Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Govt and UNMIK give €200.000 each to Plemetina Camp project (dailies)

Dailies report that the Kosovo Government and UNMIK have allocated €200.000 each to a construction project for the camp in Plemetina. Zëri carries on the front page a picture of PM Kosumi and PDSRSG Rossin laying the first foundations for 36 apartments for the Roma residents of the camp.

PM Kosumi is quoted as saying that the Government wants to resolve the problem of Roma, that it is interested to eliminate all war consequences and wants all people to live free and equal.

Koha Ditore quotes Kosumi as saying that the Plemetina Camp would be shut down in December, however, the paper also adds that the camp residents are sceptical about Kosumi’s promises.


Anonymous said...

It's rather the treatment of Roma that is the real yard stick of statehood maturity of Kosovo. As opposed to the Serbs who have turned their sad position into a political play in hope of gaining some form of partition, the Roma have no foreign political support (think Russia) whatsoever and are totally in the mercy of the human right conscience of the Kosovars and their government in Pristina. Moreover, the treatment of Roma is especially important in comparison to what new EU members and candidates have been dishing out to their own considerable Roma minorities in order to achieve “their standards.” I hope that Kosovars will rise above themselves and treat this poor and abused minority with dignity, because that would be the ultimate test of their humanity.

Anonymous said...

As a Kosovar I see absolutely no reason not to help and do things for the Romas, just like for any citizen that deserves it. It is in out culture to help those in need, and it is just a matter of time (till the government learns how to do things).