Monday, August 01, 2005

U.S. Donates $1.06 Mln in Equipment to Kosovo

PRISTINA - The U.S. department of defence donated on Monday more than $1.06 million (867,000 euro) in equipment to the U.N.-administered province of Kosovo.

The donation went to the Kosovo Protection Corps, the province's civilian emergency service agency. It includes search and rescue equipment.

The donation is part a U.S. humanitarian assistance package for the province. The U.S. last month donated $90,000 in fire fighting aid.

The United Nations has administered Kosovo since the 1999 NATO bombing campaign to halt Serbia's repression of the province's ethnic Albanian majority, which continues to seek independence.


Anonymous said...

God Bless Rummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Rummy but keep the dough comming cause $1.06 millon does not buy that much now days.

Anonymous said...

Rummy scares me, he says things sometimes that sort of sound wierd. But he's a good business man ...

Chris Blaku said...

He's a politician, one of the best the world has ever known.

Anonymous said...

yo guys, lighten up a little. If Rummy was at DoD when they bombed Serbia, Belgrade would've been in stone age now!!!!

Chris Blaku said...

That is correct, Rumsfeld's camp of political and military allies favored a ground-war intervention that would have put Serbia on its knees completely. It also more than likely would have moved Kosova towards independence faster, if not immediately.

Anonymous said...

not likely with the terrain the way it is the body count would be higer than in Iraq.

Chris Blaku said...

Not likely, the Serbians were not surrounded by ideological allies, such as the Iraqis. Belgrade would have been flattened in weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of this Serbian bullshit of terrain. NATO / US could've easily invaded via Hungary. The last I knew, it's all flat up there.
I wish there was a shock and awe in downtown Serbiana so that all the myths about there thuggish army were blown into pieces. Their freaking generals now hide in shitholes and caves.
I am glad though that Serbs compare themselves to the Jidahists in Iraq. they are very much alike, though with less balls to commit suicide bombings.

Ibro said...

And I presume the last comment (1:53PM) is coming from a brave Kosovan teenager sitting somewhere comfortably in some western country (who maybe have saved minister Haziri from assassination in his Sony playstation).
You Kosovans have the least right to speak out about bravery. You were shepherded out like a herd of sheep from your homes and en-mass, in hundreds and thousands. Most often a whole village would’ve been kicked across the border by two soldiers and one policeman. Western Intelligence Reports say that at the height of the war in Kosovo, there were at most 3000 (three thousand) armed KLA fighters within the territory of Kosovo. That in %, that Chris loves so much, is 0.15% of the entire population if your (loud and frequent) claim that there are 2 million Kosovans holds.
Please don’t count there hundreds of thousands of “fully armed recruits” (or should I say tourists) that were “just about to invade” Kosovo from Albania and various beaches of Durez and Valona, weather permitting.
Don’t start moaning that you were unarmed and that you faced a more numerous enemy. Just think for a moment about Chechnya and Russia and look at the numbers in perspective.

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, feel free to refer to Kosovars as Albanians, because despite your ranting, that is our ethnicity. Perhaps you can comment on why the Albanians freely exited their homes more accurately, because in the early 1990's the Serbians confiscated all arms and weapons from Albanian homes. Normally and historically, this sort of action against Albanians has met with extremely violent resistence, however due to the anti-violent and pacifist ideas of Ibrahim Rugova, the Albanians peacefully complied in the hope that the West would come to their aid.

Western Intelligence Reports do NOT say that there were 3,000 armed KLA fighters, there were according to common numbers, between 30,000 and 50,000 armed fighters. The lack of a larger figure is attributed to the lack of firearms (firearms were bought in Albania, despite being available easily in Kosova only a decade prior). The fact is, and was provided by the Serbian authorities and verified by numerous State Dept officials, is that the Kosova Liberation Army, and various sympathetic groups in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, was poised to enter Kosova and prolong the war for months and years. Obviously, their strength against the regular Serbian army was incomparible, but the bravery of the Albanians is highlighted in their willingness to fight regardless of that fact.

The Serbians have never won a war in their lives, and all they have done is start them. Their cowardly actions are obvious to the World, along with their massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Albanians, Bosnians and Croatians in the 1990s. Real brave Ibro.

Anonymous said...

