Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kostunica Cannot Solve Kosovo's Problems, Says Dauti

osovo government spokesman Daut Dauti told BETA on Aug. 2 that Kosovo Premier Bajram Kosumi was ready to talk with his Serbian counterpart, Vojislav Kostunica, but without previously set conditions concerning the topics of discussion.

According to Dauti, the talks cannot be "the fruit of setting terms, especially not now, when the Serbian premier says that there are problems in the decentralization process and that he allegedly wants to come (to Kosovo) and solve them."

"Kostunica is neither in a political nor a legal position to solve problems in Kosovo," Dauti said, adding that the Kosovo government, in case it encounters problems in the province, can turn to UNMIK, the EU and the international community, assigned to help Kosovo institutions.

"There is not a single example to show that Serbia has aided certain processes in Kosovo," Dauti said.


Chris Blaku said...

Kostunica should worry about getting his own house in order before he comes to settle the affairs of the Kosovars.

Anonymous said...

It sure doesn´t look good for Kosovas future;

Aug 03, 2005 9:01 AM

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro-An explosion near a hospital in northern Kosovo slightly wounded a passer-by and damaged property in an ethnically divided town, police said Wednesday.

The blast occurred shortly before midnight Tuesday near a hospital in a southern district of Kosovska Mitrovica, some 45 kilometers (30 miles) north of the capital, Pristina. The explosion damaged several vehicles parked in the area and shattered windows in nearby shops, police said in a statement.

The motive for the explosion was not known, the statement said, but Kosovska Mitrovica is divided between a Serb-dominated north and an ethnic Albanian south and it has been the scene of violent clashes in the past.

Kosovo officially remains a province of Serbia-Montenegro. It was put under U.N. administration in June 1999 following a NATO air war that pushed Serb forces out of the province after they cracked down on ethnic Albanians seeking independence.

REUTERS August 2, 2005

The remains of six Serbs who were abducted by the Kosovo Liberation Army following the deployment of KFOR in Kosovo and Metohija in June 1999 and then murdered were turned over to their families at the administrative crossing of Merdare. Serbian pathologist Dr. Slavisa Dobricanin, the director of the Coordinating Center for Kosovos Section for Exhumations and Identification, said that all six of the deceased were elderly people and that all had been first kidnapped and then shot.

The bodies of father and son Dragomir and Jovica Djukanovic from Prizren were turned over to their families. The two men were kidnapped on July 12, 1999 and their bodies were found at the Siroko site near Suva Reka. Kruna Zabunovic, born in 1931, of Urosevac was kidnapped on August 15, 1999 and her body was found at the Orthodox cemetery in Urosevac.

Husband and wife Stanoje and Dragica from the village of Josanica near Klina were kidnapped on June 14, 1999. Stanoje's remains were discovered near the village of Kramovik on the Klina-Djakovica road, while the body of his wife Dragica was found at the Muslim cemetery Brekovac near Djakovica.
Nikola Radivojevic was also kidnapped in the summer of 1999, on June 27 in Prizren. His body was found at the Orthodox cemetery in Prizren.

APAF 2 Aug

Friday night, an unknown person planted an explosive shell in the front yard of the house belonging to a Serb man, in the village of Cernica near Gnjilane. A hand grenade that was supposed to serve as a detonator was taped to the explosive device with electrical tape. Fortunately, the device failed to explode.

AS P BRUSSELS, Aug. 2, 2005
The European Union is deeply concerned over Kosovo's failure to implement a set of U.N. standards, particularly those related to the return of Serb refugees and decentralization.

European diplomatic sources told on Aug. 2 that the EU concerns emerged after a recent meeting between U.N. special envoy for standards implementation review Kai Eide and the Contact Group. They decided not only that the standards were not being implemented, but also that Kosovo Albanian leaders lacked the political will to do so.

According to the same sources, EU officials believe that pressure, from the United States in particular might prompt negotiations on Kosovo's status to begin next fall. The EU has also warned at the gloomy prospects for overall development in the province, not only when it comes to a more massive and safer Serb return and decentralization as a guarantor of that necessary process, but also the general situation in the Kosovo institutions, economy, and the attitude of the Albanian majority toward the rule of law, European standards, and everyday life in the province.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, the albanians will let their true colors out eventually

Anonymous said...


Nobody is worrying anymore. The albanians have already shown their true colours to the whole world. Why do you think that everything is stalled every month ? 1,5 years ago, about 60% of the international community belived that Kosovo would be independent. Today, the figure is down to maybe 5%. And falling. We will see.

