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Breaking News: Kosovo president flown to Germany after his health deteriorates

Sat Aug 27, 2005 06:01 PM ET
By Shaban Buza

PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro (Reuters) - Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova was flown to a military hospital in Germany on Saturday after his health deteriorated following a bout of the flu.

"On the recommendation of his doctors, President Rugova decided to go for tests and further medical treatment at a U.S. military base in Germany," his office said in a statement.

A spokesman refused to comment on the seriousness of his illness, but a source close to the president said he was having respiratory problems.

Rugova was transported by U.S. military plane to the Landstuhl military hospital having received treatment at the sprawling Bondsteel U.S. military base in southern Kosovo.

The 60-year-old ethnic Albanian has been at the forefront of Kosovo's drive to win independence from Serbia, with U.N.-backed talks aimed at deciding Kosovo's "final status" expected within months.

With his trademark silk scarf and wire-rimmed spectacles, Rugova led almost a decade of passive resistance to Serb rule in the 1990s, creating a virtual underground state.

But the former literature professor was temporarily sidelined in 1998 when the mood swung in favour of the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army, which took up arms against Serb forces.

The war ended in 1999 with 78 days of NATO bombing to drive out Serb forces accused of atrocities against ethnic Albanian civilians.

Kosovo remains under the control of the United Nations. Rugova, who escaped unhurt when a bomb blast rocked his car in Pristina in March, heads the Democratic League of Kosovo, the largest party in a coalition interim government.


Anonymous said...

War by Numbers

by George Szamuely 24 February 2003
The URL of this article is:

"In their search for hidden Iraqi arms, U.N. inspectors have so far faced little conflict, have found little evidence and have received little outside intelligence to guide them" (Los Angeles Times, December 31, 2002). However, stories about not finding evidence of weapons of mass destruction serve to reinforce the idea that the weapons are there but have yet to be found. Since it is logically impossible to prove one isn't doing something Iraq will never be able to certify that it doesn't have what the U.S. claims it has. Absence of evidence is proof of duplicity and thus of guilt.

It's a ploy that was used again and again in the Balkans over the past decade. Back then Serbia, not Iraq, was crying out to be punished by the righteous nations led by the United States. Serbs were beyond the pale. Remember the 100,000 Kosovo Albanians they supposedly massacred? Defense Secretary William Cohen, State Department spokesman James Rubin and Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes David Scheffer all cited the 100,000 figure. The State Department at one point even published a report speculating that the number may be as high as 500,000. ABC News declared that the U.S. "has satellite pictures of close to 100 freshly dug graves." There were the reports of satellite pictures of "mass graves pointing in the direction of Mecca." Then just as NATO was about to march into Kosovo, the numbers were suddenly drastically revised downwards. The New York Times stated: "Photographs taken by United States spy satellites seem to show that Serbian forces dug up the bodies of their victims to hide evidence of a massacre in Kosovo." The Washington Post said the same thing the same day. Recalling how Pentagon spokesman Kenneth H. Bacon had "displayed a satellite picture from May 15 of what analysts concluded was a site that held 143 graves," he was now displaying a different picture: "'This second picture shows what appears to have been a bulldozing over this area,' he said, pointing to a black splotchy section." "Black splotchy sections" always look impressive to people untutored in scientific methods and numbers.

10,000 was the new estimate for dead Albanians. Bernard Kouchner, the first U.N. chief administrator in Kosovo, stated that it was likely to be 11,000. No one ever bothered to explain how these numbers were arrived at or why they were likely to prove more accurate than the previous numbers. But 10,000 soon became the officially accepted number to be repeated as incontrovertible fact. But problems arose right away. Where were the bodies? After months and months of the most relentless digging the world had seen since the building of the Panama Canal, Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Carla del Ponte announced that NATO had exhumed 2,108 bodies. A rather paltry number-yet the hacks jumped on this like a parched desert traveler at an oasis. Del Ponte was unable to say to whom these bodies belonged, what their ethnicity was, how they died or when they died. The tribunal then announced somewhat sniffily that "genocide is not a numbers game" and gave up on the tedious business of forensics altogether.

Numbers are only a "game" when they don't add up to what you want them to add up to. Let us however play the "numbers game." A report published in October by the Office of the Commissioner of Human Rights for the Council of Europe, Kosovo: The Human Rights Situation and the Fate of Persons Displaced From Their Homes, reveals some fascinating numbers. According to the report, "some 3700 persons" have gone missing in Kosovo, of which approximately 2750 are ethnic Albanian and 850 Serb, with the remainder belonging to other minorities." In addition, the report stated, "since 1999, some 4600 bodies have been exhumed, of which only 2100 have been identified. 2500 remain, therefore, to be DNA tested, leaving a further 1200 still to be located and exhumed." The report, interestingly, omits to give an ethnic breakdown of the 2100 bodies that have been exhumed. Let us assume that every one of the 3700 missing is dead. That would make the total number dead as 5800 (3700 plus 2100). Let us assume that the ethnic breakdown of the 2100 exhumed bodies is the same as that for the missing. That would mean 1561 of them are Albanians and 482 are Serb. That would make a grand total of 4311 Albanians dead and 1332 Serbs dead. Now, a fairly substantial proportion of those Albanians will have been murdered by the KLA for their alleged collaboration with the erstwhile Serb authorities or for their general refusal to play ball with terrorists and gangsters.

