Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kosumi agrees to meet Kostunica

Dailies quote Kosovo Government spokesman Daut Dauti as saying that Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi is ready to meet his Serbian counterpart Vojislav Kostunica, ‘anywhere and anytime’.

‘We have no conditions. PM Kosumi thinks that the venue could be his office in Prishtina or the office of Prime Minister Kostunica in Belgrade. And if the prime ministers agree they could meet in another venue,’ Dauti added.


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Ibro said...

Closing the Books on Kosovo
by Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. He is a member of the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy.

“America's allies, the Albanian majority, conducted ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, kicking out most Serbs, Jews, Roma, and non-Albanian Muslims.
U.N. rule has done little to prevent endemic violence, crime, and instability, including brutal anti-Serb riots last year. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) says simply: "the human rights situation in Kosovo is still not a good one, particularly for minority communities who live in enclaves and for the displaced."
At a congressional hearing in May, Charles English of the State Department reported, "Discrimination remains a serious problem. Access to public services is uneven. Incidents of harassment still occur. Freedom of movement is limited. And too many minorities still feel unsafe in Kosovo."”
Find full article and comments on:
and original

Anonymous said...

Ethnic Albanians in the Serbian province of Kosovo want independence, but even the
Europeans don't believe they've earned it.

/Isn't it ironic this coming from the the continet full of meritocracy./

Six years ago President Bill Clinton and NATO launched an unprovoked war against Yugoslavia, which had attacked neither the U.S. nor any American ally.

/Obviously the author is a self-centered, America First guy. Let Ibro judge this comment./

Stopping the bitter guerrilla conflict was an obvious benefit, but little good has occurred since the bloodletting ended.

/Even in the worst case scenario, like he but not the Rep. he quotes, claims to be, there was e benefit: now 85% of population "rules" the 15%, rather then the other way around. :)/

There are lessons to be learned. The U.S., with or without NATO, should say never again. Never again will Washington substitute ideological fantasies for practical realities when implementing its foreign policy. Never again will Washington intervene in a distant civil war of no geopolitical concern to America. Never again will America attack another nation that poses no threat to the U.S. The world is filled with tragedy, and the Balkans -- let alone Iraq -- demonstrates how difficult it is for outsiders to resolve ancient and
intractable conflicts.

/Ancient? No sir, conflicts in the Balkans go back to conferences like St. Stefano, Berlin, London, Paris, Yalta, Potsdam, the latter part of which were attended by USSR as well. Malcolm dissproves this point very well his Bosnia book./

Who can and should govern Kosovo, and can they do it fairly and effectively? No one really knows. But it's time to give the local inhabitants a chance to try... And to let them deal with the consequences if they fail.

/Right on, they haven't gotten a chance yet./

Anonymous said...

A correction for the above post, I meant USSA instead of USSR.

Chris Blaku said...

In the absence of anything intelligent to say on his own, Ibro continues to barrage us with links on other people's work.

Perhaps in understanding the article one must study it on two fronts. First we must examine the arguments presented by the author, a senior fellow at the infamous Cato Institute. Second, we must examine the Cato Institute itself, analyzing their long known agenda in the Balkans.

America's allies, the Albanian majority, conducted ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, kicking out most Serbs, Jews, Roma, and non-Albanian Muslims.
U.N. rule has done little to prevent endemic violence, crime, and instability, including brutal anti-Serb riots last year.

The truth on the ground is far from that which is displayed in the preceding comments. There is absolutely no organized group, engaging in the expulsion of the Serbians and other non-Albanians from Kosova. The personal revenge taken by war-ravaged Albanians does not account for the behavior of the Kosovar government itself, which is precisely the opposite of Belgrade's policy in Kosova, in which the Government itself promoted the forceful expulsion, rape and murder of the ethnic Albanian majority. Kosova's temporary authority, UNMIK, has done little in terms of progress overall, period. Their policies have endangered progress in the province, and the protection of the Serbian minority in Kosova is based on the Kosovar government's initiative.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) says simply: "the human rights situation in Kosovo is still not a good one, particularly for minority communities who live in enclaves and for the displaced."

