Thursday, September 22, 2005

Serbia fears Kosovo pogrom, rejects independence

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Serbia said on Thursday that minority Serbs in the breakaway province of Kosovo faced a threat of "pogroms" and warned the United Nations against granting the Albanian majority's demand for independence.

Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic told the U.N. General Assembly some 200,000 Serbs and other minorities had been expelled from Kosovo since NATO waged an air war in 1999 to end Serbian repression in the territory.

The Albanians who make up 90 percent of Kosovo's population are demanding total independence from Belgrade.

"For months now, Albanian extremists are issuing open threats of pogrom against the remaining Serbs, Montenegrins and non-Albanians, unless their ultimatum on the proclamation of Kosovo as an independent state is met," he declared. "No one in present-day Europe is so tragically unprotected.

"The standards set for Kosovo are not even close to being fulfilled," Draskovic said. "Are we therefore going to abandon the 'standards before status' policy?"

He was referring to a U.N. review of democracy and human rights standards in the province, which is nearing completion. A satisfactory report is a precondition for opening talks on Kosovo's final status later this year.

Draskovic said Serbia was willing to compromise on a status for Kosovo that was more than limited autonomy and less than full independence, but the Kosovo Albanians had not budged an inch from their insistence on independence.

"An independent state of Kosovo is not a guaranteed right but an extreme demand," he said.

Albania called on Wednesday for "conditional independence" for its ethnic kin in the neighboring territory under European Union supervision, saying that would allow time to satisfy the international community that the Serb minority was properly protected.


Anonymous said...

"Are we therefore going to abandon the 'standards before status' policy?"

Helloooo Vuk!!! The wolf has been eating your feet and you say "I hope it's just a dream" I just love this guy, he's so naive.

Here we go again, a "news" from 6 years ago. It's all Al Qaeda's fault for the Kosova War. Yet somehow out of the all the Islamic terrorists that entered Kosova to fight the Serbs, not a single one was captured, killed, or even filmed on the battlaefield by the Serbs.

On the other hand:
*Where does the escaped Madrid terrorist run to? Why, Belgrade, and hangs out there for a year before he
gets arrested.
*Where are the London explosives traced to? Why, Serbia.
*Who's to blame for all this? Albanians somehow.

Anonymous said...

Face it you can feel independence slipping away slowly but surely. The best you could do is have Albania lobby for you with that conditional independence BS, please.

Anonymous said...

who is even listening to Albania, that is the most obsolete country on the planet!!!

Anonymous said...

This story of WT reporter lacks complete credibility for following reasons:
-There is not report as so far based on facts which can establish any proves for conection of KLA and top terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Jerry Seper perhaps should disclose the "reports" he is refering to.
- Who has documented that KLA was trained in Afghanistan or Bosnia.
Some Kosovo Albanians who served in former Jugoslav army ( before the begining of the war) joined Croats( which are not muslims) and Bosnjak forces against Milosevic army. Example: Agim Ceku was in Croatian army, Bislim Zyrapi in Bosnian army.
-Yes, KLA had camps in northern Albania but even that Jerry Seper perhaps never went to check.
-Those who went immidiately after 12 June 1999 in Kosovo, as war ended, have never een 'mujahedins' in Kosovo. By the way, mujahedins in Afghanistan turned to be "good guys" to help US fight against Talibans.
-Jerry Seper, forgot to mention that main source of 'reports' of Jane's International Defense Review, are serbian services including state press agency 'Tanjug'. I happened to read these reports.
-About documented KLA recruts killed in the border: Jerry Seper and Janes Intelegence services forgot to report that its Serbian army and Serbian state media who arrived first on the scene, and distrubuted these sensacional 'discovery' on the origin of killed. Classic manipulation toward reporters who didn't have right on free circulation and acces to information.
- Can you please forward us the official US documentation when KLA was labeled terorist organisation.
-About the drugs smugling: States could tell the media what ever they want. The correct version would be, yes Albanians are street dealers, with few kilos like representatives of other nations across the world. But Trucks an ships which are cought by the EU and US police do not belong to Albanians. Or put the question the other way around? who brought the drugs from the world inside EU before KLA was created? All the EU states internal affaires have gathered their reports into one ( see Interpol report 1999 and the following years. They are all the same/ Only chapitres change the place. Albanian gangs are placed since 1999 first in that paper. Yes by the Alfabetic order and yes by their brutality.
But a carefull read of the report would lead to the conclusion that all the gangs are gangs, regardles of their ethnic bacground; be they Russians, Turks, Asians,Albanians,Serbs, Marocans, etc.
-About the arms smugling:
Perhaps Jerry Seper and the person who republished his story at this blogger, should have a look on DEPKAFile web site to see who is smuggling arms and explosives. Not saying its true, because I can't check that, but just read it, you will be estonished what they say, where from London 7 bombs are originating. Not from Albanians.
And yes their newest story says Hisbollah is bying arms (new and one) from many Balkan countries.
have a look. I'm not asking you to believe it. Second opinion always needed. All the best dear friends. If you need help on third opinion; I'll be around.(Code 123)

Anonymous said...

