Monday, August 29, 2005

Nexhat Daci may perform the duty of the President

The paper writes that according to the Kosovo Constitutional Framework, if the President is temporarily unable to perform his duties, this role would be undertaken Speaker of Kosovo Assembly Nexhat Daci. The office of the Speaker, however, told the paper that the issue of temporary replacement had not yet been discussed.

President Ibrahim Rugova travelled on Saturday to a United States Army base in Germany where he is to undergo medical tests.

Lajm quotes advisor to President Rugova, Skender Hyseni as saying there is no need for a temporary replacement as Rugova is able to perform presidential duties even from the hospital in Germany.

Express writes that there is increasing suspicion that President Rugova is not merely suffering from a cold but that his condition is more serious than officially stated.


Anonymous said...

by Srdja Trifkovic"

This is what I needed to read to understand that the coming was what I would like to call in french "BULLSHIT".

Stay SERB, we dont expect anything less..or do we?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as anonymous has spammed the last three posts with this etxremely long article by this Nazi Trifkovic, maybe useful to know who he is, here's a couiple of excellent articles by Michael Sells on the connections between Trifkovic, his magazine 'Chronicles' of the Rockford Foundation, serbian chetniks like the SUC, and the rest of the extreme right, hard-racist, neo-Confederate, pro-segregation, dixiecrat, muslim-eating, extreme anti-immmigrant, christian fanatic, way out there loony wing of the far right in the US south, including the Ku Klux Klan, who only quite naturally backed the same kinds of policies being promoted by Milosevic, Seselj and Karadzic in the Balkans (and thus all the stuff in the articole sent about medievalism and how imaginary empires from hundreds of thousands of years ago "proves" who "owns" Kosova or elsewhere today etc):

GOP Radical Right Belgrade Lobby and NeoConfederacy -- Multiple Connections
Michael Sells
June 14, 1999, January 17, 2002


Mutt America The ReligioRacist Right and Genocide in the Balkans
Michael Sells
July 8, 1999

I'm sure all you Chetniks won't even understand what the fuss is about in these articles however - all these allies of Serbian fascism's crusade to save Christendom from the Infidel wil seem like only quite naturally good folk to you scum.

Of couse the difference is that these advocates of slavery and black-burning in the US have been unable to actually carry out their program for some time now, and are no doubt envious at the ability of their Serbian counterparts to incnerate hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Europe within a stones throw of major western capitals as recently as the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

Nice attitude

Anyone not liked is a Nazi or a Chetnik.

Both of which were around in WWII not now.

Cant handle the truth so you go on a rant.

Sucks to be you.

Anonymous said...

yes look trofkovic up in and see waht americans with some idea of what has been going on in yugo say about him and his great book "PROPHET AND THE SWORD" which deals with the fanatical religion of ISLAM. typical albo bullhist, short answers and delete post instead of PRIVING THEM WRONG!!!! I DARE U TO PROVE ANYTHING HE SAID WRONG!!!!!!! I DARE U!!!!

arianit said...

Serb agit-prop machinery is a marvel that every dictator would envy. Prove me wrong, Martyr! I dare- devil dare- you prove me wrong! :)

Martyr, this Tufts U. dude had a challenge for you today at the NY Times. Prove some wacko wrong that human beings weren't tweaked from chimps into the present form by aliens. ( )
On the other hand, I think I had a revelation thanks to Martyr. I have the answer to the challenge made by the Discovery Institute in proving the Intelligent Design wrong. You are the proof, my dear Serb, that there is no intelligent design.

We don't mind your COMMENTS (you're like the clown that everbody wants to have around), as long as they are short, to the point, and use links for other peoples' work. Otherwise, we call it spam around here.

Anonymous said...

