Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oliver Ivanovic’s party gives signals for return to institutions

Koha Ditore and Zëri report that the Serb List for Kosovo led by Oliver Ivanovic has given signals for return to Kosovo institutions. The newspapers report that the Serb List for Kosovo sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci informing him that they have formed their parliamentary group. The political entities that make up the Serb List for Kosovo have reportedly agreed that Randjel Nojkic is appointed head of the parliamentary group and Oliver Ivanovic member of the Kosovo Assembly presidency.

Oliver Ivanovic has told Koha Ditore that very soon they would be part of the Assembly and take part in its session. He said the Serb List for Kosovo has the will to return to the institutions and said he was optimistic that by September Kosovo Serbs would return to the Assembly.

Ivanovic also said that non-participation of Kosovo Serbs in the institutions was a result of lack of full support that had been promised by local and international institutions in Kosovo.

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