Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kosovo minister rejects Serb decentralization proposal, Serbs turn to UNMIK

Excerpt from report by Bukurie Baraliu entitled "Haziri rejects Plan C, Serbs expect agreement with UNMIK" published by the Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 13 September

Prishtina [Pristina], 12 September: After more than two weeks of reviewing the Serbian side's comments on Plan B for decentralization, Local Government Minister Lutfi Haziri has sent a letter to Serb List for Kosova [Kosovo] leader Oliver Ivanovic in which he "officially explained" to the Serbs that the modification of the government's plan on decentralization, which the Serbs call "Plan C on decentralization", is unacceptable to the Kosova government.

Koha Ditore sources said that in his letter Minister Haziri named a number of cadastral units that cannot be subject to modification. A source who spoke on condition of not being named said that Haziri has rejected the Serbs' proposal to see what the reaction of the Serb community on the matter would be after some weeks of keeping silent.

However, based on the statements of the Serb representatives, Haziri's response has further increased the Serbs' resolve to insist on modifications to the Kosova government's plan on decentralization. About a month ago, UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] endorsed the government plan and gave the green light to proceed with its implementation.

"Minister Haziri's response is unacceptable, and we continue to insist on our demands," Serb List for Kosova leader Ivanovic said, adding that the Serbs will not accept anything short of their demands.

Senior officials in the Local Government Ministry did not answer phone calls yesterday to comment on Haziri's letter, while UNMIK officials said they were "not informed" about it. [Passage omitted]

Meanwhile, Ivanovic continues to believe that a meeting with UNMIK chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen will bring positive results for the Serb community. "We will discuss our proposals with Jessen-Petersen once again, and we believe we will reach an agreement," Ivanovic said. [Passage omitted]

Source: Koha Ditore, Pristina, in Albanian 13 Sep 05 p 4


Anonymous said...

Chronology of the KLA's Terrorism 1996-98 Before "Yugoslav Represion" on Kosovo)

April 22: Blagoje Okulic, a Serb refugee from Croatia, was sitting with
a friend in a cafe when a masked member of the KLA opened fire
on the customers with an automatic weapon. Okulic died in
hospital. He was the first victim of the KLA.

Armand Daci (20), an ethnic Albanian student in dentistry
school, was shot and killed by a sniper.

June 16: In an attack against a police patrol near Podujevo, police
officer Goran Mitrovic was heavily wounded.

June 17: Around 11:55 p.m. a police patrol in the village of Siplje
near Kosovska Mitrovica was attacked, resulting in the killing
of Predrag Djordjevic (28) from Krusevac, and the wounding of
Zoran Vukocic (30) from Nis.

The same day a bomb was hurled at the police station in Luzani,
and the police officers on duty in the station were fired on by
automatic weapons. No one was injured.

July 11: One hour after midnight in the center of Podujevo terrorists
carried out an armed attack against police officers, resulting
in a heavy wounding of police officer Sredoje Radojevic.

Aug. 2: Armed attack on three police stations (in Pristina, Podujevo,
and the village of Krpimej) around 10 p.m.

Aug. 28: Three bombs were hurled in the village of Celopek (border of the
towns Pec-Klina-Decani), around 3 a.m. No one was injured.

In the village of Donje Ljupce police inspector Ejup Bajgora (44),
an ethnic Albanian who worked at the Pristina Precinct,
was shot and killed.

Aug. 31: In the night hours two bombs were hurled into the courtyard
of the Yugoslav Army's barracks in Vucitrn.

In the village of Rudnik (Srbica municipality) an armed attack
was carried out on the police station.

In Podujevo, police officers at the juncture of the road
Pristina-Podujevo-Kursumlija were fired on. No one was hit.

The police station in Glogovac was fired on with automatic weapons.

Oct. 25: Two police officers were killed by automatic weapons near the
village of Surkis in the Podujevo municipality -- Milos Nikolic,
a police inspector of the Pristina Precinct, and Dragan Rakic
from the village of Velika Reka, who was a police officer in the
reserves and a manager of a company in Podujevo.

Nov. 16: In the village of Rznic, in Decan municipality, around 10:30 p.m.
a terrorist attack was carried out on the police station. No one
was killed.

