Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Serbia holds Madrid bomb suspect

A Moroccan suspected of involvement in the Madrid train bombings has been arrested in Belgrade, Spain says.

The interior ministry named the suspect as Abdelmajid Bouchar, 22, and said it wanted him extradited to Spain.

He was picked up by Serbian police when he presented false Iraqi identity papers during a routine check, it said.

Mr Bouchar is alleged to have fled an apartment in Leganes, near Madrid, where the suspected train bombers hid out after the attacks in March 2004.

The attacks killed 191 rush-hour commuters and injured nearly 2,000 more.

Mr Bouchar is reported to have been hiding out with seven other suspects in Leganes on 3 April, 2004. The Associated Press news agency quotes investigators who say Mr Bouchar went down to the street to empty some rubbish and spotted the police.

He is said to have shouted out in Arabic to warn his colleagues, before escaping.

Appeal to Interpol

The seven suspects in the apartment blew themselves up when police surrounded the building. A police officer also died.

Mr Bouchar went on the run and was the subject of an international arrest warrant.

Seven suspects blew themselves up in the Leganes flat

Serbian police grew suspicious when the suspect refused to cooperate with their inquires and he was identified through Interpol.

Spanish Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso said the arrest showed, once more, the need to strengthen international collaboration to improve the efficiency of the fight against terrorism.

More than 70 people have been arrested in the course of the investigation into the Madrid attacks, which have been blamed on Islamist radicals.


Anonymous said...

My question is what was he doing in Belgrade with false Iraqi documents? These eerie events where Serbia seems to touch events such as the Madrid and London bombing must be looked at carefuly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hahaha. Typical Albanian statement. Okey, I will ask you a question. What the f¤¤¤ did the coward who blew up the Nis-express in 2001 doing in Tirana when he was arrested ? You are so stupid that the world think you are clowns.

Anonymous said...

Mulsim extremists are not dummies, they sensed the anti-Western attitued of the Serb government and people exemplified in cases such arm deals with Iraq and Libya, and that's where they headed. I propose Serbia be added to the Axis of Evil.

Anonymous said...


Its idiotic statements like yours that make matters worse.

Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

I got a clue. We won, you lost!
Kosova is ours forever!!!
Serbs are a dying nation, while Albanians have the highest birthrate in Europe and among the highest in the World. By some estimates by 2050 Albanians will be the most populace nation in the Balkans exceeding 20 Milion people.
So you go get a clue son!
Albanian from Kosova, USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Serbia !!

You show over and over again that you are on the right track and that all money and help financed by US and EU helps you to overcome your past.
To the stupid bloggers 10.57, 9.19....I say, Serbia shows the world coorporation every week now and the world is closely monitoring, be sure of that !!
What do you people do to make a better world? Smoking and waiting for independence? Well, keep on !

Anonymous said...

Did the previous dude critizise the Albanians for smoking. Assuming you are a Serb, what are you thinking?! Isn't that you national past time, kind of like baseball in America.

Anyways, blogger, 9:19, love you man.

Seriously, though let's tell Bush about these deadend Serbs hate freeedom so much that they hide terrorist in their unfree nation, and let him and Rummy blow their shit up. I know I know, this is a not such an intellegent comment and all but damn it is fun saying it.

As the 9.19 guy said, we won you lost so now we get to screw around with your dumbasses a little bit.

Anonymous said...

The 1:59 AM blogger made burst out in laughter... Are you for real?! Or just a damn good comedian...
I suspect the latter.

"Congratulations Serbia!!" for what?

For having maffia running the country?
For having prime ministers assasinated?
For having Kostunica restoring Millosevics legacy by pressuring courts to drop off charges against Marko Millosevic?
For having right wing Radicals as the biggest party in parlament?
For having a racist xenophobic church who instigates hate with other Orthodox countries (Macedonia and Montenegro)?
For having a sinking economy that gets ultimatums from IMF?

Allow me to be a tad sceptical.

Congratulating such a failed state just shows your level of desperation...


Anonymous said...

should kosova get independence because a terrorist was caught in serbia?

are there people with false identification papers living in kosova? are some of them terrorists?

if a terrorist is caught in a country, is that country at fault?

a terrorist living in a country means he gets shelter from that country?

Why is it necessary to write 'Albanian from Kosova, USA'? Are there people ashamed to be 'Kosovars' only?

Hey bro, come back to Kososva..... live your dream of Kosova independence with nice jobs, non-smoking cafes, excellent life.

Anonymous said...

I am the 10:57 AM, poster,

First off, I didn't say "Look Serbs are hidding a terrorist" I just said "These eerie events where Serbia seems to touch events such as the Madrid and London bombing must be looked at carefuly." Now if you read that carefuly you will see that there is a connection that cannot be denied, Iraq/Serbia affair, London bombs, and now Madrid bombs. Why?

This guy had false papers, but who supplied them, how did he enter Serbia, how did he live there, where did he work as a hated Muslim in the land of Righteous Orthodox Serbs? I know very well how Serb Police is at border checks, they are the best at making sure no Muslim or any Eastern (read Asian) person goes without some form of harrasment, now you telling me this guy just happened to be in Belgrade? This must be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Btw, 2:26 PM,

"You are so stupid that the world think you are clowns."

thanks for the "oppinion", shows very well where you stand...

Anonymous said...

Let this be an issue between Rumsfeld and Belgrade. I'm sure both parties can handle it.
What is ironic is that right wing spinners along with their Serb counterparts of Tanjug have constantly claimed for Kosova to be a hotbed of terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Well well, that is a very good point, we actualy have proof that terrorists reside in Serbia and enjoy their hospitality, unknown to the Serb popullation but not so sure about the government.

Anonymous said...

Well done Serbia!

He must have been heading to Kosovo to rejoin the KLA.

Spain bombs Serbia and Serbia catches terrorists for Spain.

This is a very honourable act by Serbia.

To all the Albanians in the US you better start learning Spanish.

Anonymous said...

"He must have been heading to Kosovo to rejoin the KLA."

I doubt it, Serbs have shown better welcome to the likes of Sadam Hussein, London bombers, and Madrid ones.

What would he do in Kosova? KLA is a NATO force literaly, now who is in NATO? Spain ;) US, Canada, UK...doesn't look like friendly territory now does it.

On the other hand, Serbs get bombed (for same reasons Al Qaeda gets bombed in Afghanistan), and after almost 2 years they catch this criminal in Serbia...that's one down and plenty more to go. I'd be combing Serbia left and right at this point, I bet if you turned it over all sorts of terrorists would pop up...maybe even Bin Laden :)

Anonymous said...

Dumb Albanians, you breed like rabbits, ironic since you are ugly people.