Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Potential Kosovo partition destabilizing

TIRANA, Albania, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- Xhaferi said the eventual partition of Kosovo would subsequently destabilize Macedonia, Albania and Serbia. Xhaferi maintained that the rights that would be granted to Serbs in Kosovo would destabilize Macedonia because Albanians would compare their rights gained through their moderation in Macedonia with the rights accorded to the Serbs via their extremist policy in Kosovo.

Xhaferi said, "Once such analyses are made, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and particularly Albania will face destabilization."

Kosovo contains 1.5 million Albanians along with 80,000 Serbs, who live in separate areas guarded by NATO peacekeepers. Kosovo's international status is anomalous in that while it is a Serbian province containing Albanian, Serbian, Roma and Bosniac ethnic communities, it is dominated by Kosovo Liberation Army veterans. And Kosovo remains the subject of ongoing territorial dispute between the Serbian government and the province's majority ethnic Albanian population. It is a part of Serbia, but since the 1999 conflict has been under U.N. control as a protectorate.

The province's final status has yet to be determined, with talks scheduled for later this year.


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Anonymous said...

Independence of kosovo could also destablize bosnia, russia, spain and ireland. why doesn't he mention that?

Anonymous said...

Independence of the Serbian province of kosovo and metohija could also destablize bosnia, russia, ireland, spain, china. They all have disgruntled minorities.

Anonymous said...

You're turning the argument upside-down. He's talking about partition, not independence.

Because Kosova has well defined borders, population and other similar things that make for a nation forming constituency, it can gain independence without sending dangerous signals.

On the other hand, if the West was to award Republika Srpska independence, the signal would be sent that it's OK for neighbhoring countries to intervene in places where they have minorites to support their claims for partitioning through violent means like genocide and ethnic cleansing. Ergo, there goes Macedonia, Montenegro...

P.S. I don't see how East Timor (the closest case to Kosova) destabilized any of the places mentioned on the previous blogger's list.

Anonymous said...

The only place that would be destabilized by the Independence of Kosovo would be Serbia.

The Independence of Kosovo would initiate separatist movements in Vojvodina (province that used to belong to Hungary) and the Sandjak area of Serbia, populated by slavized Muslims.

Montenegro is on it's way already.

Other than that, overall security in the Balkans would improve, since UN's prostitution rings will disappear with UN's departure from the area.

Anonymous said...

First of all why is the west in charge of granting independence. Secondly I think the destablization of Serbia is feared more than disappointing a few ethnic albanians in not granting them independence. especially by the Europeans.

Anonymous said...

kosovo will always be unstable with or without independence. You will always have a disgruntled ethnic group Serbs with independence, ethnic albanians without independence this alone will keep major investors out.

Anonymous said...

Some Albanian politicians have a habit of threatening other people to get what they want. Xhaferi is an example, Demaci another.

The extremists among Kosovo's Albanians strive for an maximalist result: they want Kosovo including the Serb majority parts. And if that is finished they wil continue making trouble in Albanian majority parts in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

If you are seperating a territory from a country to create a new nation is an ethnic seperation. In that case it just a matter of decency to do it in such a way that not more people than strictly necessary come to live at the wrong side of the border.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is talking about a destabilizing Kosovo under the Serbian influence or not. I would much like to see how these people conclude in such things. Destabilization comes from disruption of harmony between two different neighbours(in this case two different ethnicities, serbs and albanians). In other words, even if some serbian, albanian or macedonian politicians urge destabilization, it is up to the people living in Kosovo to decide if they want to live in harmony with their neighbour or not. That is what the West is trying to accomplish.


Anonymous said...

The west is always experimenting throughout the world, while still having disgruntled groups within their own borders. Shouldn't they take care of their own problems first instead of using the underdeveloped world as an experiment.

Anonymous said...

The west uses the underdeveloped countries as experiments, instead of fixing their own problems.

Chris Blaku said...

The Albanians are merely correcting a grave injustice done onto them by a sorely arrogant Europe in the Conference of Berlin. History has a strange way of biting you in the behind.

Anonymous said...

The West grants its minorities basic rights such as that of education in their own language up to university level, medias, self-government in the territories they live in, guarantees of non-discrimination, etc.

