Thursday, September 15, 2005

British minister says independence of Kosovo is one of options

PRISTINA, Sept 15 (Hina) - British Minister for Europe, Douglas Alexander, has said that independence of Kosovo is one of options in the process of defining a final status of Kosovo, and added that the future of the province depends on results of negotiations.

During his two-day visit to Pristina, Alexander held talks with Kosovo officials, leaders of political parties and representatives of the international organisations in the province.

Alexander assessed that the situation in Kosovo had been improved over past six years and promised that the British government would assist in activities preceding negotiations on Kosovo's final status.

The British minister will depart for Belgrade on Thursday afternoon for talks with Serbian officials.


Anonymous said...

The "Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Kosovo" are now "a dangerous breeding-ground, presently under scarcely any observation, for Islamist terrorists," United Press International Sept. 14

Anonymous said...

There is not any reason for "Islamic Terrorism" to exist in Balkans.
Do not believe sensational stories that try to ride the wave of terrorism news in the media today.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS WHAT ALBANIANS ARE ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) -- A man accused of swindling an 87-year-old woman he was supposed to be caring for of about $200,000 has pleaded no-contest.

Police and prosecutors said Pren Karaqi, 52, of Warren posed as a nurse in 2003 and sweet-talked the woman into letting him move in to take care of her, adding his name to her bank account and twice electronically transferring $42,000 to his brother's Swiss bank account.

Anonymous said...

"Life for man who killed Swedish foreign minister


THE self-confessed killer of Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday, after the court threw out his plea of insanity.

Mijailo Mijailovic, 25, said voices in his head had told him to carry out the frenzied knife attack on Ms Lindh, a politician who had been tipped as Sweden’s next prime minister.

Mijailovic, the son of Serb immigrants, stabbed Ms Lindh ten times in a Stockholm department store last September. Ms Lindh, 46, a mother of two, died a day later."

- This does not mean that serbian nation is a bunch of hysterical blood thirsty animals.

Anonymous said...

The 87 year was an American who the albanians cherish so much remember. These criminal acts are not random it goes on all over europe that is why so many ehnic albanians are being deported.

By the way Mijailovich was ruled mentally ill buy the Swedish authoritize.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe they will rule Milosevic mentally ill too

Anonymous said...

Dude, it is easy for you to say oh he was found mentally ill, every serb can be found mentally ill if they undergo examinataions.

Prince of Albania said...

"British Minister for Europe, Douglas Alexander, has said that independence of Kosovo is one of options in the process of defining a final status of Kosovo" is a nice way of saying Serbs deal with it, Kosovo is about to become an independent state,
What the hell does that have to do with this retard posting articles about a criminal stealing from an old lady? Everything.

This Serb has lost it all. He lost Kraijna, Republika Srpska and now he is loosing Kosovo, the "cradle of his civilization" and he has nothing left. So in his pathetic despair all he has left is this racist derogatory posting trying to prove, to him self more than anybody else, that Albanians are this horde of animal-humans that go about raping old ladies, terrorizing all people and selling drugs.
It is so sad, it's not even funny. Don't worry about what he says but rejoice in our bright future, Kosovo independent and free soon united with Albania either through the EU or otherwise.
He on the other hand has Serbia, a land of most wanted War Criminals and their keepers, truly sad.

Anonymous said...

"By the way Mijailovich was ruled mentally ill buy the Swedish authoritize." -

this is not true, I'm from sweden, he was first ruled as mentally ill, thats right, but if u would have given a damn to follow the newsflow the decision was later overturned because a mental ill person "does not stab another person 10 times, buries the clothes and clearly uses a system to hide his crime which is the case"

He now sits at the Kumla Prison which only consists of the most dangerous persons, its no "Kriminalvård" as it is called in Swedish.

Kriminalvård is somekind of hospital for insane people!

Mijailovich has also filed for a request to remove his citizenship so he can run away to Serbia, where he is considered a hero.

Running way is also considered a very typical Serbian thing to do!

Länge leve de Albanska republikerna!
Long live the Albanian republics!

Anonymous said...

"Albanians are this horde of animal-humans that go about raping old ladies, terrorizing all people and selling drugs" Quoted by the Prince of Albania

Anonymous said...

Look I dont have to convince the world of your animal behaviros, servians. An Albanian man will never rape, we will not go down to your level. The world knows that, they know about your camps of torture in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo, they know that. That is why you got bombed by NATO you idiot. In the street that I lived 15 women were raped by your paramilitary troops. But then I agree you people live in the LALA land, uneducated, hoping to win your arguments by creating propaganda, and destroying evidence.

Anonymous said...