Dec. 26: Faik Belopolja, an ethnic Albanian from Podujevo who was a
forest worker in the Serbia Forest Service, was shot and killed.

Jan. 9: In the center of Podujevo at 5:30 p.m. Malic Saholi (52), an
ethnic Albanian who was the manager of the superamarket "Vocar"
and a deputy in the municipal council of Podujevo as a member of
the Socialist Party of Serbia, was shot and killed.

Jan. 11: In the Vucitrn village of Mijalic, around 7 p.m. more than
26 bullets were fired at the house of Ljubisa Mitrovic. No one
was killed.

Jan. 13: Shooting Fazil Hasani, an ethnic Albanian forest worker from the
village of Brabonic (Srbica municipality) in the neck, KLO
terrorists killed him and issued a statement denouncing
Mr. Hasani as a "traitor".

Jan. 16: Using remote-controlled explosives, the KLO attempted to
assassinate the Dean of Pristina University, Mr. Papovic,
at 8 a.m. as he was driving to the University. Both he and
his driver Nikola Lalic were heavily wounded. The explosives
were set off when their car was some 50 meters from Dean Papovic's
apartment in Pristina.

Jan. 17: In the village of Reketnica (Srbica municipality), at 1 a.m.,
ethnic Albanian Zen Durmisi (52) was shot and killed and his
son Nazmi Durmisi was heavily wounded. The Durmisi family was
labeled "pro-Yugoslav" by the terrorist KLA.

Feb. 1: KLA terrorists from a moving vehicle fired on police officers.
The officers fired back and killed all three terrorists.

March 5: At 10:47 a.m., in front of the Pristina University School of
Languages, a bomb in a container exploded. Four people were
wounded, two ethnic Albanians -- Adrijana Dremka and Lindita
Maksuti -- and two ethnic Serbs, Borivoje Popovic and Ivan

A second explosives device weighing 4.2 kilograms, which had
been placed at the base of the Vuk Karadzic monument in front of
the School of Languages, was found and deactivated by
members of the Anti-Ballistics Unit of the Pristina Precinct.

March 21: Around 8 p.m., in the center of Podujevo, KLA terrorists fired
five shots at police officer Branislav Milovanovic, wounding
him heavily. In a statement, the KLA claimed responsibility
denouncing officer Milovanovic as a "Serbian policeman, well
known blood-sucker and anti-Albanian".

March 25: Near the village Sicevo, Klin municipality, a group of attackers
killed ethnic Albanians Jusuf Haljiljaj and Fehmi Haziraj (who
were well known as loyal citizens of Serbia) and wounded
ethnic Albanian Mehmet Gasi.

April 10: In the village of Banjica near Glogovac, using automatic
firearms, KLA terrorists killed ethnic Albanian Ramiz Ljeka,
who worked at the Glogovac Municipal Council.

May 6: Around 10:30 p.m. in the village of Lozica near Klina, ethnic
Albanian Hetem Dobruna (30), a farmer from the village, was
shot and killed.

May 16: In Srbica near Kosovska Mitrovica police officers Miomir Kicovic
and Radisav Blanic were shot and heavily wounded.

June 19: On the Pristina-Podujevo-Nis road near the village of Donje Ljupce
in the Podujevo municipality, terrorists fired 12 bullets
from automatic weapons at a police patrol. No one was injured.

July 3: In the village of Trstenik, Glogovac municipality, in the early
morning hours the KLA shot and killed ethnic Albanian Ali Calapek,
a farmer who was a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia and a
member of the local Election Commission in the 1996 elections.

July 21: The Assistant District Attorney in Pec, Miroljub Petrovic, was
shot and killed.

Aug. 3: A police vehicle was fired on at 7 p.m., in the village of
Bradis which is 10 kilometers from Podujevo.

Aug. 4: At 9:30 a.m., on the road from the village of Rudnik to Srbica,
KLO terrorists from Drenica fired on a police vehicle using
automatic weapons. Police officers Milomir Dodic and Zoran
Boskovic were heavily wounded, and a civilian who was in the
car was lightly wounded.

Aug. 23: Forest worker Sadi Morina, an ethnic Albanian, was killed in
Srbica. Mr. Morina had already been receiving threats from KLO
terrorists for a long time because he remained to work
"in the service of Serbia".