If we had had this in Yugoslavia there would not be any need for the split-up.

If Macedonia had allowed its Albanian minority schooling in Albanian, right to petition government in their own language, and equal opportunity in governmental jobs, there wouldn't be any conflict. The same goes for the Presheva Valley.

So, what we need is more Europe and less thinking us vs. them.

Anonymous said...

Serbs gave us the idea about independence by being themselves.

On the other hand, independent Kosova would be the best thing that ever happened to Serbia, they will have to face their own demons.

Anonymous said...

You show me any territory in the United States where students aren't REQUIRED to study English!!!

Anonymous said...

In the United States your are required by law to fly the American Flag along side the flag of a foreign country Ex:(Albanian)

ali_pashai said...

I strongly believe that kosova's serbs should not be granted independence. I can only see good things coming from their independence because on the same grounds kosova's independence is a sure thing. However, they are a minority in a very well defined region. Should we ask independence for the albanians living in Serbia too. This is nuts. When it comes to kosova the circumstances are different. Kosova has been albanian territory (not serb i mean) and has well defined borders and albanian majority. If the 100.000 serbs that want their independence get it, based on the proportions, every country that has a minority of 5% of the whole population has to grant them independence if they wish so. Is independence the answer to every problem? I don't think so. Kosovar albanians did not ask for independece. No, they asked for equal rights that every human being deserves. I saw here someone brought up america. Let me tell you this about america. THERE ARE NOT ETHNIC SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE IN NORTH OR CENTRAL AMERICA, BUT SPANISH IS A SECOND LANGUAGE EVERY WHERE NEVERTHELESS. The number of people speaking spanish is not easy to ignore. There are albanian schools and kindergardens here, receiving fundings from the government. And the same goes for every other minority. So please do not use america as an example. I can burn the flag here and I won't be arrested or discriminated.
When a minority like north Ireland asks for independence, asks for it because its rights are being abused and not respected. On what grounds do the serbs in kosova base their claims. On fear?
I am not an eye for an eye but giving them the special treatment and attention when we have close to 2 million people with no clear future is unbelievable. First things first.

Anonymous said...

Ali believe it or not kosovo-metohija is still a province of Serbia making all the citizens of kosovo-metohija citizens of Serbia and Montenegro. That also means ethnic albanian in kosovo are albanians in Serbia wanting independence. You just made my point, that the world shouldn't go around offering independence.

Anonymous said...

The Serbs of Northern Mitrovica also have a well defined border it's called the Ibar river.

Anonymous said...

Go a head and burn the flag in the US and don't be suprized if some huge ex-marine doesn't put his boot up your A$$. I think that is discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Man shot to death in Albanian church while his children watched

Anton Kçira, the priest at St. Paul Albanian Catholic church in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was just about to distribute communion when 38-year-old Gjon Pepaj allegedly stood up from the congregation and said, "Yes, I am here!" and shot into the ceiling with a 9mm handgun. As the congregants scattered, according to reports, Pepaj then shot 38-year-old Gjek Isufaj in the back of the head, killing him. Then, according to witnesses, he shot into the air again, said, "I've done what I'm supposed to do," and shot Isufaj once more.

I believe this is the civility of the Albanians you were comparing to the Serbs.

Anonymous said...

Pristina has recognized Belgrade's legitimacy in talks.

Next Pristina recognizes Belgrade's claim to Kosovo-Metohija

Anonymous said...

"Pristina has recognized Belgrade's legitimacy in talks.

Next Pristina recognizes Belgrade's claim to Kosovo-Metohija"

You wish...we're only being nice to Serbs in Serbia cause they clearly need some guidance out of that racial supremacy ideology bent on murder. You see, unlike Serbs in Belgrade, us (Albanians) are willing to acknowledge that they (Serb Serbs or SS) exist, while Belgrade denies the existance of Albanians as sentient and rational creatures (you always reffer to us as "scum" and "animals").

Peace to all Serbs (they NEED IT)...

Anonymous said...

Albanians exist in Albania, Albanians in Kosovo are Serbian-Albanians and the Albanians in Macedonia are Macedonian-Albanians

Anonymous said...

