Friday, August 12, 2005

Dobbins: Status negotiations to start without delay

This is the headline Epoka e Re attributed to an interview the US analyst James Dobbins from RAND Institute recently gave to Voice of America. Several other papers picked up the interview.

“I think that the US administration wants to solve the Kosovo issue in a way that is acceptable for the people of Kosovo and that enjoys the support of the majority of the people there and, on the other hand, ensures that minorities in Kosovo can live in peace and dignity”, the paper quotes Dobbins as saying.

Zëri quotes Dobbins as saying that no Serbian politician neither wants nor believes Belgrade could administer Kosovo again.

These facts all imply a sovereign independent Kosovo, whose borders would not change and where the freedom of national minorities would be respected. It would also require greater engagement of the international community to ensure that all agreements would be respected, Dobbins said during the interview.

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