My God Chris.
"firearms were bought in Albania, despite being available easily in Kosova only a decade prior". The firearms were NOT bought in Albania. They were stolen from army depots by gangsters for further delivery to Kosovo. Thought you knew that. And the figure of "between 30,000 and 50,000 armed fighters" are not true at all. NOWADAYS, many men want to be an "ex-fighter". But the reality was about 3000 brave men. The rest wannabies who CLAIM they fought is pure nonsense. The closest those 47000 men were to a fight was quarelling with their wife !

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why anyone bothers to talk to this fuck "Ibro."
Screw him and his nation.
I think it was pretty smart on the part of Albanians to outsource their liberation to NATO. Firstly, Albanians got the biggest military alliance to fight its first war on their behalf; secondly, they freaking poundered Serbinstan with missiles (including depleted uranium).
In this world, my dear Serbes, it's not enough to be strong. It's important to also be smart. So kiss KLA's ass now.

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, it was widespread by the Serbian government itself that the Albanians were acquiring their weapons from the raided Albanian depots in 1997. This was widely circulated as the source of the KLA's weaponry as well as their training, and Serbia sought to use this to provide reason for its eventual invasion of Albania itself.

The 30,000 to 50,000 figure was provided during the war, and agreed upon by all sides, Serbian, Albanian and American.

The Albanians used the Serbian tactic of soliciting aid from a superpower (Serbia became independent only with Russian help, and sustained itself economically and politically with this very alliance for over a century), and they succeeded brilliantly in bringing Milosevic to his knees and into the Hague.

I still do not see the reason for you to doubt the Albanian's courage, as it is well known in the region and in history.

Anonymous said...

Its hilarious how uninformed you are about the reality Chris. Im truly sorry on behalf of you.

Chris Blaku said...

Okay, let's focus on the reality-

95% of Kosova is Albanian, virtually every Albanian will settle for nothing less than independence.

The few Serbs that remain have severed ties with Belgrade, and will formally join the Kosovar Parliament, giving it legitimacy amongst them.

The United States plans to open a US Embassy in Prishtina, the only one of its kind in a province.

The United States has Camp Bondsteel, its largest international base, inside of Kosova's borders, and is unlikely to allow it to be incorporated into Serbia.

Kosova has its own elected officials, government, zip code, postal code, Parliament, police and armed forces.

It is now being discovered that Kosova is a mineral haven, and within the next 20 years will likely eclipse all of its neighbors in wealth.

The largely uneducated Serbian population is quickly losing interest in the Kosova issue, and is more keen on being incorporated into the EU, than keeping its fictional cradle of civilization.

The US has passed a bill wherein it recognizes Kosova as Kosova, rather than the Serbian form, Kosovo.

Is this the reality you had in mind?

Anonymous said...

Considering where Albanians are located and by who they are surrounded the only logical explanation for their existence in the 21st century is their bravery.

We fought and won the war against the 3rd military power in Europe - what more do you want. Bravery is not shown only thorugh weapons (only uneducated people like yourself and 6 mil other Serbs believe so).

What would you call thousands of students who protested against Serbia's terror in Kosova (which was equivalent to protesting against SAddam Hussein's rule)? Sissies I am sure.

And please don't compare Kosova with Chechnya - because we chose two very very different ways to get our land back. We don't believe in killing all Serbs, but rather educating them and making them realize that the 14th century has passed quite some time ago.

I love your stupidity and naivity Ibro. Without people like you Serbia would have prospered.

God bless you and your nation with some more teachers.


P.S. Ibro is it true that your parents decided to have you just so they can get the benefits from the state? Because mistakes like that lead to me wasting my time answering your questions.

Ibro said...