Arben Xhaferi is a washup albanian leader from Macedonia, if he is so knowledgable why don't the albanians in Macedonia listen to him?

Anonymous said...

I am an american who is getting ready to go to Kosova to work with UNMIK. I have been studying Kosovo and the situation there so that I can gain an understanding of the situation.

I must say. The people bickering on this blog is fascinating. You sound like grade school children. "Serbs are cruel" "Albanians are animals" "We are the victims" "You are the abusers". Every political, cultural or ethnic sect has extremists and troublemakers that one could point to in order to villanize that entire sect. To apply the actions of the troublemakes, abuser, extremeists is to sterotype. I saw one blogger who said he was Albanian and had Serb friends... and he couldn't understand where the hate comes from. It is easier to point at someone else and crow about their deficiencies than to look at yourself and take some sort of responsibility for what goes on around you. How easy it is to hate Serbs/Albanians, blame them for everything and sit back feeling smug and victimized. Did Serbs commit atrocities? Yes. Did Serbs? Yes. Do they speak for all Serbs or all Albanians? Do you appreciate being judged by everyone for something someone in your particular group did? But you can so easily stand in judgement of everyone else?

My study of this situation, which I might add was done with no preconceptions, no hidden agendas and no personal prejudices or biases, has been very interesting. It appears to me that easiest solution to the Kosova problem is to let the people living in Kosova choose their own destiny. That is what democracy is all about. Do other groups have historical claims on the area? Sure. Does is matter? No. Hundreds of years ago, the United States took land that was historically Native American, Historically Spanish and French. Does that me that we are now obligated to give them back? Irregardless of how Kosova got to be an Albanian majority, the people of Kosova should have a say in the fate of their area. There is not solution that everyone with think is fair. Threats of destabilization or retaliation only make the process harder and betray the weakness of one's stance.

In reference to some of the previous comments:

1) Texas has driver's license tests in English and Spanish.

2) California schools, and many other states, provide ESL (english as a second language) educations.

3) The rights of minorities, ethnic groups and religious groups are protected by law.

4) If you burn the flag in the United States, you are protected under the first ammendment of our constitution. You get police protection, not a foot in your ass.

5) I am a military veteran and have sons in the US Military. Do I like it when people burn the flag? NO. Does it piss me off? Sure. BUT, I have an obligaiton to respect a person's right to free speech. Many americans died protecting our rights.... I don't like the things some people do... but I respect and defend their right to do it......

Rather than bickering about who is worse, who's "people" caused more hardship, who is a liar, who is an animal, why don't you try respecting each other. You don't have to like what Albanians/Serbs do..... but if you respect their point of view (rather than to act like you come from long line of flawless saints) you might actually GET SOMEWHERE. You don't have to like each other. You don't have to be friends. You don't have to buy in to each other's arguments. But you should, at the very least, respect them. You do want everyone else to repect YOUR OWN point of view don't you? But you are too smug and full of yourself to lower yourself to respect the point of view of others......

Do I think this will change everything? NO

Do I think anyone here will do anything but call me names? NO

Do I think anyone will heed my advice or open their minds? NO

Why did I say all this? Beats Me. Hope I guess.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you mr. american. When the americans is the south united states wanted independence, why didn't the north respect their decision and their right to self-determination instead of creating a civil war.

If the great state of Texas does one day have a majority hespanis population and decides they want to be independent from the United States will they be free to go? Answer: Hell No!!

Anonymous said...

La OTAN en Kosovo implicada en la trata de niñas para la prostitución

Friday 9 September 2005 |

Llegaron para terminar con la limpieza étnica de Milosevic y han acabado implicados en el trata de blancas mujeres y niñas para la prostitución. Así lo ha denunciado Amnistía Internacional respecto a la situación de las mujeres y niñas en Kosovo.

Desde el despliegue en julio de 1999 de la Fuerza Internacional de Seguridad (KFOR) y el establecimiento de la Misión de Administración Provisional de Naciones Unidas (UNMIK), se ha registrado un incremento sin precedentes de la industria del sexo basada en el tráfico de mujeres y niñas. Según ha documentado Amnistía Internacional y según ha denunciado la Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM), muchos de los clientes de estas mujeres eran los militares de estas fuerzas internacionales, estando algunos de ellos implicados en el proceso de tráfico.