You should never forget the report from the Serbian government that 50% of the Serbs don't finish junior high. Always remeber this when you talk to a Serb. Always keep in mind that there's a 50% chance you'll be talking to an idiot and if that's not the case he/she is another brainwashed religious freak.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:00PM Pin head

Source: Unicef Website

Education: Serbia-Montenegro

Adult literacy rate,male (1990)97%

Adult literacy rate,female (1990)88%
Adult literacy rate,male (2000)99%
Adult literacy rate,female (2000)
Primary school enrolment ratio,gross,male (1998-2002)99%

Primary school enrolment ratio,gross,female (1998-2002)99%
Primary school enrolment ratio,net,male(1998-2002)75%
Primary school enrolment ratio,net,female (1998-2002)75%
% of net primary school attendance,male,(1996-2003)98%
% of net primary school attendance,female,(1996-2003)96%
% of primary school entrants reaching grade 5,admin data (1998-2001)100%
% of primary school entrants reaching grade 5,survey data (1997-2003)94%
Secondary school enrolment ratio,gross,male (1998-2002)88%
Secondary school enrolment ratio,gross,female (1998-2002)89%

So once again, you are another albanian who doesnt have his facts straight and should take a look in the mirror, you might find the idiot and/or brainwashed freak.

Anonymous said...

To the 2:20PM Moron

"look trofkovic up in and see waht americans with some idea of what has been going on in yugo say about him and his great book "PROPHET AND THE SWORD" which deals with the fanatical religion of ISLAM. typical albo bullhist, short answers and delete post instead of PRIVING THEM WRONG!!!! I DARE U TO PROVE ANYTHING HE SAID WRONG!!!!!!! I DARE U!!!!

Yes I just went to the website and no help to you and your spelling, I found 86 comments rated him 4/5 stars.

May I make a suggestion? Go to school, learn how to spell, maybe type or even read!

The only thing you got right in your poorly worded statement was

I wont argue with that because he was right, he didnt say anything wrong!

PS Nice post, you are a credit to your nationality!

Anonymous said...


International officials against the appropriation of Serb monasteries
Radio Serbia and Montenegro - Tuesday, August 23 19:46

Representatives of the Contact Group, the OSCE and UNMIK most severely condemned the writing of the Pristina EPOKA E RE newspaper, which claimed that Serb medieval monasteries in Kosmet are allegedly Albanian cultural monuments. At a meeting in Pristina, international officials assessed such an unfounded and aggressive language of hate as unacceptable in Europe today. Representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church Sava Janjic pointed out that this was a shameless attempt to alter history generating hate towards the Serb people, the Serbian Orthodox Church and culture, which has been present in the province for ten centuries.

Anonymous said...

"credit to ur nationality" what kind of credit are albos to the human race??? pimps and drup pushers, that is all u have ever contributed, thives who steal what was never yours, serbs let u come to kosovo so u could save ur pathetic lives that u had in albania and this is how u repay them, by stealing CHRISTIAN CHURCHES U MUSLIM SCUM.

Anonymous said...

learn how to spell?? dude i dont have time to spell check like u (that just shows how u sit there spell check and carfully think up ALBO LIES, there is no need to speell check when the fact just roll out and speak for themselves) so grow up and admit the truth, albos r a bunch of lieing scum who steal what is not theirs.

Anonymous said...

Why should I read a UNCEF report when I could read a Serb government one. It was just released a month ago. As an Albanian for at least a hundreed years the Serbs tired to indoctrinate us into believing the Serb government and when I finally do you tell me to read a UNICEF report. That is hypocrisy. To a serb that is your way of life. Yes, you idolize those who blessed and kissed the hands of people who kill children. He is still your highest priest. The same one who thogether with Milosevic and Kostunica ordered the murder of your former prime minister and yet you have no shame but talk about mafia. Your leaders are mafiosi who kill in the name of god. Ask your former prime minister's closest men and they'll tell you all of their names. Google them and you'll find them. You are being governed by a bunch of ordinary thugs, excretions left by Milosevic.

Anonymous said...

We are the nation who gave birth to mother Teresa.
Serbia is a nation wh gave birth to Slobodan Milosevic, Mladic, Karadjic and the other hundreeds of criminals adn thugs who are either in the Hague or are running free and protected by the government and the people of Serbia.

I apologize to my compatriots for including mothere Teresa and these filthy scumbags in the same post.

Anonymous said...


This is cute, he doesnt know he's talkinig to Catholoc, Orthodox and Jewish Albanians here judging from the posts during the last 3 months.

ADD aparently...