This is scarcely a secret. A recent article in Der Spiegel, citing as its source Kosovo Albanian leader Bujar Bukoshi, stated that "the cruelest cleansings took place among the Albanians. Under the pretext that they were 'Serbian collaborators,' the leaders of the KLA liquidated their political opponents.'.The number of the victims is estimated to be more than a thousand." Now that is likely to be an extremely conservative estimate. So that leaves us with something like just over 3000 Albanians dead. But that number includes all of the Albanians killed by NATO bombs, those killed in combat, those killed in crossfire between the Yugoslav army and the KLA or due to accident, not to mention anyone who may have been killed for whatever reason before 1999. So the "numbers game" has now taken us not just far from the 100,000 massacred Albanians but even quite a long way from the 10,000 of recent NATO propaganda efforts. More significant, no explanation has been offered as to how those satellite photos were taken to prove something happened that never in fact happened.

Take another atrocity, one that has now become a byword for the sort of inhumanity that cries out for U.S. military intervention. Since 1995 the name "Srebrenica" has acquired the resonance that was once the exclusive domain of the word "Auschwitz." Serbs seized the city and allegedly massacred 8,000 Bosnian Moslems. The origin of that number has always been a bit of a mystery. According to the 1999 U.N. report, "The mortal remains of close to 2,500 men and boys have been found on the surface, in mass graves and in secondary burial sites. Several thousand more men are still missing, and there is every reason to believe that additional burial sites, many of which have been probed but not exhumed, will reveal the bodies of thousands more men and boys." 2,500, and no ethnic breakdown of the bodies. That's a serious omission since Moslem forces based in Srebrenica, under the leadership of the notorious killer Naser Oric, had for years prior to 1995 been attacking neighboring Serb villages. Consequently, a lot of the bodies are likely to be those of Serbs.

The Hague Tribunal has already had one big Srebrenica trial. In August 2001 it convicted Bosnian Serb General Radislav Krstic of genocide and sentenced him to 46 years in prison for not preventing the crime of Srebrenica. "[B]etween seven and eight thousand Bosnian Muslim men were executed between 13 and 19 July 1995," the court declared. "Despite the efforts which have been made, very few mortal remains have been found. Why? Because in the fall of 1995 measures were taken in order to attempt to cover up the scale of the crimes." So how do we know what the scale was? Well, once again, there were the "aerial photographs provided to the Prosecutor. These photographs have made it possible: to identify the number of mass grave sites at the time the executions were carried out; and to note that other sites appeared after September 1995. The work of the experts has also made it possible to confirm the data by comparing the older mass graves with the more recent ones since the latter are always located in regions with more difficult access than those of the first group. There can therefore be no doubt about the deliberate desire to conceal the existence of mass graves and therefore the mass executions of civilians." Lack of evidence is therefore proof of guilt. So, on the one hand, the Serbs allegedly carry out the most brutal massacres imaginable while innumerable U.N. personnel are in the vicinity, U.S. satellites orbit overhead and Hague prosecutors can't wait to issue indictments against Serb leaders. On the other hand, they go to the most amazing amount of trouble to hide the evidence of their crimes. They speak on the phone in code, they bury and re-bury and re-re-bury the dead.

But the Krstic court had no choice but to offer speculation in place of fact. Here's an example of its reasoning: "Although forensic experts were not able to conclude with certainty how many bodies were in the mass-graves" the experts were able to conservatively estimate that a minimum of 2,028 separate bodies were exhumed".Identity documents and belongings" suggest that the victims were linked with Srebrenica" .In some cases, investigators were able to positively identify bodies in the graves as former Srebrenica residents on the basis of distinctive personal items found with the bodies such as jewelry, artificial limbs and photographs. Other artifacts found at the majority of the gravesites, such as verses from the Koran, suggest the presence of victims with Muslim religious affiliation."

