dead.
10/26/03 India Bijbehara 0 14 At least fourteen people are injured when Islamic militants hurl a grenade at a security patrol along a busy road.
10/26/03 India Kishtwar 1 9 Muslim militant hurls grenade into a bus stop, killing one civilian and injuring nine others.
10/25/03 Afghanistan Shkin 2 0 Two American contractors are killed in a Taliban ambush.
10/25/03 Iraq Habbaniya 3 2 Three civilians are killed and two others injured by Sunni bombing and small arms attack on their vehicle in the Sunni triangle..
10/24/03 Iraq Samarra 3 2 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and two others wounded by terrorist mortar attack in the Sunni triangle. In Mosul a soldier is killed while trying to protect food aid from being looted.
10/24/03 Israel Netzarim 3 2 Two Hamas (Islamic Resistance) terrorists infiltrate a Jewish settlement and then enter a barracks to go room from room shooting female soldiers as they slept.
10/24/03 Iraq Mosul 2 4 Sunni grenade attack kills two children and injures four others.
10/24/03 Iraq Amarah 1 0 Police chief is gunned down by Muslim terrorists as he leaves a mosque.
10/22/03 Israel Hebron 0 2 Two settlers are injured in a gun battle with Palestinian infiltrators.
10/21/03 Somalia Sheikh 2 0 A British couple who dedicated their lives to teaching in Africa are murdered by Islamic terrorists while sitting in their home.
10/20/03 India Srinigar 1 50 One person is killed and more than fifty injured when a Muslim throws a grenade into a crowded bus terminal.
10/20/03 Iraq Fallujah 3 5 Terrorist attack on a U.S. patrol leaves one soldier dead and five injured. Two Iraqi civilians are also killed.
10/19/03 Israel Ein Yabrud 3 1 Fatah gunmen ambush an Israeli unit guarding a settlement. Three are killed and one is injured.
10/19/03 Afghanistan Asadabad 4 5 A civilian pick-up truck is bombed by Taliban insurgents, killing the driver, his brother, and two children.
10/18/03 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Sunni RPG attack on a patrol leaves two U.S. soldiers dead and one injured.
10/18/03 Afghanistan Helmand 2 2 Two government troops are killed, and two wounded by a Taliban roadside bombing attack.
10/17/03 India Srinigar 3 11 Islamic militants attack the residence of a district prime minister, killing a civilian and two security personnel and injuring two civilians. Nine policemen are injured in the ensuing gun battle.
10/17/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One American soldier is killed, and two others injured by IED attack in the Sunni triangle.
10/17/03 Chechnya Grozny 1 1 A government official is killed after Muslim rebels place a bomb in his car.
10/16/03 Chechnya Achkoy-Martan 0 4 Four people are injured, one seriously, by terrorist bombing of a café.
10/16/03 Iraq Karbala 5 7 Five policemen (including three Americans) were killed and seven wounded by terrorists in an RPG attack and gun battle.
10/15/03 Israel Gaza 3 1 Three American security guards are killed by a terrorist bombing on their car in Gaza.
10/15/03 Algeria Barber 1 2 One municipal guard is killed, and two others injured by terrorist bomb set by fundamentalists.
10/14/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Fedayeen car bomber kills a bystander and injures at least three others outside the Turkish embassy.
10/13/03 India Chalas 2 2 Muslim separatists fire a rocket into a family home, killing a Hindu woman and her 4-year old child. Two other family members were injured.
10/13/03 Iraq Beiji 1 1 One American is killed, and another injured, by landmine while on patrol at oil refinery.
10/13/03 Chechnya Shatoi 9 0 Militant Muslim attacks on outposts and a convoy leave nine Russians dead and an unknown number injured.
10/13/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 RPG attack on a patrol kills one U.S. soldier and injures two others.
10/12/03 Afghanistan Zabul 8 2 80 Taliban fighters on motorbikes attack two government buildings, killing eight people and injuring at least two.
10/12/03 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two Iraqi Christians killed by Jihadists (2003).
10/12/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Six people are killed by Fedayeen car-bombing of a hotel. At least thirty-two others are injured.
10/11/03 Indonesia Sulawesi 8 24 Muslim gunmen attack Christian villagers, killing eight, injuring dozens more and burning at least one church.
10/10/03 Iraq Baiji 2 4 Roadside bombing against a bus kills two oil company employees and seriously injures four more.
10/9/03 Indonesia Poso 2 0 Armed Muslims kill at least two Christian villagers and burn homes.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and four more injured, by a terrorist ambush on their vehicle.
10/9/03 Israel Tulkarm 1 2 One dead, two injured, by a 17-year old suicide bomber sent from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Spanish diplomat assassinated by Muslim terrorists.
10/9/03 Algeria Batna 1 0 Algerian policeman has his throat slit by Islamic extremists at a roadblock.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 32 Eight Iraqis are killed when a two Fedayeen drive their car, packed with explosives, into a police station. More than thirty are injured.
10/8/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 One Iraqi policeman is killed, and another badly wounded, by a terrorist RPG attack on their checkpoint.
10/7/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 One Iraqi employee is killed, and another injured, by al-Qaeda mortar attack on a government building.
10/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 In separate roadside bombing attacks, three U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter are killed while riding in convoys and another three injured.
10/7/03 Philippines Manila 3 3 Jailed Abu Sayyaf terrorist kills three policemen who were attempting to negotiate the release of hostages.
10/7/03 Lebanon Israeli Border 1 0 A Lebanese boy is killed when Hezbollah missiles, intended for Israel, fall short.
10/7/03 India Ganeshphora 3 2 Explosive device planted by militant Muslims detonates on a bridge, killing two BSF and injuring three.
10/6/03 Israel Metullah 1 1 Hezbollah snipers fire from southern Lebanon and kill an Israeli soldier.
10/5/03 Afghanistan Lashgargah 2 3 Taliban attack on an Afghan military post kills two and injures three.
10/5/03 Somalia Boorama 1 0 60-year old Italian medical missionary, a woman honored by the U.N. for her work with refugees, is shot twice in the head while leaving a hospital.
10/5/03 Algeria Beni Bouateb 1 0 Armed Islamic extremists kill a communal guard for a small village.
10/5/03 Pakistan Islamabad 5 0 Five people riding in a government vehicle, including a Sunni leader, are assassinated by gunmen.
10/4/03 India Rowshera 0 6 Six Hindus are injured when Muslim terrorists open fire on them as they were returning from temple.
10/4/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 One U.S. soldier killed and another injured by RPG terrorist attack in the Sunni triangle.
10/4/03 Israel Haifa 19 55 Nineteen people are killed and more than fifty wounded by a Islamic Jihad bomber in a restaurant. Three children were among the dead.
10/4/03 India Suidhar 2 1 Militant Muslims open fire on a group of civilians, killing two and injuring one.
10/3/03 Pakistan Quetta 1 2 Rocket attack by fundamentalists on a train kills the engine driver and injures two other employees.
10/3/03 Philippines Midsayap 4 20 At least four people are killed and over twenty injured when a Muslim separatist hurls a grenade into a Mosque hosting government officials.
10/3/03 Pakistan Karachi 6 8 Motorcycle shooting attack by Sunnis on a bus carrying Shiites on their way to worship leaves at least six dead and eight injured.
10/3/03 India Pulwama 3 0 Militant Muslims kill three civilians in separate incidents (Budhan, Kreeri Bazaar, Wudar Bala)
10/3/03 Afghanistan Kabul 2 3 Two Canadian peacekeepers are killed, and three injured, by Taliban landmines targeting the patrol.
10/3/03 Iraq Baghdad 0 5 Five Iraqis, including four teenagers, are injured by Sunni grenade attack.
10/3/03 Iraq Tikrit 2 0 Two Iraqis are killed by a bomb placed in a traffic circle.
10/2/03 Chechnya Shali 2 0 Muslim extremists open fire on a vehicle carrying a local mayor and his son. Both are killed in the attack.
10/1/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 A female driver is killed and two other U.S. soldiers are injured by a roadside bomb in the Sunni triangle.
10/1/03 India Thuru 1 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists shoot and kill an unarmed youth, whose brother was also injured in the attack.
10/1/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Sunni terrorist kills a U.S. soldier on patrol in a Baghdad neighborhood. One other injured.
9/30/03 Dagestan Unknown 5 0 Jihad attack on police vehicle leaves five dead.
9/30/03 India Surankote 1 4 Lashker-e-Toiba Fedayeen attack on a police station kills one and injures four.
9/30/03 India Srinigar 0 19 Nineteen people are injured when militant Muslims throw a grenade into a bus stop.
9/30/03 Algeria Montgorno 8 3 Islamic fundamentalists ambush Algerian military convoy. Eight soldiers are killed and three injured.
9/29/03 Iraq Habbaniya 1 1 Terrorist bombing and small arms attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and another injured.
9/28/03 Kosovo Bresje 2 39 Albanian Muslims shoot grenades into a Serbian marketplace, killing two and injuring thirty-nine.
9/27/03 Afghanistan Sangin 7 0 Taliban attack kills seven Afghan bodyguards of local governor.
9/27/03 Pakistan Karachi 0 10 Ten people are injured when a bomb goes off on a bus.
9/26/03 Iraq Baqouba 9 15 Mortar attack on a crowded marketplace kills nine and injures at least fifteen.
9/26/03 Israel Negahot 2 2 Palestinian gunman infiltrates a settlement, randomly picks a house, and then proceeds to shoot the residents, including an infant girl.
9/26/03 Bangladesh Fatullah 1 10 One businessman is killed and ten others people are injured in an attack by militant fundamentalists (Hizbut Touheed).
9/25/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 RPG attack on a military vehicle in the Sunni triangle kills one U.S. soldier and leaves two other injured.
9/25/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Female member of the Iraqi governing council dies five days after terrorists ambush her vehicle. Her two bodyguards were severely injured.
9/25/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One Somali is killed, and two other civilians injured, by a bomb placed at a hotel housing Western journalists.
9/24/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 18 Bus bombing kills one civilian and injures eighteen.
9/24/03 Afghanistan Helmand 2 1 Taliban attack and kill two local humanitarian aid workers.
9/24/03 Iraq Mosul 2 8 Grenade attack on a cinema kills two patrons and injures eight.
9/23/03 India Chak Banola 2 0 Militant Muslims kill a man and his son in their home.
9/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 16 Suicide bomber kills one other person and injures sixteen in an explosion outside UN headquarters.
9/22/03 Israel Jerusalem 2 16 A female suicide bomber motions over two Israeli policemen and then kills them. Sixteen passersby are also injured.
9/21/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Terrorist mortar bombing of a prison kills two U.S. military policemen and injured thirteen others.
9/21/03 India Thannamandi 2 0 Muslim terrorists invade a home, dragging out the husband and wife inside, then hanging them.
9/21/03 India Rajouri 4 27 Bomb planted by Muslim terrorists in a video camera explodes in a marketplace, killing four and injuring twenty-seven.
9/19/03 Algeria Boumerdes 1 0 Man who repented his Islamic beliefs killed by armed Islamists.
9/18/03 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 0 Taliban car bomb kills four in front of the home of a local police commander.
9/18/03 Iraq Tikrit 3 2 Three U.S. soldiers are killed in a Sunni terrorist ambush and two others are injured.
9/17/03 Algeria Oued Djemaa 9 0 Nine Algerian soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic fundamentalists.
9/17/03 India Chak Nutnusa 2 1 Terrorists invade a home and open fire on a family. A man and his son are killed, his daughter is injured.
9/17/03 India Laam 2 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists attack a security patrol with an IED. The device kills two and injures one other.
9/16/03 India Khanyar 1 7 One civilian is killed in a blast engineered by a Muslim terrorist group. Seven other people are injured.
9/15/03 Campo Uno Philippines 2 0 Muslim rebels ambush a group of civilians, killing a teacher and his student.
9/15/03 Iraq Mosul 1 13 Militants hurl grenade at Albanian soldiers, one is killed and thirteen Iraqi bystanders are injured.
9/15/03 Russia Magas 3 25 Fidayeen truck bombing kills at least three people and injures more than twenty-five others.
9/15/03 Iraq Khaldiyah 1 2 Iraqi police chief killed in a Sunni ambush. Two others badly injured.
9/14/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 3 Sunni roadside bomb attack kills one U.S. soldier and injures three others.
9/14/03 India Sam Samad 2 0 Two government teachers are killed by militant Muslims, one of whom was abducted and beheaded.
9/13/03 India Bijbehara 2 14 Two civilians are killed, and another fourteen injured, by a IED explosion set by militant Muslims.
9/13/03 India Neelidori 4 6 Four security force personnel are killed, and five more wounded, in a Fidayeen attack.
9/13/03 India Hajan 3 8 Three people, including a former member of parliament, are killed and eight wounded in a terrorist attack.
9/11/03 India Srinagar 2 14 al-Umar Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a busy market, killing a woman and injuring at least fourteen other people. One of the injured later dies in hospital.
9/9/03 India Doda 1 7 One young girl is killed and seven other people injured in a grenade attack by militant Muslims on a market.
9/9/03 Israel Tel Aviv 8 15 Eight people are killed and fifteen injured when a Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber dressed as an Israeli soldier detonates a suicide bomb at a bus stop.
9/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Roadside bomb kills one U.S. soldier and injures one other.
9/9/03 Israel Jerusalem 7 50 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber detonates explosives outside a café. Seven patron are killed and at least fifty injured.
9/9/03 Iraq Arbil 3 41 Three Iraqis, including a 12-year old boy, are killed and more than forty others injured by a suicide bomber targeting an American intelligence office.
9/9/03 India Sopat 1 1 Muslim terrorists attempt to assassinate a political figure. One bodyguard is killed and another injured.
9/8/03 Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot 5 5 Taliban attack on a pick-up truck kills five Afghan soldiers and leaves another five injured.
9/8/03 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 1 Taliban insurgents stop a Danish relief vehicle carrying aid workers for a refugee project. They tie up five of them and then execute four with AK-47s.
9/6/03 India Srinigar 7 37 Muslim car-bombing in a fruit market kills at least seven and injures over thirty-seven.
9/5/03 Iraq al-Shab City 0 3 Three Sunnis are injured by Shia shooting attack on a mosque.
9/5/03 Afghanistan Nangrahar 2 19 Two people are killed and another nineteen injured when terrorists throw grenades at a wedding party.
9/5/03 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A dedicated humanitarian and father of three is killed in a Sunni terrorist ambush while working for a charity organization that was working to clear mines in civilian areas.
9/5/03 Algeria Mizrana Forest 2 3 Islamic fundamentalists kill two Algerian soldiers and injure three others in a bombing.
9/4/03 Pakistan Karachi 5 0 Five people attending a funeral for two slain political activists are shot to death in a terrorist attack.
9/4/03 India Poonch 1 2 An Indian woman is killed, and her two children injured, in a failed Fedayeen suicide attack on a military building.
9/4/03 Israel Jenin 1 4 Palestinian gunmen kill an Israeli soldier and injure four more.
9/3/03 India Chamalwas 5 0 Militant Muslims break up a wedding party and kill five members of the same family including a child.
9/3/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 2 Fedayeen suicide bombing kills an Iraqi interpreter and injures two U.S. soldiers.
9/3/03 Russia Kislovodsk 5 29 Mujahideen terrorist bombing of a commuter train leaves five civilians dead and about thirty injured.
9/2/03 India Awantipura 1 20 Terrorist bombing of a bus kills the driver and injures twenty passengers, including three women.
9/2/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 10 One Iraqi policeman was killed, and at least ten bystanders were injured when a car bomb exploded outside a police station.
9/2/03 India Alla Kala 3 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill five members of the same family in a home invasion, including a mother and her 14-year old son.
9/2/03 India Udhampur 4 0 Four civilians, including a father and his two sons, are shot to death by militant Muslim terrorists.
9/2/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two political activists murdered in a shooting attack by Islamic radicals.
9/1/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Sunni roadside bomb kills two U.S. military policemen and injures one other.
9/1/03 India Jawahar Tunnel 1 3 Bomb disposal specialist is killed, and three other people wounded, while attempting to defuse terrorist bomb.
8/31/03 Kosovo Gnjilane 1 5 Terrorist grenade attack kills one Serbian, leaves five others injured.
8/31/03 Sudan Habila 30 0 The Muslim Republic drops bombs on an African village earlier in the month, killing at least thirty civilians. (2003)
8/29/03 Iraq Najaf 85 142 At least eighty-five people are killed in a car bombing by radical Islamists for the purpose of assassinating a moderate Shi'ite cleric. At least one-hundred forty others are injured.
8/29/03 Israel Ramallah 1 1 Israeli couple is attacked by Palestinian gunmen while driving. The husband is killed and his 24-year old pregnant wife badly injured.
8/29/03 Iraq Baqouba 1 4 One U.S. soldier is killed, and four others wounded, by Sunni terrorists in grenade attack.
8/28/03 India Bijbehara 1 2 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a police vehicle, it misses, killing a bystander instead and injuring two others.
8/28/03 India Srinigar 4 0 Three civilians were killed, along with a security officer, and an unknown number injured when Islamic terrorists attack a Hotel with grenades and firearms.
8/28/03 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 3 0 Three Afghan soldiers killed by a Taliban attack on a remote checkpoint.
8/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Roadside terrorist bomb kills one U.S. soldier. Two others are injured.
8/27/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 3 Sunni attack on convoy leaves one U.S. soldier dead and three others injured.
8/27/03 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 1 Islamic extremists place bomb on the roof of a car carrying a Russian minister. The minister is killed and his driver badly injured.
8/26/03 Iraq Hamariyah 1 2 Sunni IED explodes, killing one U.S. soldier and injuring two more.
8/26/03 Chechnya Grozny 3 0 Three policemen were killed in a terrorist RPG attack.
8/25/03 India Mumbai 51 156 Two terrorist bombs in civilian areas kill at least fifty-one people and injure more than one-hundred and fifty. Muslim student group behind the attack.
8/25/03 Russia Krasnodar 3 17 Three people were killed in a series of bombings at a café and bus stop by Muslim terrorists.
8/24/03 Iraq Najaf 3 10 Terrorists bomb the house of a Shi'ite leader, targeted for his moderate views. The cleric survived, but three others are killed and ten injured.
8/23/03 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen gunmen ambush a British vehicle with a flatbed truck, kill three and wound one.
8/23/03 Afghanistan Dai Chupan 5 0 Taliban attack on a truck carrying government soldiers leaves at least five dead.
8/22/03 Pakistan Hyderabad 0 5 Five people injured by a bomb placed under a restaurant.
8/22/03 Philippines Barangay Matarling 1 4 Abu Sayyaf gunmen attack the house of a 37-year old Christian woman. They kill her and injure four members of her family.
8/21/03 Chechnya Grozny 9 2 Muslim car bomb kills nine Russian soldiers and injures two more.
8/21/03 Afghanistan Shkin 1 1 A U.S. soldier is killed, and one other wounded, by a Taliban terrorist bomb.
8/20/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 An American interpreter is killed by a Sunni sniper and RPG attack, two others are injured.
8/20/03 Iraq Diwaniya 1 1 One U.S. soldier is killed, and another wounded, by terrorist ambush.
8/19/03 Israel Jerusalem 20 100 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) take credit for blowing up a civilian bus killing at least twenty, including five children and a mother of thirteen (along with her five-month old baby), and injuring more than one hundred, including about forty children.
8/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 23 100 At least twenty-three people are killed, and more than one-hundred injured, by Fedayeen suicide bombing attack on a hotel.
8/18/03 Afghanistan Kharwar 10 0 Ten Afghan policeman, returning from a funeral, were ambushed and killed by Taliban fundamentalists.
8/18/03 India Kashmir 3 0 In separate incidents, Muslim terrorists kill three civilians, including the elderly father of a police constable. (Damhal Khushipora, Morha Handa, Bumlakhi).
8/17/03 Afghanistan Barmal (Patika) 7 0 A large-scale attack on a police station in southeastern Afghanistan by Taliban insurgents leaves seven Afghans dead.
