Monday, September 19, 2005

Police arrest four Serbian war crime suspects in Gracanica

Daily newspapers report on the pages that four Kosovo Serbs have been arrested Sunday morning near Gra_anica/Graçanicë on charges of committing war crimes against Kosovo Albanians in April 1999 in the village of Slovinje/Sllovi near Lipjan/Lipljan. Koha Ditore says that Serbian media have even published their names, three are reportedly brothers and the fourth is their uncle.

The four Kosovo Serbs were arrested by units of UNMIK Special Police after the arrest warrant was issued by an international prosecutor. The four K-Serbs are now in the Detention Centre in Pristina.


Anonymous said...

Now you know who says he feels isolated in Gracanica and other Serb villages. Its this war criminals that are afraid KFOR might catch them if they leave Serb villages.

Anonymous said...

Sure and the 4 Serb war criminals hust captured in Gracanica don't exist. Moron you don't write accusations against Albanians under an article which states that Serb criminals are captured. What more proof do you want.

Prince of Albania said...

I don't see "CTRL+C CTRL+Z" anywhere!
Oh where could he be?
We miss you...

Chris Blaku said...

The Serbians are scrambling to find a way to interpret this in their favor... They could adopt their ever popular "Serbia and Jesus against the Islamic-Western heretic alliance" routine.

Anonymous said...

No way the serbs are comment this article.

This much dose of reality is gonna kill their fantasies about the situation in Kosova.