Aug. 24: In the village of Zub near Djakovica an ethnic Albanian,
Kcira Ndue (32), was shot and killed, while his brother
Bekim Ndue was wounded.

The police station in the village of Rznic near Decani was
sprayed with gunfire.

Sept. 2: At 10:55 p.m. Ljimon Krasnici, an ethnic Albanian denounced
by the KLA terrorists as a "traitor", was killed in his home.

Sept. 12: A dozen attacks were carried out on police stations
in the municipalities of Pec, Glogovac, Decani, and Djakovica
around 11 p.m. No one was injured.

Sept. 13: Around 10 p.m. a hand grenade was hurled at the police
station in Luzano, near Podujevo.

Sept. 14: A hand grenade was hurled at the police station in Kijevo,
near Klina.

Sept. 23: Around 11 a.m. in the vicinity of the village of Kijevo,
the KLA opened fire on a motorized police patrol. Milan
Stanojevic, the commander of the Djakovica Precinct, was in
the vehicle. No one was injured.

Oct. 13: The police station in Calopek near Pec was attacked.

Oct. 16: Around 1:30 a.m. there was a terrorist attack on the police
station in the village of Klincina, which lies on the road
Pec-Pristina. Adrijan Krasnici (25) from Vranovci near Pec
died in the ensuing gun battle.

Oct. 17: Around 1 a.m. the residential community Babaloc, located between
Decani and Djakovica, where 120 Serbian refugee families who
fled from Albania several years ago are situtated, was attacked.

Oct. 20: The OVK claimed responsibility for attacks on police stations in
Babaloc, Calopek, and Klincina, as well as police patrols in
Gerlica near Urosevac and Balinac near Klina, about which the
public had not been informed earlier.

Nov. 18: Around 7 p.m. in the village of Komoran near Glogovac,
Camil Gasi, an ethnic Albanian deputy in the Parliament of the
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the chairman of the
Municipal Board of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Glogovac,
was wounded heavily. His driver was wounded as well.

Nov. 25: KLA terrorists held the police station in Srbica surrounded
for 15 hours.

Around 7 p.m. in Decani, and after midnight in the village of
Rznic, two terrorist attacks were carried out in which police
officer Dragic Davidovic (32) from Berane was killed, and
Ljubisa Ilic from Srbica, also a policeman, was heavily wounded.
Bojan Trboljevac from Leposavic, Srdjan Pavlovic (26) from
Zubin Potok, and Nedeljko Aksentijevic (30) from Kragujevac all
subsequently died from mortal wounds.

Dec. 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for an attack on Pristina Airport,
claiming that it shot down a "Cessna 310" on Nov. 26 killing all
five people on-board.

Dec. 15: Around 1 a.m. on the road Srbica-Klina three masked KLO terrorists
stopped a convoy of three cars with 16 Serbian civilian passangers.
According to the civilians' testimonies, the terrorists -- who
were armed with machine-guns and hand grenades -- threatened
them with death.

Dec. 19: Around 6 p.m. on the road Klina-Srbica, near the village of
Josanica, eight masked and heavily armed KLA terrorists stopped
the car of the civilian Milan Sapic from Lazarevac
threatening, insulting, and searching his family and him.

Dec. 25: Two terrorist attacks were carried out shortly after 3 p.m.
against police officers in the Podujevo municipality: In the
village of Zakut a police vehicle was fired on, and in the
center of Podujevo explosives devices were hurled at the
residential building where police officers live. There were no
Jan. 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist
activities in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:
planting a bomb in front of the police station in Prilep,
which caused no injuries but demolished five cars;
attacking the police station in Kumanovo; and attacking
the Municipal Court in Gostivar on Dec. 16, '97.

Jan. 9: Shortly after 8 p.m., Djordje Belic (57) was shot and killed
with an automatic weapon at the doorstep of his house in the
village of Stepanica near Kijevo. Belic was the head of one of
the three remaining Serbian households in that village.

Jan. 12: In the town of Stimlje near Urosevac, shortly after midnight on
the night of Jan. 11/12, there was an armed attack on the
building in which seven families of police officers reside.
The shots ended up in the bedrooms of some of their apartments.
Miraculously, there were no victims.