Perhaps Congressman Smith should comment on the illegal funding of these self-made enclaves by Belgrade, against international law. The Serbians living in enclaves is no fault of the Albanians, as they were not forced there by the Albanians, nor are they starved of aid on behalf of the Kosovar government. In fact, they are given substantial benefits in proportion to their overall population. No where in the World today, is 5% of the overall population afforded such discerning attention and care. Their language is recognized as official, they are given larger representation in the Parliament than their numerical population deserves, yet they refuse to learn the language that 95% of the province speaks, Albanian. Furthermore, they promote the ideologies and ethnic hatred of Slobodan Milosevic, who is world renowned for his fascism and Nazi-style policies. Again, it must be reiterated that no Albanian group whatsoever, has threatened the Serbians with expulsion, murder or mayhem, officially or unofficially. The Kosovar Serbians are held in their enclaves by a fictional reality that they live in, wherein they believe that Belgrade will eventually come to their rescue, rather than face the reality, which is that Belgrade uses their issue for political points within their majority-Nationalist population.

At a congressional hearing in May, Charles English of the State Department reported, "Discrimination remains a serious problem. Access to public services is uneven. Incidents of harassment still occur. Freedom of movement is limited. And too many minorities still feel unsafe in Kosovo."

Discrimination remains a serious problem, yes, in Western nations as well. Access to public services is quite uneven in metropolis' such as the United States, where the African American minorities experience such occurences on a regular basis. Incidents of harassment, an interesting comment considering just last week a Brazilian man was shot in London for wearing a large trenchcoat, and seeming dark skinned. Freedom of movement is limited, based on the Serbians choices. The authorities attempted to re-open the Northern Mitrovica bridge, which was not disrupted by the Albanians, but prompted the Serbians to riot and attack cars entering the Northern side of the Bridge. Where is the explanation for such anti-multiethnic behavior on behalf of the Serbians from the Cato Institute? Why is the critique one-sided?

Moving on to the study of the Cato Institute itself. This is an organization that named its auditorium after Austrian fascist Friedrich von Hayek. On the Cato Institute's board of director's sits Jose Pinera, former Minister of Labor under Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet. Although initially credited with numerous righteous causes, since it began to accept millions from multi national corporations, the think tank has directed its agenda to to the defense of interests, rather than ideas. For instance, the Cato Institute has published numerous articles on the harmlessness of tobacco after receiving important contributions from Philip Morris. Moreover, upon receiving contributions from one of its biggest sponsors, Exxon-Mobil, the institute began to criticize ecologists on their outrage at the increase of greenhoust effects. The Cato Institute has disagreed with the 2003 US Invasion of Iraq, and is against the Kyoto Protocol. The Institution favors a US withdrawl from all international scenes, Kosova included, therefore promotes articles written to generate animosity against the American-allied Albanians and in favor of the Anti-American Serbians in the region. Moreover, individuals such as Richard Epstein and Henry G. Manne, who have urged the repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, are senior fellows at the Cato Institute, which attempts to shed its ultra-conservative attire with the misleading facade that it is not partisan, but rather libertarian.

Furthermore, on a domestic front, as a result of immense contributions from Wall Street firms such as JP Morgan, Citigroup, American Express, etc, the Cato Institute is strongly pursuing the privatization of Social Security, which would benefit Wall Street immensely. As mentioned earlier, they have appointed Jose Pinera as co-Chairman of their privatization project. Mr. Pinera privatized Chile's Social Security system fully in 1981, to a crushing failure. Half of Chile's workforce retired without receiving even the minimum retirement benefit.

The Cato Institute, a formerly respected think-tank, has turned into an interests defense group, raking in millions in annual grants from groups specifically in agreement with the ideologies they promote. For some reason, Cato's opinions always encourage bigger profits and market share for their donors, and hardly run counter to their interests.

Chris Blaku said...

The Cato Institute also suggested that bombing Yugoslavia would make Milosevic invincible. It went on further to suggest that Milosevic would never surrender, and that he would never be unseated from office.

Boy, were they off.

Anonymous said...

Talks only under certain conditions | 19:01 August 02 | Beta

PRISTINA -- Tuesday – Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi said that he is willing to meet with Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, but only if the discussion is conducted on the level of two prime ministers from separate nations meeting.

Kosovo government representative Daut Dauti said that Kostunica’s recent invitation to Kosumi for holding discussions regarding Kosovo was not a serious one.