The evidence only suggests that the victims "were linked with Srebrenica," whatever that may mean, but only in "in some cases" were bodies identified as belonging to Srebrenica "residents." And the bodies were obviously all Muslims-why else would one find "verses from the Koran"? The absurdity of this is laughable. At times the court's reasoning became truly bizarre: A demographics expert testified that the overwhelming majority of people missing from Srebrenica are men. The forensic examinations of the gravesites "associated with Srebrenica reveal that only one of the 1,843 bodies for which sex could be determined was female." In addition, "there is a correlation between the age distribution of persons listed as missing and the bodies exhumed from the graves: 26.4 percent of persons listed as missing were between 13-24 years and 17.5 percent of bodies exhumed fell within this age group; 73.6 percent of persons listed as missing were over 25 years of age and 82.8 percent of bodies exhumed fell within this age group."

Needless to say, the judges rejected the commonsense explanation that in any war the vast majority of the dead are likely to be male of more or less combat age and that the vast majority of the population anywhere in Europe is likely to be over 25 years of age. "The correlation between the age and sex of the bodies exhumed from the Srebrenica graves," the court concluded happily, "and that of the missing persons support the proposition that the majority of missing people were, in fact, executed and buried in the mass graves." Here's a circular piece of reasoning if ever there was one.

"It is impossible to determine with precision the number of Bosnian Muslim men killed by Bosnian Serb forces," the judges declared. Nonetheless, they had no doubt that the "total number of victims is likely to be within the range of 7,000-8,000 men." This is likely to prove before long to be a highly injudicious statement. In November 2002 AFP ran a story that opened with a startling announcement: "DNA testing has helped speed up the identification of thousands of people killed in the 1992-1995 Bosnian war, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) said Friday. Since being introduced in November a year ago, 1,200 victims have been identified, compared to 73 in six previous years, the commission said." 73? Is that all? With so few bodies identified one really ought to hesitate before bandying about big numbers with such abandon. According to AFP, "there were still some 10,000 bags with human remains waiting to be identified, mostly people who died in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre….. Some body bags contain complete bodies, some just body parts and many merely contain bones dug up from other gravesites." How the wire reporter had established that the "human remains" were from Srebrenica was far from clear.

Over a month later the New York Times ran essentially the same story, but with a few notable additions and omissions. DNA, the Times reporter writes, "has helped forensic experts to match 1,500 more bodies to the list of 30,000 people still missing after Bosnia's brutal war, which claimed more than 200,000 lives between 1992 and 1995." Here the Times is deliberately muddying issues. How does it know that 200,000 were killed during the Bosnian war? Is the paper suggesting that 170,000 bodies have been positively identified and that 30,000 still remain to be accounted for? Or that 200,000 have been declared missing and are presumed dead? So does that mean that the 30,000 will eventually have to be added on to the 200,000? However, the story gets even murkier: "two-thirds of the bodies that remain unaccounted for have yet to be found." This suggests "two-thirds" of 30,000 "have yet to be found." Using the Times numbers we get 170,000 dead that have been positively identified, 10,000 bodies that remain to be identified and 20,000 that are still missing. But where does that 10,000 number come from? It sounds like the Times reporter confused the "10,000 bags with human remains" that AFP talked about with 10,000 bodies. "Just 73 victims from Srebrenica had been identified," the Times states. Again, this seems to be a misinterpretation. AFP did not specify that the 73 came from Srebrenica.

The Times then quotes Gordon Bacon, head of the commission in Bosnia, as explaining that it's very hard to know how many bodies there are. "Just 1,800 of the 4,500 body bags stacked in a morgue in the northern town of Tuzla contain a complete body," Bacon explained. "The rest are just bits and pieces of co-mingled remains." In other words, we have absolutely no idea how many bodies have been exhumed, let alone who they were or where they came from. The Times reporter didn't like where all this was leading, so he resumed the familiar tale of Karadzc and Mladic.

In the last hundred years two world wars were fought in the Balkans, two Balkan wars, not to mention a number nasty civil wars. Dig a hole deep enough anywhere in the Balkans and you're likely to hit a mass grave. The Times or the Hague Tribunal will of course keep telling us that they are all hiding the remains from Srebrenica.

Any lie will do to justify U.S. military attack. Does Iraq have weapons of mass destruction? It scarcely matters. Once the victim-country is conquered and occupied, no one will be much interested in the truth. By then a new victim will have been targeted.

Anonymous said...

So according to this dude there is no way to tell if a skeleton is 5 years old or 200 years old. Give me a break.
Also look at all the wars throughout the history of the balakns and you'll always see Serbians going to other balkan countries and starting a war. This makes it easy on the prosecuters to identify the victims lying in the mass graves. Non Serb civilians attacked by invading Serb colonialists.

Anonymous said...

Please try to ignore bitch-ass Serbs. Let them suck my lollypop.

Going back to the topic: Rugova, get well soon. Lots of love from ancient Dardania!

Anonymous said...

