Thursday, August 04, 2005

PM Kosumi and Minister Haziri discuss decentralisation

All dailies quote Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi as saying that there will be no mono-ethnic municipal units in Kosovo that he believes common ground would be found on the first pilot-projects very soon.

“We as a Government guarantee to the people of Kosovo that we will not create monoethnic municipal units, regardless of someone’s wishes. We must create multiethnic municipal units and this is the message that is in accordance with our vision for the future of Kosovo.”

The statement was made following a meeting with the Minister of Local Governance, Lutfi Haziri. The latter told the media that if the current decentralisation plan failed, the Government had an alternative plan, which was ready to be implemented. Haziri, however, did not disclose details of this plan. The minister told the newspaper that the alternative plan is almost similar to the current one, “where the basic principle is that of multiethnicity”.

Kosumi said despite certain delays, the process of decentralisation has made progress, “and I hope that we will all find a common language to begin implementing pilot projects”.

Minister Haziri said the Government was ready to immediately begin establishing municipal assemblies, but added that not everything depends on the establishment of the assemblies. “We are ready. If you read the administrative directive you will see that it clearly states that not everything depends on us,” said Haziri. “We have analysed all issues with the Prime Minister and are making the first steps in accordance with the law. We are ready to eliminate all obstacles to start the implementation as soon as possible.”

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Express quotes Minister Haziri as saying, “There will always be ways to find partners to implement this programme. What we focussed and agreed on with our partners from the Contact Group and UNMIK relates to credible names to give the necessary credibility to the process and this does not mean that we will wait for every political party or group that wants to join this process. We will however make a serious offer to everyone that wants to take part in the process.”


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Multiethnic in this case meaning all municipalities are Albanian majority?

Anonymous said...

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Dude, what do you want? We ship Italians, Swedes, a few Moldovans so we gain that multiethnicity?? Albanians are a majority in their own country, it makes no sense to push for multiethnicity in some parts cause simply there never was any...its like saying we must make Toyama in Japan multiethnic, must include a lot more Koreans and Chinese...dude it was always Japanese...multiethnicity in Kosova only where it exists, and existed, meaning those not guilty of crimes must return, they must return cause they own taxes to their country ;) and civil service...