“, however due to the anti-violent and pacifist ideas of Ibrahim Rugova, the Albanians peacefully complied”
This made me laugh.
Yeah, a Serb policeman/soldier/paramilitary comes to your house, rapes your wife, kills you (or vice versa depending on your sexual orientation) but you do nothing. Ibrahim Mahatma Rugova is looking at you through the enlarged framed picture in your living room and his words are echoing in your head “pleeeaseeee refraaaain froooom violeeeenceeee”. Somebody is trying to kill your kid but do you fight back? No. Because your leader has said that you should be peaceful. You can credit him with that but I still think it was more that you were scared.
If KLA had 50000-armed people you wouldn’t have needed a NATO intervention at all. And knowing a little about your character you wouldn’t have stopped at “liberating” Kosovo, you would’ve invaded Bulgaria too.
Serbians have not won a war you say but this means nothing to the families of the victims of war. After all the recent wars in Balkans, Serbs have emerged with the least number of victims of all the warring fractions. At the end, Milosevic will serve his sentence in Russia but that won’t bring back the dead and nor will the status of Independent Kosovo.
Fatos, amazing, weird and scary. You must be a mind reader. That was precisely why I came on this earth and I am truly sorry to waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Dear "8:09 AM" asshole....
It fascinates me how you Serbs think that everything can be solved by force. To Serbian police barbarism, your "logical and genetically-driven" response is force. Not so for the Albanians. We actually believe in the rule of law and the virtues of democracy. To your brutality we responded with an increasing commitment to peace and democracy. And it paid off (as you know).
And not only that. Our society actually allowed for divergence of opinions. Those who thought violence was the answer did so by resorting to arms. Those who believed violence was wrong, stayed committed to non-violent approaches.
Your society, on the other hand, did not have this debate. Sadly, it still hasn't had it.
In the end, I would rather be accused of cowardness, rather that of war crimes agains innocent women, children and elderly.
Which end of the debate would you rather explain to your kids?

Ibro said...

It is not a very good idea to try and explain non-violence and “commitment to peace” to somebody who is shooting at you. There are only two choices, flee or fight. All I’m saying is that most of you (99.85%) chose to flee and that in my eyes that was cowardly.
If you truly believe that from 1989 up to ‘99 in Kosovo there was “…the rule of law and the virtues of democracy…” then I really don’t know why all the fuss and NATO engagement on the issue.
There were rumours that KLA wanted Ibrahim Rugova dead and in turn he qualified them as part of Serbian war machinery. Some tit-for-tat killings after the war did nothing to dispel these rumours.
If you “would rather be accused of cowardness” why are you itchy when I am saying so?
Judging by the numbers, there were more KLA fighters that lived to tell the tale than other citizens that were “committed to peace”.
I would rather explain to my children any end that would keep me alive.
Yours truly
Ibro the Asshole

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, I truly find it hard to believe that you are not acting as if you are this ignorant. When I mentioned the peaceful compliance of Albanians at the request of Rugova, I was speaking in terms of the collection of arms in the province. It was done peacefully, despite strong Serbian provocation. It should be mentioned that the law in itself was a provocation by Milosevic to implore the Albanians to resist (as they historically had done), as that was the last strand that would have held the former Yugoslavia together. Milosevic hoped to unite Bosnians, Slovenes and Croats under his federation in a common hatred of the Albanian, who shared no linguistic ties with the aforementioned nationalities. However, due to Rugova's insistence that it be done peacefully, the Albanians avoided massacre, and instead the Slavs went to war with each other (as it is often their habit to).

The KLA, and the Albanians requested for the KLA to be armed and trained, and the calls for an aerial intervention were minimal at best. The only mention by Albanian diplomats of an aerial intervention came in the form of a Croatian-style alliance, wherein the Americans would bomb from the air and the Albanians would move in on the ground to avoid American casualties. The Albanians were not interested in having someone fight their war for them, they merely required the arms to resist and overcome the fascist enemy. It seems you know nothing about our character, as we have no hint of expansionism in our history, and our territory has historically only been marginalized (the Illyrians inhabited the Balkans far north of present day Serbia, as you well know). Were we the expansionists you paint us to be, we would claim souther Italy, with its hundreds of thousands of Albanians as Albania, and Turkey with its million plus Albanian population as Albania as well. Your theory holds no ground, as the Albanians only claim their rightful home as theirs.

Serbians emerged with the least victims because war was never fought in Serbia itself, but in the neighboring provinces whilst the arrogant population of Serbia sipped on machiatos in the cafes of Belgrade. It was when NATO brought the war to them, that their weakness was uncovered to the world, and the threats of Milosevic never quitting seemed fantasy after all.

If you deem flight from war to be cowardly, then you have nothing to be proud of in your falsified history, as the Serbians claim the insignificant population figures in Kosova to be innocent Serbians running away from Turkish and Albanian oppression throughout the years. The Albanians brought Serbia to its knees, militarily and politically, and that is what the Croats, Slovenes and Bosnians could not do.

