Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Serbian official, Kosovo Serb leader disagree over status talks delegation

Belgrade, 20 September: The chairwoman of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo-Metohija, Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, today said that Kosovo Serbs should be part of the Serbian state delegation in the forthcoming negotiations about Kosovo's status. On the other hand, a member of the Kosovo Assembly's Presidency [currently boycotting the parliament], Oliver Ivanovic [head of Serb List for Kosovo-Metohija], believes that they should make up a separate delegation.

"It would be wrong to split, because this would mean that Kosovo is not an integral part of Serbia, but rather an independent state," Raskovic-Ivic told journalists during a street campaign by the Democratic Party of Serbia [DSS, headed by Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica] in central Belgrade.

Ivanovic told the Social Democratic Party [SDP, headed by former Coordination Centre chief Nebojsa Covic] that the Serbs from Kosovo should set up "an authentic and autochthonous delegation which would synchronize its activities with Belgrade officials".

"There is some sympathy for this, as well as concrete proposals from international community representatives," Ivanovic said.

Asked to comment on Sanda Raskovic-Ivic's statement about the necessity of having a single delegation, Ivanovic said that he had enough of symbols.

"Mrs Raskovic is speaking about symbols and I am speaking about practical matters. We have paid a handsome price for symbols so far. This would not be the first time, as we are already taking part in the work of Pristina's working groups, and this was defined in 1999 [as received]," Ivanovic explained.

Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1256 gmt 20 Sep 05


Anonymous said...

I told you K-Serbs don't trust Belgrade and Belgrade wants to sell out on them.

Anonymous said...

Finally, I see signs of hope for the future. Kosovar Serbs have finally understood that Belgrade/Serbia does not represent their interests, just like it did not represent the interests of Croatian and Bosnian Serbs.

Remember plan "Z4"?

Unfortunately for the Kosovar Serbs, they have to choose either to enter into discussions with Kosovar Albanians and hence automatically recognise the independence of Kosova, or alternatively join the team from Belgrade/Serbia and rist loosing everything.

Needless to say, Serbs love to play lottary. Last time they did not listen to our beloved Uncle Wes Clark, they wanted all or nothing, and, of course, they were left with NOTHING!

The issues is: will the Kosovar Serbs choose nothing again, or will they accept the independence of Kosova and get all the rights they need to live as free people in Kosova?

Anonymous said...

Dear Albanians, Shiptars or whatever you like to call yourselves.

I'd like to help educate you today. Don't be afraid - this is very easy to understand. Take a deep breath and repeat after me ...


Now, that wasn't so hard was it? I suggest you repeat this to yourself for the rest of your life.