“El tráfico de mujeres y niñas constituye un grave problema en Kosovo que las autoridades no han sabido atajar. La comunidad internacional es responsable del crecimiento de la industria del sexo basada en el abuso del tráfico de mujeres y las autoridades locales también tiene su parte de responsabilidad porque no han actuado con eficacia para detener este grave abuso”, ha declarado Amnistía Internacional.

Las mujeres que son objeto de prostitución forzada son vulnerables por la grave situación económica que hay en la zona. Muchas mujeres llegan a Kosovo desde Moldavia, Rumanía o Ucrania engañadas por la promesa de un trabajo en otro país. “Cuando entran en contacto con redes de prostitución, son violadas, raptadas, secuestradas, víctimas de tortura y sufren las violaciones de derechos humanos más flagrantes. Muchas no denuncian estos abusos porque no encuentran la debida protección por parte de las autoridades”, afirma la organización.

Estas son las conclusiones del Informe: “¿Significa eso que tengo derechos?” Proteger los derechos humanos de las mujeres y niñas objeto del tráfico para la prositución forzada en Kosovo , que presentó el pasado seis de mayo Amnistía Internacional.

En los años 1999 y 2000 el 80% de la clientela de estas mujeres lo constituía la comunidad internacional. En 2002 esta cifra descendió a un 30%, aunque era esta misma comunidad internacional la que generaba el 80% de ingresos esta industria. Actualmente, la mayoría de la clientela son hombres varones naturales de la zona.

Cuando las mujeres o niñas logran escapar de quienes trafican con ellas o son “rescatadas” por la policía, muchas de ellas ven vulnerados sus derechos por quienes se encargan de hacer cumplir la ley, las instituciones de justicia y otras agencias. A algunas se las ha detenido por ejercer la prostitución, a otras se les ha reconocido la condición de víctimas del tráfico de mujeres, pero se les ha negado su derecho a obtener reparación y resarcimiento por los abusos sufridos. Otras, tras declarar ante un tribunal se han encontrado con escasa o nula protección.

Las autoridades locales han reaccionado con lentitud ante este problema y rara vez se ha procesado a ningún traficante. Según las organizaciones locales y la propia OIM, hoy persisten denuncias de complicidad oficial.

Además, Organizaciones no gubernamentales han detectado que muchas niñas y mujeres albanokosovares están llegando a países de la Unión Europea, como Italia, Holanda o Reino Unido, a través de redes de tráfico de mujeres para la prostitución forzada.

“El tráfico de mujeres y niñas para la prostitución forzada es una de las formas de violencia contra la mujer más generalizada y omnipresente”, asegura Amnistía Internacional.

Ante todo ello, Amnistía Internacional ha pedido a las autoridades de Kosovo que “se juzgue al personal de la KFOR y UNMIK y a todos aquellos implicados en abusos contra los derechos humanos y delitos comunes en relación con el tráfico de mujeres y niñas”. También “que apliquen las medidas necesarias para acabar con el tráfico de mujeres y que se ataje la violación de derechos que padecen estas mujeres” y “que se proteja a las mujeres víctimas de este tráfico y se las indemnice por los abusos padecidos”.

En cuanto a la comunidad internacional, se les pide que “a la ONU y la OTAN; que apliquen medidas para que se garantice el procesamiento de cualquier miembro civil o militar de las fuerzas de mantenimiento de la paz si están implicados en el tráfico de mujeres” y a la Unión Europea “que se garantice la protección de los derechos de las mujeres que son objeto de tráfico”.

Deshar said...

Albanians also live in the western part of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the area bordering Albania in the west and Kosova in the north. According to an EU sponsored census, ethnic Albanians comprise 22 percent of Macedonia's total population of a little over two million. Albanian political parties in Macedonia claim that the number is higher, that Albanians comprise 40 percent of the total population. Nevertheless, Albanians are the second largest ethnic group in Macedonia. albania forum