“I do not think that he wants to discuss problems, because he is not in the situation to understand the problems which Kosovo has.” Dauti said.

Anonymous said...

CATO from the begining of the Yugoslav crisis were on the wrong side. But hey, thanks to them Serbs have an institute to refer to when they want to prove something. Thank god that nobody takes CATO for serious.

Ibro said...

And again and again it is never Kosovans fault that they are where they are now (stateless and probably on level par only with Albania and Moldova in as far as poverty and “economic development” is concerned). It is Europeans fault now is it?
You are not prepared to listen to any criticism and are in constant state of denial of negative processes that are going on in your beloved 1244. If it (criticism) comes from a Serbian camp then OK, I can understand it somehow that you dismiss it, if it comes from Europeans than – “they are the guilty ones that separated Albania and Kosovo in the first place in Berlin Congress”, if it comes from an respected American Institute – “but yeah, of course they are self-centred and paid by Serbian lobby”. If you deny things they don’t just disappear. Face them and you might just solve them.
There is crime, and not just an ordinary one but on high level and organised, in Kosovo. There are major levels of corruption and public funds misuse in institutions of Kosovo. From 1999 until now economy (if there ever was one) has gone from bad to worst in Kosovo. In political agenda the sympathies towards Kosovans that were harboured by the “west” are diminishing fast and hard. There is a definitive ethnic cleansing of non-albanians in Kosovo and violation of human rights against so-called minorities. From what I read last week your University is in taters too. God only knows what is your health system like.
Chris (and other Kosovan nationalists in this blogg) please don’t try and prove me wrong by saying ”ahaa but Serbia has even worst crime rate, corruption and blah blah blah” because that won’t dismiss my comments. On contrary it will prove that I (and Europeans/Solana, and CATO Institute) am right.
After all if I wanted to comment on Serbia I would join serbiareport bloggspot or something.
Come to think of it, and judging by comments on my intelligence, this is not Ibroreport either but if commenting on Ibro makes you happy then please do continue.

Chris Blaku said...

It's frightening to see how arrogant Ibro is to the suffering of the Albanian, and especially Kosovar people under the clout of foreign influence in the region. The lack of economic development in Kosova can appropriately be blamed on the Serbians, as they administered rule in the province for nearly a century.

The Albanians are well prepared to listen to criticism, as long as it is rightful and not biased in nature. For instance, when criticized on the lack of help for the spoiled Serbian minority, the Kosovar Government responds with invitations for Serbians in exile to return to Kosova, to no avail of course. When told by Solana and Eide that progress in implementation of the standards was slow, the Kosovars acknowledge their mistake and insist on actions to move them forward. When Albanians riot because of unemployment and frustration, rather than deny any wrongdoing on behalf of their people, as Serbia continues to do today in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Kosovar government willingly agrees to rebuild the destroyed homes and Churches. This is despite the fact that Serbia has yet to pay for the damage done by its military in Kosova from 1998-1999.

The old adage goes, you should not throw stones if you live in a glass house. Ibro should take heed, being that Serbia is known in Western circles as living in a state of paranoia. They continue to deny any wrongdoing in the Balkan wars of the 1990s, regardless of the fact that dozens of their countrymen are listed as terrorists according to the State Department. Their politicians, military, church leaders, businessmen and gangsters (In Serbia, these labels are interchangable) have played substantial roles in hiding the most wanted war criminals in Europe, Mladic and Karadzic. Their Parliament refused to acknowledge a modern day replay of the Holocaust in Europe, the Srebrenica Massacre, and Ibro continued to speak of Kosova as a state in denial. Moreover, the Serbians have exiled themselves from international support with their absurd ideologies in thinking that the World has conspired to smear the image of Serbia. It is particularly indicative of the state of the population's mass delusion when a third of Serbians believe that the Srebrenica video was doctored in a Hollywood studio. However, we will move on from the argument that is well presented by international media outlets, that the Serbian population lives in a state of continual paranoia and a constant mentality of victimization. First it was the Croatians and Bosnians, then it was the Albanians, then it was the Americans, and now finally, it is the entire world entrenched in this massive propaganda war against the righteous Serbian nation, who has never harmed a hair on anyone's head, unless in defense of its fictional historical precedents. Please spare me the comedy Ibro.

