Monday, August 29, 2005

Police Seek Public Help To Find Killers Of 2 Kosovo Serbs

PRISTINA (AP)--Police in Kosovo Monday appealed for the public's assistance in tracking down the killers of two young Serbs shot over the weekend.

Kai Vittrup, the U.N. police chief said no arrests were made and branded the killing an "isolated tragic incident."

Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica blamed the shooting on ethnic Albanians, according to the Beta news agency in Belgrade. He also criticized the U.N. mission in Kosovo for failing to protect the province's dwindling Serb minority, Beta reported.

The shooting occurred late Saturday when four Serbs were traveling on the main road toward southern Kosovo, police said. Another vehicle with three occupants overtook them and opened fire. Two of the victims died on the spot while two others were wounded, police said.

Vittrup seem to contradict Kostunica by saying it was not clear whether the incident was ethnically motivated. However, another senior police official Colin Atkins, said police patrols were increased following the shooting in the areas inhabited by Serbs.

Kosovo has been administered by the U.N. and patrolled by NATO since 1999. Ethnic Albanians have demanded outright independence, while Serbs prefer that it remains part of Serbia. The two communities remain bitterly divided as this province remains disputed over six years since the end of the war.


Anonymous said...

K-government should give a prize to anyone that gives information that leads to the arrest of the criminals. This is the only way to go in a country that doesn't have a natioanal intelligence service and probably very weak drilling techniques.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but don't you know our country DOES have a national intelligence service? It's called BIA.

Anonymous said...

You probably got confused and are thinking about Serbia. But I can't completely rule it out either due to the lack of an intel service.

Anonymous said...

My heart felt condolences goes out the families of the young victims of this violent act. Let’s use this tragedy to pull together and move forward. This tragedy gives the Kosovo government and Police a chance to prove to the rest of the world that there is justice for all in Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

and it will give a chance to show the world that serbs kill serbs also, and especially when there are international figures visiting the area....

Anonymous said...

"This tragedy gives the Kosovo government and Police a chance to prove to the rest of the world that there is justice for all in Kosovo."

Yeah, right. They're dead, you know, how is that justice? And don't go telling me that Serbs killed them, either!

Anonymous said...

"And don't go telling me that Serbs killed them, either!"

To the above poster, it has happened before, why would this case be any different. And why these people. Something is stinking here and damn Kostunica was fast to make his own conclusions. He even probably had them written down before this terrible act even occurred.

This wouldn't happen if Albanians truly had control over the entire territory of Kosova. We need a change in the intelligence service area and we need it fast!

The strangest thing about this is that I'm not shocked in any way. This has a strange way of happening every time someone is in Kosova to asses the progress made. This could be Albanians, but who ordered it, and if we wanted to kill Serbs we would do it with a bang not in this amateur way, who the masterminds behind this crime are, is as important to find out as those who committed the crime!

Anonymous said...

What about Kostunica's response?

His conclusion was that Serbia "must finally do everything to protect the Serb population from daily harassment, expulsions and physical destruction."

To me that simply sounds like a prime minister who is (finally!) taking responsibility for his country. I don't like him either, but, while he's in office the least we can expect is for him to do his constitutional duty.

And I bet you, whoever was responsible for those sick killings, it wasn't one of us.

Anonymous said...

"To me that simply sounds like a prime minister who is (finally!) taking responsibility for his country." - what country, I'm sorry but I thought that the killings happened in Koosva and not serbia. Maybe I was wrong, I'm sorry for that then!

I will take on your bet, history has shown serbs to be murderers and it will show this again!

Anonymous said...

It is naiive to assume it wasnt done by the Serbs, but also premature to assume it was done by Albanians.

Wait and see...

Anonymous said...


International officials against the appropriation of Serb monasteries
Radio Serbia and Montenegro - Tuesday, August 23 19:46

Representatives of the Contact Group, the OSCE and UNMIK most severely condemned the writing of the Pristina EPOKA E RE newspaper, which claimed that Serb medieval monasteries in Kosmet are allegedly Albanian cultural monuments. At a meeting in Pristina, international officials assessed such an unfounded and aggressive language of hate as unacceptable in Europe today. Representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church Sava Janjic pointed out that this was a shameless attempt to alter history generating hate towards the Serb people, the Serbian Orthodox Church and culture, which has been present in the province for ten centuries.

Anonymous said...

"what country, I'm sorry but I thought that the killings happened in Koosva and not serbia."

Perhaps you would like to read resolution 1244 sometime, and the Serbian constitution. Wishful thinking I'm afraid....

Anonymous said...

"Wishful thinking I'm afraid....", for serbias part yes..I'm glad you are aware of that! Long live the Republic Of Kosova

Anonymous said...

Ylber, USA said:
Here is an exerpt from one of the wounded survivors of the attack. I got it off of the B92 website:

"Nikola Dukic, one of the two other men wounded in the incident is still being treated in the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade for serious abdominal wounds, but his condition is reported as stable.

Dukic spoke to journalists today for the first time since the shooting.

“I heard at least about thirty rounds of rifle fire. After that I managed to turn the car and drive 28 kilometres without anybody. Then one friend fell unconsciousness and I lost consciousness, we stopped. Some Albanians helped us."

Read the last sentence "SOME ALBANIANS HELPED US!!!"

Since we don't know who commited the crime (serbian secret service) we can look at the facts. We're not sure if the killers were Albanians, but what we are sure of, based on true fact as stated by one of the victims, is that Albanians helped.
I am having a hard time understanding why we would try to ethnically cleanse someone by, imagine that, giving them a hand when they needed help.

So the Serb that is posting these racist statements here, go ask your father why him and his unit killed these innocent Serbs just to achieve political gains.

If Serbia cared about the Serbs in Kosovo they would do something constructive to improve their situation. Instead the Serbian intelligence agencies kill Serb civilians and allow the Serbs to live in very difficult conditions so they can use this as a pretext to somehow keep Kosova. It is trully sad.

PS: Last time I checked Kosova had their own Parliament, Prime Minister, President, Passports, Postal Code, Licence Plates, Banking Code, Airline, Police etc. UN resolution my ass, wake up and smell the bacon son, you have lost Kosova, along with Bosnia, Krajina, Montenegro, and everything else.
Instead of trying to get Kosova back, which will never happen, work on saving Sanxhak and Vojvodina before they go too you looser!

Anonymous said...

How are you so sure is was Serbs that committed the shooting.

Oh yes just like they committed the bread line massacres, yes I remember...

As for the albanians helping out those kids, I fear for their lives now, the KLA might target them like they did during the war for aiding a Serb.

Anonymous said...

That is the best you can come up with? Lame, noone will target them for helping a person in need, be they Serb or Eskimo.

You have lost this argunentation before it even began, be thankful that the guy who was shot at was a normal person who doesn't give a damn about fascists ideologies some serbs here do.