Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kosovo is not Serbia's property, party leader says

Prishtina [Pristina], 23 August: Regardless of remarks it may contain, Kai Eide's report on Standards implementation will pave the way for the settlement of Kosova's [Kosovo] final status, leader of the Democratic Party of Kosova (PDK) Hashim Thaci told KosovaLive. "It cannot be a negative report. An open and strategic solution for the political status will be found after Eide's report. I have also promises in this regard," said Thaci.

He said that he and his political party do not support the idea for status talks. However he considers that the Political Forum should form the working groups that will deal with building of Kosova's state. "But, initially, we have to convince the world to recognize the independent and sovereign state of Kosova."

"Political status is not a monopoly or a private property of this or of that leader. What we have here is the will of Kosovar citizens on status, and we, as political leaders, are obliged to implement it," said Thaci.

"Belgrade should play no role over this issue. Kosova is not a property of Serbia. The people of Kosova is that who decides for it," he said.

Thaci also said that a consensus is needed among the Kosovar political parties, and no-one can give to himself the right to destroy the national consensus achieved at the Political Forum.

Thaci said that the Forum is establishing its own groups, and it will be the institution that will play a key role in the future.

He opposed the possibility of being conditioned by the international community to participate in the possible status talks with Belgrade. "This cannot happen with PDK. Conditions could be set only to the team of the current government, which continues to be blackmailed." [Passage omitted]

"For this reason there is a risk that they can enter into a compromise on the political status," said Thaci.

According to Thaci, the government with its people is putting Kosova's political future at risk. "This is government cabinet that is putting the historical chance of Kosovars for an independent and sovereign state at risk," Thaci said. [Passage omitted]

According to the opposition leader, PDK is committed to respect all the rights of the Kosovar Serbs, but it does not accept any project that leads to the territorial division of Kosova. [Passage omitted]

Source: KosovaLive web site, Pristina, in English 23 Aug 05


Anonymous said...

Does this dude do anything than complain, nothing constructive every comes from this leader, if I may call him leader. He should spend more time working for Kosova and its future then constantly trying to undermind the current government. How are we supposed to build a future state with extremist morons like this one?

Let Gandhi (Rugova) do his thing!

Anonymous said...

Although I respect people who contribute to Kosova, be it politicaly or by military means, right now we need unity, days for attacking the government will come once we're independent.

Anonymous said...

hahaha read iut and weep u morons

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