Chris Blaku said...

The reality on the ground is very different than reported by those who refer to Kosova as "Kosovo and Metohija." The journalists with an anti-Albanian agenda conduct their business with a certain direction in mind, to find problems within Kosova's structure, be it politically, economically, socially, anything that assists in discrediting the Kosovar Government.

The truth is precisely the opposite. It is the UNMIK authorities who retain the majority of control in the province, therefore they are to blame for the lack of any progress the provice has suffered. Moreover, the blatant disregard in today's media for Serbia's flagrant behavior with regard to Kosovar Serbs is absent from nearly all published work. For instance, Belgrade has been accused of illegally funding these enclaves and providing them with all types of support in return for their resisting to join Parliament (where they are allotted more seats than their population deserves).

It worthy to mention that the situation in Kosova today for the minorities, is far better than it was for Albanians under Serbian rule. There is much to be said for the baby feeding that the Serbians in Kosova are receiving, as there is absolutely no minority on the planet that is afforded such luxuries. They account for less than 5% of the population, yet their language is recognized as official. They refuse to learn the language spoken by 95% of the population, and pay homage to those that massacred ten thousand Albanians only six years ago with pride.

The reality is that their very presence in Kosova is indicative of the Albanian's political maturity. It was the Serbian intention in the 1998-99 war to drive out the Albanian population and ethnically cleanse the province, and in nearly any other situation that role, when reversed, would have been taken to the furthest extent possible by the victimized population. However, according to Belgrade, there are 100,000 Serbians living in Kosova, and there has been no group that has called for their ouster. Moreover, no armed or political group has threatened to expel them, displace them, reign in on their civil liberties, or anything of the sort. What they have done, in fact, is administer the most compelling and progressive of pleas for the Serbians to work side by side with them, however their invitations have been met with arrogant disregard, as the Serbians alliance falls steadfastly with Belgrade, who is using them as political chess pieces.

It is common for the EU to warn of these issues, and I am sure issues such as these are present in the province, however they childishly attempt to relate instability with an Albanian inability to govern the province. The reality is, the Albanians are a far more educated and progressive people than the Serbians. They have a higher literacy rate, a larger percentage of them have finished educational institutions (usually under harsh conditions), they have proven themselves historically to be defensive as compared to the expansionist nature of the Serbians.

In regard to the explosions planted, they are clearly not indicative of the Albanian will in the province. It would indeed be premature on the Albanians behalf to attempt to derail the peace effort in the province, being that there is no chance for them otherwise. If UNMIK leaves the province, without formal independence being recognized, it sets the stage for a simple Serbian reinvasion. There is no precedent for the Albanians to attack UNMIK, the local Serbians (aside from personal disputes, which will arise) or any political figures amongst themselves (aside, again, from personal disputes). It does however, make more sense for the Serbians to instill a certain degree of instability in the province, through the use of bombs in the region. In fact, the previous explosions at UN headquarters in Kosova that triggered international attention were found to be the responsibility of Serbians, rather than Albanians. When this discovery was made, luckily, the media attention died down and was never reported as widely as the initial explosions were.

The truth on independence is quite different than the picture these bloggers paint. In all actuality, the Americans seem to overwhelmingly support independence, which would entail British support as well. Switzerland has outlined their support, and being that they are a neutral nation this speaks volume for the cause itself. The new lingo that has been adopted, to avert direct support of any outcome among the regional powers, is that "Kosovars must be afforded the right of self-determination," which is what the Croatian president said in his visit, and has been echoed by numerous decision makers, privately and publicly. Nicholas Burns stated that no outcome that is unpopular with the "majority in Kosova would be supported by the United States." Needless to say, the United States retains a neutral front in an effort to remain unbiased in the negotiation process, therefore leveraging their decision making power even further. Moreover, the recognition of Kosova as Kosova, rather than Kosovo, is paramount to the argument for independence as is the unprecedented move of opening an American Embassy in Prishtina. Further developments include the province attaining its own postal code, area code, police force, Parliament, government, privatizing property formally owned by the socialists for sale, with the proceeds being directed into an escrow account for use in a national budget upon the resolving of the status question.