8/16/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shia, both career professionals, are gunned down by Sunni assassins. Interestingly, the Shiites retaliate against KFC.
8/16/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 59 Six Iraqis are killed and nearly sixty injured by attempted terrorist attack on a U.S. position using mortar bombs.
8/14/03 India Bandipore 2 40 Muslim militants plant a bomb on a bicycle that goes off killing at least two and injuring more than forty.
8/14/03 Iraq Zubair 1 2 Terrorist attack on a military ambulance kills one British soldier and leaves two others badly injured.
8/14/03 India Khudwani 1 7 Grenade lobbed by Muslim terrorists at a police station bounces into passersby, killing one and injuring another seven.
8/14/03 Chechnya Samachki 2 10 Two Russian soldiers are killed and ten others wounded in attack by Fedayeen terrorists.
8/13/03 Chechnya Vedeno 5 3 Five Russians are killed and three injured in IED attack.
8/13/03 Kosovo Gorazdevac 2 4 Kosovo Muslims waiting in the bushes with automatic weapons ambush Serbian boys (ages 10 to 20) who were returning from a swimming trip. Two are killed and four injured.
8/13/03 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 3 2 al-Qaeda gunmen kill three security force personnel and injure two in a shootout.
8/13/03 Afghanistan Kabul 2 1 Two Islamic university students are killed and another injured when a bomb that they were making for a terrorist attack explodes prematurely.
8/13/03 Iraq Ad Dwar 1 1 Terrorist IED attack in the Sunni triangle leaves one U.S. soldier dead and another injured.
8/13/03 Afghanistan Lashkargah 15 5 Taliban bomb on a passenger bus kills fifteen, including six children.
8/12/03 Israel Ariel 1 2 Hamas suicide bomber kills one Israeli civilian and injures two others
8/12/03 Israel Tel Aviv 1 10 Fatah suicide bomber kills a 42 year-old father of two in a shopping mall. Several others are injured.
8/12/03 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 3 Two Red Crescent aid workers are killed and three others wounded when their ambulance (bearing the insignia of the Red Cross, however) is attacked by Taliban loyalists.
8/11/03 Iraq Baquba 1 2 Terrorist bombing in the Sunni triangle leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others injured.
8/11/03 Israel Shlomi 1 4 Hezbollah rocket attack on a village kills a 16 year-old and leaves four other civilians injured.
8/10/03 India Kupwara 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Muslim terrorists. One is shot in his home (Drubgam), the other is abducted and later killed (Kandi Khas).
8/10/03 Pakistan Lahore 5 0 Five women were murdered in their home by a man who 'doubted their modesty (Muslim 'honor' killing).
8/9/03 Pakistan Karachi 5 0 Five brothers shot to death in an armed attack outside a mosque.
8/7/03 India Tral & Dhok 3 0 Islamic militants abduct and kill two citizens from Tral. In Dhok, they kill another civilian in his house.
8/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier killed by Sunni sniper while on guard duty.
8/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 16 43 At least sixteen people are confirmed dead and more than forty injured by a terrorist car bomb that exploded outside the Jordanian embassy.
8/7/03 India Srinagar 2 5 Militant Islamic grenade attack on a military vehicle in a crowded marketplace kills two and injures at least five.
8/7/03 Afghanistan Desho 7 0 Six Afghan soldiers and a driver are killed by a Taliban attack on a government building.
8/7/03 Ingushetia Border 6 7 Jihad ambush on a vehicle kills six soldiers on routine patrol and injures another seven.
8/6/03 USA Houston, TX 1 0 After undergoing a religious revival, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4" butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.
8/5/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 0 American oil worker killed by remote-controlled bomb.
8/5/03 Indonesia Jakarta 14 100 A successful Jemaah Islamiyah suicide attack on a Western hotel in Jakarta kills ten and injures over one hundred people.
8/3/03 Israel Jerusalem 0 4 Palestinian gunmen open up on a car carrying a mother and three children. All were wounded in the attack.
8/3/03 Algeria Chlef 3 0 Islamic extremists stop a civilian vehicle, spray it with machine-gun fire, then slit the throats of the three occupants.
8/2/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, along with an Iraqi interpreter, when Sunni terrorist detonate a landmine under their vehicle.
8/1/03 Russia Mozdok 50 100 Muslim suicide bomber drives into a hospital and kills at least fifty. More than one hundred are injured in the blast.
7/31/03 Algeria Jijel 3 3 Islamic fundamentalists attack a group of civilians. Three are killed and three injured.
7/31/03 Chechnya Pervomayskoy 4 0 Four federal investigators are killed by a terrorist attack in Chechnya.
7/31/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 One U.S. soldier killed and three others injured by Sunni landmine.
7/30/03 Iraq Ba'qubah 1 2 Sunni attack kills one U.S. soldier and injures two others.
7/30/03 Afghanistan Paktika 1 2 A civilian was killed in his home by a Taliban bombing that also injured two policemen.
7/29/03 Philippines Patikul 3 0 Three civilians are gunned down by Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippines.
7/29/03 Afghanistan Spin Kotal 1 1 Taliban elements attack an international relief agency vehicle and kill the driver.
7/29/03 Afghanistan Nakhohni 1 0 Religious cleric assassinated by Taliban gunmen.
7/29/03 Chechnya Ingushetia 5 0 Terrorist landmine kills five Russians.
7/29/03 Algeria Sahara 1 0 German woman, one of fifteen hostages held by Islamic fundamentalists in the Sahara desert, dies of heat stroke.
7/29/03 India Bandipore 1 1 Militant Muslims invade a civilian's home. They kill one of the resident's daughters and injure another.
7/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Jihad grenade attack kills two U.S. soldiers and injures a third.
7/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni terrorist drops grenade from an overpass onto a passing vehicle. One U.S. soldier is killed and three are injured.
7/28/03 India Mumbai 2 47 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists plant a bomb on a passenger bus, killing two and injuring at least forty-seven.
7/27/03 Pakistan Miranshah 0 9 Islamic fundamentalists detonate a bomb under a vehicle at a crowded bazaar. Nine people are injured.
7/27/03 Afghanistan Girishk 6 0 Six afghan policeman are killed in an al-Qaeda attack on their vehicle.
7/26/03 Iraq Ba-qubah 3 4 Sunni terrorist throws grenade into crowd of soldiers guarding a children's hospital from looters. Three are killed and four badly injured.
7/26/03 Chechnya Grozny 1 1 Muslim militants attempt a political assassination, leaving one dead and one injured.
7/25/03 Kosovo Kosovska Mitrovica 1 4 Grenade attack on police station kills one and injures four.
7/25/03 India Various 4 0 In separate incidents (Saliya, Khandaypora, Kathsoo, Barath) Muslim terrorists target and kill four civilians.
7/25/03 Sudan Shoba East 42 10 Government troops and Arab militias loot and destroy two African villages, killing at least forty-two civilians.
7/24/03 Iraq Qayyarah 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by Fedayeen ambush on a convoy.
7/23/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 2 Sunni attack on convoy kills one U.S. soldier, leaves two others injured.
7/23/03 Iraq Mosul 1 6 Terrorist landmine kills one and injures six other U.S. soldiers on patrol.
7/22/03 Iraq Hilla 1 1 Shooting attack on a plainly marked Red Cross vehicle kills one staff member and injures the driver.
7/22/03 India Aknoor 8 12 Fedayeen suicide attack on an Indian army camp kills eight and wounds at least a dozen.
7/22/03 India Banganga 7 42 Brazen terrorist attack by Muslim militants on a crowd of Hindu villagers who had gathered to receive food kills at least seven and injures more than forty.
7/21/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Sunni attack kills U.S. soldier and Iraqi interpreter. Three others are injured.
7/21/03 Chechnya Assinovskya 1 4 Bus bombing kills one policeman and seriously injures four others.
7/20/03 Iraq Tel Afar 2 1 RPG and small arms fire ambush on a convoy kills two U.S. soldiers and injures one.
7/19/03 India Nag Batra & Khour 2 1 In two separate attacks Islamic terrorists kill two villagers and injure a young girl.
7/19/03 India Tral 0 19 Nineteen people are injured when Muslim militant hurls grenade into a crowded marketplace.
7/18/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 Homemade terrorist bomb kills U.S soldier.
7/18/03 Afghanistan Khost 8 1 Eight Afghan soldiers are killed by Taliban militants in a mine explosion.
7/17/03 Chechnya Khasavyurt 4 15 Two police personnel, a pregnant woman and a child were killed in a terrorist bombing by Muslim rebels. Fifteen others were injured.
7/17/03 India Harong 3 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists drag three Hindu villagers, including a woman, out of their houses and execute them.
7/17/03 Algeria Skikda 4 0 Four civilians killed by Islamic extremists at a roadblock.
7/17/03 Dagestan Unknown 3 0 Terrorist bombing near a police station kills at least three people, including a pregnant woman.
7/16/03 Iraq Hadithah 2 0 Pro-American mayor is shot to death, along with his son, while sitting in his car.
7/16/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Terrorist grenade attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others wounded.
7/15/03 Israel Tel Aviv 1 2 al-Aqsa Fatah terrorist stabs three civilians, including one woman. The Israeli killed used his body to successfully shield the woman from the Muslim's knife.
7/15/03 India Bomthan 4 0 Islamic terrorists kill four civilians in four separate encounters (Bomthan, Zadoora, Tampora and SM Pura) on the same day.
7/14/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Fedayeen attack on a routine patrol leaves one U.S. soldier dead and six injured.
7/14/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 2 Taliban attack on a police station with automatic weapons kills five and injures at least two.
7/14/03 Algeria Tizi Ouzo 3 0 Islamic extremists ambush a truck and kill three bank employees riding inside.
7/13/03 India Surankote and Mendhar 3 0 Three civilians are killed in their homes by Muslim militants.
7/13/03 India Machil 2 0 Militant Muslim attack on a security patrol leaves two SF personnel dead.
7/12/03 Chechnya Shatoi 9 5 Fedayeen fighters ambush a patrol vehicle with a landmine then rush in with automatic weapons and grenades. Nine Russians are dead and five injured.
7/12/03 Chechnya Alkhan-Kala 3 2 Three sappers are killed in a terrorist bombing attack.
7/12/03 Chechnya Benoi-Vedeno 3 3 Terrorist landmine kills three Russian servicemen and leaves another three injured.
7/12/03 India Chak Banola 1 3 A militant Muslim group attacks a police station, killing one of the officers and injuring three others.
7/11/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two office workers are killed in Islamic bombing attack against a Crown Plaza building.
7/10/03 India Southern Doda 2 0 Muslim militants kill a civilian and one of their own who was attempting to surrender.
7/10/03 Russia Moscow 1 0 Security officer attempting to defuse a female Fediyeen's bomb is killed.
7/10/03 Philippines Koronadal City 3 29 Three people, including two children, are killed and about two dozen others wounded by a Moro Islamic terrorist bombing in a marketplace.
7/10/03 Indonesia Kawua 0 5 A Christian-owned restaurant is bombed. Five people suffer injuries including a child.
7/10/03 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Muslims attack and shoot a Christian to death as he was working his farm.
7/10/03 Iran Tehran 1 0 The Iranian government beats a Canadian journalist to death, who was imprisoned for taking pictures of student protesters.
7/9/03 Iraq Tikrit & Mahmudiyah 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in separate ambushes by Fediyeen elements.
7/9/03 India Kulgam 1 0 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists assassinate political activist.
7/8/03 Israel Kfar Yavetz 1 3 Suicide bomber identifying himself as Islamic Jihad kills a 65-year old grandmother of twenty watching TV in her house. Three of her grandchildren are injured.
7/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Homemade bomb thrown at military vehicle, killing a U.S. soldier on routine patrol.
7/7/03 India Nowshahra 5 1 Three Islamic gunmen open fire on a group of Hindu villagers, killing five and critically injuring one.
7/6/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier guarding Baghdad University is shot in the back and killed.
7/6/03 Israel Ramallah 1 0 Palestinian terrorists shoot and kill a 35-year old man suspected of being an Israeli collaborator.
7/6/03 Chechnya Grozny 3 2 Bomb planted by Muslim rebels in a passenger car kills three policemen and injures two.
7/5/03 Russia Moscow 14 24 Two Fediyeen suicide bombers, both female, kill fourteen young people and injure at least two dozen others attending a rock concert.
7/5/03 Iraq Ramadi 7 40 Jihad terrorist bombing leaves seven Iraqi police recruits dead. More than forty are injured.
7/5/03 Pakistan Ranala Kot 1 0 Catholic priest, who received death threats from fundamentalist Muslims, is shot and killed in his home.
7/5/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 24-year old British journalist shot in the back of the head by Fediyeen assassin outside a museum.
7/5/03 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 3 0 Three government officials killed by Islamic fundamentalists at a roadblock
7/4/03 India Larnu 4 20 Islamic terrorists toss a grenade and open fire into a political meeting, killing two people and wounding twenty. Two others later die of injuries.
7/4/03 Pakistan Quetta 53 60 Sunni attack on a Shia Mosque, involving suicide bombers and automatic weapons, leaves fifty-three worshipers dead and at least sixty more injured.
7/3/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier guarding the National Museum is gunned down by a sniper.
6/30/03 Israel Jenin 1 0 One day after agreeing to a cease-fire, Fatah gunmen open up on a truck carrying foreign construction workers. One Bulgarian is killed.
6/30/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 2 Terrorist grenade attack on a vehicle leaves four U.S. troops dead and two wounded.
6/30/03 India Seri Chawana 2 1 Two civilians killed by Muslim terrorists, one other is injured.
6/30/03 Iraq Fallujah 5 15 Explosives hidden in a Mosque for use against American explode prematurely killing at least five and injuring more than fifteen.
6/30/03 Chechnya Starye Atagi 4 8 Terrorist attack on an administrative building leaves four dead and eight wounded.
6/28/03 India Jammu 12 8 Fedayeen suicide attack on a military barracks kills twelve men and injures seven. Most of the victims were sleeping when attacked.
6/28/03 India Chalpora Wadipora 1 0 Civilian kidnapped, tortured and killed by Muslim terrorists.
6/28/03 Algeria El Milia 1 0 Former Islamist, who renounced extremists views, is kidnapped by Islamists and is murdered by having his throat cut.
6/26/03 Israel Baqa al-Gharbiya 1 0 Israeli security guard is shot and killed by an Arab youth sent by al-Aqsa martyrs brigade.
6/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Explosive device near a truck carrying Iraqi electrical workers kills one and injures one.
6/25/03 Algeria Tablat 8 1 Islamic fundamentalists kill eight villagers, including six children. They also kidnap a 24-year old woman.
6/25/03 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 1 Taliban ambush a military vehicle in route and kill two of the occupants with point-blank machine gun fire.
6/25/03 India Kulgam 2 1 Muslim terrorist attack on a remote army camp kills two and injures one.
6/25/03 India Wagbal & Kishtwar 2 0 Two civilians are killed by Muslim terrorists in separate incidents. One involved a home invasion and the other was a shepherd who was abducted while grazing his cattle.
6/24/03 Iraq Amarah 6 8 Six British military policemen are murdered by a Shiite mob. Eight others are wounded in the attack.
6/23/03 India Lassipora 3 1 Terrorists invade the home of an 80-year old man and kill him along with his son and daughter-in-law.
6/23/03 India Pulwama 2 33 Muslim militants explode a bomb near a crowded bus, killing two civilians and injuring thirty-three others.
6/23/03 Israel Gaza 4 4 Four are killed, four others injured when a bomb carried by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade explodes prematurely.
6/21/03 Algeria Merjet el-Abed 5 0 Five members of the same family, including three children were slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists in an attack on a village.
6/20/03 Israel Ofra 1 3 Israeli-American is killed by Hamas (Islamic Resistance) gunmen when driving through the West Bank with his elderly parents (also shot) and his wife.
6/20/03 Chechnya Grozny 6 36 Suicide bombing by two Muslims kills six policeman and injures at least three dozen civilians.
6/20/03 India Pulwama 0 27 Mujahideen grenade attack in a crowded marketplace injures twenty-seven.
6/20/03 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Shia leader gunned down by Sunni rivals.
6/20/03 India Dodi & Samot 2 0 In separate incidents, two women are abducted and killed by Muslim terrorists. One was shot to death and the other had poison injected into her.
6/20/03 Algeria Theniet el-Abed 1 3 One killed and three others injured by a bomb set by Islamic fundamentalists.
6/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Fedayeen attack on an ambulance kills one U.S. soldier and injures two more.
6/19/03 Algeria El Ancer 4 0 Four people killed by armed Islamic extremists in an attack on a civilian vehicle.
6/19/03 Israel Moshav Sde Terumot 1 0 Father of six working in his grocery is killed by an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber.
6/18/03 Chechnya Grozny 4 1 Shooting attack on a car by Muslim militants leaves four dead and one wounded.
6/17/03 India Khiram & Shopian 3 3 In separate incidents, Muslim militants assassinate the son of a local politician in his home then kill two more people by setting a bomb in a market district.
6/17/03 Israel Kibbutz Eyal 1 3 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian car, killing a 7-year old girl and wounding her 3-year old sister along with her brother and grandfather.
6/16/03 Algeria Tizi N'Tleta 4 1 Four policemen are killed, and another injured, by terrorist bombing.
6/16/03 India Mangota 1 0 Terrorists invade a home and kill one of the women living there.
6/14/03 Algeria El-Youssoufia 8 2 Attack by armed Islamic group leaves eight security force personnel dead and two wounded.
6/13/03 India Kupwara 3 1 Mujahideen militants kill three civilians, including two women, after forcing their way into a home.
6/13/03 India Kokernag 2 5 Terrorist blast kills two Indian soldiers and injures five more.
6/12/03 Afghanistan Terin Kot 9 6 Nine Sunni Muslims were killed and at least six others wounded in a religiously motivated attack by followers of the Shiite Muslim faith.
6/12/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 In separate incidents a Sunni activist and a civil engineer are killed in sectarian violence.
6/12/03 Algeria M'sila 2 0 Two people, including a deputy mayor are assassinated by armed Islamists.
6/12/03 Algeria Batna 3 0 Islamic extremists slit the throats of three captured civilians.
6/11/03 Israel Jerusalem 16 112 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber, disguised as an Orthodox Jew blows up a bus, killing sixteen and injuring at least one-hundred and twelve.
6/9/03 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 2 9 Mujahideen bomb attack kills two policeman and injures nine more.
6/8/03 Israel Erez 5 4 Gunmen from three different Islamic terrorist groups, disguised as IDF soldiers, open fire on a checkpoint in Gaza, killing four soldiers and wounding four others. A fifth soldier is killed in Hebron.
6/8/03 Nigeria Numan 1 0 Female Christian pastor stabbed to death by a radical Muslim as she was returning home from work (2003).
6/8/03 Afghanistan Kabul 5 11 Suicide bombing attack against a bus carrying international peacekeepers kills four Germans and injures at least a dozen more. One passerby was also killed.
6/8/03 India Bhillwar 4 0 Muslim militants kidnap and kill four Hindu villagers.
6/8/03 Pakistan Quetta 12 9 Terrorists on motorcycles pull along side a truck full of policemen from the minority Shiite faith and spray them with automatic weapons. Twelve are killed, nine injured.
6/8/03 India Pasri Adda 1 0 Hizb-ul Mujahideen terrorists responsible for the murder of a government worker.
6/7/03 India Samot 3 1 Muslim terrorists ambush a wedding party, killing three civilians and critically wounding a fourth.
6/5/03 Chechnya North Ossetia 17 12 Female Fedayeen suicide bomber blows up a bus containing civilians and military personnel. At least seventeen are killed and more than a dozen injured.
6/5/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 9 0 Nine people are killed by a Taliban attack.
6/4/03 Algeria Boumedefaa 12 2 Twelve people are murdered and two more injured by Islamic extremists on a remote highway.
6/4/03 Algeria Beni Douala 8 0 Islamic militants kill eight policeman in an ambush.
6/3/03 Kosovo Obilic 3 0 Three members of a Serb family, including an elderly couple, are beaten to death in their beds by Muslim attackers.
6/2/03 Indonesia Kapompa 1 1 Muslim attack on a Christian village leaves one dead and at least one other injured.
6/1/03 India Bhatta Dhar 3 0 Militant Muslims abduct and kill three civilians. Two were brothers grazing their cattle.
