Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Speaker tells EU envoys not to "waste time", Kosovo independence non-negotiable

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive

Prishtina [Pristina], 21 September: Albanian leaders told the European Union ambassadors accredited in Belgrade today that Kosova [Kosovo] is ready to accept the international obligations as an independent state.

Whereas the representatives of the Kosovar Serbs said that they expect a pack of obligations for Kosovar institutions before the initiation of status talks.

Kosova Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci expressed the joint stance of Kosovars that "no-one has a mandate to negotiate on the independence of Kosova".

"Kosovar institutions and political parties do not have a mandate for any other solution," said Daci, adding that finalization of this independence should be discussed with the international community and with Serbia as neighbour.

This is information they already had, but they needed to hear it from us at this moment, Daci said.

"International community should not waste time and energy in finding a solution that is not a will of Kosovars," said Daci, adding that "Kosova has capacity to become a normal and capable Balkans state, which sees its future in Euro-Atlantic integrations".

Daci said that no-one can clone Kosova and it would be wrong investment if we spend money, time and energy seeking new models.

According to Daci, minorities in Kosova are facing a very positive discrimination, whereas he evaluated as urgent the handover of powers in justice and security.

"There will be no asymmetric decentralization, because creation of new enclaves organically related between themselves and administratively connected with Belgrade is unacceptable," the parliament Speaker said.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosova [PDK], Hashim Thaci, said that the report of ambassador Kai Eide will reflect the commitment of citizens and political landscape and this way it will open path to the definition of the political status.

"Kosova is prepared to initiate the process of political status settlement, that means fulfilment of the citizens' wish for independence," said Thaci, adding that at the same time he is convinced that Kosova is preparing a full unity to face the process of status definition and a way of building the statehood.

According to him, everyone should be pragmatic and flexible, but international community as well should clarify that the political status, international recognition of the state of Kosova should be defined as fast as possible.

Kosovar Serbs have completely different views. They say that Kosovar institutions should accomplish a pack of obligations before the initiation of the political status settlement.

Oliver Ivanovic, head of the Serb List for Kosova [SLKM] said following the meeting with European diplomats that he hopes that something like that will happen because it is very necessary.

According to him, the Kosova government institutions must improve a lot of things, starting from their democratization. Ivanovic says that Kosovar Serbs can contribute to this as well, only by an active participation in institutions, and not by being simply a decor.

In order for this to happen, Ivanovic said that the Serbs should get a realistic decentralization offer.

"Partesh [Partes] and Gracanice [Gracanica] do not represent an offer," said Ivanovic, adding that they will not accept any project in which Serbs do not represent a considerable majority.


Anonymous said...

the ignorance of some albanian politicians is blinding. That's right, tell the international community what they have to do. This pissant is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I reckon. They are so ignorant, especially when thinking that they can tell the EU what to do. Truth is the EU is swinging more towards Serbia's opinions each day

Anonymous said...

They just want to help out. Why waste time and energy with piecemeal solutions?

Anonymous said...

Read the article again dear Serbs. Our politicians are speaking for their people, not telling the EU what to do, and the people have choosen independence.

Serbs on the other hand love telling the world what to do, but of course being a bit on the wild side they don't use words, but they take UN soldiers as hostage and tie them to weapons they used to keep Sarajevo and its people under siege, and under sniper fire.

The Serb way of "telling the world what to do" is so "civilized".

Anonymous said...

Actually, the first two posters (or the same poster posting twice) just acknowledged who is the ignorant here by suggesting that the oppression of two million human beings is a better solution than the free will and democracy.

Anonymous said...

I think the Balkans is the shit hole of Europe, and eleminating all is the best solution. Kosovo(a) is the drainpipe of all urine, and all should drown in the pee puddle.

Anonymous said...

The last poster is projecting his selfesteem on the matter.
You got help.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 9:53am poster, I monitor these websites and I never find anything of value. I have been in and out of kosovo and there is absolutely nothing there worth all the money the NATO and the UN are spending on it.

Anonymous said...

The UN and NATO should just let the Albanians and Serbs duke it out winner take all and end it.

That is how disputes of this nature have been settled for generations.

Anonymous said...

ALBANIA: New Terror Link under Investigation

2005-09-21 16:16:03

Albania’s opposition Socialist party will call for an investigation into how thousands of foreign citizens, including some suspected of being associates of Osama bin Laden, have been given Albanian citizenship, the party said yesterday.

“Our party will ask (President Alfred Moisiu) to start an investigation to check how Albanian citizenship has been given to some 12,000 foreign citizens, most Kosovo Albanians but also some Arabs, since 1992,” said Erjon Brace, a Socialist parliamentarian.

The US Treasury Department on Monday ordered US banks to freeze any bank accounts or other financial assets belonging to Abdul Latif Saleh, who holds Jordanian and Albanian citizenship and who allegedly worked with Osama bin Laden and others to provide support to terror networks in Albania. Americans were also prohibited from doing business with him.

The department alleged that bin Laden provided Saleh with funds to encourage the creation of “extremist groups” in Albania, where he is believed to be closely associated with groups linked to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group connected to al-Qaida.

The Treasury Department said Saleh founded an Albanian jihadist group that has been bankrolled by the Al Haramain Foundation, an Islamic charity with alleged links to al-Qaida. Saleh’s mission in Albania would be to destabilize the internal situation in Albania by fomenting conflict among the different religious groups in the country, according to the Treasury Department.

Saleh also is believed to be associated with Yasin Qadi, a Saudi businessman that the US accused of being a terrorist in October 2001. The department said Qadi was an active fund-raiser for Saleh’s jihadist group.

The Albanian government has seized the assents of Qadi, who is also being investigated for alleged money laundering for al-Qaida. He left Albania at least three years ago.

Source: The Associated Press

Does anyone outside Kosovo that is not mentally ill thinks that Kosovo will be independent like a new country ?? With US help ?? Alright, lets be back here and discuss it later.......

Anonymous said...

That's all the US needs is to keep track of another albania. "Just let the Serbs take care of it." said Bush.

Anonymous said...

TO 11:24AM poster:

Great powers of Europe have caused the civilisation 2 World Wars just to find themselves devastated with cities in rubbles and starving population.
What do you think USA saw at the time in there,when it helped Europe recover and become what it is today.
I think it saw the people.
I believe the same goes for Balkans today. Europe should invest in the people, so serbs and albanians prosper and build prosperous societies.
And maybe some day, all they will have to argue about is who makes a better olive oil, or who invented pizza, like other europians do.

Anonymous said...

investing in albanians? Yugoslavia sent what amounted to 1 million dollars a day to Kosovo for years when it was run by albanians...and what was accomplished? nothing. absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Belgrad spent during dozens of years many money to develop Kosovo and Serbs were poorer than Shiptars. Do you understand why?