Monday, August 08, 2005

UNMIK denies being threatened by ANA

Koha Ditore reports that the UNMIK administration denied on Sunday to have received any threats by the Albanian National Army [ANA] a few hours after the BBC Serbian Section Radio reported it.

‘I do not have information about having received any such letter’, UNMIK’s spokesperson Neeraj Singh said, according to the paper.

According to this report the ANA HQ ordered UNMIK, UNMIK Police and local Albanian structures to quit their jobs.


Anonymous said...

Serbian BBC, what a reliable news source. AHAHAH.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they receive their "news" directly from serbian propaganda machine.
Even Goebbels would have been proud of that...

I don't understand how a respected agency as BBC allows the serbian manipulators and falsifiers to transmit these kind of "news".

The serbs are becoming so desperate that they'll do anything to try and disrupt the process in Kosova. But it's useless, Kosova has de facto independence from serbia and soon will have de jure independence as well.


Anonymous said...


As long as they continue this line of work their news worthiness will be nullified. It’s like the shepherd who cried wolf.

I am happiest of all when I see them doing it to themselves. This way thy will set their new generation up for a long hard road ahead and they will have their grandparents to thank.