Around 8 a.m., in the vicinity of the village Gradac near
Glogovac in Drenica, forest worker Sejdi Muja, an ethnic
Albanian, was shot and killed. He and another Albanian had been
stopped by a masked and armed three-member group of KLA
terrorists, and after checking his ID card established that
Muja was on their list of "traitors". They dragged him out of
the car and shot him, leaving his body by the road. He was a
"traitor" just because he worked in the Serbia Forest Service.

Jan. 13: The KLA issued a statement stating that its headquarters was in
Pristina. It also claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist
actions carried out in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:
an attack on the Municipal Court in Gostovar and the police
stations in Prilep and Kumanovo. It announced that it would
expand its actions into Montenegro.

Jan. 14: The headquarters of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Djakovica
were stoned overnight, Jan. 13/14. All windows were broken.
These were greetings for the "Serbian New Year" which is marked
on Jan. 14.

Jan. 19: In Srbica all graves at the Serbian Orthodox Cemetary were
desecrated and vandalized. The monuments at the graves were
completely destroyed.

Jan. 22: After a KLA patrol had been stopping, harassing, and threatening
citizens with death in the Srbica municipality the previous night,
there was a confrontation between that patrol and a patrol of
police officers. While chasing the KLA terrorists, who barricaded
themselves in the house of Saban Jasari in the village of
Donji Prekaz near Srbica, police officers killed the terrorist
Hasan Mandzol and lightly wounded two Jasari brothers.

A three-member KLA group kidnapped the taxi driver Metus Skodru,
an ethnic Albanian, and then took his cab, an Audi 90. They told
him he could buy his cab back if he showed up at a designated
place at a designated time, under the threat that he would be
killed if he called the police.

Jan. 23: On the night of Jan. 22/23, on the road Srbica-Klina near the
village of Josanica, Desimir Vasic, a deputy in the Municipal
Assembly of Zvecan was shot and killed.

On the same road, the same night, near the village Lausa
Blagoje Nikolivc from the village of Drsnik near Klina was
severely beaten until he became unconscious.

During the same night, KLA terrorists stopped, harassed, and
threatened with death a group of Serbian women heading to
Monastery Devic.

Jan. 25: On the night of Jan. 24/25, in the town of Malisevo, in the
very center KLA terrorists heavily wounded two police officers.

During the same night, KLA terrorists attacked the house of the
Djuricic family in the village of Grabanica, near Klina in Drenica.

Terrorists hurled a bomb at the house of a police officer in

Jan. 26: In the vicinity of the village of Turicevac, which is located
between Klina and Srbica, KLA terrorists opened fire using
automatic weapons on a helicopter belonging to Serbia's
Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Jan. 27: Again in the vicinity of Turicevac, an armed terrorist group
stopped Veroslav Vukojcic from Leposavic and his neighbors
Radmila and Zvezdana Vukajlovic. They beat them severely. The
victimis paid the terrorists to let them go -- Vukojvcic paid
500 German marks, and Vukajlovic paid 850 marks.

Jan. 28: A police patrol which was on its way to Decani to confiscate
illegal weapons from the family Tahirsuljaja fell into a
trap and was greeted with heavy gunfire from several houses.
Nevertheless, the officers managed to arrest seven members of
the Tahirsuljaja clan.

That evening, KLA terrorists fired at the house of
Dragoljub Spasic in the village of Sibovac near Obilic.

Feb. 10: A group of KLA terrorists appeared at a fundraising event for
the KLA in New York City. They received funding from over 150
Albanians attending the event. On that occasion, the KLA
terrorists proclaimed that they had killed 50 Serbian police
officers and "corrupt" Albanians in 1997.

Feb. 12: In Gornji Obrinj, in front of the village convenience store,
Mustafa Kurtaj, an ethnic Albanian who worked at the post
office in Glogovac, was shot and killed. He was shot in
broad daylight, in front of twenty onlookers, as a warning
to others. Prior to this, he had been repeatedly warned by
KLA terrorists that they would kill him unless he quit his
job at the state-run post office.

Feb. 15: Nik Abdulahu, an ethnic Albanian employee of the Serbia Electric
Utility, was shot and killed while at work, at the electricity
substation in the village of Staro Cikatovo near Glogovac.

