Monday, August 22, 2005

Kosovo Serb leaders angry with Nebojsa Covic

Koha carries reactions of Serbs regarding the decentralization process in Kosovo and says that unanimous rejection of Plan B by SCC of Nebojsa Covic has brought to the surface a serious gap between majority of Kosovo Serb leaders and Covic.

One of the political representatives of K-Serbs Rada Trajkovic recently asked whether Oliver Ivanovic has the support of his boss Nebojsa Covic, while leader of SNC in Mitrovica Milan Ivanovic asked, ‘Who authorized Oliver Ivanovic to go about and organize meetings on decentralization?’

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Anonymous said...

Great confusion on the K-Serb side. If the project of non-participation flops, Covic is definitely to blame. But he and his family don't live in Kosova nor ever hoped to go back to. It's the K-Serbs that will face the consequences.
I expect K-Serb reaction to be a function of the attitute of Mr. Eide. If his mood shifts towards optimistic, K-Serb mood will shift towards cooperation.