Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ICG concerned over statements of Belgrade politicians

Epoka e Re reports that the International Crisis Group (ICG) has called on the international community to apply pressure on Serbian authorities to give up from territorial aspirations toward Bosnia and Herzegovina during the resolution of the status of Kosovo if this status will be independence.

‘A public statement should be required from Belgrade that it has no territorial aspirations toward Bosnia and Herzegovina and it shall respect Bosnia’s borders during the resolution of Kosovo’s final status,’ said the ICG.


Anonymous said...

Kosovo is a part of Serbia and Republika Srpska (and Bosnia) has the right to join Serbia. Bosnians can go to Saudia Arabia and Albanians of Kosovo to Albania-Berisha. International Crisis Group(ICG)= Morton Abramowirz, is a weapon of State department. François.

Anonymous said...

Or you can also look at it this way: Kosova was annexed by Serbia in 1912 and it was a part of Albania until then.

Therefore, Albania has a right to claim Kosova more than Serbia can claim Kosova or "Republika Rspska" in Bosnia.

On the other hand, unification with Albania will definitely happen if the creature of "Republika Srpska" (that was created by massacring women, children, elderly) is unified with Serbia.

Or, with the same analogy as the previous poster, Serbs can go back to Asia (where they came from) leave the rest of Balkans live in peace.

Anonymous said...

If RS has rights then I'm sure we'll find other Albanian territories with rights to join Albania.

Anonymous said...

Poor "François". Best thing to do about him, is to lock him up (may get him to share a cell with his daddy Milosevic) so that he and the rest of his Slav scum can keep quiet and not spill more bloodshed in the Balkans as they did in the 90s. Kosova will be independent whether or not the likes of him accept it. The civilised world recognises it already. "François and his Serb species are too think to understand. Savages are never expected to reason, are they?

Anonymous said...

Both Serbs and Albanians claim the historical "right" over Kosovo, and both had it "occupied" in variuos periods of history.

But somehow, the only periods when Albanians controlled Kosovo occured when they had patronage and backup of the most oppressive world powers in history: Ottoman Turk Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Nazi Germany.

All of the three killed and tortured Serbs by the millions, on account of racial or religious hatred, and Kosovo Albanians followed suit, sometimes being even worse. FACT!

Any history book not written by Serbs or Albanians tells it, as well as that Kosovo being a part of Albania until 1912 is rubbish. There was no state of Albania until 1912.

Somehow, Kosovo Albanians have been on the loosing side in two world wars, and (as they are mostly Muslims) prospered during 400 years of unbelievable repression on Christians under Sharia laws of Turk empire.

Isn't it too much of a coincidence that they always managed to take sides with the bloodiest killer regimes in history, and dangers to the world?? No political cause can justify that.

Now here in the comments you can see things like "Slav scum" or "Serbs can go back to Asia where they came from". This sounds familiar to anyone lucky enough to survive WWII concentration camps.

Numbers speak for themselves. In "infamous","oppressive","ethnically cleansing" Serbia, stigmated by the media, 19% of the population are national minorities, and they did not leave "the worst country" during all these years of crisis. Minorities in Kosovo make up around 4% of the population, and falling (killed or driven out). Here is the news on the last terror killings:

Nobody wants to live as a slave in Nazi or fundamentalist state (probably both), because that is the will of the majority!

If anyone is forced to, then something is seriously wrong with forces dominating the world, as it was on all occasions when Kosovo Albanians excelled.

Anonymous said...

the icg is irrelavent. they are a think tank--who cares?

Prince of Albania said...

We are allied with the United States of America , the most democratic and open minded country in the world, FACT.

During WWII Albania was the only country in the whole of Europe to save all of her Jews. Not only that but Albania saved the Jews that Serbia, Greece, Montenegro etc persecuted. Albania actually registered a higher percentage of Jewish citizens after WWII than before, FACT.

During the Ottoman Empire the Albanians staged uprisings on a constant basis until the fall of the Turks and directly facilitated the demise of the Ottoman Empire through their continued rebellion duing the Rebirth of the Albanian National Movement, culminating in the liberation of Skopje in 1912, FACT.

In 1444 the princes of the Albanian principalities, under the patronage of George Castriotta, formed the first Albanian state. This state of Albania then resisted the strongest world military, the Ottoman Turks, for a quarter century, FACT.

Albanians are Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish, FACT.

And now for my most favorite FACTS:

The Serbs have lost: Kosovo, Republika Srpska, Krajina, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

The Serbs will lose: Sanxhak and Vojvodnia.