Feb. 18: In the night between Feb. 17/18, KLA terrorists collected
firearms from ethnic Albanians in Drenica, for whom they
suspected that they did not support their cause. Those who did
not turn over their weapons were given a deadline to do so,
"othewise," they were told, "you will be shot".

The police checkpoint near the village Dobre Vode in the
Klina municipality was attacked with automatic weapons.

Feb. 19: While returning from work, an employee of the state security
service of Pristina Nebojsa Cvejic was shot and killed near the
village of Luzani.

In Podujevo, KLA terrorists hurled bombs at a refugee center
housing Serbian civilians who were "ethnically cleansed" from

Feb. 20: On the road Srbica-Klina, near the village of Lausi, KLA
terrorists shot and killed Milorad Ristic, a private
entrepreneur from Djakovica, and heavily wounded truck driver
Zdravko Djuricic from Orahovac.

On the same day, on the same road, near the village of Josanica
KLA terrorists opened fire on another truck, which was being
driven by an ethnic Serb. However, an ethnic Albanian hitchhiker
from the village of Lausi, who was sitting in the passenger seat
and whom the driver had picked up in Klina, was killed by the
KLA terrorists' gunfire.

That evening, on the road Klina-Djakovica, KLA terrorists set up
a roadblock where they beat up police officer Milenko Kandic.

Feb. 22: Ali Raci, an ethnic Albanian working at a Serbian-owned
agriculture company, was shot and killed in the village of
Dobre Vode at the entrance of the agriculture company. He had
refused to give in to the KLA's earlier warnings and blackmail
that he quit his job.

Feb. 26: Using hand grenades and automatic weapons, terrorists attacked
Serbian refugees from Albania housed in the refugee camp Babaloc
(located on the road Decani-Djakovica) for the third time.

Feb. 27: KLA terrorists attacked the houses in Srbica where Serbian
refugees from Croatia are temporarily housed.

At Monastery Devic, KLA terrorists harassed the head nun for
30 minutes. They ordered her to tell the police that they will
all be killed.

A KLA warehouse containing 12 kilograms of explosives with clocks,
several trunks of shells, and over 120 rocket launchers was
discovered in Prizren. Several terrorists were arrested.

Anonymous said...

The comments coming from Serbs explain it very well why Kosova must be independent:

"it is easier to train a jackass than an albanian"

"kosovo is a cancer for serbia, infested with rats. exept for teh "educated" poulation, i mean come on dude hahah, lets not kid ourselves"

I for myself choose independence, as far as possible from these thugs. The really sad thing is these are Serbs who are able to write/speak English, and if this is the case with people who have obviously been under the influence of non-Serb ideology, then what is the case with the rest of that county? Another Holocaust in horizon? Another Crusade/Jihad?

Serbs we urge you, accept peace and live your own lives.

Anonymous said...

To the above blogger, do yourself a favour and write in google Serrbian Terrorists, because it will take me weeks to write murders, rapes and massacres that serbian terrorists (animals) have made. That way you can see who your are and read about animals like serbs.

Anonymous said...

Why would they want to be part of the team. Belgrade team is representing them. If they want to go then the team from Belgrade should not be allowed to go. Why have two teams representing Serbs and one team representing the Albanians. If there are two teams representing Serbs then there should be a team from Albania proper representing the interests of Kkosovar Albanians.
Serbs think they're smarta$$es trying to outnumber Albanians under all kind of justifications. The Serbs in Kosova should choose. Either they let Belgrade represent them or they represent themselves.

Prince of Albania said...

Independence has no alternative. These are just delay tactics that will not have any results in the end.
Kosovo will be an independent state, this has nothing to do with the "negotiations" we are about to enter, nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

The blogger that presented us with that timeline of Albanian terrorism is just telling the truth. You Albanians need to accept that you are the animals, multiplying like rabbits and terrorising innocent civilians. In fact, i always tell my friends here in New Zealand that you are most like Hyenas, when youre along you are pussies, but you only attack when there's more of you. Look at yourselfs and your KLA terrorist history before you start calling Serbs animals.

Greetings from New Zealand, Serbs

Anonymous said...

