Friday, August 26, 2005

International experts for working groups on status

Kosova Sot reports that all political parties represented in the Political Forum have agreed to include renowned international experts, who have voiced their commitment to developments in Kosovo, in the working groups that will prepare negotiations on status. The paper also notes that the foreign experts will not be invited by political parties but by the Forum.

The political parties have so far proposed the first names of international experts for these working groups but the lists remain open for other experts.

PDK officials told Kosova Sot that they have proposed the first names at the meeting of the Forum’s Secretariat. PDK senior official Hajredin Kuçi said they are experts that participated in the Rambouillet Conference. He also added that Jim Hooper and Jim O’Brien are among the proposed experts.

The AAK is soon expected to prepare its proposed list of international experts which it will present at the next meeting. Party spokesman Ernest Luma said the AAK was currently thinking about Carne Ross, former UNMIK Standards Coordinator.

According to Kosova Sot, ORA, the second-largest political party of the opposition, have proposed several names of international experts: Jim O’Brien, Paul Williams, Gerard Knaus, Mark Weller and Jim Hooper.

In a separate box within the same article, the paper reports that ‘political parties represented in the Political Forum have not reacted to ORA leader Surroi’s request that President Rugova should lead the Forum.’


Anonymous said...


International officials against the appropriation of Serb monasteries
Radio Serbia and Montenegro - Tuesday, August 23 19:46

Representatives of the Contact Group, the OSCE and UNMIK most severely condemned the writing of the Pristina EPOKA E RE newspaper, which claimed that Serb medieval monasteries in Kosmet are allegedly Albanian cultural monuments. At a meeting in Pristina, international officials assessed such an unfounded and aggressive language of hate as unacceptable in Europe today. Representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church Sava Janjic pointed out that this was a shameless attempt to alter history generating hate towards the Serb people, the Serbian Orthodox Church and culture, which has been present in the province for ten centuries.

Anonymous said...

"which claimed that Serb medieval monasteries in Kosmet are allegedly Albanian cultural monuments."

When those momumetns were built there was no such thing as Catholic and Orthodox, of course the newer monuments built ontop of old structures can be qualified as Orthodox but in both cases they were Albanian built and definetly not Serb, since quite simply, Serbs came a tiny bit later.

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Btw, that news item wasnt anywhere else except Radio Serbia and Montenegro...guess they fear the truth :)

Anonymous said...

Please can we now about HAmit Zariqi biografy!
We all respesct!