If these filthy genocide revisionists just stuck to Kosova, they might (almost) have an argument, given they can demonise NATO intervention etc. Yet it is when they also show themselves as the most disgusting genocide revisionists over Bosnia and Srebrenica that they show their real colours, and you can forget all that alleged 'anti-NATO' ant-great power' stuff then, given that the UN, NATO, the EU, the US, everyone, sat and watched for 3.5 years while the most heavily armed force in eastern europe ripped a country to pieces, dynamited 1400 mosques, killed 150,000 people, the vast majority Muslims, while the 'great powers' imposed an arms embargo on Bosnia, and then the Chetniks topped this off by murdering 8000 defenceless captives in Srebrenica. So with this background, mit kind of makes anything said by miserable revisonists like this "left"-right George Szmanuely character on Kosova pretty suspect from the start. This guy that is who tries to impress the more gullible on the left, while he is a researcher for the far right Hudson Institute and writes for the Buchaninite so-called "".

Enough, enough re him, re his piece, here's something re the numbers massacred by his Chetnik friends in Srebrenica:

As far as numbers go: on 5 June 2005 Bosnia's Federal Commission for
Missing Persons (Federalna Komisija za nestale osobe) issued a provisional
list giving the names, parents' names, dates of birth and unique citizen's
registration numbers of 8,106 individuals for whom it has been reliably
established from multiple independent sources that they went missing
and/or were killed in and around Srebrenica in the summer of 1995. A
verification process is underway for another approximately 500 victims
whose disappearance or death has not yet been verified from two or more
independent sources. The Federal Commission's updated list was made
public early last month; as Kate has already indicated in her posting,
a copy of this list of 8,106 individuals is posted (in pdf format) on
Domovina Net ( ) - the link is at the bottom of the page.
I would urge all to take a look at it.

Relatives and friends have registered a total of 7,789 names of people
missing or known to be dead from the July 1995 events at Srebrenica with
another reporting body, the ICMP (International Commission on Missing
Persons, ICMP). In addition, the ICRC has also compiled its own list,
based on inquiries from friends and relatives. Another list appears
as an annex to the RS Srebrenica Commission's June 2004 report. As far
as I'm aware, until now only the Federal Commission for Missing Persons
has publicized both its entire preliminary list and its methodology.

It should also be kept in mind that names appear on the missing persons
lists as a result of active inquiries from relatives and others close to
the missing/deceased individuals in question. In addition to these names
there must have been other individuals who were among the dead and missing
in July 1995, but do not appear on these lists, because they had no close
friends or relatives there to inquire after them - including cases where
all family members were killed.

Consider, as just one example, the case of UNPROFOR interpreter Hasan
Nuhanovic, whose father, mother, and younger brother were sent to their
deaths in July 1995 when Dutchbat's commander Colonel Franken refused
to allow them to remain at the UNPROFOR base in Potocari. If Hasan
had elected to go with them, there would be no one left alive to enter
the names of the members of the Nuhanovic family on the official lists
of the missing. We know that there must be many others like them. As
Ed Vulliamy and Nerma Jelacic recently reported from the forensic labs
at Tuzla:

A man called Nermin Hodzic fits two pieces of bone together to
ascertain a clean break. "Within this group of bones are at least
three people", says Katzmarzyk, doing her rounds. "Here, we have
a very young person, probably 16 or less ... Right here, we have
a knee, that's all there is - and some burning, as you can see".
The bone is indeed charred; one's mind's eye thinks back to Kravica,
and boggles.
On the floor is a completed skeleton - "but in this case we have
no relative", says Katzmarzyk, "no blood sample. We've had him
completed since 2003 and he needs to go home. We desperately need
more people to come forward with blood samples. Here on this table,
the same situation - a person complete since 13 February 2002 -
but no name, and no one to claim him".

On bodies recovered: since the summer of 1996, forensic investigators
from the ICTY, the ICMP, and the Federal Commission for Missing Persons
have carried out exhumations at 42 mass grave sites connected with the
summer 1995 killings in and around Srebrenica. The matching of victims'
remains with the names of those missing from Srebrenica since July 2005
has been made possible by documents, clothing, and other physical
analysis of the remains, including DNA matches with more than 70,000
samples collected so far from surviving family members. But while
DNA identification is a powerful tool, it has limited applicability
in the case of these particular victims. As a report from AdvocacyNet

The reason, again, lies in the nature of the Srebrenica massacre.
DNA testing is easiest when the victim's parents are both alive
and can provide samples. That provides a 100% match. But many
of the victims were fathers - which instantly cuts the odds
that their own murdered sons can be identified. In principle,
old men were allowed to leave, and their survival has made it
easier to identify their sons who were killed. But in many cases,
all of the male members of entire families were killed.
At this point, the puzzle spins off in many different directions.
The victims were overwhelmingly male, but a wife's DNA cannot identify
a dead husband, and a living daughter cannot identify a dead father.
A sister cannot identify a dead brother. The further away one gets
from the central relationship of both parents to the child, the
more corroborative evidence is required. Even the identification
of a leg is not enough to confirm a death, because the person
might have lost a leg and survived. If two twins were killed, and both
parents survived, their DNA alone will not tell which twin was which.