The Mujahadeen in afghanistan are the taliban you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insult,
you should check ones again the diference which occured lately, when mujahedins broke into northern alliance and talibans. northern alliance inherited the acronim mujaheedin, and talibans had this new one: talibans.
how manny more insults you have? (Code 123)

Anonymous said...

The Serbs are right on this one. The albos have been threatening violence if they don't get independence for some time now. I guess that is why NATO and KFOR are beefing up preparing their response. Another March 17th and a lot of albanians will die along side the Serbs they will target. Sad, but it is expected.

Anonymous said...

The Serbs have made sure that the terrorist who went to their country was properly turned over to the authorities....the Albanians sent their terrorist to live amongst their muslim brothers in the middle east...big difference. Tells you a lot about the Albanians. They talk out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to their extremist friends of the muslim persuasion.

Anonymous said...

I think they should consider
Albania PM call for "conditional independence".
After all isn't conditional independence "more than autonomy, less than independece"?

Balkan Update said...

To the above 5:18 blogger:
Why are calling the man an Idiot? You are the real Idiot because you don't know what you are talking about. During the war in Afghanistan, the word Mujahadeen was used to refer to the Northern Alliance, which was commanded by commanders who had resisted Russian Occupation 15 years earlier- therefore the word Mujahadeen. Don't make a fool of yourself here in this public Forum.

In any case, this subject had to do with the Independence of Kosovo. Most level headed people know that the talk about Mujahadeen having fought in Kosovo is BS. We don't really need to dwell into that anymore.

I understand Serbia's insistence that they like to keep Kosovo. As far as they are concerned that's logical. The question is this: How are they going to do that? You have a region[Kosovo] with 90% of people unwilling to want to live with you. Worst off, you have no c control over that region whatsoever. Just how are you going to get over 90% of citizens of Kosovo to want to live with you?
Why should Albanians want to live in an union with you?

As far as I can see Serbia has no means of getting a hold of Kosovo again. There is one hope that the Serbian government has in mine: Somehow International Community will pressure Kosovars to reach some kind of compromise. This is a hopeless Hope. It’s like The UN telling Iraqis that they will have to Accept Saddam back. Do you think UN could force this "resolution" to Iraqis?
International Community will not be able to force Kosovars to accept whatever they like. The power of the people is what really matters. It has been shown time and again. Serbs need to wake up and realize this. Ferick

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been wondering about that too above blogger, the chetniks say that albanians wont budge, but be it means that we compromize if we accept a conditional independence..which I doubt..

Full Independece is the outcome..only a matter of time, Serbia is soo poor that they will take anything EU/US offers as a pre-condition to entering the EU.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted WT story on KLA:
-Go get Montenegrins now. Serbia most probably will loose acces to Adriatic and Enlarged Serbia would turn into Reduced Serbia.
"KLA guilty again", you would say.
perhaps Serbia would 'trade' ( meaning threatining) int. community on both: Montenegro and Kosovo with Serb entity in Bosnia.

Anonymous said...

Serbia Wouldn't Back Off

09.09.2005 In her latest editorial published on the website of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, Sonja Biserko, the Chairman of the Committee, reflects on the fact that Serbian nationalism doesn't seem to recede in the relations with the neighbouring countries.
Read the full editorial at HCHRS.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later Serbian nationalism will have to choose, between beter life for Serbs in Serbia and around Serbia, with new stable neighbour states( Kosovo and Montenegro) or remain in the dark for centuries with dreaming on dominating the others.

Anonymous said...

Serbs are used to sacrificing: between Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of Earth , they proudly pick Kingdom of Heaven. Yeah, way to go! :)

arianit said...

Here is a recent insert by Serbs on Serbia. Please tell me the difference between Serbia today and classic fascist ideology.

