Monday, August 22, 2005

Kosovo Budget 2006 will be €700 million

Kosovo spending agencies should be more careful when planning their expenses for the next year. The officials of the Ministry of Economy and Finance claim that they are setting main parameters for the 2006 budget, as well as for 2007 and 2008 budgets.

The Director of Budget, Agim Krasniqi, said that the 2006 budget would be €700 million. “The budget should be prepared according to the programs and according to economic sub categories,” said Krasniqi.

According to MEF officials there will be more control over the expenses. At the same time there will be no possibility to transfer budgets from one ministry to another.

The general amount of the initial budget for 2005 was €736 million, but following the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund it was decided to be €22 million less. €330,700,000 will be dedicated for the PISG, €211,700,000 for the reserved power! s and €172,4 million for the Kosovo municipalities.


Jeff said...

What does "reserved powers" mean. That's a huge proportion of the amount alloted to the PISG!

Anonymous said...

You made a good point Jeff, and made me as a tax payer and independent-minded Albanian think. As an American, you know that power lies in those who control the strings of the purse. So, I guess the reserved (UNMIK)/ unreserved (K) ratio is a good index on how much authority K- government has. Reserved still are KPC and the police, law, refugees, privatisation etc. Basically, anything that doesn't have a ministry plus some special projects are handled through UNMIK.

PISG is supposed to be locals. So there must be a problem with translation there. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, translation is fine. Ignore last two sentences on the above post.

Anonymous said...

PISG stands for Provisional Institutions of Self-Government.

In other words, the Presidency, the Government, the Parliament and other institutions that have been elected in the free and fair elections.


Anonymous said...

Point JEFF is making is that there is no such thing as reserved powers, or am i mistaken? it would appear he is not one of those that thinks kosovo should be independent, and he also appears to believe that too much power has been transfered already. What he is ignoring is that this money has been collected from Kosovo taxpayers.
If you were smart JEFF the question should instead ask why are there any reserved powers?!? What is this bullshit about taxation without representation?!? Whose bright idea was to have annonymous, ignorant, arrogant and incompetent bureacrats decide how to spend my hard earned tax money?!? Especially considering that they are not democratically accountable to me or to anyone else excepet other bureacrats like themselves ten thousand miles away who might as well be on another planet for all they care about the plight of my sorry ass here in Kosovo!
JEFF?!?JEFF, are you still there?!? JEFFFF!!!!