Thursday, September 29, 2005

Over thirty displaced Kosovo Serb families return home

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive

Prishtina [Pristina], 29 September: Today in Kosh [KOS] village of Istog [Istok], 32 Serb families were handed over the keys of their new houses in a ceremony.

Deputy Prime Minister Adem Salihaj said that this is a great day because these families are returning home.

The government will continue to work in building a peaceful, safe and tolerant environment for all citizens, Salihaj added.

Zarko Obradovic, on behalf of the returned families, said this event represents a new life for Serbs. He called on his community to forget the past, live together and look towards future.

Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 29 Sep 05


Anonymous said...

Not forget the past coz otherwise it repeats itself. Rather remember the past and work so it's not repeated.

Anonymous said...

They are dead ducks. Albanians will use them as target practice soon..wail granades at their new houses--it is the estblished pattern.

Anonymous said...

We only kill people that eat a lot of shajt like you!

Anonymous said...

To Serbs who support Genocide,

Please leave the Serbs who do not support your genocide alone. Let them be.

These people will be ok, as long as Serbs keep away from them. I.e. those "special police" guys that were arrested might be there to "educate" the returning Serbs about how "evil" and "bad" the Albanians are. Of course the returning Serbs would have to "understand" and "accept" these "facts" from their "own experience", kindly provided by those "special police officers".

Kill your own kin, shame.

Anonymous said...

"Kill your own kin, shame.

a speciality of the terrorist kla.

Anonymous said...

Speciality of the Serbs, killing other slavs because they're not Serb orthodox.