It is no secret, Ibro, that the majority of Europeans are obviously anti-Albanian and pro-Serbian. We can speak for pages about the constant economic partnerships between the French, Russians, Chinese, Iraqis and Serbians, which also speaks volumes for the political will of the aforementioned nations (Iraq excluded, being that it is now liberated). You cannot ridicule the flagrant anti-Albanian policies of the Europeans, who the Americans successfully discredited in allowing them to handle the giant mishap that was the Bosnian Peacekeeping Froce. It was pro-Serbian forces that decided the Albanian lands would be divided among the Orthodox empires that surrounded them, and there is no reason for them to change their policies otherwise. Observe where the criticism of the Kosovar Government originates, from nations that supported the separation of Albanian lands in favor of the Greek and Yugoslav expansionists, nations such as Italy, France and of course, Russia.

However, for you to simply imply that all voices in the United States are just is ridiculous. I answered realistically and provided reasons for the discrediting of the Cato Institute, and you have yet to answer with similar discrediting for a think-tank that is more influential, less partisan and more pro Albanian, the International Crisis Group, which has formally decided that independence for Kosova is the best course of action.

Crime in Kosova is minimal for a nation that is experiencing 60% unemployment, lack of political status, and under the neverending threat of a Serbian reoccupation. The people have shown unbelievable restraint, especially considering that the majority of those Kosovars, 70%, are under the age of 30. Under any other circumstances, this would be a criminal haven waiting to explode, however due to the maturity of the Albanians, it is rather a restrained democracy with a remarkably low level of crime in accordance with its problems. In regards to your comment on the misuse of funds, it is in Serbia where public funds are used to hide Mladic and Karadzic, it is in Kosova where accused war criminals, Ramush Haradinaj, Fatmir Limaj, etc, turn themselves in to face the charges against them, rather than use public funds to elude justice.

I do not know what you read last week that would indicate Prishtina University is in "taters," however I can tell you what I read last week regarding the education of Serbians, who have been independent for over a century. I read that 50% of Serbians did not finish elementary school, a figure which can be attributed to the poorest nations in Africa. To understand that this nation has been independent for over 100 years, and supported strongly by the Soviets and the Americans (during the reign of Tito), makes this point all the more astonishing. If compared to the Albanians of Albania, (because they themselves are responsible for educating their people, so it would accurately gauge the ability of Kosovar Albanians to educate themselves), the Serbians educational performance is pitiful at best. The literacy rate in Albania is over 95%, and among the top 10 in the World.

The Kosovar economy has gone from bad to worse (that's worse not worst), due to the fact that it is not in the hands of the Kosovars themselves, but in the hands of the UNMIK authorities, who are as corrupt as they are arrogant. An entire volume can be dedicated to the inability of the UNMIK authorities to properly run the nation and economy as required. The Albanian economy, since 1997 has doubled its real GDP per capita, and is now on par with EU candidate, Romania. It is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, and is projected to experience dramatic growth in all areas, provided the political stability necessary to do so is present. Additionally, the natural resources, as I constantly mention, present in Kosova virtually ensure its prosperity going forward, with virtual economic independence from its neighboring nations.

The sympathy towards Kosova has certainly dwindled, as the humanitarian situation has gone from horrific to tolerable for the inhabitants. However, with the recent passing of the Office in Kosova Act by the United States, it is clear that the alliance between the Americans and Albanians is as strong as ever. The United States will open a US Embassy in Prishtina, and openly refer to Kosova as Kosova, not Kosovo. The ethnic cleansing, as you mention, of Serbians does not even occur. The Serbians themselves have enclosed their population in enclaves, in accordance with the advice and financial support of Belgrade, illegally.

I do not attempt to dismiss your comments, but for you to advocate returning Kosova to Belgrade's authority because there is crime in the province is a shackled argument that would not hold ground in any debate. Rather, as is common in a debate, I will respond to your criticism with my own, and prove to you that your arguments cannot stay afloat. For instance, Compton, California has loads of crime, should we cede control and give it to the Mexicans? Should we give Detroit to the Canadians because it has the highest murder rate in the United States? Not realistic. The crime present is in accordance and not unusual for a province kept in limbo, and by international standards, can be considered moderate given the circumstances.