Thus far, more than 6,000 sets of full or partial human remains have been
recovered from mass grave sites in the Srebrenica area. Each of these bags
can hold the full (or sometimes very partial) remains of one or as many
as 30 human beings. From these, forensic specialists have been able,
primarily by the use of DNA testing to confirm the identities of 2,079
victims' remains, which have been handed back to their families so that
they can bury them with the dignity befitting a human being. It should
be noted that the forensic scientists have a policy of notifying families
and returning remains only in cases where they have been successful in
identifying and reassembling a substantial portion of the victim's body.
Partial remains, as well as full skeletons that have not been positively
identified through DNA matches or other methods, remain at the mortuary.

It should be noted that most of the 42 mass grave sites from which remains
of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacres have recovered were secondary
or even tertiary burial sites. In the fall of 1995, a few months after the
victims'bodies had been initially buried, the remains were dug up using
heavy equipment and moved, often a considerable distance away from the
original site, and reburied in other places, in order to hide evidence
of the crimes. This results in what are called secondary or tertiary
burial sites; in most cases, the bones of victims are found to have been
mangled and scattered by bulldozers; sometimes parts of the remains of
the same victim have been found buried at two or more sites. According to
witnesses, some bodies were disposed of by being dumped into the Drina or
by other means, or left where they were killed in the woods; many of these
may never be found or accounted for.

In addition to the 42 sites already investigated, there are at least 20
other mass graves whose existence is known (some of the latter sites were
identified in June 2004 by the RS Commission on Srebrenica) but which
still await full forensic examination. Other, previously unknown burial
sites are being uncovered even now. The latest grisly discoveries include
one where exhumations began June 21, containing partial remains of 240
people, with personal documents found at the site identifying victims
as people from Srebrenica missing since July 1995 (AP, 21 June 2005);
and another site found near Potocari on 10 July 2005, believed to contain
about 100 partial sets of human remains.

For a map prepared for the genocide trial of Gen. Krstic before the ICTY,
showing locations of primary and secondary mass grave sites in the area
north of Srebrenica (including only sites exhumed before that trial), see

Besides the forensic evidence, the facts about the July 1995 massacre are
supported by survivors' accounts, satellite photos, RS military documents,
radio intercepts, sworn witness statements before the ICTY, several guilty
pleas by Bosnian Serb indictees who admitted taking part in the massacres
and by the reports of official investigations carried out by national and
international bodies, ranging from the UN to the RS Srebrenica commission.

Full texts of the most important reports, as well as video footage and
other evidence can also be found posted on Domovina Net's Srebrenica pages
(follow the links in the navigation bar at left)

Andras Riedlmayer

Anonymous said...

Last attempt by Serbs? Copy/paste? ohhoooo, you will soon be lining up for an entry visa to Kosova.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo Serbs' killings end year of calm
28 Aug 2005 12:02:17 GMT

By Matthew Robinson
PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Two Serbs were killed and a third was seriously wounded when their car was shot at in Kosovo, shattering a year-long lull in attacks there on Serbs, police said on Sunday.
A fourth man in the car was slightly wounded by the shots from an overtaking vehicle late on Saturday near Strpce by the southern border with Macedonia, a police spokesman said.
The United Nations has run the majority-Albanian province, legally part of Serbia, since a 1998-99 war ended with the withdrawal of Serb forces. Thousands of Serbs left and those who stayed have been frequent targets.
The United Nations is within weeks of deciding whether the province has made enough progress on standards of democracy, minority rights and security for "final status" negotiations, which Albanians hope will bring formal independence.
Serbia's prime minister seized on the killings as evidence such standards are far from being met.
"I want to hear loud and clear from you what kind of standards we are talking about when youths are killed only because they are Serbs," Vojislav Kostunica said in a statement addressed to Kosovo's U.N. governor Soren Jessen-Petersen.
Jessen-Petersen said he was "shocked and appalled by this senseless and tragic crime".
The ages of the four men could not be confirmed. Neither could Serb media reports that three Albanians had been arrested with hunting rifles and spent cartridges in their white Mercedes.
Police said one of the wounded was in critical condition.
Strpce's Serb mayor told Reuters the Serbs' car was carrying old Yugoslav "PR" licence plates denoting Pristina, rather than the "KS" plates introduced by the U.N. after the war and used by Albanians. This clearly identified them as Serbs.
It was the worst incident since a Serb teenager was shot dead in June last year in the Serb enclave of Gracanica. Two Albanians have been charged with that murder.
In two days of rioting in March 2004, 19 people died and 800 homes were razed as ethnic Albanian mobs overran Serb enclaves, overwhelming the 17,000-strong NATO peace force.
Analysts warn a repeat of such violence would almost certainly derail a U.N. review under way into whether to launch negotiations on "final status". Serbia opposes independence.
U.N. envoy Kai Eide is expected to recommend next month whether to launch or delay talks.
The 90-percent Albanian majority is impatient for independence, six years after NATO bombers drove out Serb forces accused of brutal atrocities in fighting separatist rebels.
An estimated 180,000 Serbs fled after the war. Some 100,000 stayed, many in isolated enclaves such as Strpce. (Additional reporting by Branislav Krstic and Shaban Buza)