The Serbs are the biggest losers of the Balkans.

The Serbs are responsible for the worst atrocities in the Balkans.

And the list goes on and on...

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday they found a 10 thousand years old graveyard in Sovian this is in the Korca reagion. Yesterday they also found an ancient city which is 8 thousand years old form the Enkelei kingdom.

10 thousand years ago the Serbs didn't even exist. They were living the life of a big ape keeping company to cave bears in the URAL mountains.

Anonymous said...

"Prince", first facts you state are mostly true, but irrelevant, or miss the point.

Albania recorded no executed or deported Jews, mostly because the Italians who were in charge were not so keen on persecuting them, and the Germans only came in 1943, by when most Jews (several hundreds in all) had already left Albania, mostly aliyah. Today Jewish population of Albania is estimated at 40, while some 2500 live in Serbia. Being one of them, I tend to know.

And anyway, nobody mentioned Albania!

Fact is that in KOSOVO, under Nazi puppet regime, Jews were tortured and killed on a regular basis during WW II, along with Serbs and other non-Albanians.

Try to READ carefully what I write, if you can, blind hatred is not an excuse. Besides, if you "of
Albania" are urging for Kosovo secession, then everyone from Serbia are right to claim that RS should break away from Bosnia.

SS "Skenderbeg" division, founded by the Germans, and all it did, can be found on the web and in all major history books.

"The Serbian population in Kosovo should be removed as soon as possible. Serbian settlers should be killed." (Albanian fascist leader Mustafa
Kroja, June 1942.)

"The Albanians are out to exterminate the Slavs."
"not a single house has a roof; everything has been burned. There were headless bodies of men and women strewn on the ground."
Carlo Umilta, Italian civil commissioner in Kosovo, 1942 [Tim Judah, "Cycle of revenge haunts Kosovo," Guardian, April 7, 1999, quoting]

In the Balkan War of 1912, Kosovo Albanians fought AS ALLIES OF CRUMBLING OTTOMAN EMPIRE against all the liberated states of the Balkans at once. Later they were allies of crumbling Austro-Hungary in WWI, and Nazi Germany in WWII, that can not be denied.

There are Albanians of various religions, but largely predominating in Kosovo is Islam, which probably accounts for all the Orthodox churches destroyed and burned in pogrom of Serbs last year. And KLA commanders mastered their trade in wars against Serbs, with mujahedeens in Bosnia.

As for worst atrocities in the Balkans, that can be found under
Jasenovac, but Kosovo in WWII is not far behind.

They kill still, and now it seems clear that Albanians will not settle down unless all Serbs are
destroyed. Prince's favourite facts confirm that intention, other posts here confirm it even better, and they have a proven record of trying it throughout history.

Milošević is no more, the justification for racism is gone. They had powerful allies before, but the tables had always turned on them.

Anonymous said...

putz of albania

who do you get your facts from Heinrich Himmler, Ante Pavlic or Xhafer Deva?

FACT - SS Brigadefuehrer Jozef Fitzhum (1896-1945), was the SS and Police Leader and was responsible for internal security, the war against the resistance or guerrillas, and the implementation of the Final Solution. He assumed control in Albania after German forces occupied Albania following the surrender of Italy in September, 1943. He created the 21st SS Division Skanderbeg with Xhafer Deva, made up mostly of Kosovar Muslim Albanians. As noted by Raul Hilberg in The Destruction of the European Jews (1961), Skanderbeg played a major role in the Holocaust, rounding up the Jews in Greater Albania who were subsequently sent to Bergen-Belsen where they were killed.

FACT - You are allied to the United States because they would do your dirty work that you couldnt.

FACT - your boy George Castriotta had a principality which was given to him by Murads successor Mahommed II In 1461. George's son, Giovanni Castriota, sold the principality to the Venetians in 1474, and four years later it was re-sold to the Turks.

Putz of albania, who you crappin?

Get your head out of your ass and get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Wow im suprised to see that this blog neglected to post an Epoka e Re article by the head of the Kosovo Liberation Army veterans organization in the regions of Decane and Pec, colonel Avdyl Mushkolaj in which he directed an open threat to the monks of Visoki Decani Monastery and members of Italian KFOR who provide protection for the monastery.

These are the types of statements that will get you your freedom...

six feet under.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of highly opinionated opinions being passed as facts. What happenned to plain old logical thinking? O tempora, o mores!

Anonymous said...