"Attacks on Non-governmental Organizations, Media and Courts in Serbia
19. August 2005
The non-governmental organizations and media establishments espousing the rule of law and justice for mass human rights violations in the past are laid open to insults, threats and attacks by nationalist political parties, extreme nationalist groups, media outlets and individuals extolling Radovan Karadžic, Ratko Mladic, Slobodan Miloševic and Vojislav Šešelj. These people are publicly demanding that the human rights activists and journalists whom they regard as 'Serb traitors' should be put behind bars; they are also threatening to stage mass streets protests if the courts fail to impose custodial sentences in these cases. After a video recording of the execution of six Srebrenica Muslims was shown publicly on 1 June 2005, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) accused the Humanitarian Law Center and the other members of the 8NGO coalition, TV B92 and the daily Danas of conducting an anti-Serb campaign. The failure of the Serbian government to take action is a further encouragement to the extremists in parliament and in other institutions to foment hostility towards the 'traitorous' non-governmental organizations and media."

Humanitarian Law Center

Also, at the recent EXIT music festival (a sort of Woodstock of Serbia) held in Vojvodina, Seselj's party threatened the organizers that if they dare remember the victims of Srebrenica with a minute of silence, as was planned, they better forget next year's party. The organizers had to back down.

Anonymous said...

In your little majority muslim cesspool you have created---March 17th is on the international community's mind. The last time there was a 'march' in Serbia---Milosevich was deposed. Your marches result in burned churches and dead bodies. That's why you will remain occupied.

Anonymous said...

Susre sure will need your signature to become independent. What a dillhole

Anonymous said...

To the poster who has referred to explosives in the London are rightsome european specialists in that area are pinning it's orgin to Kosovo.
I wouldn't be surprised.

French UCLAT Chief Notes Balkan Link to London Bombings
Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis - July 18, 2005 Monday

Analysis. By Valentine Spyroglou, GIS. Christope Chaboud, the new commandant of the anti-terrorist unit of France (UCLAT: l'unite de coordination de la lutte anti-terroriste ], a unit of the French criminal police, Police Judiciaire (PJ) which specializes in the fight against terrorism, said on July 13, 2005, that the explosives used in the London terrorist bombings on July 7, 2005, were of military derivation and had come to the UK from Kosovo.

arianit said...

Yes and instead of Milosevic, Draskovic, Kostunica and Seselj have come to power. Todorovic is lying when he says to the UN that democracy has finally come to Serbia: Milosevic stole votes only one time during his reign at the local elections of 1997 and had to back down when youth protested for 40 days in Belgrade. Every single other time he had democractic legitimacy whether through his SPS alone or by allying with Draskovic and/or Seselj. Amazingly, these three parties are also the biggest 3 vote getters among K-Serbs. History tends to bite you in the ass.
Milosevic wasn't booted out for wrecking havoc on just about all of Serbia's neighbors and staining the history of his country with genocide, but rather for losing just about all the wars he started. See, the devil lies in the details

When you run are out of arguments, oh shit, here comes religion. It's your weapon of last resort. But by then everybody knows that you've lost badly. By the way, Albania is increasing its forces in Iraq to 500. This will be announced soon at the US House of Representatives during the first official visit of the new prime minister.
And about two weeks ago the biggest catholic cathedral built in a while in the Balkans was started in the center of Prishtina, right by the Bill Clinton Boulevard. It will be named Mother Teresa. The cathedral was agreed with Kosova's democratically elected (98.5% of the voters or about 85% of the voting age population)government back in 1999 when Rugova (who also keeps a picture of John Paul II and Mother Teresa at his meeting room) was hanging out at the Vatican.
The ground was broken by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, DC. President Ibrahim Rugova, and Kosova Bishop Mark Sopi.

Did you hear the news from BBC that Orthodox priests were trying to get the devils out of a young nun and crucified her in the process? Now that's the real shizzle.

Dardan said...
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Dardan said...

Kosova is offering political asylum for Natasa Kandic and all the corageous Serbs who are standing up and showing the world that the pseudo-democratic regime of Serbia is only a farce and it is a continuation of Milosevic's policies towards its non-Serb citizens and its neighbors.

Teuta said...

No one wants to go to Kosovo or Albania...that is why countries worldwide are deporting the albanians in their midst. The majority of Kosovo Albanian youth would leave if they could. GEt real. You have no argument. The gov't of Serbia Montenegro is more democratic than any gov't an majority albanian nation can muster.

Anonymous said...

Taci, Rugova, Ahmeti, Aliti are dogs with lice. How can you follow leaders that work for the CIA? I admire Serb leaders (Seselj, Nikolic, Vucic) because they are free. You are as these caniches who bark when their master pull on the lead: they do "Ouah-ouah!"...