Anonymous said...

150k dead???? dude again if u belive those invnted numbers by Haris Silajdzic then u also think that there ar still weapons of mass destruction in iraq. fact isthe # dead in bosnia is 30K, look it up on ur own, look a the report for missing person, look at teh red cross look it up and see what people have been writng (and I mean not ANTI SERB typical bullshit ) but the facts, yes many died in srebrenica and tha is a shame also many serbs were killed by naser oric and his thugs between 92-95 (3,200) around srebrenica, 5k serbs were killed in sarajevo in 146 camps, why NO mention of the serb victims???? dude say the articel is bogus tehn prove it wrong?? i DARE U TO PROVE ANY OF THE NUMBERS THERE TO BE WRONG!!! u cant caue its all right, teh fact that u people can still talk about this after u lied to the world that 500,000 albos had been killled in kosovo is a true testament to ur character, liars liars and that is all.

Anonymous said...

Serbs have perfected the art of lying to such extremes that they themselves believe those lies...

Get a girl Martyr...

Anonymous said...

" At 6:06 AM, Anonymous said...
Last attempt by Serbs? Copy/paste? ohhoooo, you will soon be lining up for an entry visa to Kosova. "

Copy/Paste??? Your whole website is much more informative, isn't it? With lots of articles written by your own vey capable journalists?

Anonymous said...

Well you keep bringing pro-Serb articles here so what say you?

I was serious about the visa. I will make sure I figure out who you are so our consular services in Belgrade refuse you entry. From what I gather you are a dangerous dogmatic individual and as such you are to remain outside the borders of the republic (in case you dont know which one I'm refering to...Kosova).

Anonymous said...

uh oh, her comes panic on behalf of the abanians...

just a matter of time untill the world figures out what criminals you really are.

Anonymous said...

Yes its a shame my hard earned tax dollars go to help another criminal.

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow bloggers/Pershendetje

What I think is interesting is that Albanians here really care about what Serbs copy/paste in to the blog. Now why should we care about what Serbs say and think, we are talking about Serbs fellow Albanians, a country where more then 50% doesn't know how to read or write. All of albanians, stop thinking so highly about Serbs, one might think that you would have learned that you cant try to reason with a bear when its attacking, shoot the god damned animal.


Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet
Institution for Political Science
University of Lund

Anonymous said...

"Well you keep bringing pro-Serb articles here so what say you?

I was serious about the visa. I will make sure I figure out who you are so our consular services in Belgrade refuse you entry. From what I gather you are a dangerous dogmatic individual and as such you are to remain outside the borders of the republic (in case you dont know which one I'm refering to...Kosova)."

Why do you assume all so-called "pro-Serb" posts are made by the same person? FYI there is more than one of us and... ...we all won't tolerate criminals who wish to steal our territory!

Anonymous said...

" a country where 50% cant read or wirte that was propaganda written by fucking b92 traitors who are financed by soros and other pro albo nazi loving scum. how about these guys below, cant they "not read n write"?? u ignorant sheep hearder:

Belgrade engineering students win international competition Students of the Faculty of Electric and Technical Engineering from Belgrade first in Chicago

Team of ten students of the Faculty of Electric and Technical Engineering of the University in Belgrade, won the first prize and 10,000 Dollars at the biggest world competition of young electric engineers held in Chicago from August 15 to 17.

With a help of electronics they added to an engine that is being installed in household gadgets for the purpose of saving of electricity, they were proclaimed the best young electronic engineers in the final ahead of the two USA teams.

Apart from the main prize they also got two secondary prizes, for presentation and technical documentation. These prizes are especially valuable for them because they have to make presentation and speak about the technical documentation in English, the mother tongue of their chief competitors.

The 2005 International
Future Energy ChallengeTM
Sponsored by
the IEEE Power Electronics Society,
the IEEE Industry Applications Society,
the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society,
the IEEE Power Engineering Society,
the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,
the European Power Electronics Association, and others.