5/31/03 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 Sunni motorcyclists open fire on the car of a Shiite cleric, wounding him and killing his son.
5/31/03 Saudi Arabia Turba 2 2 Two al-Qaeda members throw a bomb at Saudi security personnel, killing two and injuring two.
5/30/03 India Hiltak & Kandi 3 0 Jihad terrorists kill three, including a father and son.
5/30/03 Chechnya Khankala 7 15 Muslim rebels explode a bomb under a bus, killing seven and injuring fifteen.
5/29/03 Philippines Cotabato 5 0 Moro Islamic fighters raid three Christian villages, killing five civilians.
5/26/03 India Bandipur 3 0 Muslim rebels invade a home and kill three members of a family.
5/26/03 Algeria Chlef 14 0 Islamics kill fourteen people, all from the same family. The victims, who include children aged 18-months to 17-years all had their throats slit.
5/25/03 India Rajouri 5 0 Muslim rebels kill five members of a shepherd family, including a mother and three of her children.
5/25/03 Algeria Boukaat El Maqam 8 0 Armed Islamic militants kill eight people in western Algeria.
5/24/03 Chechnya Grozny 14 0 Mujahideen ambush on convoy kills fourteen
5/23/03 Israel Gaza 0 8 Hamas detonates pipe bomb under a bus. Eight passengers are hospitalized.
5/22/03 Sudan Longochok 59 0 Islamic troops attack a Christian village, burning homes and killing at least fifty-nine villagers. They also take captive several women and children (some of whom are killed later).
5/21/03 India Anantnag 1 1 Muslim grenade attack on a Christian convent kills one female teacher and injures another.
5/21/03 India GoI Chakri 1 3 Terrorist attack on a Intelligence Bureau vehicle kills one and injures three.
5/21/03 India Sangam & Chogal 2 0 In separate incidents Muslim separatists abduct and kill two civilians.
5/20/03 Israel Afula 3 70 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) and Islamic Jihad vie for responsibility of a bombing in a shopping mall that kills three and injures over seventy.
5/18/03 India Mehratop 6 0 A shepherd family of five is attacked and killed in their home by Muslim militants. Victims include four children and two women. Most were beheaded.
5/18/03 Israel Jerusalem 7 20 Muslim suicide bomber, dressed in Jewish religious garb as a disguise, boards a passenger bus and kills seven. About twenty others are hospitalized.
5/17/03 India Srinagar 2 0 Two policeman are killed in a terrorist attack by the Muslim Hamadania Brigade.
5/17/03 Algeria Seraidi 3 4 Armed Islamic group ambushes a security patrol, killing three and wounding four.
5/17/03 Israel Hebron 2 0 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber positions himself near a young married couple on a romantic stroll and kills them both.
5/16/03 Morocco Casablanca 41 65 Four coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda against Western and Jewish targets leave at least forty-one dead and more than sixty-five injured.
5/15/03 Pakistan Karachi 0 5 Bombs set at nineteen Shell gas stations in Pakistan injure at least five.
5/14/03 Chechnya Iliskhan-Yurt 14 145 Female suicide bomber kills at least fourteen civilians at a festival and leaves nearly one-hundred and fifty injured.
5/14/03 Yemen Jibla 0 4 Terrorist bomb thrown into a courthouse where al-Qaeda militant was sentenced to death for killing three U.S. missionaries.
5/12/03 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 35 194 Three groups of al Qaeda suicide bombers shoot their way into housing complexes. The blasts leave thirty-five dead and nearly two-hundred injured.
5/12/03 Chechnya Znamenskoye 60 100 At least sixty people, including seven children, are killed and more than one hundred hospitalized when three suicide bombers detonates a truck bomb outside a government building in a residential area.
5/11/03 Israel Ofra 1 0 Fatah gunmen kill a 53-year old father of six who was driving to work.
5/11/03 India Kupwara 3 7 Muslim suicide squad attack on a bank leaves three dead and seven injured.
5/10/03 Philippines Koronadal 13 40 Abu Sayaaf suicide bomber kills thirteen and injures more than forty people in a crowded marketplace.
5/9/03 India Bijbehara 3 0 Hizbul Mujahideen militants kill three political activists of the ruling (PDP) party.
5/9/03 Chechnya Grozny 1 2 Terrorist bomb kills a policeman and injures two other people.
5/7/03 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 1 0 Pro-Karzai cleric is gunned down by Taliban terrorists outside a mosque.
5/7/03 India Baramulla 2 5 Al-Mansoorian terrorists ambush a search patrol, killing two and injuring five.
5/7/03 Chechnya Urus-Martan 4 0 Mujahideen rebels ambush a police vehicle, shooting to death all four people inside.
5/7/03 Lebanon Tripoli 1 0 Bomb left at the front door of a Christian missionary couple explodes, killing one person.
5/6/03 India Pulwama 1 30 Terrorist lobs grenade at a police vehicle near a crowd of people. One civilian is killed and about thirty others injured.
5/6/03 Algeria Keddara 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists lob a bomb into a security patrol, then proceed to stab and shoot the survivors. Six are killed.
5/5/03 India Doda 1 17 Islamic hardliners detonate small bomb in a crowded bus station, killing one and injuring seventeen civilians.
5/5/03 Israel Shilo 1 2 al-Aqsa members ambush a vehicle, killing a father and seriously injuring his 6-year old daughter. A soldier rushing to help was wounded as well.
5/4/03 Philippines Siocon 27 23 Muslim separatists attack a Christian village, firing on houses and a hospital. At least twenty-seven are killed and about two dozen wounded. Fifteen residents are taken hostage.
5/4/03 Algeria Medea 2 3 Ambush by Islamic extremists on two civilian vehicles leaves two dead and three injured.
5/2/03 Philippines Pikit 3 0 Moro Islamic Front rebels ambush and kill two soldiers and one civilian riding on motorcycles.
5/1/03 India Dangiwacha & Magraypora 2 0 Mujahideen fighters kill two Muslims suspected of being informants for an anti-terror unit.
4/30/03 Sudan Molli 64 0 An attack by the Janaweed on a village earlier in the month leaves at least sixty-four people dead and an unknown number injured. (2003)
4/30/03 Philippines Crossing Salvo 2 6 Muslim rebels attack two houses and an army post. Two residents are killed, including a one-year old baby, and six others are injured.
4/30/03 India Kala Wachi 0 5 Terrorist lobs grenade at children playing in a field, injuring five of them.
4/29/03 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 3 2 Muslim fundamentalists attack a government building, killing three Afghan soldiers and wounding two.
4/29/03 Israel Tel Aviv 3 55 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber blows up a night club, killing three Israelis and injuring at least fifty-five.
4/27/03 Indonesia Jakarta 0 11 Bomb set by the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group detonates at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Indonesia's main airport, injuring eleven people.
4/26/03 India Baramulla 0 11 Terrorist bomb injures eleven, including two children. The target of the bombing was a finance minister who opposed Muslim violence.
4/26/03 India Srinagar 3 7 Fidayeen suicide attack on radio station kills three guards and leaves seven others injured.
4/25/03 Afghanistan Birmal 2 17 Taliban ambush kills two U.S. soldiers and injures seventeen others.
4/25/03 India Bandipur 6 6 Two separate attacks by Muslim suicide bombers in the same town kills six and injures six.
4/25/03 India Srinagar 3 34 Bomb thrown by Muslim separatists next to a courthouse kills three and injures at least thirty-four.
4/24/03 India Tral 1 3 Muslim bomb kills one policeman and injures three members of a bomb disposal unit.
4/24/03 Israel Kfar Sava 1 13 al-Aqsa member detonates a bomb at a railway station, killing a 23-year old guard and injuring more than a dozen bystanders.
4/24/03 Philippines Lanao del Norte 12 0 Islamic rebels attack a passenger bus, killing at least twelve (including the driver) and taking several hostages.
4/23/03 India Gondoh 2 0 Terrorists abduct then kill two civilians out grazing their cattle.
4/23/03 Chechnya Grozny 6 0 Mujahideen fighters abduct three young men out hunting and torture them to death. Also three government officials are shot to death while sitting in a car.
4/22/03 Nigeria Kano 7 0 Muslims set fire to a house, killing a Christian pastor and six other members of his family, including his wife and three children.
4/22/03 Afghanistan Khost 3 2 Taliban rocket attack on an airport kills three and leave two injured.
4/22/03 India Tral 6 12 Terrorist bombing attack by Muslim separatists kills six and injures more than a dozen.
4/19/03 Philippines Alamada 6 3 Six civilians, including a 12-year old girl are killed in an ambush by Islamic rebels. Three others are badly injured.
4/18/03 Eritrea Bisha 6 0 British geologist murdered by Eritrean Islamic Jihad. The same group also took credit for a landmine attack in February that killed five Eritrean soldiers on routine border patrol.
4/18/03 Sri Lanka Kattaiparichchan 2 14 Muslim grenade attack against civilians at a protest rally leaves two dead and fourteen injured.
4/17/03 India Udhampur 1 2 Muslim militants attack a police station, kill one and injure two.
4/17/03 India Magam 1 8 Muslim militants kill one and injure eight civilians in a bombing.
4/16/03 Philippines Cotabato 0 3 Three women were injured by a Moro Islamic Liberation Front bomb placed on a passenger bus.
4/15/03 Chechnya Grozny 17 0 Mujahideen warriors kill sixteen civilians in a filmed attack on two vehicles.
4/15/03 Israel Karni Terminal 2 7 Hamas gunman enters a place of business and sprays fire from an automatic weapon. Two Israelis are killed and seven injured.
4/14/03 Philippines Kabacan 1 7 Two Islamic rebels kill a political official and injure seven others in a grenade attack on a restaurant.
4/13/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 2 One person was killed and two injured by Taliban loyalists attempting a political assassination in a motorcycle attack.
4/13/03 Afghanistan Matta Cheena 4 2 15-year old Muslim kills four soldiers and injures two others in a grenade attack on a vehicle.
4/13/03 India Kasblari 1 1 Two Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members force their way into a civilian home and shoot a woman to death. Her husband is injured in the attack.
4/13/03 Chechnya Roshny-Chu 2 0 Terrorist bomb kills two soldiers riding in a truck.
4/13/03 Afghanistan Khost 4 0 Car bomb detonates prematurely killing the four terrorists inside, who include a former Taliban intelligence officer.
4/13/03 Afghanistan Spinboldak 2 0 Two Afghan soldiers are shot to death in a terrorist attack by extremists.
4/11/03 India Qazigund 1 31 Three separate grenade attacks by Islamic militants kills a physician and injures another thirty-one people (Qazigund, Shopiyan & Anantnag).
4/10/03 Iraq Baghdad 0 4 Suicide bomber seriously injures four U.S. Marines guarding a checkpoint.
4/10/03 Philippines Maguindanao 13 1 Thirteen soldiers were killed in an ambush by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
4/10/03 Israel Moshav Bekaot 2 9 Palestinian terrorists infiltrate an Israeli training camp and kill two, injure nine.
4/10/03 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Mob attack inside a Mosque leaves two Shiite clerics dead.
4/9/03 India Anantnag 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen assassinate a political activist.
4/7/03 Chechnya Grozny 8 0 Landmine planted by Muslim rebels in the heart of Grozny kills five policemen riding in a car and three civilian bystanders.
4/7/03 India Kamboli Dhok 2 0 Two boys killed by terrorist landmine.
4/5/03 Afghanistan Jalalabad 0 5 Five military personnel injured by Taliban terrorist bomb attack on a headquarters.
4/5/03 Philippines Tacurong 2 2 Two people, including a town mayor, were killed and two more injured by a bomb which exploded in front of an electrical shop.
4/5/03 Philippines Parang 0 11 Another bomb planted by Muslim separatists explodes at a bus terminal, injuring eleven.
4/4/03 Chechnya Grozny 8 10 Bomb attack on a passenger bus by Muslim rebels kills at least eight and leaves ten others injured.
4/4/03 Iraq Hadithah Dam 3 2 In a particularly heinous attack, two female car bombers drive up to a U.S. checkpoint, scream for help, then kill the three soldiers rushing to their assistance. Two others are injured.
4/4/03 Indonesia Wamena 15 0 Indonesian military raids Christian town, burning Bibles and churches, killing two Baptist pastors along with at least thirteen others. Other Christians were tortured.
4/4/03 Nigeria Fobur 1 4 Armed Muslims attack a village, kill a woman and burn down the houses of Christians.
4/3/03 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 2 0 Six Taliban gunmen assassinate a political figure in the Afghan government along with his nephew.
4/3/03 Philippines Basilan 1 2 Abu Sayyaf rebels ambush a village convoy, kill one and injure two.
4/2/03 Philippines Davao 16 44 Moro Islamic Front terrorist bomb kills sixteen people (including several children) at a wharf and injures at least forty-four
4/2/03 India Anantnag 1 12 Islamic militant lobs a grenade at a crowd of people, kills one and injures twelve.
4/1/03 Iran Tehran 1 0 Truck bomb against the British Embassy in Tehran leaves one dead.
3/31/03 India Nowpora Jageer 1 0 Mujahideen rebels assassinate a member of the ruling political party.
3/30/03 Israel Netenya 0 38 Islamic Jihad terrorist walks into a beachfront café and blows himself up, injuring more than thirty civilians.
3/29/03 Philippines Malamawi 5 4 Muslim rebel throws dynamite into the house of a fisherman, killing his wife, two young children and two other relatives.
3/29/03 Philippines Lambayong 4 0 Another Muslim rebel attack against a civilian home, this time of a farmer, who was shot to death along with his wife and two young children.
3/29/03 Iraq Najaf 4 0 Four American soldiers killed at a checkpoint by a suicide bomber.
3/29/03 Afghanistan Sangin 2 1 Taliban motorbike attack kills two American soldiers and injures one.
3/28/03 India Surankote 2 6 Islamic terrorists kill man and his son after a home invasion. Later, in Panned six other civilians are captured then mutilated by having their noses cut off.
3/28/03 Algeria Kfar Shatatiya 12 0 Armed fundamentalists killed twelve people in a late night attack.
3/27/03 Algeria Chtathia 8 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill eight villagers.
3/27/03 Algeria Chiffa 4 4 Islamic fundamentalists invade a family home, kill the parents and injure four children, then murder two youths who were outside the home at the time.
3/26/03 Philippines M'lang 7 5 Muslims blast Christian village with RPGs, killing seven, including a six-year-old child and injuring five others.
3/26/03 Algeria Mefta 9 0 Nine civilians slaughtered by Muslim fundamentalists on an isolated road between two towns.
3/26/03 India Ahmadabad 1 0 Hindu political leader assassinated by Muslim gunmen on a motorcycle.
3/26/03 Chechnya Grozny 2 0 Muslim rebels stop a car driven by the brother of a government minister and kill him along with his female passenger.
3/26/03 Chechnya Grozny 4 3 Rebel landmine planted in a city street kills four Russians and injures three.
3/26/03 India Jammu 1 6 Militant bomb attack kills the driver of an oil tanker and injures six others.
3/25/03 Philippines Carmen 2 0 Islamics stop a cargo truck, tie up the Christian driver and his helper then shoot them to death.
3/24/03 Afghanistan Latkoo 9 6 Taliban attack against a routine patrol leaves four dead and six injured. In a separate incident in Yewar, Taliban terrorists captured five allied troops, slaughtered them and amputated their limbs.
3/23/03 Kuwait Camp Penn. 2 11 Muslim-American soldier throws three grenades into the tents of non-Muslim American soldiers. Two are killed and eleven others are wounded.
3/23/03 India Nadimarg 24 0 Muslims militants cleanse a village of Hindus, ordering them out of their houses and opening up with machine guns. The twenty-four dead include eleven women and two children. Eight of the victims were over 60. An unknown number were wounded.
3/22/03 India Surankote 1 2 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists invade a police officer's home and kill a young woman, injure two more.
3/22/03 Iraq Sayed Sadiq 5 8 Ansar al-Islam suicide bomber kills five, including and ABC journalist and wounds eight others at a Kurdish checkpoint.
3/20/03 Lebanon Sidon 1 13 Bomb kills one and leaves thirteen others injured in southern Lebanon.
3/20/03 India Khanyar 1 4 Terrorists throw grenade into a group of security personnel, killing one and injuring four.
3/20/03 Philippines Buldon 3 2 Moro Islamic Liberations Front attacks a post and kills three civilians, wounds two others.
3/19/03 Afghanistan Sherabik 3 0 Taliban attack a remote army post, capture Afghan soldiers and then stab them to death.
3/19/03 Philippines Mindanao 9 4 Moro Islamic Liberation Front attacks a civilian minibus and kills nine, wounds four. They stopped and boarded the bus, then specifically targeted non-Muslim males only.
3/18/03 Nigeria Kadarko 22 44 Armed Muslims shouting "we are going to finish off the infidels" attack a Christian village and kill at least 22 villagers. More than forty-four others were injured or missing.
3/18/03 Philippines Cotabato 0 5 Rebel bomb attack on a Roman Catholic church during mass injures five worshippers.
3/18/03 Philippines Baliki 1 2 Islamic boat attack kills one and leaves two injured.
3/15/03 India Gool 13 5 Muslims attack a remote police station and kill thirteen, including two civilians. Two people were abducted and later found dead with slit throats. Five others are injured in the attack.
3/14/03 India Poonch 7 15 Militant Islamics attack a hotel, take nine people hostage, spray fire and throw grenades at a crowded marketplace from an upper floor. Seven people are killed and fifteen injured.
3/13/03 India Rajauri 4 20 Four people are killed, and twenty more injured by a terrorist bomb planted on a bus in Kashmir.
3/13/03 India Poonch 2 5 Islamic militants open up on a civilian vehicle, killing two and wounding five others, including an 18-month-old baby.
3/13/03 India Bombay 10 55 Islamic hardliners responsible for blast on a commuter train that kills eight women, two men and leaves more than 55 injured on the tenth anniversary of another series of Islamic bombings that killed two-hundred-fifty-seven and injured more than 1000.
3/12/03 India Kashmir 2 2 Separate Mujahideen attacks in Kashmir leave two policemen dead and two more injured.
3/11/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 5 al-Qaeda car bomb kills three Afghani tribesmen and injures five more.
3/11/03 UAR Dhaka 2 2 Two policemen were killed and two more badly injured by terrorist bomb in the United Arab Emirates
3/10/03 Israel Hebron 1 4 One Israeli is killed and four more injured after roadside attack by Palestinians.
3/10/03 Philippines Pikit 2 4 Muslim rebels stop a bus full of commuters, kill two, and then take dozens hostage.
3/7/03 Philippines Mindanao Island 1 2 Two MILF bomb attacks kill one and injure two at a Catholic school.
3/7/03 Israel Kiryat Arba 3 8 Palestinians dressed as Jewish seminary students infiltrate a settlement and kill a husband and wife sitting down to dinner, one other. They also shoot eight other civilians.
3/6/03 Philippines Buayan 4 0 Muslim rebels attack a remote village and kill four civilians.
3/5/03 Israel Haifa 15 30 Palestinian suicide bomber blows up a bus, killing at least fifteen and injuring thirty-seven. 14-year-old American girl is among the dead.
3/5/03 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 2 4 Pro-Russian Chechan commander and one other killed by bomb hidden in a sofa. Four others in an adjacent house were injured.
3/4/03 Philippines Davao 21 150 Muslim rebels plant bomb at a civilian airport. Twenty-one are killed in the blast and about 150 others are injured. Among the dead is an American missionary.
3/3/03 India Yaripora 1 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists invade a house and kill one woman and injure one more.
3/1/03 Lebanon Ein el-Hilweh 1 2 Terrorist bomb kills businessman and injures two bystanders.
3/1/03 Bangladesh Bagerhat 1 3 Muslims invade the home of a Hindu farmer, chop him to death and then rape three members of his family.
2/28/03 Philippines Bukidnon 1 0 Muslim rebels burn ten homes in a Christian village, killing at least one person.
2/28/03 Pakistan Islamabad 2 6 Islamic extremists guns down two police officers guarding a U.S. embassy. Five other officers and a passer-by are also wounded.
2/27/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Sunni terrorists kill two Shiites in shooting attack outside a mosque.
2/27/03 Chechnya Argun 3 0 Three Russian soldiers killed by car-bomb in Chechnya.
2/26/03 Iraq Zamaqi 3 0 Ansar al-Islam suicide bomber kills three Kurdish guards at a checkpoint.
2/25/03 Philippines Zamboanga 2 2 Muslim rebels attack a logging company and kill two employees.
2/25/03 Algeria Hameur El Ain 12 7 Armed Islamists set up bogus roadblock and then stab or shoot to death twelve civilians. Seven others are injured in the attack.
2/25/03 Afghanistan Dilaram 1 1 Senior Afghan official gunned down in Taliban-sponsored attack. His bodyguard is also injured in the shooting.
2/25/03 East Timor Aidabaleten 1 2 Pro-Jakarta militiamen attack a minibus in East Timor, killing one person and injuring two pregnant women.
2/23/03 Algeria Ouargla 4 0 Four local security guards are kidnapped by Muslim extremists, taken to the desert and then killed by having their throats slit.
2/22/03 Algeria Draa El Mizan 2 1 Two policeman are killed and one civilian is injured in terrorist attack.
2/22/03 Pakistan Karichi 9 8 Nine Shi'ite worshippers are killed in a terrorist shooting attack outside a mosque. At least eight others are wounded.
