Friday, September 23, 2005

Hani i Elezit – first to undergo decentralisation

All daily newspapers report that Hani i Elezit will be the first pilot municipal unit in the process of decentralisation. The press notes that PM Kosumi, Local Government Minister Lutfi Haziri and PDSRSG Larry Rossin attended the inauguration ceremony.

Koha Ditore quotes PM Kosumi as saying that the government plan doesn’t create extensive autonomy for ethnic groups but offers autonomy to Kosovo citizens in their respective municipalities. “This is the only plan that we have and it cannot be changed according to someone’s wish or the needs of daily politics,” Kosumi added.

PDSRSG Larry Rossin is quoted as saying that the inaugural session of the municipal assembly in Hani i Elezit proves the commitment of the gGovernment and local authorities to implement the process of decentralisation. Koha says that Rossin also called on Kosovo Serbs to follow the example of Hani i Elezit.

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