I did comment on your intelligence, because of a lack thereof. You do not post anything original, and when you do it appears scrambled and in shambles. So you resort to posting the work of others, which I will work to discredit. And to correct you again, I am not a "Kosovan" nationalist, I am an Albanian.

Again, silence the ranting and raving, and bring a serious debate to the table Ibro.

Anonymous said...


VERY well written. The only nation that is good in the Albanians mind is US, even if US doesn´t give a shit about Kosovo and americans one speak to are saying "sorry, we bombed the wrong people". UN is bad, Russia is bad, China is bad, France is bad, this and that is bad. This is a really good start to create an independent nation. I wouldn´t say they are retarded like one told me, but they only read and listen to words that favors them. It will be a wake-up when they see that independence talks will not happen.

arianit said...


I am surprised that you are surprised that Albanians have sympathy for a country that favors their cause, especially when that country is the 1000 lb. gorilla in the world military and political scene. After all, didn't Serbia at one time side with Iraq of Saddam, Libya of Gaddafi, and other African dictatoships.
Albanians have had a very bad experience with the Europeans in the last 120 years. America at least has delivered some of the times.
For Albanians, it's not that "UN is bad, Russia is bad, China is bad, France is bad" - they are horrible, detestable, and despicable. They give themselves the right to decide how and where should I live, who should issue me a passport, and what hymn my children should sing. For us it's much more personal that "bad," because bad is something that you would rate an annoying book with.

Chris Blaku said...

Absolutely correct. There is historical precedent for the Albanian's and their hostile disposition towards Europe, the UN, China and Russia.

It was these nations (we will use the League of Nations because the UN did not exist at that point, and the League administered in its current role) that first carved up the Albanian state to benefit its hostile neighbors. For you to suggest that the Albanians should favor these hostile governments and their comments is ridiculous.

I am still looking for the answer to my question- In which unrecognized province does the US have an embassy set up?

Anonymous said...

Ibro you are such a waste of time! You know only one path and that is the denial and fabrication of facts. I feel sorry for the Kosovar Serbs, the ones which really want to be part of an independent Kosova ( there are a lot of them despite the fact that Ibro ignores their rights) but can't because of the ill informed people like you (Ibro). Europeans want a democratic Kosova and thats what we will give them. You post articles by Doug Bandow who by saying "Albanians kicked out most of the Jews" contradicts himself. I wish i had the chance to meet you personally and who knows maybe buy you a cup of coffee. You seem to be in desperate need of one.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things to add.

First that question about the embassies in unrecognized countries was mine :).

Second, as a mid-level Hollywood actor I assure you that the Srebrenica tape was not doctored in Hollywood.

Third, I agree with all the Albanian nationalists here. At least they make sense, and don't kill for living.

I also was surprised to read that some blogger had heard that Albanians are retards? hahahah. That's funny. Keep believing that. We are not going to even attempt to change your mind (that is if you have one). And you know why... because we don't care what savages like you think.

Best wishes,

P.S. Nobody likes France (if we assume that Serbia doesn't exist).

Anonymous said...

Its fun to bash the French...

...btw about the Jews, that is plain BS, there are plenty of Jewish Albanians around, heck the relationship between the two is very strong.


Anonymous said...

Its fun to bash the French...

...btw about the Jews, that is plain BS, there are plenty of Jewish Albanians around, heck the relationship between the two is very strong.


Ibro said...