2/20/03 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 British man shot to death while waiting at a traffic light.
2/20/03 Philippines Kabakan 1 10 17-year old killed and about ten others injured by a bomb.
2/20/03 India Baramulla 6 3 Six Hindu civilians were killed and three others injured by a road-mine planted by Muslim militants.
2/20/03 Philippines Awang Airport 1 6 Car bomb explodes near the airport, killing one and injuring six other civilians.
2/19/03 Philippines Tubud 14 8 Muslim attack on Christian village leaves at least fourteen civilians dead and more than eight injured. The militants also burned houses.
2/18/03 Philippines Matanog 7 11 Ambush by Muslim rebels on a convoy kills seven soldiers and leaves eleven more injured.
2/17/03 Saudi Arabia Skaka 1 0 Vice Governor of a Saudi province is gunned down after angering the fundamentalist element by suggesting that Saudi royalty should take women's opinions into account.
2/15/03 Algeria Kabylie 2 0 Two security force personnel are attacked and killed while on police patrol.
2/15/03 Israel Beit Lahia 4 0 Hamas terrorists use a roadside bomb to kill four Israeli soldiers who were in a passing tank.
2/12/03 India Dharam 3 0 Hiz-ul-Mujahideen terrorists abduct and kill three civilians.
2/12/03 India Konibol 1 4 Militants blow-up police vehicle, killing one and injuring four.
2/11/03 Israel Bethlehem 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down Israeli soldier in front of the Church of the Nativity.
2/10/03 Philippines Mindanao 3 8 Muslim guerillas kill three soldiers and injure eight more in an ambush. Soldiers were on a morning jog.
2/10/03 Afghanistan Naushki 7 12 Taliban attack on an Afghan vehicle checkpoint leaves seven dead and twelve wounded.
2/9/03 Chechnya Grozny 3 0 Jihadists bomb a gas station, killing three policeman.
2/9/03 Algeria Drra El Mizan 3 0 Two policeman were killed by Muslim extremists, who had erected a fake roadblock. A third policeman was shot to death in El Harrach.
2/8/03 Iraq Sulaimaniyah 6 0 Muslim militants assassinate a top Kurdish politician and five others with automatic weapons and grenades.
2/6/03 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 3 3 Muslim rebels ambush riot police, killing three and wounding three.
2/6/03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two more Sunni scholars gunned down by Muslim radicals.
2/6/03 Israel Nablus 2 0 al-Aqsa gunmen attack an army outpost in the West Bank and kill two soldiers.
2/5/03 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Head of a Sunni school assassinated by radical Shiites.
2/3/03 Pakistan Karachi 1 2 Motorcycle bomb in a commercial area kills one, injures two.
2/3/03 Algeria Hassi-Khelifa 1 0 Device hidden in a stuffed toy explodes near a home's entrance, killing an 8-year-old girl.
2/2/03 Chechnya Grozny 2 0 Two Russians killed by a car-bomb blast in Grozny.
1/31/03 Afghanistan Kandahar 18 1 al-Qaeda landmine blows up a passenger bus, killing eighteen and injuring one.
1/28/03 India Mumbai 1 27 Group calling itself the Student Islamic Movement of India detonates bomb in a crowded area, killing one and injuring twenty-seven.
1/28/03 Israel Gaza 3 0 Three Palestinians die when a home-made bomb detonates prematurely.
1/26/03 Lebanon Beirut 1 3 Car bomb explodes in Christian residential area killing one and injuring three.
1/26/03 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 1 Taliban gunmen attack a UNHCR convoy, killing two and wounding one.
1/25/03 India Aeshmuqam 1 6 Mujahideen target a police vehicle killing one and wounding six.
1/23/03 Israel Hebron 3 0 Hamas terrorists ambush and kill three Israeli soldiers protecting an intersection.
1/22/03 India Dhok 1 0 Mujahideen terrorists abduct and behead a villager.
1/21/03 India Rojouri 1 4 One killed and four injured when a terrorist rocket hits a residential house.
1/21/03 Kuwait Kuwait City 1 1 Gunmen fires from behind bushes at two American servicemen, waiting at a traffic light. Both suffer multiple gunshot wounds, one is killed.
1/20/03 Bangladesh Begungram Astana 5 0 Five persons are murdered in Bangladesh by members of the Jamaatul Mujahideen extremists group.
1/20/03 India Doda 2 0 Terrorists kill two men belonging to a civilian defense force (established to protect villagers from Muslim terrorists).
1/20/03 India Baramula 1 0 Bomb planted in a rickshaw near a college kills one Indian soldier.
1/19/03 India Kulgam 0 20 Twenty people injured by Muslim rebel grenade attack on a bus.
1/19/03 India Bandipur 2 1 Muslim gunmen enter a house and kill a police officer and his 16-year-old son. Another child is injured in the attack.
1/18/03 Israel Kiryat Arba 1 3 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) terrorists kill father of five as he was eating dinner with his family. Three others, including a 5-year-old girl are wounded.
1/18/03 Bangladesh Dariapur 8 15 Bomb blast at a carnival kills eight and injures fifteen. Islamic hardliners behind the attack.
1/17/03 Israel Givat Harsina 1 3 Two Hamas gunmen open fire on a house, killing a father and injuring his four-year-old daughter along with two others.
1/15/03 India Doda 1 3 Terrorists kill a village constable and injure three other civilians.
1/14/03 UK Manchester 1 0 Detective, father of three, stabbed to death by Muslim terrorist.
1/13/03 India Panar 2 0 Two sons of a civilian suspected of providing information on terrorist activities are kidnapped from their home, tortured and then shot dead.
1/13/03 Israel Nitzana 1 1 Gaza gunmen opens fire on two Israeli soldiers near Egyptian border. One is killed, the other injured.
1/13/03 Israel Moshav Gadish 1 5 Two Palestinian gunmen from Jenin penetrate a farming community and open fire on random vehicles. One civilian is killed, five are injured.
1/13/03 Philippines Zamboanga 3 0 Muslim gunmen kill three Christians.
1/11/03 UK Birmingham 1 0 21-year-old woman stabbed to death by Pakistani on her wedding day for rejecting an arranged Muslim marriage.
1/10/03 Chechnya Grozny 9 3 Nine Russians killed by Mujahideen rocket attack. Three others are wounded.
1/9/03 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 8 0 Eight killed in an ambush on a security convoy.
1/8/03 Algeria Douadiche 5 1 Five people killed, one badly wounded in attack on village by Islamic extremists. Victims include a 37-year-old woman, her two children, ages 2 and 5, and her two uncles.
1/7/03 India Srinagar 1 0 Prominent liquor dealer slain by Islamic fundamentalists while pumping gas.
1/7/03 India Hapatanar 3 0 Mujahideen behead three villagers, including a father and son.
1/5/03 Israel Tel Aviv 23 100 Twenty-three people are killed and more than one-hundred injured by twin Palestinian suicide bombers.
1/5/03 Algeria Aures Mountains 49 19 Islamic "Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat" ambushes a security convoy and kills forty-nine, wounds nineteen.
1/5/03 Algeria Blida 13 0 Thirteen members of two families are killed in an attack by Islamic extremists.
1/2/03 Israel Jordan Vally 1 0 72-year old man stoned to death by al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade.
1/2/03 Israel Menahamiya 1 0 Badly burnt body of a 70-year old man (father of nine) found after being kidnapped by Fatah-al-Aqsa.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
12/31/02 Philippines Tacurong 10 20 Grenade hurled by Islamic fundamentalist at a crowd of people celebrating the new year kills ten and injures about twenty.
12/30/02 Yemen Jibla 3 1 Muslim gunman posing as a father carrying a child kills three American humanitarian workers at a missionary hospital and wounds one other.
12/28/02 Algeria Boudouaou 1 5 Attack by Islamic extremists leaves one policeman dead and five injured.
12/27/02 Chechnya Grozny 80 127 Three Fedayeen suicide bombers kill more than eighty Russians and Chechans. At least one-hundred and twenty-seven people are injured in the attacks.
12/27/02 Israel Otniel 4 6 Palestinian gunman breaks into a Jewish seminary and kills four students who were sitting down to Sabbath dinner, wounds six others.
12/26/02 Philippines Mindanao 12 10 Muslim rebels ambush employees of a Canadian company. Twelve civilians are killed and ten injured.
12/25/02 Pakistan Daska 3 14 Christmas grenade attack on a Christian church kills three girls and injures fourteen young women.
12/24/02 Philippines Cotabato 17 13 Islamic militants blow up bomb using remote control. The seventeen killed include the town's mayor. More than a dozen others were injured.
12/22/02 India Reban 4 3 Terrorists invade a house, force victims to recite Muslim passage, then kill four of them, including a four-year old boy. Three other family members are wounded.
12/21/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 7 Two people are killed, and seven more injured by a bus bomb.
12/20/02 India Paraott 3 0 Muslim attackers invade the home of three young women who were not wearing veils. They killed the three by slitting the throats of two and then shooting a third.
12/19/02 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 At massive terrorist bomb explodes early, killing the bomb maker and three others.
12/19/02 India Kashmir 2 20 Two soldiers are killed and about twenty other people, including civilians were killed in separate grenade and shooting attacks by Muslim rebels.
12/18/02 Algeria Sidi Medjaded 10 0 Ambush by Islamic hardliners kills ten people.
12/14/02 Algeria Sidi Baizid 3 0 Three shepherds are abducted by Islamic militants. They are found dead, with their throats slit.
12/13/02 Algeria Sidi Baizid 6 0 Three adults and three children are killed during an attack by Islamic extremists.
12/13/02 Chechnya Grozny 2 2 Device detonated beneath a convoy escorting a water-transportation vehicle kills two and injures two.
12/12/02 Israel Hebron 2 0 Israeli man and woman killed in an ambush shooting attack by Palestinians.
12/12/02 Nigeria Rim 13 0 Muslim nomads attack Christian village and kill thirteen people including a clergyman and his family.
12/12/02 Algeria Boukadir 4 16 Bomb blast in a market kills four and injures sixteen.
12/12/02 India Pulwana 0 26 Grenade attack by Muslim separatists injures twenty-six civilians.
12/6/02 Bangladesh Mymenshingh 27 200 Four bombs detonate concurrently at four packed movie cinemas killing twenty-seven and injuring over two-hundred. Muslim fundamentalists had been critical of entertainment venues and those who frequented them.
12/5/02 Indonesia Makassar 3 11 Bomb blast rips through a McDonald's restaurant killing three people and injuring several more. Islamic extremists take credit.
12/5/02 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Macedonian embassy bombed in Karachi. Three bodies are found.
12/2/02 Algeria Relizane 4 6 Armed Muslim fundamentalists kill four and wound six civilians in an attack.
12/2/02 India Ghatkopar 2 34 Students Islamic Movement thought responsible for Indian bus blast killing two and injuring thirty-four.
11/28/02 Kenya Mombasa 13 26 Three suicide bombers kill twelve people, including two children. More than two dozen people were hurt. Muslim attackers also fired two missiles at an Israeli plane carrying 261 people.
11/28/02 Israel Beit Shean 6 35 Two Palestinian gunmen kill four Israelis who were waiting for a bus. More than two dozen people were also injured.
11/24/02 India Jammu 12 45 Twelve Hindu worshippers are killed and more than forty-five wounded when Islamic gunmen attack two historic temples.
11/23/02 India Kashmir 17 0 Series of Muslim attacks leave seventeen dead.
11/23/02 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 9 12 Nine soldiers killed and twelve wounded after militant Islamic ambush.
11/22/02 India Srinigar 6 9 Islamic suicide attack kills six and injures nine.
11/22/02 Nigeria Kaduna 105 521 Muslim mob burns Christian churches and rampages through the streets stabbing, bludgeoning and burning one hundred and five people to death. Death toll will climb.
11/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Muslim bomber kills eleven and injures over fifty passengers on a bus. Most victims were high-school students.
11/21/02 India Sarurnagar 2 20 Bomb placed near Hindu temple by the Mujahideen kills two and injures at least twenty.
11/21/02 Algeria Ain Rich 6 2 Terrorist bombing by Islamic fundamentalists kills six and injures two.
11/21/02 Kuwait Arifjan 0 2 Two soldiers in Kuwait wounded by Islamist terrorist. One is shot in the face.
11/21/02 Lebanon Sidon 1 0 Female missionary shot three times in the head by Muslim radicals.
11/20/02 Israel Tulkarm 1 1 Palestinian bomb explodes prematurely. Kills one, injures one.
11/20/02 Algeria El-Ancer 3 1 Islamic extremists attack a family. They kill the father and his two daughters (ages 3 and 5) then severely wound the mother.
11/18/02 Israel Rimonim Junction 1 0 Woman killed by Palestinian gunmen in a drive-by.
11/16/02 Algeria Azeffoun 1 0 Policeman gunned down by armed Islamists as he was leaving his home.
11/15/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 9 Islamists bomb a bus killing two civilians and injuring nine.
11/15/02 Israel Hebron 12 14 Palestinian ambush kills twelve and injures fourteen. Victims were returning from a prayer service.
11/12/02 Algeria Medea 2 0 Islamic fundamentalist gunmen burst into a café and kill two patrons.
11/11/02 India Srinigar 7 5 Mine planted by Islamic militant kills thirteen civilians and injures five.
11/10/02 Israel Metzer 5 0 Palestinian gunman kills five including mother and her two children ages 4 and 5. She was in the process of reading a bedtime story.
11/7/02 Algeria Chlef 4 6 Islamic terrorists machine-gun a bus. Four civilians are killed, six are injured.
11/4/02 Israel Kfar Saba 2 40 Jihad suicide bomber kills two mall shoppers and wounds more than forty with a powerful blast.
11/2/02 India Srinagar 3 0 Muslim rebels assassinate an Indian politician along with two bodyguards.
10/31/02 Israel Gaza 3 6 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomb goes off prematurely killing three and injuring six, including a 10-year-old girl.
10/30/02 Algeria Boukaat Sidi Bouaissa 8 0 Armed Muslim terrorists kill eight, including four children in a gruesome attack.
10/29/02 Israel Hermesh 3 1 Settlement infiltrated by a Palestinian terrorist who kills one woman, two girls and injures a man.
10/29/02 India Srinagar 7 0 Seven members of the Indian security forces were gunned down by Mujahideen members in separate incidents. Several were off-duty at the time.
10/28/02 Jordan Amman 1 0 American diplomat shot dead by two al-Qaeda terrorists while sitting in his car.
10/26/02 Russia Moscow 129 150 Chechnyan Muslims hold 800 people hostage in a theatre. Two are shot and killed and another one-hundred and twenty-seven die in the rescue attempt.
10/25/02 Algeria Boukaat Ouled Abdellah 21 3 Twenty-one people from the same family were shot and stabbed to death, including a three-year old child. Three others survived with injuries.
10/22/02 USA Silver Spring, MD 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 35-year-old bus driver.
10/21/02 Israel Tel Aviv 16 24 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) car bombers kills at least sixteen people riding on a bus. More than twenty-four are injured.
10/21/02 Algeria Ain Kechra 7 5 Seven ordinary people have their throats slit and five more are kidnapped by armed Islamists in a rural area.
10/20/02 Philippines Zamboanga City 1 18 Roman Catholic shrine bombed by Muslim terrorists. One killed, eighteen injured.
10/18/02 Philippines Manilla 2 19 Abu Sayyaf bus bomb kills two and injures nineteen.
10/17/02 Philippines Zamboanga City 7 152 Moro Islamic Front bombings at two department stores kill seven and injure one-hundred and fifty-two.
10/16/02 Algeria Boukaat El Hadjadj 13 1 Early morning Islamic extremist attack on a Western Algerian village kills thirteen boys who were students at al-Fiqh and injures one.
10/16/02 Algeria al-Qantara al-Zarqa 2 0 Two unarmed civilians killed by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/14/02 USA Falls Church, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 47-year-old woman.
10/12/02 Indonesia Bali 202 300 Series of Al-Qaeda bombs in nightclubs kill more than two--hundred people, injure at least three-hundred more.
10/11/02 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 53-year-old man.
10/10/02 Philippines Kidapawan City 6 10 Abu Sayyaf bomb kills six and injures ten at a crowded bus stop.
10/10/02 Israel Tel Aviv 1 20 Muslim bomber kills a 71-year-old grandmother of fifteen.
10/9/02 USA Manassas, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 53-year-old man.
10/8/02 Israel Zief Junction 1 3 Palestinian terrorist shooting kills one and injures three.
10/8/02 Kuwait Failaka 1 1 One Marine is killed, another wounded in terrorist attack.
10/6/02 Yemen Coast 1 0 al-Qaeda suicide boat detonates explosives next to French tanker, killing one crewman.
10/3/02 USA Maryland 5 0 Muslim sniper kills three men and two women in five separate attacks.
10/3/02 Algeria Wadi Shurfa 12 2 Twelve persons from two families were killed by Islamists. One woman was kidnapped and one child was injured.
10/2/02 USA Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 55-year-old man.
10/2/02 Philippines Zamboanga 4 24 Abu Sayyaf bomb outside a restaurant kills four, including an American, and injures at least two dozen more.
9/29/02 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Car bomb kills one German national.
9/25/02 Pakistan Karachi 7 3 Seven persons are killed and three others injured in a terrorist attack on a Christian welfare organization's office––the Idara Amn-O-Insaaf (Institute for Peace and Justice). The victims were blind-folded, tied to chairs and shot in the head.
9/24/02 India Ahmedabad 31 86 Hindu monks and dozens of worshippers were massacred in an attack on a Hindu temple members of Lashkar-e-Toiba, an Islamic extremist group.
9/23/02 USA Baton Rouge 1 0 Muslim sniper shoots Korean mother in the back.
9/21/02 Indonesia Kelang 2 2 Two Christians were killed and two wounded by Muslim gunmen.
9/21/02 USA Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim sniper kills one woman and injures another.
9/19/02 Israel Tel Aviv 5 40 Bus bombing kills five and injures more than forty.
9/16/02 Pakistan Miranshah 1 1 A woman is killed and a child injured in a toy-bomb explosion.
9/15/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 1 5 One person is killed and five others, including a girl, injured in a bomb explosion in a Karachi-bound bus.
9/8/02 Indonesia Galunggung 1 0 A Christian was beaten, then burned to death by a Muslim mob.
9/5/02 Afghanistan Kabul 22 65 Bomb explodes in busy Kabul marketplace. At least twenty-two civilians are killed, sixty-five are taken to the hospital.
9/1/02 Algeria Bantous 4 6 Ambush of a military vehicle by armed Islamists.
9/1/02 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 Taliban bombing kills one, injures three others.
8/31/02 Indonesia Irian Jaya 3 12 Three teachers, including two Americans, were killed by security forces.
8/23/02 India Thana Mandi 10 0 Terrorists massacre ten civilians including three women in two separate incidents.
8/18/02 Pakistan Skardu 1 3 A youth is killed and three women injured in a terrorist blast.
8/15/02 Algeria Harshoun 26 0 Islamists attacked and slaughtered three families including women and children.
8/15/02 Indonesia Manyomba 1 3 Fifty militants attack two Christian villages. They shoot three people and strangle a 3-year-old child to death.
8/11/02 Indonesia Kayamanya 5 0 A Muslim mob attacks a bus and one other vehicle and kill five Christians.
8/10/02 Philippines Unknown 2 4 Abu Sayyaf kidnap six missionaries. Two are subsequently beheaded.
8/9/02 Indonesia Malei 2 0 Jihad warriors attack two Christian villages and kill two people.
8/9/02 Pakistan Taxila 3 24 Three women and a terrorist are killed, and 24 others injured as terrorists attack John C. Heinrich Memorial chapel in the Mission Hospital.
8/8/02 Algeria Algiers 6 1 Five persons were killed by a machine-gun fired from an open car in a drive-by. Islamists also assassinated a man in Tazrout.
8/7/02 Indonesia Tentena 1 4 An Italian tourist was killed by Jihad terrorists. Four others were shot.
8/5/02 Pakistan Jhika Gali, Murree 6 4 Six persons killed and four others injured in terrorist attack on Christian missionary school.
8/4/02 Israel Meron Junction 8 50 Suicide bomber kills eight and injures over fifty in an attack on a bus.
8/3/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 2 Palestinian gunman kills telephone truck driver and wounds two other passengers.
7/31/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 80 Seven students, including five Americans, were killed in a bombing at Hebrew University. More than 80 others were injured.
7/30/02 Israel Jerusalem 0 7 Fedayeen suicide bomber injures seven civilians.
7/26/02 Israel Hebron 4 3 Four people, including a mother, father and son, were killed by gunmen while riding in two cars.
7/17/02 Israel Tel Aviv 3 40 Dual Palestinian suicide attack on an Israeli convenience store leaves at least three dead and more than forty injured.
7/17/02 Israel Emmanuel 7 26 Palestinian attack on a bus kills at least seven and injures twenty-six.
7/16/02 Algeria Wilad Alal 7 0 Seven family members slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists, including a father, mother and three children ages 4, 12, and 14.
7/13/02 Pakistan Mansehra 0 12 Twelve persons, including seven Germans, injured in a terrorist attack at an Archaeological site.
7/13/02 Algeria Algiers 10 0 Victims in two separate attacks by fundamentalists include four women and two children from one family.
7/13/02 India Jammu 27 30 Muslim terrorists staged an attack on a Hindu shantytown, killing twenty-seven and injuring more than thirty with grenades and firearms.
7/7/02 Philippines Unknown 2 1 Kidnapped American missionary and Philippine nurse are killed during rescue attempt.
