Monday, September 19, 2005

Thaçi: Only one solution – statehood (Express)

When we talk about the status of the country, Prishtina has only one solution – statehood, as this option is in accordance with the will of the people, said PDK leader, Hashim Thaçi to Belgrade-based News Agency, B92, according to Express.

The issue of Kosovo needs to be discussed between Prishtina and the international community, which will later exert pressure on Belgrade to accept the reality created in the independent Kosovo, Thaçi told B92.

On the dialogue with Belgrade, Thaçi said that ‘dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade could continue, or drag for 100 years without ever reaching the compromise for Belgrade to accept the independent state of Kosovo”.


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God Help Us.

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I wonder if this guy understands the meaning of compromise?