OK Chris, so my English is bad (worst or was it worse) and yours is better. Teacher will give you a well-done note.
Again most of your answers begin with “Serbia this and Serbia that” and that doesn’t negate anything I’ve said. If you just take time, chill out first, and read my comments properly and with concentration you will see that I’ve never “advocate returning Kosova to Belgrade's authority because there is crime in the province” (although, now that you‘ve mentioned it, it is one of solutions).
University issue: wasn’t that the dean of Pristina Uni. was dismissed by Education Ministry and there were student protests last week? “The Uni. that is world wide known for it’s research and production of so many well known scientists.”
If you shoot at unarmed older people, if you burn down their houses, if you kill 13 farmers while tending their fields (they’re all Serbs), if you burn down their religious monuments/temples and if number of them has gone down by at least 60% than that is ethnic cleansing to my book. Kosovan invitation is not sincere. And before you set off, YES it was ethnic cleansing that Serbs have conducted too in Kosovo during 1999. Do you want to become Serbs too?
I am sure, that if asked of his nationality, Jean-Claude Van Damme will never say that he is French nor would Celine Dion. In the same token, Hans Peter Brigel will never say that he is Austrian.
If you are Albanian then why are you so jumpy about Kosovan issues? If you are Albanian and Kosovan and that is the same, then why do you want Independent Kosovo? Why not have one country Albosovo or Kosania? I’ve seen that your “president” has different flag, and national anthem, to Albania and that he doesn’t like the idea of Greater Albania. From my modest personal experience, I can say that most of people I meet (Kosovans/Albanians) take a trouble and go to lengths to explain that they are Kosovans and not Albanians and also vice versa.
And most of all - you (Kosovans/Albanians and all the nations for that matter) are in the position that you are because you let it happened.
Why was (according to you still is) Europe against you? Why was Ottoman Empire against you (you were the only nation to emerge stateless after their withdrawal from Balkans)? Before you waste time and try and find other nations faults and wrong doings as a suggestion and for a change, why not try and find faults among Kosovans/Albanians. I am sure that if you try hard enough you’ll manage to find something.

Anonymous said...

this seems more like serbia bashing and not giving reasons why kosova should be independent-except the only reason being hostility with the serbs..... which sonsidering the facts of last few decades in understandable.

by the way, when people say UN... remember that UN has permanent 5 of which U.S. is strongest. Nothing happens in Kosova under UN that U.S. will disagree with. so just refresh your thoughts. U.S is alread very much engaged in Kosova.

on one of the comments about iraq being liberated....... whow wrote that? or let me ask who believes that? even after such controlled and censured media, does anyone need explanations on liberation of iraq? didn't think so!!
be realistsic people....... ask iraqis....

Try to answer this question of mine..

Why does a swiss diplomat/minister talk about independence of kosovo one day and then have to retract it and try to explain it differently the same day? Does media not know how to interpret the statements? or it was more like tongue in cheek, where others said, hey....its not true.... you dont decide...

Now again about US Consulate. Its a plain and simple truth that apart from US Embassy, United States does maintain US Consulates in many countries where both co-exist in the same country. In some cases there are more than two also. Now in Kosovo, it makes sense to have a consulate to have international relations with the governing authority - the UN. And also for the benefit of status talks perhaps. So stop hallucinating.

Yes yes very true, Kosova has the most abundant natural resources of the world - one just needs to know where to dig. true.... no doubt. Just to tell some of the bloggers here, if such was/is the case, it would have resulted in a colony. like some central asian countries and african countries. I am sure I dont need to explain a colony as not only being occupied by force, but by other means.... read history.... geopolitics.

only those countries where there is nothing, do end up being independent - east timor, afghanistan, etc....... so I wonder if Kosova has abundant resources. I wonder... I am sure that there are so many studies to refer to and articles and books about them, but no one seems to refer to them... but only to ancient history books, which everyone has the freedom to interpret their own way.

If politicians are corrupt, if natural resources do not exist, if people are not capable of working professionally, like say in afghanistan and if populations are hostile, criminality rises and international countries intervene.

I wonder why NATO intervened in Kosova, was it for independence of Kososva, then why UNSCR 1244? Were the BIG Five who matter in the UN not sure about it? hmm... Are they Now? Why are the modern authors and institutes not writing about independence of Kososva - because they are all funded by Serbia... true very true i am sure everyone believes that. But the very strong rich albanian lobby, do not they have enough resources to tell credible insitutes to make case for their independence? wonder why?

Guys wake-up...... corrupt politicians and other ills such as hostile populations ... while they do not mean that any country should not be given independence..... they in our own modern times have led to international interventions, for they were on the verge of becoming an anarchy or had become anarchy.

Kosova should be independent... yes. I sincerely believe it... But.....

If Kosova was independent, the situation as it is now and considering the views of the nationalistic albanian bloggers on serb bashing, Kosova may need international intervention as history has shown in our modern times in other countries. Sometimes it is change of party in power, sometimes it is change of president, etc.