7/7/02 Algeria Algiers 6 0 Six persons including four children were stabbed to death by Islamic extremists while grazing sheep.
7/5/02 Algeria al-Arbaa 49 17 Bomb explosion results in the largest number of killings by Islamic fundamentalists since the beginning of the year.
7/4/02 USA Los Angeles 2 0 Muslim gunman kills two people waiting at the El Al counter in the LAX airport.
6/28/02 Algeria Algiers 13 0 Islamic radicals riddle a bus with machine guns. Thirteen people are killed, an unknown number are wounded.
6/27/02 Pakistan Kachi Abadi 1 2 15-year old Christian tortured to death by police for blasphemy. In the same country a 17-year old Christian girl was blinded from having acid thrown in her face and another girl was raped (occurring on different days).
6/27/02 Algeria Bou Ismail 2 0 Two Islamic terrorists shot dead a bus driver and one passenger.
6/20/02 Israel Itamar 4 4 Mother and three young sons killed in their home by Muslim invader.
6/19/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 35 One day after killing nineteen Jews, a second Muslim blows up a bus-stop killing seven more. Thirty-five are injured.
6/18/02 Israel Jerusalem 19 50 Several children on their way to school are among the nineteen dead and fifty injured by Fedayeen ("holy warrior") suicide attack on a bus.
6/14/02 Pakistan Karachi 10 51 Ten persons, including five women, killed and fifty-one others injured in a car-bomb blast outside the US Consulate.
6/13/02 India Dharam Chowki 2 0 Muslim terrorists force entry into two houses and behead two civilians.
6/11/02 Algeria al-Medya 12 9 Armed Islamists open fire on a train. One dozen passengers are murdered and several more are injured.
6/10/02 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Government official stabbed to death by a crowd of Muslims.
6/9/02 Pakistan Mashkey 2 0 Political assassination of BNP party leader and an associate.
6/6/02 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Deputy President and driver are assassinated by the Taliban.
6/5/02 Indonesia Tentena 4 17 A bomb planted by Muslim radicals explodes on a church bus killing four Christians, including the pastor, and wounding seventeen.
6/5/02 Israel Afula 17 38 Seventeen people killed by a Muslim suicide bomber while riding in a bus. Thirty-eight others were injured.
6/2/02 Philippines Jolo 1 2 Abu Sayaaf rebels abduct three sailors and hold them for nearly a year. Two escape and one is executed.
6/2/02 UK Orpington, Kent 1 0 33-year-old British man beaten to death by Muslim gang.
5/28/02 Israel Itamar 3 2 Palestinian gunman kills three teen-agers and injures another two. All youths were playing basketball in their community at the time.
5/27/02 Israel Petah Tikva 2 37 Fatah takes credit for killing a 14-month-old baby and her grandmother near an ice-cream parlor in an attack that also injured thirty-seven.
5/25/02 Indonesia Saparua 5 11 A Muslim boat attack kills five Christians and wounds eleven others.
5/22/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 2 40 A Palestinian suicide bomber kills two and injures forty people at a shopping mall.
5/19/02 Israel Netanya 3 59 A Palestinian suicide bomber killed three and injured fifty-nine people at a market.
5/19/02 India Chasana 4 7 Fidayeen attack on Indian military camp kills four and leave seven injured.
5/17/02 India Jammu 2 16 Two killed in militant Muslim bomb blast.
5/14/02 India Kaluchak 31 40 Islamic raid on a military camp kills 31 people including the wives and children of Indian soldiers.
5/14/02 Algeria Tazmalt 7 5 Bomb explodes at the entrance to a market. Tied to Islamic fundamentalists
5/14/02 Algeria Baraqi 5 0 Five policeman were assassinated by fundamentalists in two separate attacks (first attack was in Dali Ibrahim).
5/9/02 Pakistan Rawalpindi 2 1 Two policemen killed and one injured in Islamist attack.
5/9/02 Pakistan Karachi 14 34 Nine French nationals and five Pakistanis, including a suspected suicide bomber, are killed and 34 more injured in a bomb explosion inside a bus opposite Sheraton Hotel.
5/9/02 Dagestan Kaspiisk 45 170 Chechan terrorists detonate a bomb at a Russian military parade, killing forty-five and injuring more than one-hundred and seventy.
5/7/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 15 55 Fifteen people were killed an fifty-five more injured in a Fedayeen suicide attack on a crowded game club.
5/7/02 Pakistan Lahore 3 0 Noted religious scholar Ghulam Murtaza Malik, his driver and a police personnel are shot to death by Islamists..
5/6/02 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three persons - principal of a government institute, his driver and assistant - are killed in an ambush by armed Islamists
5/5/02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Policeman killed by Islamist gunmen.
5/2/02 Algeria Sedi Khaled 11 0 Massacre of eleven civilians by Islamic fundamentalists.
5/2/02 Algeria Kasar Shalala 20 5 Islamist attack on civilians in the Teyart region leaves twenty dead.
4/28/02 Sudan Shoba Karika 24 23 An Arab militia attacks two villages, killing about two dozen African civilians and burning many houses. At least that many are injured as well.
4/28/02 Indonesia Soya 12 6 Muslims attack a Christian village with swords and guns. They are able to kill twelve people and hurt six more.
4/27/02 Israel Adora 4 7 Palestinian Terrorists dressed in IDF uniforms infiltrated a settlement and killed four civilians, including a 5-year old boy. Seven others were injured.
4/25/02 Algeria Mashraat Sava 4 0 Armed Islamic attack kills four people.
4/24/02 Algeria al-Jeije 16 0 Fundamentalists kill a total of sixteen includes eight children and four women, all from the same family.
4/23/02 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 Buddhist monk stabbed to death by Islamic terrorists after returning home from prayers.
4/12/02 Israel Jerusalem 6 104 Six people, including two Chinese nationals, were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber at a bus stop in an attack that left one-hundred and four others injured.
4/11/02 Tunisia Tunis 21 18 Palestinian suicide bomber kills twenty-one in an attack on town's oldest synagogue. Youngest fatality is an 11-year-old German boy.
4/10/02 Israel Yagur 8 22 Eight people are killed by a Muslim bomber while riding on a bus. Twenty-two others are injured in the attack.
4/9/02 Israel Jenin 13 7 Thirteen IDF reservists are killed and seven injured by the combined efforts of a very young Palestinian suicide bomber and supporting gunfire.
4/8/02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 9 92 Terrorist bomb explodes near a government convoy. Nine are killed, ninety-two are injured.
4/6/02 Israel Rafiah Yam 1 5 Palestinian gunman opens fire at the entrance to a settlement. One is killed, five are wounded.
4/4/02 Indonesia Ambon 5 57 Passer-by throws bomb in a Christian center and kills five, injures fifty-seven.
3/31/02 Israel Haifa 15 40 Fifteen Israelis were killed in a restaurant by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. Over forty others were injured.
3/30/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 1 30 A 36-year-old woman is murdered, and thirty others wounded by a suicide bomber in a café.
3/29/02 Israel Neztarim 2 0 Two elderly Jews are killed by a Palestinian terrorist. Two Palestinian groups claim credit.
3/29/02 Israel Jerusalem 4 28 Two security guards were killed and twenty-eight people were injured by a suicide bomber. Two soldiers were also killed that same day by Palestinians in Ramallah.
3/28/02 Israel Elon Moreh 4 0 A 20-year-old man, his two middle-aged parents and his grandfather were killed during a home invasion by a Muslim gunman.
3/27/02 Israel Netanya 29 133 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber kills twenty-nine Jews celebrating Passover in a hotel. One-hundred and thirty-seven others are injured in the attack.
3/24/02 Israel Ramallah 1 0 Woman killed by a Palestinian sniper while riding in a bus.
3/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 3 86 Suicide bomber kills three and injures eighty-six when detonating in a crowd of shoppers.
3/20/02 Israel Musmus 7 30 Seven killed and thirty injured by a suicide bomber while riding on a bus.
3/19/02 Algeria Algiers 0 13 Thirteen injured by home-made bomb at the post office set by Islamic fundamentalists.
3/19/02 Algeria Souq al-Had 4 0 Four farmers were ambushed and killed by armed Islamists.
3/19/02 Algeria Souq al-Had 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill six victims, all from the same family. The father and mother were beheaded - four children mutilated.
3/17/02 Pakistan Islmabad 5 45 Grenade attack on a Christian church kills five including American woman and her 17-year-old daughter. Forty-five others were injured.
3/17/02 Israel Kfar Sava 1 16 Terrorist opens fire on motorists. One teen-ager is killed and sixteen are injured.
3/16/02 Pakistan Jhang 5 0 Five policemen killed by Islamist gunmen.
3/14/02 Israel Gaza 3 2 Terrorists detonate a bomb by remote control that kills three Israelis and injures two.
3/12/02 Israel Metzuba 6 7 Gunmen disguised in IDF uniforms ambush a bus and kill six, wound seven.
3/9/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 54 A Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber kills eleven and injures 54 at a crowded café.
3/9/02 Israel Netanya 2 50 The Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigades takes credit for killing a 9-month-old infant and one other in grenade attack that also left 50 others injured.
3/8/02 Algeria al-Bleida 6 0 Islamic attackers open fire on a civilian vehicle then set the car on fire.
3/8/02 Israel Tulkarem 1 0 Another soldier is killed by a Palestinian sniper.
3/7/02 Israel Gush Katif 5 23 Five Israeli teen-agers were killed and twenty-three were injured by a Palestinian sniper.
3/7/02 Nigeria Enugu 12 0 Muslim gunmen storm a Christian prayer meeting attempting to kill the leader. Twelve are killed, an unknown number injured.
3/6/02 Israel Khan Yunis 2 0 Two Israeli soldiers killed in a Palestinian ambush.
3/5/02 Israel Afula 1 17 85-year-old man was killed in a Fedayeen suicide bombing at a bus station.
3/5/02 Israel Bethlehem 1 1 Female motorist gunned down by a Palestinian sniper. Her husband was badly injured.
3/5/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 3 30 Three Israelis were killed and more than thirty injured when two Muslim gunmen opened fire at adjacent restaurants.
3/3/02 Israel Ofra 10 6 Hamas terrorist kills ten and wounds six by opening fire at a roadblock.
3/3/02 Israel Kissufim 1 4 Soldier killed at a roadblock by Palestinian gunman. Four others injured.
3/2/02 Israel Mar Saba 1 0 Jerusalem police detective assassinated by Tanzim while on holiday in the desert.
3/2/02 Israel Jerusalem 10 52 Ten people, mostly women and small children were killed by a suicide bomber. Most were waiting with baby carriages for their husbands to return from the synagogue.
2/28/02 Israel Atarot 1 0 Jewish employer killed by a Muslim employee. Fatah takes credit for this attack.
2/27/02 Nigeria Ilorin 3 0 Eid-el-Kabir celebrants kill three Christians.
2/26/02 India Gujarat 59 0 Muslims set fire to a train carrying Hindu activists. Fifty-nine are killed, including fourteen children.
2/25/02 Israel Neve Ya'akov 1 2 One killed and two injured by terrorist while waiting for a bus.
2/25/02 Israel Tekoa 2 1 Two killed and one injured in a terrorist shooting attack.
2/22/02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl is kidnapped, held for several weeks, then killed by five Islamics. Videotape shows throat being cut.
2/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 59-year-old man killed by Palestinian terrorist while driving home from work.
2/19/02 Israel Ramallah 6 1 Six soldiers killed when terrorists open fire at a roadblock.
2/18/02 Israel Gush Katif 3 1 Three Israelis killed in Palestinian shooting attack.
2/16/02 Israel Karnei Shomron 3 30 Three teen-agers were killed by a Muslim suicide bomber at a pizzeria. Thirty others injured.
2/15/02 Algeria Jejil 3 1 Three members of the Algerian self-defense forces were killed in a bombing.
2/10/02 Israel Be'er Sheva 2 4 Drive-by shooting leaves two young Israelis dead and four others wounded.
2/10/02 Algeria Bouqra 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists slaughter a family of six in a senseless and barbaric attack.
2/9/02 Israel Ariel 1 0 Elderly man shot to death in a Palestinian ambush while driving car.
2/8/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 25-year-old stabbed to death by four Palestinian teen-agers.
2/6/02 Israel Moshav Hamra 3 0 Three people including a mother and her 11-year-old daughter were killed in a home invasion by an armed terrorist.
2/4/02 Algeria Seidi Lakhder 22 3 Most of the 25 victims were from the same family and were killed for trying to defend themselves. Knives and bullets were used.
2/3/02 Algeria al-Medya 12 8 Five Islamic fundamentalists set up a false roadblock proceeded to kill a dozen motorists.
2/1/02 India Srinigar 1 0 Muslim separatists assassinate an independent newspaper editor in his office.
1/27/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 150 An 81-year-old was killed and over one-hundred and fifty injured by suicide bomber armed with more than 10k of explosives.
1/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 2 40 Palestinian terrorist fires assault rifle into a bus-stop, killing two women and injuring forty others.
1/22/02 India Calcutta 5 0 Islamic terrorists kill five Indian policemen guarding the American embassy in Calcutta in a drive-by attack.
1/20/02 India Behra, Poonch 11 3 Muslim terrorists kill eight children, two women and one man in their house.
1/17/02 Israel Hadera 6 35 Terrorist barges into a bat mitzvah reception and kills six guests with an assault rifle. Thirty-five others also shot.
1/16/02 Israel Jenin 1 0 Arab killed in Jenin while sitting in a car bearing Israeli license plates.
1/15/02 Israel Givat Ze-ev 1 1 Woman killed near gas station. Her aunt was injured in the shooting attack by Palestinians.
1/15/02 Israel Beit Jala 1 0 American citizen was kidnapped then killed by Al-Aksa Brigade.
1/9/02 Israel Kerem Shalom 4 2 Palestinian terrorists infiltrate border and kill four soldiers. Two others were wounded.
1/8/02 India Sprinagar 1 0 Soldier killed by two Mujahideen suicide attackers.
1/6/02 USA Tampa, FL 1 0 Fifteen year-old flies plane into an office building in Tampa. Suicide note reveals his admiration for Osama Bin Laden and desire to commit a terrorist attack.
1/1/02 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Four bombs exploded at Christian churches and one man died in a hand grenade attack in Jakarta.
12/31/01 Pakistan Karachi 0 15 Fifteen persons injured in a bomb blast in a residential area.
12/30/01 Nigeria Vwang 5 0 Armed Muslims attack Christian community, kill five and destroy much of the town.
12/25/01 Israel Beit She'an 1 4 One Israeli reservist was killed an four others wounded in a shooting attack.
12/21/01 India Poshkreeri, Anantnag 3 1 Terrorists kill three girls (ages 12, 16, 18) and injure their mother because they were Sikhs.
12/21/01 India Hogam 2 0 Two Hindu women shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
12/19/01 Indonesia Kapaha 9 1 Nine Christians aboard a boat are killed by Jihad attackers.
12/13/01 India New Delhi 7 0 Militant Muslims execute a suicide attack on the Indian parliament, leaving twelve people dead.
12/13/01 Pakistan Karachi 0 19 Nineteen persons injured in a "holy warrior" bomb blast in a residential area.
12/12/01 Israel Samaria 11 30 Fatah and Hamas (Islamic Resistance) attackers used roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades and light arms fire to kill eleven and injure thirty passengers on a bus.
12/11/01 Indonesia Bay of Ambon 7 42 Muslims bomb a boat and then attempt to stab the survivors to death in the water.
12/7/01 Indonesia Ewiri 2 3 Jihadists attack a Christian village, killing two and wounding three.
12/2/01 Israel Haifa 15 40 Muslim terrorists killed fifteen people and injured forty who were riding on a bus.
12/1/01 Israel Jerusalem 11 180 Eleven teen-agers were killed by two "holy warrior" suicide bombers. Most of the one-hundred and eighty injuries were also to teen-agers.
11/29/01 Israel Hadera 3 9 Three killed and nine wounded in Palestinian attack on a bus-stop.
11/27/01 Israel Gush Katif 1 3 Woman killed while driving home. Three others injured.
11/27/01 Israel Afula 2 50 Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists fire assault rifles at a crowded bus-stop, killing two and injuring about fifty.
11/19/01 Afghanistan Tangi Abrishum 4 0 Four journalists are abducted and shot to death. In April of 2003 the men responsible (Taliban supporters) are finally taken into custody.
11/13/01 Indonesia Ambon 2 5 Muslim attack kills two Christians and injures five more.
11/12/01 Indonesia Ambon 3 19 Package bomb kills three and injures nineteen.
11/9/01 Israel Samaria 1 0 Woman shot and killed by Muslim terrorists as she was driving home from work.
11/6/01 Israel Nablus 1 0 Israeli Captain killed in Palestinian ambush.
11/4/01 Israel Jerusalem 2 45 Two boys, ages 14 and 16, where gunned down by Palestinian terrorists at a bus-stop. Forty-five others were injured.
11/4/01 Pakistan Mehargam 5 2 Five persons, including a former District Council chairman, are killed and two more injured in firing by gunmen.
11/2/01 Israel Ofra 1 0 19-year-old soldier killed when Palestinian gunmen open fire at a roadblock.
11/1/01 Indonesia Tomata 3 12 Jihad warriors attack Christian village and kill three.
11/1/01 Indonesia Waimulang 5 2 Jihad warriors attack Christian village, killing five and wounding at least two.
11/1/01 Indonesia Palu 4 0 Four Christians murdered by Jihad terrorists at an illegal roadblock.
11/1/01 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Roadside bombing by Sunni terrorists kills two U.S. soldiers and injures two others.
10/28/01 Israel Hadera 4 39 Palestinian terrorists open fire on a bus-stop killing four and wounding nearly 40.
10/28/01 Pakistan Model Town, Bahawalpur 18 9 A policeman and seventeen Christians, including five children, are killed and nine others injured when six gunmen opened fire on a church.
10/28/01 Pakistan Quetta 2 25 Blast inside a bus kills two army personnel and injures another twenty-five.
10/28/01 Israel Metzer 1 0 Fatah terrorists kill one Jew in a machine gun attack.
10/27/01 Israel Ariel 3 19 Muslim suicide bomber kills three and injures nineteen at a gas station.
10/26/01 Pakistan Lahore 1 4 Bomb blast kills a doctor and injures four other people.
10/22/01 Indonesia Toyado 2 0 Two men murdered by Jihad terrorists.
10/22/01 India Awantipora 2 2 Two civilians killed by Fediyeen suicide attack.
10/21/01 Indonesia Toyado 1 0 Christian is pulled from a car and hacked to death by Jihad warriors.
10/20/01 Indonesia Betalemba 2 0 At least two killed in a Muslim attack on Christian village.
10/18/01 Israel Mar Saba 1 2 Palestinian terrorists kill one and seriously injure two by firing on their vehicle in the Judean desert.
10/17/01 Mauritania Nouakchott 1 1 The Mauritania director of the international relief organization, World Vision, is gunned down while walking with his young daughter. She was also shot, but did not die.
10/17/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 Israeli Tourism Minister, 75, assassinated in the hallway of the Hyatt Hotel.
10/16/01 Indonesia Madale 1 1 Muslim mob burns Christian refugee barracks and kill one, seriously injure one other.
10/14/01 Indonesia Tentena 1 8 Jihad warriors attack passenger bus. They kill a 22-year-old woman and injure eight other people.
10/14/01 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two policeman killed by gunman. This occurs two days after several security force personnel were killed by pro-Islamic demonstrators.
10/7/01 Israel Sheluhot 1 0 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber kills one civilian.
10/7/01 Saudi Arabia Khobar 2 4 Parcel bomb kills two, including an American, and injures four.
10/5/01 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Palestinian machine-gun ambush kills Israeli civilian.
10/4/01 Israel Afula 3 13 Palestinian terrorist disguised as Israeli paratrooper opens fire on crowded bus stop and kills three, injures thirteen.
10/3/01 Indonesia Peleru 10 0 Jihad warriors kill 10 Christian villagers and injure an unknown number.
10/2/01 Israel Alei Sinai 2 15 Two young men (19 and 20) were killed in their homes by grenade attack. Fifteen others were wounded.
10/1/01 Indonesia Tomata 3 0 Terrorists attack a Christian church, killing three women.
10/1/01 India Srinagar 38 60 Suicide bomber and additional Islamic militants kill and injure mostly civilians at the J&K State Assembly.
9/26/01 Algeria Larbaa 22 7 Armed Islamists kill twenty-two civilians and wound seven.
9/24/01 Israel Shadmot Mehol 1 0 Islamic Jihad kills 28-year-old Israeli.
9/23/01 UK Cambridge 1 0 17-year-old beaten with a hammer and stabbed to death by Muslim gang in Britain. (Ross Parker murder).
9/21/01 France Toulouse 29 2000 About two-thousand people are injured, and more than two-dozen killed when a radical Islamist blows up a fertilizer plant in a suburban part of France.
9/20/01 Israel Tekoa 1 1 Wife killed, husband injured in shooting attack by Palestinian gunmen.
9/17/01 India Handwara, Kupwara 9 0 Personnel sleeping inside the basement of a building were attacked by two LeT fidayeen using grenades. Nine SF personnel and one fidayeen were killed.
9/15/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 23-year-old Israeli killed by Palestinian.
9/12/01 Israel Habla 1 0 Jewish woman shot to death while driving home.
9/11/01 Israel Bachan 2 0 Two policeman (ages 19 and 26) were killed when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a border checkpoint.