Sure, sure I'm gonna accept whatever you say. Do I look like a hiena anymore? What a d.i.c.k.head.

Anonymous said...

Dritan says:
New Zeland? What the hell did you run all they way over there for? Why aren't you in Kosovo defending the "holy serbian land"?
Are you too afraid?
Hyenas or not we won you lost, so die from jealosy. When America, Britain and Germany were bombing the hell out of your country Russia were too big of pussies to do anything about it. Even when China was back talking to the US about the war they bombed the fuck out of their embassy in Belgrade. Ha ha ha, next youre going to tell me that New Zeland is sending their troops to help the Serbs, ha ha ha, you are so weak and feeble all you have left is insults and derogatory terms you racist pig.
I live in the US and my American friends know the kind of people Serbs are. A Serb is synonimous with Genocide, Rape, Ethnic Cleansing and a host of other heinous acts. I think you are more of a Hyena than we will ever be.

And the bottom line is that Serbia is small and getting smaller while Albania is growing by the day.

You lost Krajina, Republika Srpska and Kosovo, we won Kosovo, Western Macedonia and soon we will get Southern Montenegro, Southern Serbia and all the other lands you slav pussies stole from us!!!

Ko to kaze ko to laze Srbija je velika?!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.....
Dritan, New York, USA.

Anonymous said...

That's so true, Serbia is getting smaller by the day. It must be humiliating to be the only people in the Balkans to loose all of the wars in Yugoslavia. The Slovenes beat them, the Croats beat them, the Bosnians beat them and then the Albanians beat them.
God, what a bunch of loosers, no wonder they are so bitter!!!

Anonymous said...

It must be humiliating to be an albanian who couldn't win their own war but had to hire others to do it for them. Now THAT is humiliating.

Anonymous said...

"Now THAT is humiliating." To the above blogger, think before u speak! That's not humiliating, its SMART!

U say its humiliating because deep inside you are able to see the outcome of your aggressive culture; murdering, raping, kidnapping, the list is too long; this has made you a backward country where your wifes now stand for "the western entertainment"

I will be waiting a typical serbian response to my post, nothing lower is expected.

Long live the US
Long live the Albanian Republics
and may serbia (the infested cancer mole of Europe) continue to die out!

Zoti i bekoft Shqiptarët!

Anonymous said...

oh, my serbian neighbors, friends and brothers. although you are the people that I like the least in this world, you are having such miserable lifes, that even we albanians feel sorry for you.

The Hyenas

Albanians Hyenas? Hmmm, maybe? Or maybe not my fellow serbian blogger? Was Tahir Meha a Hyena for fighting ALONE in his home against an ENTIRE POLICE STATION? Were Jashari Family Hyenas for fighting against THOUSANDS of soldiers and policemen?
A single family, against an entire army. If this looks like Hyenas to you, then please go and kill yourself.
My fellow serbian blogger, if RTS and Milosevic told you that the Sun circles the Earth, I am sure your empty brain would have believed them.

Serbian Cynism, Ignorance, and Brainwash

It is very interesting to hear remarks from Serbs about how "backwards" we albanians are. Indeed very interesting. This kind of propaganda has been constantly used against Albanians, in order to convince the Albanians that they are "retarded". But the propaganda had an effect on serbian/slavic population in entire yugoslavia as well. It created an ILLUSION about albanians, which means you guys have absolutely no f**kin clue about what kind of people we are. And this is very advantageous for us, since you don't know the enemy.
Fortunately, we do ;)

P.S. Feed yourself with hate and anything you want about albanians, I can not influence that. Just know one thing, and I am sincerely saying this to you, the picture that you have about albanians is at least 80% wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dear young and ignorant albanian posters, please before you pop off at the mouth go speak with your elders and learn something. Then start praying about the day that the UN leaves kosovo, because you know it will happen. If not for NATO this issue would have been settled 6 1/2 years ago. The tide is starting to turn.

By the way I too live in The United States of America and most of the people know the truth about the crime riddled assbackwards albanians.