Additionally, the change in the United States lingo regarding the standards before status nonsense that Kosova has been plagued with. It is clear that the eight standards are not met by the very group of nations that issued them as a demand to Kosova, let alone should they be met by an impoverished province that the Russian-Chinese alliance wants to kill while still in its womb. The United States, in countering this deviant tactic, has stated that it prefers standards AND status, rather than standards BEFORE status, which would compell one to see the Albanians are overwhelmingly favored in the nation. Moreover, the Albanians enjoy support from both Republican and Democratic ranks, and only face resistence from extremist groups on both sides of the political spectrum. The Albanians enjoy massive support from Republican powerhouses such as Bob Dole (who recently proclaimed that Kosova should be independent during a visit to Prishtina), President eorge H.W. Bush (who initially warned Milosevic that he would be attacked by the United States is he invaded Kosova) and his son, Paul Wolfowitz (who advocated a ground invasion of Serbia, into the very heart of Belgrade, rather than Clinton's air war), John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice (who was mentored and taught by the father of the great Madeline Albright), as well as countless other influential Republicans. On the Democratic side, needless to say, was President Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Wesley Clark, James Rubin, etc,. The far-left extremist anti-war groups, vehemently opposed intervention in Kosova as based on their fictional principles of world peace. The far-right extremists such as Pat Buchanan and Bill O'Reilly, defended the Serbians as a stepping stone to a strong anti-Clinton agenda.

In conclusion it should be stated that, it is indeed sad that Serbians were killed in a war they conducted, however the number of dead Serbians to Albanians does not compare in the slightest bit.

Anonymous said...

First the proper wasy to address the area is Kosovo & Metohija.

"The journalists with an anti-Albanian agenda conduct their business with a certain direction in mind, to find problems within Kosova's structure, be it politically, economically, socially, anything that assists in discrediting the Kosovar Government."

Now there are journalist with an anti-albanian agenda? In prior blogs you were critical of others when they dared to say this about Serbs. What possible agend could they have & why would they want to discredit the govt.? Are you scared that it might influence public opinion in the World?
How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?

"illegally funding these enclaves..."

Dont talk of illegal funding, your entire war against the Serbs was illegally funded and in violation of the arms embargo.

"Moreover, no armed or political group has threatened to expel them, displace them, reign in on their civil liberties, or anything of the sort."


"The Serbian population in Kosovo should be removed as soon as possible. Serbian settlers should be killed." (Albanian fascist leader Mustafa Kroja, June 1942.)


"He, like many KLA officers, says openly that he dreams of a Kosovo
without Serbs." (Description of KLA death squad commander "the Teacher", Agence France Presse, August 19, 1999)

During the war, the fact is the KLA ethnically cleansed Serbs. Period. Having it your way, no Serb would be left in the region and a Greater albania would be formed.

Nothing has changed.

"pleas for the Serbians to work side by side with them..."

It is one thing to actually work, it is another to use them as window dressing for political gains.

"There is no precedent for the Albanians to attack UNMIK"

False. IF you feel that things are moving too slow for your liking or that the notion of independence is slipping, the motive will exist. Anything short of independence will trigger a response from albanians starting fresh new fighting. WHo are you trying to kid? You even admitted that you would be willing to go to war again(which I doubt you did in the first place).

" It was the Serbian intention in the 1998-99 war to drive out the Albanian population and ethnically cleanse the province"

Did you sit down and talk with Milosevic regarding his intent? Or could it have been that his intent to put down the uprising of the 3000 KLA terrorists? You dont actually know what his intent was do you? You can only speculate, so leave it at that.

"In fact, the previous explosions at UN headquarters in Kosova that triggered international attention were found to be the responsibility of Serbians, rather than Albanians. When this discovery was made, luckily, the media attention died down and was never reported as widely as the initial explosions were."

Where again is your proof? Where was the proof that a gang of Serbs utilizing dogs chased 4 albanian children into the river where 3 died sparking riots throughout the region back in March of the prior year? Oh, thats right, that was a lie too...

""Kosovars must be afforded the right of self-determination," which is what the Croatian president said in his visit, and has been echoed by numerous decision makers, privately and publicly."

This is the last person that you should quote. If what he says it true, then why were the Serbs in Bosnia not allowed the right of self-determination? Why were the Serbs in the Krajina region not allowed the same? The same could be said about others around the world, so what makes Kosovo so special?

And as for the massive support that you have in US, dont kid yourself, there are plenty of others that are on the otherside that are not "extremists"

That is pure speculation just like the majority of your rants.

Good Luck, you will need it!

Bazooka said...

Don't compare Serbs in Bosnia with Albanians in Kosova about self-determination. The Serbs did it to themselves.

Anonymous said...

IF you were so condifent that Kosova will not independent you would not spent so much time trying to convince us 95% of the world.