August 17, 2005 – 2005 Awards Announced
We concluded the 2005 final competition. Congratulations to the following winners.
Topic A:

· First Place (for $10,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia
· Outstanding Design Innovation (for $6,500) - University of South Carolina, USA
· Outstanding Educational Impact (for $2,000) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
· Outstanding Presentation (for $2,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia
· Outstanding Technical Report (for $2,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow bloggers/Pershendetje

TO the 10:27 AM LOSER!,

U just proved my case you moron!, by posting the Serb winners of some competition. I said 50% not 100%, so there is some example were Serbs succeed in other things then murder. I never seem to be amazed of these Serbs, when Albanian media post news its propaganda, when Serb media post news that happens to be negative then this to is propaganda. Go back to your bomb-making activities (Serbian bombs in the London bombing) dear Serb blogger.

THINK BEFORE U WRITE, and here I go, asking a Serb to do something I already know is impossible for him to do!

Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet
Institution for Political Science
University of Lund

Anonymous said...

serbian bombs in london??? dude again this is why one cant even speak with albos serioulsly cause u just invent bogus claims, stupidity, show me ONE ACT OF TERRORISIM THAT SERBS HAVE COMMITED IN THE WEST????? SHOW ME????? Hahahahhaha that is what u fanatical muslims do. "visa for KOSOVO"???? dude besides the SERBINA MONASTARIES WHAT WOULD ANY ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD EVER WANT TO GO TO KOSOVO FOR???????? FOR WHAT???? I mean besides the herion and hookers what else is there in kosovo?????????? mud and dirt ok, poor albos, ok, what would anyone wnat to see in kosovo besides the glorious serb churches as opposed to teh muslim filth.

Anonymous said...

n my dear albo sheep lover it not just "come competition" its the best and largest competition in the world for young electrical engineers, since u only know how to make love to sheep this might be extremly difficult for u to understand. just know its like for someone with a lot of brains n intellect, n not someone who takes care of sheep and takes their shoes off when they enter a house.

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow bloggers/Pershendetje

"besides the herion and hookers what else is there in kosovo?" Someone has to take care of your women. We are generous we Albanians, we at least give your women something to do. =)

When it comes to drugs, u Serbs are quite good at that, look at the eyes or your leaders:
“Transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin moving to Western Europe on the Balkan route; economy vulnerable to money laundering. = Text from CIA WORLD FACT BOOK about Serbia!”

“Mud and dirt” – description falls well in what I saw in Serbia this year, u are truly serbs, U know for a while there I thought you were some of those drug dealers u were talking about but then I realized that u must be the hooker…=). Well you would know better then me, I’m only educated in a university as young as 339 years (anno 1666, Lund University).

When it comes to the idiot speaking of some sheep or something, this is all I have to state: what you do in your private life should stay private!!.

I don’t have the time or will to hear of your kinky way of making serb women or hookers as the blogger above u called them, feel good.

Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet
Institution for Political Science
University of Lund

Anonymous said...

thats all u got? haha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the brilliant scholar from the University of Lund

OOOhhhh Should we be impressed that you are going to a school that is 339 years old?

Does that automatically make you a genius?

For your information, the quote you pulled from the CIA Fact book is the same for albania.

Suggestion? Spend some time on the books or the Swedish women... on the other hand forget the Swedish women, that would be above your comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Uhh Martyr you really need to get laid...but let me tell you something, Scandinavians and Finns don't really go for lunatics and racists, they are civilized ppl :)

Anonymous said...

"For your information, the quote you pulled from the CIA Fact book is the same for albania."

Unfortunately the CIA factbook has many flaws about many issues about many countries. One thing it does get right though is criminal activity, which is high in all countries and doesnt have anything to do with nationality. Crimes in war on the other hand, are a different issue.

Martyr, btw, better Lund and Sweden than Belgrade.

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow bloggers/Pershendetje

"OOOhhhh Should we be impressed that you are going to a school that is 339 years old?" - Yes you should! I know u feel honoured to speak to me!

"Does that automatically make you a genius?" - Yes it does! THANK U

"For your information, the quote you pulled from the CIA Fact book is the same for albania." - One thing differs from albania when u read about serbia in CIA world fact book and that is the many war criminals that walk your streets!

"Suggestion? Spend some time on the books or the Swedish women... on the other hand forget the Swedish women, that would be above your comprehension." - I thank you for the advice! "that would be above your comprehension" - U really dont understand do you, I do not in any way want to know about your problems geting laid. Seeing your flaws and laying them on me will not solve your problems.

Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet
Institution for Political Science
University of Lund

Anonymous said...

"One thing differs from albania when u read about serbia in CIA world fact book and that is the many war criminals that walk your streets!"