Still think it has nothing to do with Islam?

Anonymous said...

Knowing and reading about Serbs, they are the worst after Nazis and i don't know how can you comment in this blog about terrorists when you are worst. Also, now your saying that every person that has been killed in the world by a Muslim, was an act of terrorism! Baby ,you seem to be brainwashed and next time when you comment, write something to make me come back and read here!

Don’t waste my time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Idiot, write a threatening letter to yourself and then pen a defiant reply (quoting Emperor's BS in the process).

Anonymous said...

So you now agree with the Serbian church propaganda that there was a world conspiracy against the Serbs and against the Serbian church.
Just to mention a few programs executed by the Serbian governments.

Naceranja- It provides for the complete anihilation and destruction of the Albanian people. Executed starting from 1844.

The Expulsion of the Albanians- Executed starting in 1937. It provided for the execution and the expulsion of the Albaninan people.

Sesejl's ( Minister in the Slobodan government) plan- Masterminded in 1995. It provieded the anihilation and expulsion of the Albanians in Kosova.

As for that other bull$hit you copied and pasted about arabs commiting crimes and killing other people we don't give a $hit. That is why we are allied together with the USA in the war against terrorism there. Our soldiers there are under USA command. Meanwhile Serbia had very close relations Sadam Husein. Sadam and the Serbian goverment signed an agreement in which Sadam would help Serbia in Kosova by sending Iraqi troops to fight along the Serbs. Your government makes agreement with terroris regimes. I would not be surprised if they have or had a similar agreement with North Korea.
We are Albanians first then we are anything else; Catholic, Budhist, Jews, Muslim, Orthodox, Evangelist or any of the hundreeds of religions present in Albania.
God Bles Albania and the USA.

Anonymous said...

If you wanna read any of those plans written by the Serb governments which provide for the anihilation of the Albanian people feel free to ask.

Anonymous said...

ahahahahah!!!! right serbia and sadam were in it together while the albos and USA are defending freedom around the world ahahhaah idiots u are. it shows how little of a role that albos have played in the world of politics and now u feel "special" cause nato bombed the serbs out for u (ahhh something u would never ever do on ur own, be honest for once and something u will have to deal with once nato leaves, be honest again please) serbs built sadams bunkers true cause the fims from belgrade were known to build teh best ones in the world (sadam as a typical muslim turns around and lives in a hole in the ground, nice) serbs sold weapons to them and sold them some info on the serb armies tactical brilliance which lead nato to bomb bogus tanks and bridges in kosovo, all togheter nato destroyed 12 serbian tanks, hahah (seeing how frsutrated NATO got they started to bomb serbian factories, wow how brave, pussies didnt have the balls to come on teh ground). as for the NACRTENJE writings they are what they are: WRITINGS and were never implemented! noone ever tried to force the albaniacs out of kosovo, show some concrete evidence of an organized, from the state down , campaign to kick out every single albo from kosovo, there is none, they left in 99 out of fear of a ground war. where are the pictures of serbian troops forcing these people out?????? ur bitch that the serbs saved in ww2 albright showed satellite images of mass graves taht were tampered with , where r teh images of mass deportations with soilders pointing guns at albos killing them and foring them to leave????? where are the 100,000 dead u cliamed? yes people died on both sides, the ALBOS wanted war, not the serbs, the KLA had teh first shots at teh police and army, ahhhh did u expect them not to shot back???? now as for the ALBANIAN "nactrtenje" which is a reality and not some document in writting, the reality is that the ALBOS (u could say) used the teachings of teh document by toatlly turning kosovo into an albanian area, in the 1920's less than a third of the people in kosovo were albaniacs (not to metion ottoman census numbers from the 17th and 18th cen. when the VAST VAST Majority was serb before the albaniac sheaperds started coming into serbia) even today almost 300,000 serbs were kicked out of kosovo after nato came in!!!!!! tehy cant go back ! nobody is fighting for them to "get back home", SO DONT TELL ME ABOUT ANY PLANNED EXTERMINATIONS ABOUT THE ALBANIACS U MORON WHEN THE REALITY ON THE GROUND SHOWS CLEARY THAT U ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE ENTIRLY CLEANSED THE LAND OF SERBS U NAZI SCUM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Editor, please delete these racist comments. Don't let this place be hijacked by inconsiderate lunatics.

Anonymous said...

To the Serb arsehole:

I wrote you some questions earlier, but since you did not like them you chose to shut up. What is it with you pussy, don't you have any self-respect? Your Orthodox Patriarch, I repeat Patriarch, is selling holy land for cash, and you dare to come here and write about other religions.

Since you seem to shut up when people ask you questions you do not like, I will write some more:

Why did the Serbian state television RTS play R Kelly's song "I believe I can fly" and show innocent people jumping off the World Trade Center on September 11?

Also, last night, on the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States, why did the Serbian state television RTS play Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"?

And you say Serbs are "civilized"? Use your brain, think!

Anonymous said...

It's Martyr people, ignore him, he has nothing better to do with his hormones than come and bs here...

you need a break Martyr, peace to you,

Anonymous said...

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT???????????????/ R KELLY???? DUDE IT JUST SHOWs the level of intelligence u are working with, pathetic. WHAT QUESTIONS????? what? I have posted hundreds of questions that were never answered (like can someone show a an albo source prior to the 19th centurey where it is claimed u r the illirians?) and u ask about the patriarch selling land??? dude all teh heads of earvy religion are opportunistic slime, thats however is NOT what were are talking about here, we were talking about the ALBO LOVE FOR TURKS, the fac taht ALBOS ARE the ones who have compleated a "nacrtenje" type cleasnings in REALITY AND NOT ON PAPER!!! HAHAAH WAS I WORNG ABOUT ANY ANY ANY OF MY POINTS!!!?!?!? I DARE U TO ADDRESS TEHM!!! ALL OF A SUDDEN U SHUT UP LIKE A PUSSY AFTER MY LAST POST AND NOT A WORD ABOUT "NACRTENJE"!!!! TYPICAL TYPICAL LIARS!!! PROVE ONE THING I SAID WRONG! IT IS A FACT TAHT THE ALBOS WERE THE SHOCK TROOPS FOR THE OTTOMANS AND DID ALL THE DIRTY WORK FOR THE TURKS!!!! all u do is post lies here, like the serbs were dancing in Belgrade on 9/11 LIES show me proof, show me even ONE ANTI-SERB correspondent for any braodcast from belgrade writing an article of showing video of it!! U FUCKING LIARS!!!!!! why dont u have the guts to admit that osama bin ladem was in ksovo meeting with u ALBOS SHEEP LOVERS MANY TIMES@!!!!!! why dont u admit to the fact that the KLA was funded by islamic terrorist organizations!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above poster YOU ARE SUCH A MORON :)

Have you eaten yet? Is you officer on top of you feeding you the latest bs? Once Kosova is independent we will go an search every fucking archive that exists on this planet to get that connection. That means the one in Belgrade to??? Make sure you pass the message to your superior.