Anonymous said...

the serbs lost no war, they never have in their history, they lose the diplomatic battle cause in teh case of teh 1990s the USA wanted a foothold in teh balkans so they picked the weakest people, most primitive to be their allies, its the easiest to control them cause they never had their won country. the serbs never lsot to croats albanians or muslims, the reason serbia STILL is so much bigger than the rest of these little shit "countires" around it (which they never were countrie to begin with exept for serbia) is cause of the serb military brillince (even demostrated when NATO was bombing) I mean NATO was only able to destroy 12 tanks, what a joke, they wre so frsutrated they couldnt touch the serb army they had to start bombing hospitals, factories, etc. how pathetic and pussy like, tehy had no balls to come on the ground cause the serbs would have sent them back like they did those 3 brothers fro teh bronx! HAHAH! again guys, next time u are flying to prishtina take a good look around yoursleves, look at all teh people who took off their shoes (take adeep breathe hahah) and look at each family that has 10 kids yelling and screaming with those dirty faces and then ask urselves who need to get cilivlized! hihihh!!

Anonymous said...

You know those little babies will grow up to kick you in the nuts, while Serbia is dying off. By 2020 there will be as many K-Albanians of military age as Serbs. And you kinda know what their disposition towards fighting Serbs is: let me just say that you don't have to book them hotel rooms for a break from the battlefield. The future is bright my friend. You'll get to know the cry of the eagle.

Anonymous said...

The problem will be solved by 2020 By the way I noticed that the albanian women are starting to appreciate the finer things in life and not putting up with the male domination bs and the birth rate seems to getting back to a normal level (so much for your population expolsion theory).

Anonymous said...

cry of the eagle, yeah as its getting slaughtered!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhah dude u dont have to wait for 15 years u had teh US of FUKCING A fighting for u and u still coulndt touch the serbs militarily, i hope u have ten times more maybe tehn u will fianlly be able to fight on ur own. BRING IT!

Anonymous said...

bring it on sons of serbian whores!
fuckin' losers, you are dying! There is no way for you to run, you can't escape death. you couldn't do shit to KLA when you had 200,000 tropps inside Kosova, and now you think you gonna do something by entering from outside?
you brain-washed, emtpy-headed,virus-infected creations are dying! the only way for you to survice is first to become animals(you are very far even from that) and then, EVENTUALLY, humans. but this is a very long way for creations like you, and that's why very soon you will cease to exist ...

Anonymous said...

What the hell was this last blogger talking about?

Anonymous said...

he was calling you a vegetative creature, basically a tree, or an ugly flower if you wish.

Anonymous said...

How long do you think before you type? please take an extra few minutes nextime, you might make some sense.

Anonymous said...

no wonder you don't understand. it's beyond you

Anonymous said...

The "Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Kosovo" are now "a dangerous breeding-ground, presently under scarcely any observation, for Islamist terrorists," United Press International Sept.14

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An asylum-seeking family from Kosovo have been taken from their home by immigration officers.

Neighbours and friends in Glasgow's Scotstoun area are in shock at the removal of the Vucaj family, who had lived in the city since 2000.

Isen Vucaj, his wife Nexhi and their three children knew they faced deportation, they said, but didn't expect this morning's Home Office operation.

Anonymous said...

Damn this shit is getting funny. . . way to go Serb brothers you are keeping this shit interesting, stay with it though because things don't look too good for you.

I mean think about this, your DADDY is rotting in jail and from the looks of it he'll never make it out; you killed your steppdaddy because he was kind of a punk-biatch; and now all you have is a half-ass intelectual alcoholic who realistically can't do or say much. Even the Albanians have done better in that regard, at least they got their DADDY at home, chillin'.

On the terrorist issue, I feel you pain. I mean you did commit a shit load of crimes and now you are having to give up all the people who spearheaded those activities, now ain't that some shit.

So one thing left to do is to fuck like crazy so that at least you can multiply because I tell you, as much as you claim Albanians women have gotten independent they are still having 4-6 kids per women. With this said, they do not need to wait until 2020 to completly fuck you up because you know that you have a tenency to bail out of Dodge when shit hits the fan. Even if it was not for this fact, I would still start fucking because we have had to do that for you for so long that it has agged some of us.

Finally, of course you did not lose this last war against the Albanians but you are about do you dumb fucks because we's about to become independent. And, let me just say that I can't wait for NATO to leave, and your sorry asses to try to come back, just remeber we got guns now. . . so welcome.