Yes, I am sure the CIA factbook is very factual on issues like that, especially when they forget their own war criminals like Bill Clinton and his clique. When they are so good at ignoring and justifying their own crimes, no wonder they forget about yours, too. As for Serbia, I am sure all individual war criminals will be held to account and pay for what they have done - in their own country!

Anonymous said...

dude Serbia is an oasis of beauty when u comapre it to kosovo or albania, CIA fact book???? dude this is an organisation that was one of the MAIN players in breaking up the country, u think they will write anything decent??? this atricle here shows what type of scum thye support, scum of the earth HAVE U NO SHAME?????? MUSLIMS STEALING CHRISTIAN CHURCHES??

International officials against the appropriation of Serb monasteries
Radio Serbia and Montenegro - Tuesday, August 23 19:46

Representatives of the ContactGroup, the OSCE and UNMIK most severely condemned the writing of the Pristina EPOKA E RE newspaper, which claimed that Serb medieval monasteries in Kosmet are allegedly Albanian cultural monuments. At a meeting in Pristina, international officials assessed such an unfounded and aggressive language of hate as unacceptable in Europe today. Representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church Sava Janjic pointed out that this was a shameless attempt to alter history generating hate towards the Serb people, the Serbian Orthodox Church and culture, which has been present in the province for ten centuries.

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow bloggers/Pershendetje

To the 6:35 AM BLOGGER!

"Yes, I am sure the CIA fact book is very factual on issues like that, especially when they forget their own war criminals like Bill Clinton" hehhehe, I love this part, and you know why? - Because it’s a very very stupid part! Last time I checked NATO consisted of 26 countries and the country that bombed Serbia the most (flew most missions) was Denmark. Please say that we should put Nato on trial or maybe Denmark. Yes, Denmark sounds like a good idea.

And Serbia handling criminals, I THINK NOT my fellow blogger; We know very well how Serbia handles criminals, Mladic, Karadzic may ring a bell or maybe the son of the butcher of the Balkans, Milosevic.

Albanians have probably committed war crimes too, but another thing that differs here, we act like the men we are; Haradinaj was accused, and he went to prove his innocence; Limaj was accused and did he run a way like a cowered (i.e. Serbs), noo he didn't. Don't try to compare yourself to Albanians; you will never reach that level of humanity, dignity and self-respect!

Stay well dear 6:35 AM BLOGGER!

Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet
Institution for Political Science
University of Lund

Anonymous said...


Spokesmen for
Kosova's President Ibrahim Rugova said on 29 August in Prishtina that
he is in stable condition at a U.S. military hospital near
Heidelberg, Germany, Prishtina dailies reported (see "RFE/RL
Newsline," 29 August 2005). One spokesman denied rumors that Rugova
is suffering from lung cancer and said that Rugova will return to
work soon. Prishtina media noted that parliamentary speaker Nexhat
Daci would take over the president's duties if Rugova were unable to perform them. Rugova has been the virtually unchallenged leader of the Kosovar Albanians for the past two decades. Analysts noted that it might not be easy for his Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) to find a replacement for the president, who won a direct election. Adem Demaci, who is known as "Kosova's Mandela" for the long years he spent in communist prisons without compromising his principles, is
one of the few people who probably enjoys almost universal respect
among Kosovars. However, he is elderly, has generally shunned active politics, and might not seek or accept the post. PM

Anonymous said...

"Please say that we should put Nato on trial" - OK, by their own standards, if they are so keen on an international court, absolutely!

"And Serbia handling criminals, I THINK NOT my fellow blogger; We know very well how Serbia handles criminals, Mladic, Karadzic may ring a bell or maybe the son of the butcher of the Balkans, Milosevic." - Oh I wasn't thinking of those when I made that comment; I was thinking of REAL war criminals, those individuals who commited atrocities, like it happens in every army.

"we act like the men we are; Haradinaj was accused, and he went to prove his innocence" - Yes, Haradinaj was forced to give up his "post" eventually and go to the Hague (as a token Albanian indictee), but he didn't go off his own accord, and certainly not "like a man". Unlike Vojislav Seselj, who went there voluntarily as soon as he received his indictment, and will not only prove his innocence but destory that whole kangaroo court!

Anonymous said...

To: Drilon
Statsvetenskapliga Institutionen
Lunds Universitet

Genius you are not!

Just because you are fortunate that you are getting an education is one thing, what you do with it is another.

Anonymous said...

Dear Serb,

You have nothing else to do? Go eat ice cream :)

Its funny now suddenly CIA Factbook is unusable and not to be respected.

Martyr here commented about that book:
"dude this is an organisation that was one of the MAIN players in breaking up the country, u think they will write anything decent???"

But then used it to "prove" that Albanians are another post :) Martyr arn't you sorry you brought it up? :)