The above posters details;
His mission: To feed the readers with stories which will damage the reputation of the Kosovar Albanians in the World.

Anonymous said...

What connection are u talking about Serb loser. In Scanderbeg's time Albania was called Arberia from the Illyrian Arber tribe -Arbanoi-Albanoi- and Albania. Only the statue of the Dardanian Goddes has been in the Balkans 2000 years earlier than the Serbs and lets not talk about anything else. Even the ancient egyptians write about the Dardan Illyrian tribe. Take a wild gues and figure out where Dardania is?
Also before the country was known as Arberia in Scanderbeg's time due to the Illyrian tribe of Arbri, it was called Illyria or the Illyrian Principalities on of which was under the Arebri tribe later Albania.
Open this Serb dude's cranium and you'll see that Milosevic, Mladic, and that priest of theirs Artemje have jerked off all over his brains.

Anonymous said...

Hey, weren't chic and chun Albanians, what about Hulk Hogan and Walt Disney, can't forget about and Pope John Paul I and II. What about Sylvester Stallonej.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah "u will get independence first and then look to prove things" and in the meantime invent, LIE, steal everything possible about ur own people and just invent bogus claims!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! TYPICAL ALBO, HAVE U NO SHAME? OH RITE I AM SPEAKING TO AN ALBO, anyway u can claim anything u want fact is that the first time the word ALBANIAN Was used was 600 years after the words SERB!! hhahahahah!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was an age restriction in this blog as the above poster writing "HA HA HA" after every sentence is obviously a troubled kid.

Anonymous said...

i think the laughter comes from teh funny nonsense the albanians write on the site. i still cant belove tht u would say i was a serbian secret agent!!!!! dude how can i not laugh at that??? HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! so stupid, so funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

* the modern Albanians were not mentioned in Byzantine chronicles until 1043, although Illyria was part of the Byzantine Empire, and since the Illyrians are referred to for the last time as an ethnic group in Miracula Sancti Demetri (7th century AD.), some scholars maintain that after the arrival of the Slavs the Illyrians were extinct. [3]
* (see the Jireček Line) it is believed that most inhabitants of Illyria were Hellenized (the Southern part) and later Romanized (opponents say that some Illyrians were not Hellenized or Romanized, but maintained their own language, which may have been a proto-Albanian language). [4]
* most Illyrian toponyms, hydronyms, names, and words have not been shown to be related to Albanian, and they do not indicate that Illyrians spoke a proto-Albanian language (opponents say that many of these toponyms, hydronyms and names are Hellenized and Romanized; whether the change in form is dramatic or not is hard to know in a number of cases).
* ancient Illyrian toponyms (such as Shkoder from the ancient Scodra, Tomor from ancient Tomarus) were not directly inherited in Albanian, as their modern names do not correspond to the phonetic laws of Albanian [5]
* a number of scholars believe that Illyrian was a Centum language, though others disagree. If Illyrian was Centum, then it is unlikely that Albanian (which is Satem) is an Illyrian language [6]


Anonymous said...

from see "origin of the albanians"

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that there is only one serb and here writing. let me start by telling you that first the fact that you are laughing and enjoying this puts you right in the league of assholes. there is worse but you seem to do your homework and your comments support an idea or represent one. in any case if you are not superficial enough to just glance what i am writing but actually read this you will understand that you need to be schooled. first, you should now that everything happens for a reason. the fact that the one who has the power writes the history should come to no surprise to you since you seem smart enough to understand that. so you should also understand what once independent from serbia proof of ethnicity means. second, please explain to me which ethnic group do serbs claim, or to give you the benefit of the doubt, you come from. i admit i need to be schooled on this. i have read not only albanian written history but but italian, english and german too. they all say you came to balcan as slavic tribes well after civilization was established in balcan. third, please tell me what religion did you have before becoming christian orthodox, and please explain it so i do not have to use the same word you do, traitor. Please, and i am being nice here, civilised like you should try to act, do not tell me you had this religion because i am christian orthodox too and i know my religion. it is another wing of christianity, one of the first two. (greeks them selves were not christians, ex. plato, aristotle to name a few great greeks preached a different system of belief.) third don't you find it odd that every time a substantial group of people rises up asking for simple human rights like freedom of speach and religion, the people in power call them terrorist when they try to desperately win their right from a majority that won't let them. what is the deffinition of terrorist to you? killing countless thousands of albanians in the name of 'what was it again?' is not a terrorist act, but killing a serbian officer is? why don't you look at it this way, Serbia is a terrorist country and kosova has a terrorist citizen (if the killer was kosovar to begin with). like i said you do your homework and you show the names of so many christian leaders and it is true in numbers there may be more, however, if you know history you should know that arab countries were deprived of their youth from european CHRISTIANS who were selling them as slaves leaving no opportunity for inventions or peace of mind for the muslim people to evolve. (talk about terrorism) christians have killed so many jews, muslims even other christians not to mention scientist. of course not all christian orthodox did these acts or all of the above but we do not leave room for doubt when we speak of our religion as better than another. the only reason hagie sophia was turned into a mosque was for the only reason that turks believed in churches being build in holy ground. not something we do with mosques when we destroyed them without thinking twice. as far as traitors to turky goes, first of all you do not seem to mind ethnic albanians that held high roman titles but only the ones that held turks. it just showes how biased your oppinion as an individual is. second please tell me why is it that not only skenderbeg is the only one fighting the turks succesfuly and fully recognized internationally (along hyniad of course) as well as the only one given the title "kalorsi i krishtit" which means the "rider of christ" and not a single serb or greek for that matter is? it is true a lot of ethnic albanians held high turkish posts but that is an achievment. it is one because Ali pashe tepelena (which is where i am from) not only held a pashallek but aspired independence. and so did skenderbeg and so Ismail Qemali and so on. The turks were the invaders but so were the romans. i don't here any one complaining about them. do we really want to go into history that far back when all the problem are fresh happening today? yugoslavia was flourishing when tito and decomposing with milosevic? do you honestly think that all the countries making ex yogoslavia woke up one day and said we don't like milosevic? i welcome you to respond but be asured more questions arise than answers you could never speculate that you know the truth when it is partial. and please no more hahahah. this is serious matter. kosovars as well as serbs are dying, muslim and christians.

Anonymous said...

first of all thank you for a civil comment. as for ur serbs coming to the balkans comment please read this below:

Continuity in Balkans

Despite the multiethnic nature of the Balkans, it seems that most inhabitants of the peninsula share common ancestors. Scientists feel that we will have a better picture of these ethnic trajectories within the next several years. The genetic marker M170 appears to have come from the Middle East to the Balkan region roughly 20,000 years ago. It seems today that this marker is unique to the Balkans area, though research suggests that about 80% of European genetic stock goes back to Paleolithic period.

all of the poeples of the Balkans share common ancestors, everyone "desends" from someone, now if u want to keep listening to roman and greek sources that claim the "Arrival" of the serbs to the balkans u will justify the "historical right " to kick tehm back to russia as u albos say. again everyone was somehting before, religion included, i dont care if the serbs and albos were pagans or if they belived in 100 gods the fact that the albaninas converted en mass to islam prove u were willing servants to the ottomans and it also proves that the serbs would have rahter retreted into the mountains thatn change to teh occupiers faith (it was the only thing binding the serbs, the faith). u say when a people want "freedom speach and religion" albos in kosovo had their hospitals, universites, dude u were teh only minority int eh wordl to have a nations passport written in ur own lkanguage?! remember teh group of albo intellectuals that traveled teh wordl in teh 70s and came back and sadi that the no minority in teh world had teh rites teh albos do in serbia. so in kosovo its right for self determination for albos yet in bosnia and croatia its not the case for the serbs (i said hundreds of times here that i have no issue with kosovo getting independence if teh serbs in bosnioa and croatia were given the same rite, what is wronmg with that, how is that not fair? why is it that if the albos were and are on teh side of "freedom of speach, human rites, etc" how come tehy did not offer support to teh serbs of bosnia and croatia? they actually want to right agaisnt the serbs in both places) so dont tell me this stuff when u are full of contradictions, in essence everyone had teh right for self determination in the former yugoslavia exept teh serbs???!?!?!? WHAT? and u think there wasnt going to be wars with htat logic?? dont u see taht the west has alwys played us against each otehr??? they are ur freinds today and they will drop u tomorrow, NATO will leave trust me. serbs were allied with the USA and britain in both world wars and they didnt give two shits about them when it came to their own interests. what would ANY ANY government in teh wrodl do when an armed faction wants to break awasy a part of their country?? what would the USA do if the mexicans in new mexico declare they are going to start shooting at US police and soilders on its territory???? u say killing of thousands of albos?? WHERE IS TEH PROOF OF THE 100,000 dead u claimed during teh bombing??? where?? tehre is proof of only 2,100 mostly kla terrorists who shot at the State police and army, planted bombs etc, how is that not terrorism?? how could and government just sit bakc and let their soilders get shot at? if anything the albos have had a systematic campaign for the past 100 years to drive out all serbs from kosovo, ur buddy mentions "nacrtenje" dude that was a peiace of paper u guys have implemented that on teh ground, in 1920 u had less thatn 100,000 albos in kosovo, the vast majority was serb, today there are no serbs left, now u tell me who the terrorists and killers are??? u also say that arab boys were deprived of theri childhood caue they were used as slaves, not by serbs they werent, the serbs were enslaved by the ottomans and fought them for 600 years until freedom, hagia sophia was turned into a mosque caue of it architectural brillinace, i mean have u no shame to say "muslims turned churches into mosques caue they were place of worship" what about the 150 destroyed serbian churches in kosovo? the albos that worked for u should be ashamed of as well, teh vatican is equally as evil as teh ottomans were, if u combine the deaths that the two are responsible for it would surpass hitler.

Prince of Albania said...

The Albanians do not have to rely on religion to bond them. We have our aeons old language, culture and history to keep us together. The fact that there are Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish Albanians but all of them regard themselves Albanian shows more loyalty and character than anything you could conjure up. You have to strike the fear of God to keep people Serbian, we use the love of our nation to stay Albanian.
The Albanian has survived thousands of years of occupiers, He has resisted every assimilation attempt forced on him by the Serb, Greek, Turk etc.
Oh, and any insinuation that the Serbs and Albanians have some sort of genetic bond is absurd. The Serbs that came from the Caucass to the Balkans with the Croats in tow did mix with the existing Illyrian tribes of the northern balkans and may have inherited some of their genes, but the fact remains nonetheless that they migrated down there.
I am not saying that this should be now used as a pretext to advocate Serb deportation, that makes no sense. I think Serbia is Serb land. I have never denied that. And any territory that is majority Serb through historic naturalization belongs to the Serb state. But the lands you seek in Bosnia were ethnically cleansed. The so called "Republika Srpska" was a result of mass murder, rape and deportation. This should and will not be rewarded. In Croatia you have suffered. I agree that the regions in Slavonia where Serbs were a 55% or higher majority had a right to join the Serbian state.
But by that precedent alone you are creating a climate where all Albanian lands would have to join one single entity including Kosovo, southern Montenegro, southern Serbia, western Macedonia, and northwestern Greece. Since this can not happen neither will a Greater Serbia.
That is why Kosovo will become independent in 2006 and the whole region will join the EU by 2012 to 2016.
That is the only way.

Anonymous said...

twisted logic, fact is that in the "genocidal" republika srpska the people were defending what was theirs to beginw with (go to and look up bosnia it will show u a map of who lived where and who owned the majority of the land, serbs are in blue in that map, fact is that 72% of Bosnia was owned by serbs prior to teh war just like over 50% of kosovo is the ownership of the serb othtodox chuch) the real number of dead teh REAL number and not teh propaganda teh west feeds its masses is 30,000 half of those serbs, 3,260 serbs were killed by naser oric and his forces in and around srebrenica between 92-95, 5,000 serbs from sarajevo were held and killled in 146 camps where serbs were held, teh regular croatian army from croatia fought the serbs in bosnia, the first massacres of the war were commited by muslims against serbs, dude its not black and white as u albo/muslim/croat alliance waasnt to present it and no matter how hard u try (and u did really unite all ur forces i must admit during the 90s, but serbia is still standing, wounded yes, i mean its neighbors were not the challenge it was fighting the USA, germany, NATO bombing, the islamic support from around the world and economic sanctions, any other people would have totally collapsed long ago) so dont tell me that the republika srpska was created on murder etc (if bosnia was ALWAYS majority serbian up to 1961) if anything that was the policy of the KLA, to shot provoke a counter attack and wait for the USA to come and fight for u, please call it what it is) again I have no problem with kosovo going its own way, serb monastaries are a huge HUGE thing for serbs but the reality is that the majority of people there are albo who want independence, again no prob if the serbs all over get the same, untill they do tehre will be war, no question about it. what is not fair about what i am saying?? and PLEASE CAN SOMEONE ADDRESS THE THINGS I HAVE BEEN SAYING IN MY OTEHR POSTS? I alwys address the albo comments.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that there are Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish Albanians but all of them regard themselves Albanian shows more loyalty and character than anything you could conjure up.

It shows what everyone in the Balkans knows; that albanians stick their heads up their occupier du-jour's ass so far, they take the occuoier's religion too, simply to curry favor and act as the occupier's lackey. It shows no character it all. Face it, it is your legacy.

Anonymous said...

Why are Serbians so proud about being Orthodox? You were pagan before believing in one God. Then you changed your religion and started believing in one God. So following your idiotic logic you have no character, just another a$$licker. The Christianity came and there you go you were Catholics. The church separated and the Serbs became Orthodox. Once again acording to your stupid little brain you are an a$$licker. It is worth noting however that the dude that one day decided to let you practice christianity and not cut your heads for doing it was an Illyrian, Emperor of Rome at that time. Shame on you for listening to an Illyrian, you got no character at all.

That said, I invite the bloggers to pick any Arab forum at all and got to the politics Section. Then pick a Serb forum then go to the politics Section. Exactly the same. These people do nothing but talk about religion all day long. These people do not know the difference between politics and religion. They think its the same. In Serbia for example they have a Ministry of Religion. Church and state aren't separated at all but connected and functioning as one through the help of this ministry and the majority of people such as the average Serb blogger above. The church makes some of the most important decisions in internal and foreign politics. Last example was the murder of the former prime minister of Serbia. His closest collaborators state that this murder was ordered by the Serbian church in collaboration with the current prime minister and the Serbian army. Now lets take Iran. The same exact thing. The most important decisions in the country's politics are in the hands of the clericks'. This is why you hear both these people talking about politics and religion at the same time. They are being brainwashed daily by their highest clericks who also happen to be in charge of politics.

Anonymous said...

Serbia also has a Ministry of Information. It's scary how some of the comments here resemble Tanjug's and those of the ministry. According to Tim Judah, the circle of lies would work like this: Serbs planted false information on the Serbia media (Tanjug, Politika, SerbiaInfo), Chinese state controlled agencies picked up that news, then Tanjug completed the circle by quoting Xin Hua. So Milosevic could tell his people: if you don't believe me, here's what the Chinese are saying.
Orwell is rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

I love it how Serbs quote Wikipedia, the only place where they can enter and edit the information to their favor.

Again, they keep sticking their nose into other people's business.

The police officer was guarding an Albanian monument, on which there was an attempt to blow it up, most probably by the math

Serb on Serb violence...fueled by "inat", a Turkish word used by the South East European nations that means "spite through stubborness", the best I can put it into English.

Anonymous said...

dude thank you for not hahahah anymore. i would really like to address some of the points you make but i find it hard to do so. like i said before, i am christian orthodox but i simply cannot tell muslim albanians you are servants, or every other name you used, for converting to islam for the only reason that it is simply disrespectful to their beleifs. the reasons for converting are countless. maybe they were poor and couldn't pay the taxes imposed on them or maybe they aspired power and converting to islam was the only way to climb that ladder. the same happened when the romans came. no one is naming names about than. Maybe just Maybe greece and serbia were not forced to convert because the albanian powerful leaders, now converted to islam and holding high ranking positions, were thinking again of revolts and independence. i know that vast lands of now days greece (assumed to be albanian by albanians) were under ali pasha's rule and he did not force them, at all, to convert. i say assumed by albanians because if assumed by both parties it would not be now days Greece but it would be mentioned south albania. i congratulate you for reading up on your ancestors and their origin, so do I, but your source of info is only . to make your ideas more plausible you need more sources of info and even than, if not a miracle, you will have different oppinions. it is true and i am not afraid to admit it. schoolars are divided into two groups trying to put albanians as descendats of illyria. i like to say the majority supports the idea but you would take the comment as biased so i'll just say that what the other opposing schoolars are lacking is evidence of albanian tribes migrating to balkan. If the slavs like you say are ethnic to the land how did the albanians catapult into the middle of you and greece. does wikipedia say anything about this. you are saying that serbs suffered too. and that is a very sad truth. yugoslavia was europe's usa. look where it is now. and i can assure you that balkan has not been the reason for two world wars because of the people themselves (although every balkan is hard headed) but of the wrong leaders that we as balkans chose. the reasons why different supper powers allied or were against us at different times like you said, was for their own benefit. And you are right we should try to solve our problems together. Serbia was and still is one, if not the one, super power in balkan. but it does not act like one. with the power comes great responsibility. you should know that, otherwise no one can get along if they feel threatend and pushed around. it is true, kosova was doing much better than albania, and to some degree or perspective it still is, but that is not solely because of serbia. you should know that. the only thing that i do not like about arab muslim countries but i understand is the fact that they are alowed to worship what they want outside their muslim countries but they don't let anyone else do the same in their country. They, too try to pass their beliefs as the right ones often insulting and offending other belief systems. i understand them because they feel threatend. they are a minority and they happened to be in an oil reach land and often being cheated, by the same super powers, out of the profits. but serbia, serbia has no one to be scared of. serbia is a super power. why this hostility? why can't albanians be represented in the parliament? if everything is peachy like you put it why every other state broke off yugoslavia and even montenegro will have a referendum on independence soon. I think serbia chose force instead of dialog. and that is unacceptable because there is no way out of that but independence. Now is it serbs fault or the people that had the power that fooled every one else's? i leave the answer to you. of course the same goes for kosovars and croatians and macedonians and bi&h but they are so many and it is hard to believe that everyone is wrong but you. serbia is aspiring for EU right. well guess what it can't. not because its people are not fit for EU but because its policies. the same goes for kosova and every other country in balcan. getting in EU means no more borders, free trading but if we all hate each other than we do more harm to EU than good. don't you agree? we are fighting over the differences that we have and trying to prove what, who is better than who? why don't we accept each other like the civilized people that we should be, embrace our differences, learn from our mistakes and look forward to the future together. that is impossible to do if you or anyone else say christians are better or smarter than muslims or any other religion or vice versa. that kind of talk puts us even further back. the people responsible for hate crimes should be caught and judged and put to jail, but you can't hold every one else responsible. religion is often used as a scape goat. i have only this to say to you guys. love thy neighbor and do onto others as you would like them do onto you.