Trust me many people in the United States and Europe are fimiliar with criminal element of albanians. As for uneducated just look at the your homeland of albanian, my god the people there still start fires by striking two piece of flint together. what do Tirana,Al; Pristina,SCG; Tetovo,MK all have in common? Majority of the population is ethnic albanian and the city are dirtier than $hit!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks serb caveman/woman for sharing this excellent tip on startin a fires using flintstones.

Anonymous said...

Don't thank me thank your ethnic a$$backwards albanian kin.

Anonymous said...

"serb caveman/cavewomen" what a joke, let me guess you are either a painter, a brick layer or a landscaper. All requiring high levels of education. NOT!

Anonymous said...

All suitable positions for the simple albanian mind.

Anonymous said...

I got you angry.
I am sorry I called you a cavewoman which I am sure you are not.

Anonymous said...

World Bank: Serbia Making Great Progress

Associated Press MSN
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BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - Serbia-Montenegro has made great progress in implementing business-friendly policies, but there is still a long way to go in economic reforms, the World Bank said Friday.

"The country came to reforms late compared to neighbors in the region, and needs to catch up," said Carolyn Yungr, World Bank envoy to the country.

This week's report, entitled "Doing Business in 2006: Creating Jobs" and co-sponsored by the World Bank and the International Finance Corp., the bank's private-sector arm, found Serbia-Montenegro among the 12 most-reformed places to operate, out of 155 countries reviewed last year.

Georgia, Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands and Romania were also among leading reformers.

In the 188-page study, Serbia-Montenegro led in overhauling its policies, improving in eight of the 10 areas the report examined.

Belgrade saw the report as a huge boost for conservative Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica of Serbia, the dominant republic in the two-member union.

"A lot of good things have happened and some credit is due to the government," Yungr told The Associated Press. "There has been tremendous progress, just as long as you don't put up your feet and say you are done."

She stressed that "political stability is very important" for continued reforms but would not speculate on how political scandals shaking Kostunica's Cabinet would translate to the economy.

The report found that to take legal action to enforce a simple business contract, a businessman in Serbia required an average of 635 days in 2004, down from the 1,028 days the previous year.

"That's still quite a long time," said Simeon Djankov, one of the report's authors who was in Belgrade Friday to present the World Bank study.

Registering a business has gone down to an average of 15 days from the 53 needed in 2003, Djankov added. In the past nine months, 7,363 new businesses have opened up in Serbia.

Djankov said Serbia needs to change labor legislation to make the labor market more flexible, and cut down on the red tape in trading.

"The point we are trying to make is that Serbia needs to keep this up for a number of years," Djankov said. "But it's on the right path."

The World Bank study is based on data from more than 3,500 local experts, business consultants, lawyers, accountants, government officials and leading academics around the world.

© 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Anonymous said...

What does that report have to do with anything regarding albanians. They are in such a mess they aren't even worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

Just as I tought your a house painter. "1 coat or 2" that is your calling card it's almost like "would you like fries with that." Great career choice, not that you had one.

Anonymous said...

The American Dream for albanians, "I'm going to move my family clear across the world so I can paint houses." What a lost people.

Anonymous said...

If Serbia is doing great than you people should be happy.
Instead you seem so bitter and hysterical. Is your job stressing you out. By the way you never told me what you do for living. Don't let me guess...
Here is my suggestion:
Go get drunk and listen to serb/folk music. Let the gypsy in you go wild.
You guessed wrong about my profession

Anonymous said...

Only on the weekends!!!!you party animal you with your little egg shapeed hat and all.

Anonymous said...

You call housepainting, bricklaying or landscaping professions. Please a monkey can be trained to do that work.

Anonymous said...

Just because your housepainter/landscaper boyfriend dumped you that shouldn't be an excuse to trash everybody here.
Weekend is heeeeere...go get'em girl!

Chris Blaku said...

No idea what a blogger's profession has to do with our discussion.

Anonymous said...

Serbia is on good economic way
16:59 2005-09-15
Serbia expects to attract 2.5 billion euro of new investments in the nearest future since it is listed by the World Bank as one of the 12 most successful countries in implementing economic reforms and investment laws.

The news from Washington is a boost to Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s minority government, which has been in power for the past 18 months.

“Serbia has never been in a better position to become an ‘economic tiger’ in the region” Paridovic asserted. “The World Bank report is a proof that foreign investors have become aware of this fact and we expect their presence in much greater numbers, with ambitious projects”, he added.

Serbia has a population of eight million, not including the southern Kosovo province, which has been under United Nations control since 1999. The average per capita investment rate in the Balkans currently stands at 159 euro, but Serbia has a long road to cross to reach neighboring Croatia with 2003 per capita investments at 440 euro.

The Italian embassy in Belgrade meanwhile announced that in the past year exports from Italy to Serbia increased by 42 per cent and that Italy has become the main consumer of Serbian goods among European Union countries, the AKI reports.

Anonymous said...