Thursday, September 15, 2005

Express claims to have document on Technical Government of Kosovo

In its leading front-page story, Express reports that a Provisional Technical Government led by experts of political parties could replace the Kosumi Government in mid-October or early November. According to the newspaper, KTA deputy Director Ahmet Shala is expected to be appointed Prime Minister of the Technical Government. The paper says that although formally independent, Shala is considered to be close to the Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK). According to Express, yesterday evening Ahmet Shala didn’t deny that his name was being mentioned for the prime minister’s post. ‘We will talk tomorrow about this. I don’t know what to say,’ Shala was quoted as saying.

Express claims to have seen a list with the names of Ministers of the Technical Government, which is oriented toward having experts from the four major political parties: LDK, PDK, AAK and ORA. The paper says that in an agreement with the key political leaders, Western diplomats have already prepared the list for the new government. Diplomats, according the paper, have called this a government of national unity. The initiative for the formation of this government was reportedly made in summer this year. ‘After strong accusations by the opposition for corruption in the Government, Western diplomats started working on this idea in order to rescue the country from an eventual chaos due to the escalation of accusations,’ added the newspaper. It also says that SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen doesn’t support the initiative.

Express says that according to the list it has seen, Bajram Kosumi, Adem Salihaj, Melihate Tërmkolli, Astrit Haraqija and Bujar Dugolli would be removed from the Government.

Following is the list of the Ministers of the Technical Government as it appeared on the paper’s front page.

1. Ahmet Shala - Prime Minister
2. Lutfi Haziri Deputy PM and Local Government Minister (LDK)
3. Ilhami Gashi - Trade and Industry Minister (PDK)
4. Ethem Çeku – Energy Minister (AAK)
5. Qemajl Ahmeti – Transport and Communications Minister (LDK)
6. Agim Veliu – Education Minister (LDK)
7. Haki Shatri – Economy and Finances Minister (LDK)
8. Enver Hoxhaj – Youth, Culture and Sports Minister (PDK)
9. Ylber Hysa/Genc Gorani – Interior Minister (ORA)
10. Fatmire Mulhaxha – Public Services Minister (ORA)
11. Nerxhivane Dauti – Justice Minister (PDK)
12. Ardian Gjini – Spatial Planning Minister (AAK)
13. Ahmet Isufi – Work and Social Welfare Minister (AAK)
14. Slavisa Petkovic – Minister for Returns and Communities


Anonymous said...

Kosovo has already made more progress in government control turnover than many older democracies in the region. It's amazing the ease with which Kosovars change their government. I must also add that the quality of government members has been going up as well, although I only recognize a couple of the names from this list.

Anonymous said...

the press in kosovo is shamelessly corrupt. I can't believe stuff like this gets printed let alone published and people buy it hook line and sinker. It isn't news. It isn't reporting. It is speculation. It is gossip.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen some of the papers in England buddy? Don't be amazed.

Anonymous said...

Mongolia - July 29, 1990: First democratic elections held.

Serbia - 1997 - First non-communist government since 1944
Serbia - October 5, 2000 - Slobodan Milošević removed from power after huge protests in Belgrade.

Politically demented serbs needed 10 years to switch to pluralism and get rid of marksist Milosevic, 10 years after the rest of East Europe.
Serbia, you got nothing on Mongolia!

Anonymous said...

no one is living behind barbed wire in Serbia, shiftar. People can come and go as they please ther without 18,000 foreign troops keeping shiftar hatred at bay.
get real you animal. your cesspool created in kosovo is an international embarrassment--thanks to shiftars.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I found Kosovo-Methoija in Serbia & Montenegro but I'm having trouble finding Kosova in Shqiperia. Does it exist or what.

Anonymous said...

What is Shqipeliria? What is that?

Anonymous said...

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