Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shala: Solana and Kosovo’s status

Zëri carries an editorial by publisher Blerim Shala, who says that Solana has now emphasized some capital moments that will characterize the status process.

Solution of the Kosovo status is based on three main principles; Kosovo borders cannot change, there should not be division of Kosovo, Kosovo should become an independent state and the West should continue with its political and military presence in Kosovo after the solution of the status. This solution is in full accordance with the stance of Javier Solana, concludes Shala.


Anonymous said...

Gee if Shala says so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

It's irrelevant what he says, Kosova is heading for light...Serbia you want to follow or not? (if not we can sell you some electricity)...

ICE CREAM...to of course, SERBIA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Ice Cream to Serbia have anything to do with the dead albanians being transported in freezer trucks?

Anonymous said...

Ice Cream to Serbia means we send them chocolate Ice cream to treat their depression and intoxicate them from all the hate (you know ice cream is supposed to make you happy).

As for the bodies, don't worry, they will pay for it in the court of law, for each and everyone of our people they have murdered.

Anonymous said...

Well than ice cream to you too!!

As for paying for the murders, I doubt it.