Hi to that dude in New Zeland. . . are they giving you minority rights there?! If they don't email Kofi and cc Rugova on that shit cause that shit ain't right.

Anonymous said...

hahah nato will leave and then who gonna protect you?????????? fighton ur own for once please so the serbs can kick ur ass hahah! i mean how pathetic are u during teh height of the nato boming with the help of 1000 of the most advanced fighter jets boming serb positions for u the kla was brougth down to controling only 3% of kosovo!!!!!!! HAHAHAH ur president fled for his life to MILOSEVIC AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH SO HE COULD SAVE him from the albaniacs!!!!! AHHAAHH now he probably got cancer from teh depleted uranium which guess what WAS USED MOSTLY IN KOSOVO!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ur ALLIES BOMBED TEH SHIT OUT OF TH SAME PLACE U LIVE IN WITH POISON AND U ARE HAPY!!!!!!!!!!90% of teh d uranium during the bombing fell in kosovo!!! hey at least like this cause of the radiation u are all probably glowing in the dark, now u an see each othr better when u walk with ur sheep at night in teh villages.

Anonymous said...

You know an angry Serb when you see capital letters. Now I'm scared. Please stop with the capital letters you're terrorizing me. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

He is an idiot.
I have been reading his posts for some time and I am convinced that he is too young to comprehend the issues at hand and I also believe that he suffers from some sort of hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Bail out of dodge isn't that what the albanian daddy's did while their family were left behind to fend for themselves. Since all we saw on the news reports were ethnic albanian women and children while the husbands and daddy's were hidding.

Anonymous said...

Most of the 'Kosovan' Albanian dogs we see here in England are scrounging weasels living on welfare and sucking up the UK's resources, while Serbs are hard working people, paying taxes and contributing to our country.

Albanians, especialy Kosovan Albanians are the social parasites of Europe.

In fact the Kosovan Albanians are so bad and so low that even Albanians from Albania proper are ashamed to be grouped together with them!!!

Kosovan Albanians are only good at being criminals: pimps, whore mongers, theives, burglars etc

And as for the 'population explosion' - well it didn't do much good for Bangladesh or the Albanian's forefathers the Turks did it?

All these 'population explosions' do for backward peasants like Albanians and Turks is cause mass poverty and even more backwardness!

The fools don't even realise that every weapon they use is Russian made. They cannot produce a damn thing themselves!!!

Did these clowns honestly believe that the US was going to allow them to grow and become powerful?

Didn't these low IQ sub-humans realise that the US merely wants it's oil supply lines safe, and that when they eventually get what they came for they will pull out and leave a pile of shit and depleted uranium for the 'kosovar' dogs to lie on!

And after that the Serbs and Russians will ride in and take charge of KosovO once again!


Anonymous said...

1.32 blogger. You are using a very harsh language, even if you got most of it right. I have followed the blogg here for a while and I think personally that it is very bad that many have lured the people of Kosovo that they will be independent. Most people from outside balkans know that this is totally out of the question, no matter what. I really hope that Us dont leave Kosovo because then Serbia might roll in there again. And this time I dont think the Albanian "freedom fighters" can expect any mercy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the last 2 blogger are very much right. Im from another EU country and people and the police here say that many of the Albanians, especially from Kosovo, are criminals and they are being deported back on a regular basis. This is very bad for the Albanians who behave well and is definately not going to set Kosovo free. Its also true that "real" Albanians from Albania think that many from Kosovo are scum. Many have said that to me.

Chris Blaku said...

How enlightening it is to see that elementary school education only 50% of you Serbians got, is indeed paying off on this blog.

And to the welfare state whining of the "British" citizen, spare it. Had the Serbs been so hard working, their international lobby would have saved Belgrade when it was burned to a crisp in 1999.

Anonymous said...

If the Serbs were so bad then why is the international community BEGGING them to had over a suspected war criminal and over come it's only stipulation to join both NATO and the EU. Albania has no war criminals and yet no invite to NATO or EU. Gee I wonder why? According to Chris Blaku Albania is way ahead of Serbia both economically and politically. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahah That is funny! Ur an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Wtf is wrong with you since when has albania been way ahead of Serbia both economically and politically? Where does it say that? Your fucking stupid!