Why were French pro Saddam? Similar reasonsoning explains why certain journalists have anti-Albanian agenda.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bazooka, why cant you compare them? Both are looking for self-determination and the Bosnian Serbs were denied that freedom.
What is the difference?

To the 4:12 Poster

"IF you were so condifent that Kosova will not independent you would not spent so much time trying to convince us 95% of the world."

No, im not trying to convince anyone the Kosovo will not be independent. What I believe doesnt matter. What I did do was to point out lies and inaccuracies being claimed by the blogger.

"Why were French pro Saddam? Similar reasonsoning explains why certain journalists have anti-Albanian agenda"

Please explain this comment, Im kind of curious.

Could it be that the French were pro Saddam because of the amount of money owed to them? Now what did they get, a canelled note due to forgiveness of debt. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Two things. First the France and Saddam analogy was meant to tell you that if even countries that are taken to be "good" can side with bad people, then so can "neutral" journalist side with the evil. Everyone has an agenda, some care about the truth and the victim, while others (like that journalist) sides with criminals and assassins.

Second, you didn't convince me that the above blogger was lying. As a matter of fact I believe him more than you. He seems to have facts handy, rather than old rumors.

James Donalds,
Washington DC

Anonymous said...


Alot of the info comming up here is bad.

Check out this exchange some time and see for yourself how credible they are.


Jim Obrien
Dallas, TX

Chris Blaku said...

1:03PM blogger-

The proper way to address the area may have been, at one point, Kosovo and Metohija, however times have certainly changed today. Kosova is no longer under the control of the Serbians, and according to the sole superpower in the world, the United States, Kosova will be called Kosova from this point forward. Either way, I am impartial to either version of the name, as it is slavic in its roots.

It is clear that there were and have always been journalists with an anti-Albanian agenda. Numerous second-rate journalists (about a dozen that may be named offhand) have explicitly defied logic and regarded the Albanians as Islamic fundamentalists, and worse have obstructed conventional thinking in defending Serbian action in the 1990s.

There is no reason to comment on the idea of an illegally funded rebellion, as I'm sure the author would be hard pressed to find a rebellion which was deemed legal by the Government it was against. What was illegal, was the mistreatment and oppression of the Albanians at the hands of the Serbian government, yet the all-too-common outcries of human rights groups that are so prevalent today, were not heard in the 90's.

It was laughable to see you quote unnamed KLA officers from the French Media (a nation that openly defied the war). France was accused by the United States of providing information illegally to Serbian forces on proposed bombing sites, helping the Serbians move their artillery and weapons ahead of time, to avoid damage by NATO bombs. You quote Mustafa Kroja, as if he represents the word and will of the Albanian majority. Perhaps then, we may do the same, and quote Serbian decision makers whose interests and thoughts actually turned into action:

Serbian offical Djordje Krstic describing the colonization programme in 1928: "The Colonization program is a great success in demographic terms; whereas we were only 24 percent of the population of Kosovo in 1919, the figure has now risen to 38 percent.

In 1938, the entire Albanian population of twenty-three villages in upper Drenica (over 6,000 people) was dispossed. The official policy was to allow only .4 hectares per family member. As a Serbian policy document of the previous year noted: "This is below the minimum for subsistence. But that is and has been our aim: to make their life impossible, and in that way to force them to emigrate."

Orestije Krstic, of the Serbian Culture Club in Belgrade, "The land must be bought from the Albanians, but of course only when it cannot be taken from them without compensation."

Djoka Perina: "It is necessary to create a 67.5 percent majority of Serbs in 'Southern Serbia'... We must introduce 470,000 colonists and expell 300,000 Albanians."

Vaso Cubrilovic, former member of Mlada Bosna, the group of young terrorists who planned the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, became a respected historian in Belgrade University. He submitted a long policy paper to the Yugoslav Government in 1937, recognizing the limitations of the colonization program and recommending alternative action.

"If we assume that the gradual displacement of the Albanians through our progressive colonization is ineffective, then we are left with only one course- that of their mass emigration. At a time when Germany can expel tens of thousands of Jews... the shifting of a few hundred thousand Albanians will not lead to the outbreak of a world war.

The law must be enforced to the letter, to make staying intolerable for the Albanians... such as punishment for smuggling, for cutting the forst, for damaging agriculture, for leaving dogs unchained... any other measure that an experienced police force can contrive. From the economic aspect: the refusal to recognize the old land deeds... The requisitioning of all state and communal pastures... dismissal from state, private and communal offices... When it comes to religion, the Albanians are very touchy. Therefore, they must be harassed on this score too. This can be achieved through the ill-treatment of their clergy, the destruction of their cemeteries... There remains one more means, which Serbia had employed very successfully after 1878: secretly burning down Albanian villages and city quarters."

