Thursday, September 29, 2005

Judah: Sovereignty from talks, but not due to merit of leaders

In an interview for Koha Ditore, British analyst on the Balkans Tim Judah, said the winning of Kosovo’s sovereignty won’t be a tribute to the skills of Kosovo political leaders in status negotiations, but rather a decision that the international community is believed to have already made. “However, when it comes to the direct contribution for Kosovo by its political leaders, the results of these negotiations are not expected to be very positive bearing in mind the low level of their [the leaders] preparations for this process,” added Judah.

“I think that people are forgetting that apart from sovereignty there are many other issues that need to be discussed,” said Judah and pointed out several issues such as the Constitution, security, minorities, decentralisation, pensions, payment of international loans and other financial matters.


Anonymous said...

If Kosovo had decent leaders, they whould have obtained independence decades ago.

Serbia knew who the "able" ones were and made sure it eliminated them one way or the other before they caused any damage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the World knows what Shit-ia did to Albanians, that's why we will get Independence even with those leaders that Serbia couldn't catch them!

Anonymous said...

Forget about political team members approved at the parliament. Only Surroi and Shala are worth anything there.

What Albanians need urgently is a crack team of international experts in economy and public policy, along with leaders that ran Kosova before the coup d'etat by Milosevic, to figure out the legacy issues as well as the more modern ones. I hope the Albanian side at least has the file ready for war reperations. You gotta stay on the offensive. Make the suckers pay, just like Jewish organizations did to Germany and Swiss banks 50 years later. War reperations do two things: bring heavenly Serbs back to earth through real pain and establish guilt. If this doesn't happen, Serbs will pour across the border again once the geo-political situation is right for them. (You can also mine a 2 km buffer zone at the border like between the Koreas to prevent Serbs from pouring over but nothing is certain like having America at your side, is it?)

So, find out who the lawyers and economic advisers were in the case of Holocaust survivors vs. Germany and Swiss banks and hire them out for the year. Also, Bosnia was going through a similar suit against Serbia. Hire those guys too. It will pay off at the end.

Anonymous said...

The main reason Kosovo got so bad economically around 1990 was the IMF that imposed on Milosevic to close all improfitable companies. A lot of them could be found in Kosovo and even without Milo's discriminating policies Kosovo would have been hit hard.
Before 1990 Kosovo's leaders were just as bad nowadays. They preferred receive money from the rest of Yugoslavia, build prestigeous projects without economic benefit and blame all economic problems on the fact that Kosovo was part of Serbia.

Anonymous said...

All the money dedicated to Kosovo was being spent to keep thousands of Yugoslav policemen there and nothing else.

Does anyone mention the money that Kosovo generated for Serbia? Kosovo's mines were constantly being exploited and generating billions of dollars in revenues for Serbia. This is what is hurting Serbia the most, it is not the bullshit "heart of Serbia" theory.