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to say. why is it so hard for you to believe that turks believed the churches were built on sacred ground. of course hagie Sophia was a beautiful monument (now a museum) but so is suleiman Mosque ( almost of the same proportions. i hate it when you say christian better than muslim or even vice versa. i would like to believe that we measure ourselves not on our religios beliefs. oh yeah i wrote this to show you that the churches were not converted to mosques because the muslims could not build their own. check the history of the one in spain. where this time it was us who changed a mosque into a church.

Anonymous said...

If joining the EU means no more borders, than why do ethnic albanians in Kosovo want independence, instead of a compromised solution that would speed up entery into the EU.

Anonymous said...

again thank you for the civil post, we should always speak this way. the reasons for converting of the albos can be many or it can be just one fact is that they did when they realized the power of the ottomans (albos at first fought the ottomans) then took their faith, serbs werew poor as well but it still did not stop tehm from converting, even being 2nd class citizens and enduring teh turks taking their children for the janisseries did not stop them to hold on to their faith. u know very well that serbs are not very religious overall but they held on to their faith in those brutal times even knowing that conversion would ease their pain, same thing with what the vatican was doing for years forcibly converting orthodox to catholics, there are many dopcuments and proot of this. bottom line is serbs chose to fight the occupiers as opposed to kissing their ass, just like they did with hitler as well. fact are facts and u can look at any source out there. dude wikipedia is the premiere online dictionary in the world, read up on it. look at any source you want about teh origin of the albos serbs balkans in general, but if u want a honest opinion read any source on any of these topics that were written prior to 1990 (before the brutal anti-serb media campaign began) look at any source and u will see that bosnia was alwys refered to as a place where serbs lived, u will find that dalmatia was known as an area wehre catholic serbs lived and the history of kosovo is the same in all of them sources (example: in 1920 there was less than 100,000 albos in kosovo), u will find that kosovo was NEVER under albo control exept when hitler/mussolini gave it to u. go and look up the ottoman census takers from the 16th 17th cent. the VAST majority of people there were orthodox. these are facts noone can manipulate, not even teh big serb haters like NOel Malcom and Tim Judah, read REbecca West "Black Lamb grey falcon" written in teh 30's, read any book prior to teh 90's and u will see what was written about serbs everywhere it says they were the biggest heros in teh region who fought the nazis and ottomans and autrians the hardest. do a search in google "what was written about the serbs prior to the 1990s" and u will see what comes up, dude I mean read even teh New YOrk Nazi times that was brutal agaisnt the serbs in teh 90s' read the articel about kosovo in 87 and then tell me about sources. u say "it cant be that everyone is wrong but the serbs" everyone? dude it is 1 alliance of people fromt eh former yugo against the serbs, same way when the white man was taking over the US they got all the smallers indian tribes to fight the apache, its called divde and counquer, fact is the serbs were the last ones that wanted the war, everyone besides teh serbs gained in this war, teh serbs knew they would lose in teh end but how could they give up with out a fight? croatia got a country which they never had, they kicked out 350,000 serbs and noone cares at all, teh USA actually bombed teh serb postions there. BOSNIA, up to 1961 was alwys majority serbian orthodox (look at any source) even in 1991 72% of the land was owned by serbs, now they have 49% and are beinbg forced to contralize while they suffered almost as much as the muslims i bosnia did (over 3k dead in and around srebrenica, 5k in sarajevo, etc, total # of dead in bosnia is 30k and not the propaganda of "250,000 killed by serbs" crap. look that up as well. kosovo will soon be independent which again was never albanian, never only when give to u by hiteler for 4 years, the albos were able to in a 100 year time period totally cleanse the land of serbs while they point to "nacrtenje" which was on paper while they were doing the work onteh ground. so how could the serbs not be pissed? they lost by far by far teh most for the creation of yuposlavia which was a CROATIAN IDEA AND RULED BY A CROAT FOR 50 YEARS!!!!!!! tito broke serbia apart to appease the otehr republics. SHOW ME ANY OTHER NATIO ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH THAT CAME EVEN CLOSE TO DOING SOMEHTING LIKE THIS??

Anonymous said...

US and British officials told us that at least 100,000 were murdered in Kosovo. A year later, fewer than 3,000 bodies have been found - False figues from the Kosovo Liberation Army promulgated as fact - Brief Article
New Statesman, Sept 4, 2000 by JOHN Pilger

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After more than a year, the silence of those who wrote and broadcast the propaganda for Nato's "humanitarian war" over Kosovo remains unbroken: they who answered the Prime Minister's call to join "a great moral crusade" against a regime that was "set on a Hitler-style genocide equivalent to the extermination of the Jews during World War Two".

Something had to be done, they insisted. After all, by March last year, 500,000 Kosovar Albanians were missing, feared dead, according to the US State Department. In mid-May, the US defence secretary, William Cohen, said: "We've now seen about 100,000 military-aged men missing... They may have been murdered." Two weeks later, David Scheffer, the US ambassador at large for war crimes, increased the 100,000 figure to as many as "225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59". The British press took their cue. "Flight from genocide," said the Daily Mail. "Echoes of the Holocaust," chorused the Sun and the Mirror.

As the bombing dragged on, the facade began to crack; British television viewers were shown the ruins of trains and refugee convoys attacked by Nato aircraft, and their victims. "We have a public relations meltdown," said someone at Downing Street. On cue, the then Foreign Office minister, Geoffrey Hoon, announced that, "in more than 100 massacres", about 10,000 ethnic Albanians had been killed, adding that "the final toll may be much worse". Although inexplicably reduced from the original claims of 500,000 and 100,000, this was a substantial and utterly unsubstantiated figure.

By mid-June, with the bombardment over, international forensic teams began subjecting the province to minute examination. The American FBI arrived to investigate what was called the "largest crime scene in the FBI's forensic history". Several weeks later, having found bodies but not a single mass grave, the FBI went home. The Spanish forensic team also returned home, its leader complaining angrily that he and his colleagues had become part of "a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines, because we did not find one -- not one -- mass grave".

Continue article

At grave site after grave site, the story was similar. Reports in the western media, sourced to local people but often traced back to the Kosovo Liberation Army (as with the figures quoted above), became unbelievable. One explanation was that the Serbs had come in the night and taken the bodies away. "Where," wrote Michael Parenti in his review of the investigation, "was the evidence of mass grave sites having been disinterred? Where were the new grave sites now presumably chock-full of bodies?"

Perhaps the most significant disclosure, confirmed by the International Criminal Tribunal last October, was that the Trepca lead and zinc mines contained no bodies. Trepca was central to the drama of the "genocide" investigation: the corpses of more than 1,000 murdered Albanians were presumed hidden there, many of them disposed of in vats of hydrochloric acid, according to Nato and American officials. According to the Mirror, there was evidence of the "mass dumping of executed corpses" and "Auschwitz-style furnaces". Not a single body was found: no teeth, no remains.

Last November, the Wall Street Journal published the results of its own investigation and dismissed "the mass-grave obsession". Instead of "the huge killing fields some investigators were led to expect ... the pattern is of scattered killings [mostly] in areas where the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army had been active". The Journal concluded that "Nato stepped up its claims about Serb 'killing fields"' when it "saw a fatigued press corps drifting toward the contrarian story: civilians killed by Nato's bombs". This propaganda, said the newspaper, could be traced back to the KLA; many of the most lurid and prominently published atrocity reports attributed to refugees and other sources were untrue. "The war in Kosovo was cruel, bitter, savage," said the paper. "Genocide it wasn't." Such honesty was rare.

Nato bombed, according to George Robertson, the then defence secretary, "to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe" of mass expulsion and killing. In December, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose monitors were in Kosovo until just before the bombing, released its report on the war. This received almost no publicity in Britain. It confirmed that most of the crimes against the Albanian population had taken place after the bombing began: that is, they were not a cause but a consequence of the Nato campaign.

Western gravediggers have found a total of 2,788 bodies, and not all of them war crimes victims. On 7 June this year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) published a list of 3,368 missing persons whose names had been given to it by families from all communities in Kosovo, spanning January 1998 to mid-May this year. The ICRC says that a substantial number could be alive, among refugees scattered throughout Europe.

What is now beyond doubt is that the figures used by London and Washington, and by much of the media, were ludicrous inventions. The killings in Kosovo were despicable and tragic, but to equate them with genocide and the Holocaust is to mock the truth with profanity. With the exception of the Guardian, almost none of this has been reported in Britain. The Red Cross report was virtually ignored in this country. This is understandable; among the journalists who swallowed Nato's and their government's lies were the truly committed and triumphant, who wrote that "when the mass graves are opened, the opponents of this humanitarian war should apologise".

The defenceless population upon whom Nato's bombs rained down night after night, the 400 to 600 who died, blown up in crowded passenger trains and buses, in factories, television stations, libraries, old people's homes, schools and 18 hospitals, many cut to pieces by the RAF's thousands of "unaccounted for" cluster bombs which fragment into shrapnel, require an apology from the propagandists; because, as Nato's planners never tired of saying at their post-bombing seminars, without journalists "on board", they could never have pulled it off.

Robert Fisk, Britain's greatest war reporter, has called them sheep, gulled by professional manipulators. Take the bombing of the Belgrade TV headquarters and the murder of staff such as make-up ladies. Amnesty International, in a rare departure, called this "a deliberate attack on a civilian object, and as such constitutes a war crime". Shortly before the bombing, the Nato mouthpiece Jamie Shea had given a written assurance that the TV building would not be attacked.

With the media on board, Nato could go forth. At one "private preliminary review by Nato experts" of the bombing (reported in the Daily Telegraph), it was agreed that "any future operation by Nato is likelier to involve heavier, more ruthless attacks on civilian targets ..."

Having taken sides in what was a bitter but low-level civil war on the scale of Ireland in the 1970s, and having deliberately blocked a peaceful solution at the phoney Rambouillet "talks", Nato was able to finish off the west's "strategic concept" of destroying Yugoslavia - without recourse to the United Nations or international law. It was all based on a marriage of lies, thanks largely to those journalists who acted as the handmaidens of great and murderous power.

Kosovo is today, more than ever, a terror state, run by Mafia-style criminals with links to the KLA: the people who last year could call Robin Cook directly on their mobile phones.

More than 200,000 Serbs and Roma have since been driven out, with few headlines here. The Americans have built one of their biggest military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel, which achieves a long-held strategic aim of Washington to straddle the Balkan transit routes. Stand by for their next humanitarian adventure.

COPYRIGHT 2000 New Statesman, Ltd.
COPYRIGHT 2000 Gale Group

Anonymous said...

Dude you are to brainwashed by the Serb media , church and state. Why are sources earlier than 1990 better. I guess its because Albania was totally isolated with no allies while the Serbs had the Russians who could do great things with the media and spin everything in favor of their slav cousins in the balkans.

Under the Ottoman empire Kosova was not Serbia's, hell even Serbia was not Serbia's; it was a property of the Ottoman empire like the rest of the balkans.
Then under the brutal communistic regime in Jugoslavia Kosova was stolen by the Serbs. During this period Tito tried to change the demographics of Kosova through mass immigration of Kosovar Albanian. It eventually bit Jugoslavia in the a$$ since it was the immigrants who paid for the independence movement.

The fact is that from Ancient times to the present Kosova has been Albanian land. When the slavs came in the Balkans through murder, rampage and asimilation they were able to get under their control lands which have been Illyrian up to that time. Those lands include Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and parts of Macedonia. However they weren't able to assimilate Albania (Kosova included). Its original inhabitants( the Albanians) survived time and time again governmental programs which provided for their mass destruction.

1.Nacertania- 1844
2. Expulsion of the Albanians-1937
3. Sesejl's plan- 1995

Here is not included the fact that after WWI the Jugoslavs with collaboration of the Greeks and Russia constructed a map where there was no Albanian state. Was Albania a Serb land for which Serbia had fought for 500 years also? President Willson put a stop to that madness. What you know but do not admit is that Serbia has always had expansinists ideals. It has been proved through history time and time again. The wars Serbia has started say it all. Go throughout your history and you'll see that all the wars Serbia has fought were on foreign land. Now can you tell me what the hell did the Serbian army want in 1912 in central Albania. Was it protecting Serbian land again.

Now go again through your history and tell me when did you see an Albanian soldier in Belgrade or any other Serb state trying to conquer Serbia. Never. Because we know its not our land. However this fact has never stopped Serbia from starting wars and trying to conquer other countries. With that as usual comes the church and its usual spin declaring everyplace where a Serb soldiers foot has stepped as the craddle of Serb civilisation.

P.S The existence of Albanians and Albanian language is witnessed in the second century A.D. by the Greek geographer Ptoleme. That is 5 centuries before there was a Serb in the Balkans. He used the term Albanian to describe the illyrian tribes living in the balkans that day.

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with the previous guy. history does not neccesarily mean that it will repeat itself but it surely does give you an idea of what it may come. you say that Serbia here Serbia there. Dude that is one of the reasons why all the other countries didn't want to stay in the federatian anymore. as soon as you consider them second class citizens it is the end of the friendship that you have. let me ask you. are the people from bosnia, croatia, etc not part of the slavs that migrated to balkan. what makes you think you are so special when you say you didn't change your religion. i am sorry i told you before, i am orthodox but that does not mean, in any way, that my religion is better than the others. i would be mad though if my albanian people would be assimilated and there would be nomore albania today. but that is not the case. there are orthodox today converting to other religions as there are people converting to orthodoxy. are they all traitors? traitors to what? the greeks have the same religion as we do but i better be striked by lightning than be called greek as i hope you would. not because greeks are terrible people. no, they are great people. they could be better but so can anyone else. the reason why i say that is that it would throw away thousands and thousands of years that my people suffered fighting assimilation. the greeks as serbs have had tendencies over albania for a very long time. at a time when there were no borders since everything belonged to turkey it would be hard to say where exactly the border were because there were never exact borders to begin with. now you call them traitors but i beg you to rephrase the word. they who converted were in no way traitors to the country. however since the majority of the population was already converted the super powers were eager to divide albania, to serbia montenegro and greece so turkey could not have a later ally in the adriatic. And i know you know this. like my friend said above serbia hasn't exactly fought for only independence all the time. it didn't try to get half of albania only in 1912 but also after second world war. if you don't know this, look it up. tito was trying to get approval from russia (which so happened to be eager to say yes) to get albania to be another federation of ex-yugoslavia. greece declared war on albania during wwII for one reason and one reason only, chameria. and if you think that is ficticious, don't. greece's time will come and it will have to answer for all the killings and the robery it had done. however that is another topic. you can edit wikipedia so anyone can read what you want, that is why i said you need more sources. serbs have suffered and that is true and very sad but you can't expect everyone to believe that a great missjudgment was done when nato begin to bomb you guys. i don't want to go in details with numbers because each side has their own but you start with croatia and then with Bi&h and then with kosova and then wait, you have to stop somewhere. the fact that you were in charge does not mean that all the decision of how the country should be run should be up to you. it was a confederation. are you saying that there was only serbia north of albania always and all these guys tricked you. dude that is so wrong. you will lose montenegro thinking like that. people have moved within the federation, you can't call everyone ethnic and it is hard if not impossible to distinguish one from the other,- the result media scrutiny. however you should know that ira is fighting for some kind of autonomy if not independence from UK for a while now. but that, is considered differences in oppinion, to put it nicely (look what is happening now). however there was no genocide, mass murders or even mass evacuation form the britoins. the same goes for spain with the baschs and turkey with the kurds. and so on. you cannot expect me to believe that you didn't force albanians to emigrate to other countries becasue i had a kosovar family at my home. So to summarize, albanians have never had an army fighting outside albania and even when the army was in war it was in war with an invader fighting in its own territory. the serbian army, well you should know it by now, you have. albanians have never forced other people out of their houses like you have. the fact turkish naturalizations were occuring during the 16 century were not for turkey to know how many serbs or albanians or greeks were living in balkan but to find out how many enemies of islam (orthodox) turkey had. the fact that you call every one not muslim a serb just goes to show you that it is one of the worst things you can do, like greeks, makings us unite even more and be aware that we do not have friendly nighbors.
But, do we really need to go that far in history. like you and so many others in here i have realized that there are different histories of every given people (ours, the balkans are champs at it). So why can't we focus on the present. everything has happened recently and the wounds of everyone are not sealed yet. Why do you guys have to play the same games you played before. you are just making your neighbors uneasy. someone dies in kosova you use that as a chance to show the world that kosova is not ready for independece(it still needs a lot of work, that is true, but huge steps have been made and that is not thanks to you). you should offer your assistance to the local authorities to find the guilty and put them in jail as soon as possible. of course they will say no, but you should offer it never the less. if you care about each other at all you should not encourage the serbs in kosova not to take part in the new parlament. the only thing you're doing by it is prolonging their insecurity and fear and if it will last for too long they won't be represented in the new parliament. what is this new thing you are asking now, autonomy for them?! autonomy from who? Kosova does not have that yet? I am not saying here, a simple appology would be awsome because you obviously do not consider yourself guilty at all, but revenge does not justify the killings you have done at all, and that goes for albanians too. Destroying churches does not help either. it only goes to show that we are unable to control our anger. of course our brothers and sister died in this war, by serbs, but they died so kosova can have its inependence and you will throw that all away if you keep doing what you are doing. Serbia and Serbians have got to change their attitude, as do albanians too. if you still consider kosova a serb territory, don't. unfortunately and sadly for you it is lost. i am not saying it out of spite either. i am trying to get you to understand that you, as albanians have already started to do, should worry about the future and how to get there TOGETHER. haven't we had enough wars already. is war the only answer? please, life is beautiful lets enjoy it and stop pointing fingers.

Anonymous said...
just to make my point that everyone has their own interpretation of history.

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