The Commander of the Yugoslav Third Army (based in Kosova) in 1922 stated that "the conversion of Mosques to cavalry stables or ammunition depots is a way of putting pressure on the Muslim Albanians to emigrate."

At Serbia's leadership in the 20th century, were some of the most racist and fiercely anti-Albanian Serbians that ever existed. Among them Vojislav Marinkovic, prime minister from 1932 to 1934, Milan Stojadinovic and Dimitrije Ljotic, both fascists and open admirers of Hitler. Slobodan Milosevic and Vojislav Selselj, the former was responsible for the torture, oppression, murder and expulsion of countless Albanians (as well as Croats, Slovenes and Bosnians) and the latter is considered a maniac by most who know him personally, his undeterred aggression may be attributed to his homosexual rape in a Belgrade prison.

The only people that have used the Serbians as window dressing for political gain, are the Serbians in Belgrade. It has even been stated by numerous Serbians themselves, that the Serbians are using the Kosovar issue to spice up nationalism in the region, and promote themselves politically. There is no reason for the Albanian Kosovars to promote work and plead for the Serbians to help them in government for their own political gain. Perhaps you are unaware with the realities on the ground, but the animosity towards Serbians from the Albanians is still very great, and politicians with the political will to reintroduce pro-Serbian ideas in Kosova are viewed with great skepticism by the Albanians.

With regard to your idea on Albanians attacking UNMIK of things are moving slowly, or the notion of independence is slipping. UNMIK and the international presence in Kosova are the only things guaranteeing the safety of the Albanians, and any attempt to disengage this occupation would be akin to suicide for the Albanian population. It would take less than 24 hours for the Serbians to reoccupy Kosova and place the province under the military rule it was accustomed to for the previous decade. (I did not mention that I fought the Serbians in the war, another blogger did, so stay focued).

On the subject of Milosevic's intent, I doubt that anything went on in Serbia under Milosevic's authoritarian rule without his expressed go-ahead. I strongly doubt that a million Albanians were expelled from their homes against the orders of the man who ruled Serbia with an iron fist, according to the Serbians themselves. We can compare your comment with Hitler's intent in World War 2, since he never actually mentioned killing 6 million jews, we can't reasonably conclude his intent, only speculate, right?

As for the proof on the Serbian responsibility for the bombings in Prishtina it was posted on this blog and I've pasted it as follows:

Petkovic: Marko Jaksic behind bomb attack in Zubin Potok

‘According to private information that I have the Serb National Council in the north of Kosovo is behind the bomb attack, namely Marko Jaksic. I will ask the international police to declare the SNC as a terrorist organization’, papers quote the Minister for Returns and Communities, Slavisa Petkovic, as saying.

The Croatian President is a reasonable person to quote, being that he represents one of the strongest voices in the Balkans, and his nation is up for EU candidacy. His nation's issues with the Serbians are not my concern, therefore I will not take the time to respond to your complaints and rants on Croatia. Besides, what makes Kosova special is the mineral rich character of the province, but Serbia is well aware of that.

The names I've listed as American supporters are the political juggernauts of the United States. You cannot argue with reason, and if you can, please list the names of the Albanian's opponents in the political scene in America. Bill O'Reilly and Pat Buchanan, the end.

Anonymous said...

The last time I check your impeccable sources they turned out to be transparent as your arguement.

Anonymous said...

Is this enough?

Senator George Voinovich
Congressman Dan Burton
Congressman Rahm Emanuel
Rep. Steve Chabot
Rep Howard L Berman
Rep Howard L Berman CO-6
Rep Dennis J. Kucinich
Rep. Curt Weldon
Rep Robert Wexler
Rep. Joe Wilson
Rep Melissa Bean
Rep Mark Green
Rep Pete Visclosky
Rep Darrel Issa
Rep Corrine Brown
Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Rep Chris Van Hollen
Rep Trent Franks
Rep Diane Watson
Rep Ken Calvert
Rep Zoe Lofgren
Rep Bob Ney
Rep Ben Chandler
Rep Mike Pence
Rep Brad Sherman
Rep Mike Bilirakis
Rep Tim Holden
Rep John Shadegg
Rep Joe Schwarz

Anonymous said...

You got told dudeee. What is the ratio of quotes presently? 1 pro serb with 20 pro Albanian or something like that? I am having hard time keeping track of them.