Till such time that the hostility does not end, barbarism continues, it depends, whether one stops one kind of barbarism to allow another kind. I am sure history readers would have seen, even in canada, with peaceful people, one province has been demanding separate statehood, needless to say without violence.

Can one of the bloggers here, really make a case for independence of Kososva here? The NATO intervention was never for independence, I gues, or am I wrong?

The references to Berlin etc. .... well....let me ask you, when exactly did Albanians ask for an independent Kososva... when? After 1999, after 2000, after 2001.... when?

Chris Blaku said...

Right Ibro, a return to Belgrade's control will rid Kosova of crime. Perhaps we can follow in the Serbian example of a police state, where reformist Prime Ministers are gunned down. Or a state where murderers of children are sentenced to less time in prison than a heroin smuggler in the United States. Or where hatred is born and encouraged, denial is regular, and the Serbian state is never to blame.

Shooting at unarmed older people? Burning religious momunents? Wasn't that Kosova under Serbian control cira 1912-1999? Do you forget that you banished over a million ethnic Albanians from their home only half a decade ago, in the eyes of the world? You seem to live in this alternate reality wherein you expect the Albanians, who have suffered and been oppressed at Serbian hands for a century, to turn around and embrace their former butchers. The fact that the Albanians have shown the restraint and cooperation thus far is remarkable and indicative of their humanity in general.

Because, despite your flagrant attempts to separate Kosovars and Albanians from Albania as two distinct nationalities, they are one and the same, and no mention or attention will change this fact. In case you were indeed wondering, and to clarify any confusion, I am an Albanian from Kosova, born in Prishtina Hospital. Just as Serbians in Republika Srpska consider themselves Serbian, not Bosnians, so do not attempt to clout your judgment with confusion.

Kosova is Albanian land, and it will not be ruled by foreigners and guests of the land. Your attempts to provoke talk of a Greater Albania are obvious, and your political cunning may be considered elementary at best. Rugova has chosen a different flag, and has publicly advocated against the Ethnic Albania ideology because Albanians are not fascist Serbians that put their cards out on the table, and resort to force if all else fails.

Your modest personal experience will be contradicted quite easily among the Albanians that post on this blog alone, let alone a massive inquiry into the question of Kosovar identity. If Kosovars did not identify with Albania, why was the Albanian flag hoisted in demonstrations and used by the Government of Kosova until it was mentioned by the international community that two nations may not have the same flag. You should be considered with Kosova choosing a new flag, as that indicates that it is on the road to becoming a nation, and has chosen a national symbol to differentiate itself from Albania.

The Albanians are in the position that they are not- not because of stupidity- but because of a lack of representation on the World stage. Indeed, had it not been for the interference of Austria-Hungary, Albania itself would have been allotted to Yugoslavia and Greece, and would have ceased to exist completely. I will offer you a brief outline on why the Europeans turned against the Albanians, however I doubt very much that you will enjoy the realities of history. Prior to the Congress of Berlin, Russia had found a protege in the Balkans among the Montenegrins and Prince Nikola. However, as the Russians came to recognize the radicalism and barbarism of the Serbians more closely, they repositioned their ambition behind the Serbian monarchy, which was fast competing with the Montenegrins for control of Kosova and the title of Slavic King in the region. The French and British were overwhelmed with sentimental support for Greece, through Greece's falsified and long running history. Throughout the late 18th and early 19th century, Western Europe was in a state of awe at the newly learned facts on Greek history (merely reproductions of Albanian/Illyrian facts, which were taken to be truth for lack of an objecting voice), and the French and British protected and advocated Greek interests fiercely. The Albanians lacked representation in these meetings, and they were denied presence when their borders were decided by the Great Powers in 1878 and 1913. The only source of information regarding the Albanians was Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, who promoted the image of an Albanian state of anarchy and Muslim barbarians that would seek to ravage Christian homes with haste if allowed. They were portrayed as Turks that assimilated with European culture, and were constantly referred to as Mohammad Fundamentalists by their neighbors, who were all the more anxious to acquire more territory.

To the blogger following Ibro, yes, Iraq was liberated from the iron grip of a dictator that enslaved his people and sought to threaten stability in the region.

The Swiss Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey issued a statement supporting the independence of Kosova pending unhindered protection of its minorities, and has reiterated that stance nearly a dozen times in recent visits to the Balkans. Your information is incorrect.

