Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Contact Group praises Kosovo Government

Daily papers report that representatives of Contact Group countries in Pristina met Kosovo PM Bajram Kosumi and praised the government’s work on decentralization and treatment of minorities.

‘We believe that the efforts the government and prime minister have undertaken in recent weeks show that Kosovo is on the right path’, said head of U.S. Office in Pristina, Phillip Goldberg.

Koha Ditore writes that what has impressed CG representatives is that K-Government has shown commitment in pushing reform of local government forward.
Zëri quotes Kosumi saying that his government has taken the recommendations of the CG put forth in a letter very seriously and that the actions undertaken are in accordance to the suggestions.

Express carries the headline Praises come and go.

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Anonymous said...

Finaly the Contact Group sees who the real hinderance is in implementing the Standards. The Serbs do not wish to cooperate with any action that improoves the situation in Kosova because they realize that by doing that they seal the deal on Independence. But what the Serbs don't realize is that they seal the deal by trying to impede the process as well.
Either way Kosova becomes Independent!
It's a win win for the Albanians :)

Albanian from Kosova, USA