You should refrain from calling the Albanians cowards, as they are responsible for the economic depression now prevalent in your nation. You yourself had chosen war with the Albanians, and it is over your choices that you will now suffer the consequences of expansionism. Perhaps Serbia should be more concerned with setting up schools to educate its youth (50% of Serbians do not have an elementary school education, I believe Rwanda is above them on the list). For a nation that has been independent for over a 100 years, that number is pitiful and indicative of the primitive nature of the people within your borders.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ibro the Asshole,
glad you embrassed the nickname.
Arguing with you is worthless because your arguments are those of a five year old.
Nevertheless, here is the last word from me:

1. We never tried to civilize the Serbs that they should embrace rule of law and democracy. Simply, the majority of Kosovars maintained its commitment that there was a better venue to liberation than shooting back. As a Christian, you should know that this is one of the oldest tenants of civilization. There were obviously a great number of those Kosovars who disagreed and they chose to fight and did so succefully. NATO eventually was dragged into our fight and bombed the hell out of you. I don't see what could possibly be wrong with that!

2. Both sides, those Kosovars who chose to fight and those who chose to resort to non-violence, co-existed and eventually engaged in a coalition government. There was no risk or sparks of a civil war, which speaks to the democratic culture that had settled among the Kosovars in 1990s.

3. There was indeed democracy and rule of law in Kosovo among the parallel society that the Kosovars had set up. There were two rounds of elections, a referendum, taxes were collected voluntarily, and almost zero inner-Albanian crime. There was a vibrant civil society and independent media flourished. The fact that all these activities were taking place underground does not make them undemocratic nor Serbian occupation less brutal.

4. Finally, I am by no means itchy. I fought myself and proudly did so and will do so again if necessary. And I am proud of all those Albanians who staged peaceful protests or otherwise defied Serbian occupation. I am just sick of bullshiteras like yourself coming to this blog, which is not accidentaly named Kosovareport as opposed to kosovoreport and post stupidities from CATO institute and other crappy think tanks and individuals because they speak to your version of reality.

5. Finally, think about this little more. Do you really want to tell your kids that his predecessors committed genocide? That they elected on several occassions a government that fought four wars and committed mass attrocities? My kids, on the other hand, will be proud to know that their predecessors defied an occupation, fought it and eventually got rid of it, shoulder to shoulder with the biggest community of democracies the mankind has know. You are still to wake up to this reality.

Anonymous said...

That is what Serbs are proud about - mass killings, atrocities, cannibalism and so on. For them it would be boring to hear stories how their fathers fought to defend their country, because they know that they are joking – they never had a country.

Ibro please don't call yourself ass hole, because you are NOT okkkk? Consider switching to dickhead.

Anonymous said...

In addition, Serbs have to explain to their children how they staged four wars and lost every single one.
I guess they will still celebrate 600 years from now how they lost the wars in the 1990s in the Balkans trying to preserve the Western civilization!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to civility?

Just because some Serbs got under your skin, you now resort to name calling. My nationality is better than your nationality.

Look in a mirror and you shall see who should grow up.

Instead of acting like children , try dedicating yourselves to finding a solution. Otherwise no one will like the outcome on either side.

Anonymous said...

No love in here is there?!

Chris . . . "He's a politician, one of the best the world has ever known." This is about Rummy man; dude you're dumber then I thought. I mean please tell me you're just kidding.

Ibro, I'll show you some love because to many people nowdays tell all these stories of bravery and courage in war. But hey dude just don't forget at the end of the day, your bitch ass got beat so now you got to bend over and take it like a bitch. . .you know the Geneva conventions and all, you dumb shit.

I just can't tell you how much pleasure I get from watching Serbs get all bothered and frustrated with the fact they can't do a damn thing to prevent us from becoming independent. See desipte your silly bombs that you plot, despite our internal arguments, and all problems that we have, we are still going to become independent and all you can do is watch and bitch bitch bitch, biatch. It feels good to be me right about now. So not to disrespect your culture and all but forget you cause this is too good.

Anonymous said...

12:37 Am Poster

Independence is not a forgone conclusion, by no stretch of the mind.