Anonymous said...

It matters not what Albanian think or wish. Kosovo will not be independent. The whole international community knows that there will be trouble further on when Albanians realize they have lost. Kosovo Albanians are not scared of anything except the Serbian military and police. Those scare the hell out of them even if they would never admit it. This is the fact and obvious to most countries. Everybody knows that if Kosova should gain independence, the West will have to pay a higher price than to keep Kosova as it is. Otherwise, it would have gained independence long time ago. Many people on this blog think, wish, demand and recommend. The truth is something totally diffenrent as we will see. Probably would the best solution be independence in some form, but it will not be. We will see where it will end.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gents, the above poster is a wana-be-war-criminal, since he implies that only the Serb war criminal machine can solve the Kosovar problem, the solution being murder of 2 milion Albanians.

Serbs are very civilized, my for some Ice-cream oh ye Serb old Brother?

Anonymous said...

Why is this serb, 11:39 PM blogger, who is anonymous of course, keep typing this adress again and again?

I read those comments many times, and all I can see there is some rubish he posted.
You quote historian "Stevan K. Pavlowitch" as a reliable source, who is a critic of Noel Malcolm. Great! His name doesn't sound slavic at all, and I'm sure he is neutral. Yeah right!

Blaku destroyed your so called "arguments" all over. Yet you persist in showing the link again and again, as if you proved something. Kinda reminds me of the serbian habit of celebrating their defeats (like the Kosovo battle in 1389)...
The only thing you proved there was what kind of an imbecille you are.

First of all, write your name, if you dare, so that we can have a conversation.
And leave your serbian ideas where they belong, in the garbage.

Kosova is going to be independent, and there is nothing you or your allies can do about it. But I'm sure you'll continue to bitch and moan, like you always do.


Anonymous said...

Since our serbian bloggers keep posting different articles for their own ends, I thought I'd post this one

Monastery beating charges
Nine indicted: Three attacked in Third Lake

Nine young men from out of state have been indicted by a Lake County grand jury for their alleged roles in the violent beating of three men at the Serbian Monastery by Third Lake on July 4.

According to police reports, the nine were in three cars "spinning doughnuts" in a grassy area. Another man, voicing concerns about the safety of children in the area, asked the nine to stop.

The nine got out of their cars and allegedly began beating the man, according to police. When two other men tried to come to the victim's assistance, the nine allegedly beat them, also.

One of the victims allegedly was hit in the head with a six-foot steel post, and suffered a concussion.

Two of the victims received hospital treatment for injuries.
The third, who reportedly was vomiting blood, refused treatment.

All nine of the alleged attackers were indicted Wednesday by the grand jury on charges of aggravated battery and mob action. The Class Three offenses, upon conviction, carry maximum sentences of five years in prison, but are also probationable.

One of the nine, Alexsander Kosevic, 18, of Milwaukee, has been charged with armed violence. The Class X offense carries, upon conviction, a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and is not probationable.

The other eight include Aleksandar Markovic, 19, Dusan Oljic, 19, Tevojsa Trivunovic, 19, and Goran Delipara, 19, all from Milwaukee plus Sretko Rakic, 20, and Bojan Delipara, 20, both from Greenfield, Wis., Stevica Veselinovic, 19, of West Allis, Wis. and Predrag Blecic, 19, of Hobart, Ind.


Well how about that?
That's the serbs in a nutshell, always violent.


Anonymous said...

"Kostunica is neither in a political nor a legal position to solve problems in Kosovo"???

Since when is it legal for provinces of sovereign countries to be run by criminal premiers? But, whether or not Vojislav Kostunica can solve Kosmet's problems, legally or otherwise, Kosovo je Srpsko!

Deshar said...

Initially the Albanians responded to the repression with peaceful and passive resistance. In 1992 the people of Kosova held free elections in which they chose their leadership, expressed their determination for the independence of Kosova in the 1991 referendum, and in the same year the Kosovar parliament declared the independence of Kosova. They formed a parallel government, found means of continuing Albanian-language education outside of occupied premises and providing health care (most Albanian doctors were dismissed from state-owned hospitals by Serb installed authorities). albania media

Anonymous said...

The beating that occured did involve cars and people of course, but there was no doughnuts. Three guys received beating because they got drunk and beat up on younger person that was a friend to the other "nine" and so the others got involved. The story that the three put up is made up and full of lies. If anyone may have questions or wants to know what exactly happened, please write a comment on this site and i will write back.

Anonymous said...

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