It was not a US consulate, it was a US EMBASSY, read carefully. You are correct in assuming that the US maintains consulates in every major city in the world. However, the US only maintains embassies in nations which it recognizes as independence, and the presence of a US EMBASSY implies the recognition of the United States to the territorial integrity of Kosova.

Despite your misinformation, it seems necessary to correct your errors. The reason for 1244 was to appease the enemies of the United States and the Albanians, Russia and China. They hold two seats in the Security Council, with veto power, and are allied more and more by the French, who can be the wildcard.

Credible institutions have welcomed the independence of Kosova, including a think-tank far more reasonable than the Cato Institute, the International Crisis Group. Their unbiased opinions are recognized throughout the world, and were one of the driving reasons in the American reengagement in the region.

The Albanians have been asking for an independent Kosova since 1913. They reiterated their demands in 1945, 1981, 1990 and 1998, yet were ignored by the World until they took up arms. The case for an independent Kosova can be made on many fronts, first and foremost being the ignorance of Belgrade's authorities to retain control of the province, given their historical behavior with the Albanian people. After the forced expulsion of over a million Albanians from Kosova in 1999, and the party responsible being elected to form the largest party in Parliament, Serbia has not made its case for the retention of Kosovar control whatsoever. Moreover, the Albanians have been progressive and patient in implementing standards that most developed countries do not adhere to (freedom of Religion in France where religious pendants are banned from schools?). The Albanians resisted the urge to turn to violence, and staged non violent rebellion for over a decade, wherein their pacifist actions were met with the cruel resistence of Slobodan Milosevic's police force. The case for independence can be made on the words of Thomas Jefferson, America's founding father, as he states that any government that mistreats its population, loses the right to govern them.

Ibro said...

Chris, pardon my ignorance but it is still a bit confusing. First you say:
“…despite your flagrant attempts to separate Kosovars and Albanians from Albania as two distinct nationalities, they are one and the same, and no mention or attention will change this fact.”
And then further down you say:
“If Kosovars did not identify with Albania, why was the Albanian flag hoisted in demonstrations and used by the Government of Kosova until it was mentioned by the international community that two nations may not have the same flag”.
To my book if you accept this than you are two nations, and if you reject using two flags then you are the same. So you chose to have different flags and so this means (also according to you) that you are two different nations.
And then:
“…as that indicates that it is on the road to becoming a nation, and has chosen a national symbol to differentiate itself from Albania…”
From what you are saying I cannot deduce anything, from actions of Kosovan and Albanian (from republic of Albania) politicians (and my modest experience) I can deduce that you are two nations.

illyr jom said...

It's called politics, douchebag. We are the same nation, but if need be, for us to get rid of the Serbian grip, then we'll choose a different flag. For now.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Paris, July 7, 2005 -

AP and UPI reported that after the attacks in London yesterday the French government today raised its terror alert level from RUN to HIDE on their four level danger scale.

The two higher French danger levels are Surrender and Collaborate.

The rise was precipitated by a fire yesterday which destroyed France's white flag factory, effectively paralyzing their military according to informed sources.

Anonymous said...

here is how Albanians really think. . .

Serbia, who?
France, what was that?
Russia, can you say bitch?
UN, sure for a while.
UK, yea whatever.
USA, hell yea.

There it is hate it or love people it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Blind as a bat....

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, I am unable to tone down my English to your easier understanding, I apologize for confusing you.

Anonymous said...


I only have this for you, stop the intellectual masturbation, or is it menstruation.

Ibro said...

Or else what 12:42 AM?
Chris I don’t think we have a language barrier it is more a difference in logic.
I know that I'm hitting right keys when I see some of you using bad language. It also shows me that you’ve run out of arguments.

Anonymous said...

Or else you'll have to perform a digitial rectum check because I hear lower-end cancer is prevalent among those people.

Ibro said...

And all this from your personal experience 10:57 AM?

Anonymous said...

Ibro shaci, my words are right above yours, read 'em first and than respond with personal attacks! Otherwise you look glupno and make this place too much fun to ignore.
So what did you think of the Kosumi meeting invitation? After seeking direct negotions with no preconditions for so long, it looks like that too was just an excuse to delay the inevitable. Same thing with chickening out of the decentralization process.