Fact: Belgrade was the first Capital in Europe to be declared free of Jews by the Nazis.

Fact: Just a month earlier swasticas appeared in the center of Nis (Serbia). There also appeared praisings for the War Criminals Mladic and Karadjic who are wanted by the whole world but who are protected by the church and government of Serbia.

Fact: Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox Albanians gave shelter to Jews from around Europe to protect them from Fascism. Google doctor Anna Cohen and read her story.

Fact: Albanian embassies around the world gave visas to Jews who came to Albania and from there made it to the United States.

Fact: Go to Barnes& Noble site and read " Escape to Albania" Educate yourselves, it is a research from a Jew.

Fact: The great part of Jews returned to Israel after the fall of communism.

Fact: The Serbian church ordered the murder of the Serb former prime minister who was later murdered. Read what his closest buddy has to say about it.

Fact: Your current prime minister is part of those who plotted the murder. Again read what the person mentioned above has to say.

Fact: The head of the Serbian church kissed the hands and blessed war criminals before and after they went and killed children, raped and mutilated pregnant women.

Fact: Never throughout its history has the Serbian church apologized for any wrong doings.

Fact: The Serbian church is now intervening in the internal affairs of Macedonia.

Fact: The Serbs even today deny the existence of the massacre of Srebrenica even when the whole world was able to view videos from this massacre.

Fact: The Serb government had a very close relationship with Sadam Husein.

Fact: The Serbian Ministry of Education declared a month ago that 50% of the Serb popullation do make it past the 8th grade.

Fact: A couple of days ago there was a terrosrist attac on one of leders of Vojvodina. A grenate was thrown at him. This is the same guy who said that he wanted for the Hungarians in Serbia the same rights Belgrade asks for the Serbs in Kosova.

Fact: The Serbs did not wanted the Albanian christians to be able to read their bible in Albanian.

Fact: The Serbian army made it to central Albanian (the Shkumbin river) in 1912 claiming that Albania is a Serbian land. In an analogy they claim Kosova is Serbian land, just like they claimed Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

Fact: Russia, Serbia, Greece planned the total anihilation of the Albanians after the WWII but US president Willson stopped it. According to these plans there would be no Albanian state.

Fact: After WWI Serbia and Turkey made a deal. As a result of this deal Albanians where ethnically cleansed from their lands and moved to Turkey. Today there are 5 million Albanians in Turkey. Turkish president Sulejman De Mirel stated this figure.

Fact: The Serbian government created a plan in 1937 which is called " The Erradication of the Albanians" According to this plan all Albanians in Jugoslavia would be totally annihilated. This plan was put to use throughout the years and even after WWII.

Fact: Sesejl member of the government of Milosevic created a similar plans in the mid 90's where the erradication of the Albanians was its objective.

If you're interesed in reading these plans let me know.

Fact: Serbian courts sentence to prison the following leaders of the world: Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Tony Blair, Lord Robinson and many other members of NATO.

Fact: The Serb government has not offered any help for the Katrina victims, unlike the majority of the civilised world.

Prince of Albania said...

If you are Jewish you should know the following:

Jewish population balance in the Balkan countries at the end of WWII (don't forget Kosovo was part of Albania during WWII):

Serbia -70%
Croatia -85%
Greece -94%
Montenegro -75%
Albania (with Kosovo) +180%


You should know this better than anybody else.

Tryly Yours, Prince of Albania :)

Prince of Albania said...

And the bottom line is that I don't have to use these morbid figures of a horrible time in history to prove to you who the Albanians are. I am proud to be Albanian, and always will be.
As for you, you are irrelevant :(

Anonymous said... go shoot another innocent serb kid to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous said...

That's what Serbs do when they feel bad. Kill Albanian children and then the killer is jailed for a year if he is the most unlucky SOB. If he's a normal Serb he gets a medal of Honor from the Serb State for his contribution into the great Serb cause- the Anihilation of Albanians. They start from the children.

Anonymous said...

it has been 6 long years since the war was won for you yet you are still killing Serbs simply because they are Serbs.

Anonymous said...

Serbs kill children in Serbia even today. An unlucky Serb was sentence to a year in prison for killing an Albanian chil in Serbia two weeks ago.

No Serbs are killed simply for being Serb, you have to be a Serb to do something as wicked as the lie posted by the Serb blogger above.

Anonymous said...

Serb policeman ambushed and shot twice---because he was a Serb. WEll, at least your brothers didn't kill another Serb child...albanian child killers.