What gives you the right to independence anyway?

Ibro said...

Blogger 2:18 PM is a rare one that merits a reply despite devaluating his comments with a name calling.
“Arguing with you is worthless” – but you still seem to find some time to argue with me. It must be something I’ve said.
“There were obviously a great number of those Kosovars who disagreed and they chose to fight” – this is yet to be proven. I still maintain that 3000 is not a “great number”.
Your point 3. – you had a fantastic life under Serbian rule (according to you). Why change the wining team?
“I fought myself and proudly did so and will do so again if necessary.” – Provided that what you claim is true (are you by the way “midd-level decision maker” or the guy who saved Minister Hazeri?) you have the right to be proud or ashamed about your doings. You chose to be proud and I really respect that. But do other 99.85% of Kosovars respect you for that? Or do you maybe feel in minority there? Is this that is making you itchy?
“I am just sick of bullshiteras like yourself coming to this blog,” – there are solutions for this too. Simply make this blogg on subscription basis, or do not read it, or simply ignore “five your olds “ like myself.
“which is not accidentaly named Kosovareport” – I could not agree more with you on this. I’ve been saying this time and time again. Most of the comments concentrate on Serbia and Serbs.= while you find that most of my comments, questions and issues raised here were regarding Kosovo and Kosovars.
“Do you really want to tell your kids that his predecessors committed genocide?” – No. Because I know that his predecessor didn’t. Fighting back and defending yourself doesn’t necessary mean that you have to commit genocide? Where do you get this idea?
“That they elected on several occassions a government that fought four wars and committed mass attrocities?” – Last I knew your elected Prime minister had to resign to face charges of war crimes.
p.s. I would have added all the names that you are calling me to my nickname but I fear that my signature will be longer than my comment and probably that will make you feel inferior in debate.

Anonymous said...

Ibro if you consider yourself a human being able to understand the right from wrong please check this link:

If you can give me a reasonable (by human standards) explanation why were women and babies massacred (which is not disputed) by Serbs and furthermore that cannot be called genocide then you writings are going to make some sense in this blogspot.

We are in a digital era. It will not matter what you tell your children. Photos and videos will contradict every bit of your story.

If you don't give me an understandable answer to the above question then you should be ashamed of yourself and your nation.

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

What about these?

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, you certainly have issues. Your arguments are too weak to deserve a response nine times out of ten.

Anonymous said...

Mr. F

The same shit happened to the Serbs as well.

No Doubt it is sickening. Anyone convicted should have the same done to them.

So now what? How does this change anything? How do you stop it from happeneing again?

How do you stop the hatred and violence? How do you live amongst each other with out killing each other?

Whats the answer?

Anonymous said...

11:18 PM,

There is shit and there is bigger shit. When Serbia is concerned, they are a monstrous, awful smelling shit.

Mothers all around the Balkans have been asking for crimes to be punished for at least six year. Once we get the worst of us out of the way, then maybe we might look at each other with different eyes.
The second thing is to let Albanians live free, for once. Because, we can't live under the same government run by the the same parties that instigated, fuelled, and attempted genocide. It's simple, remove the cause behind the hate and things will calm down.

Until then, peace and communal living will be a foregin concept to these parts.

Anonymous said...

11.18 blogger,

Please provide some proof that Albanians have done something similar to Serbs, ever in history.

Now what? Anything but living under the rule of those who are capable of doing such things, don't you agree?

How do you stop the hatred? The Kosovar government is begging Serbs to go back to their houses and guaranteeing them security, free food and electricity (what Albanians don't get). A move towards reconciliation would be for Serbs to apologize to the Albanian people for the horrible crimes that they have committed, and also stop meddling with internal affairs of Kosova and let people live their lives in peace. How does that sound?

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

The indepence of Kosova or Kosovo for my Serb brothers is a forgone conclusion. The reason for this is so simple. . .the will of the people.

2:06 AM, dude I am only posing as a guy who is so fucking happy you guys lost another war. Now after 600 years my kids are going to wonder "why are Serbs celebrating the 600 year anniversary of a battle they lost;" just like their daddy did.

Anonymous said...

Dude you plan to live 600 years ;) i like that :)

peace to all, hate to none, liberty to Kosovar people, and rationality and independence and a lot of ice-cream to Serbs...