Monday, August 08, 2005

Kosovo regrets Robin Cook’s death

All dailies report, most of them on the front page, on the death of the former British Foreign Minister, Robin Cook and carry the regrets of the people and the institutions of Kosovo, who consider Cook as a friend and supporter of Kosovo.

‘Big pain for the loss of our friend’ is the headline in Koha Ditore. ‘It is painful and tragic, the death of Robin Cook, the man and the politician who during critical years for Kosovo was heading the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs’, Muhamet Hamiti, a spokesperson of the Presidency is quoted as saying.

Zëri reports that Robin Cook was the man who considered protecting Kosovo as his greatest achievement. The paper also carries an editorial under the headline ‘The man of principles’.

Newly published Tema describes Cook as a ‘diplomat whose principles corresponded with the fate of Kosovo’. Kosovo’s advocate, is the headline in Lajm.


Anonymous said...

New threats for UN from Albanian rebels | 12:52 August 08 | B92

PRISTINA -- Monday – UN officials in Kosovo have received threatening letters from the Albanian National Army which are believed to signal a new campaign against the international administration of Serbia’s southern province.

UNMIK staff have been told to report threats to the security service, say Belgrade media.

But the Kosovo Protection Corps, the home guard formed by the transformation of the former guerrilla Kosovo Liberation Army say they are not surprised by the group’s threats.

Corps commander Agim Ceku says that the Albanian National Army has organised bomb attacks on the UNMIK headquarters and attempted to assassinate President Ibrahim Rugova.

The director of the Forum for Ethnic Relations told media that the lack of cooperation between Kosovo Albanian politicians and UN officials has opened a space for extremist activities.

“It’s obvious that the Albanian movement is mixing violence with politics. When the politics isn’t working they resort to violence,” said Dusan Janjic, adding that UNMIK would not cave in to threats.

Anonymous said...

Can you read? Or are you just a uneducated serbian blogger?

This is an article about Robin Cook, not some phoney threats by ANA.

"Belgrade media"? Well, allow me to burst to laughter... This is really a reliable source of disinformation...uhmm I mean information...

How about the serbs who threw the bombs against Ivanovic, a serb himself? Or the thugs from northern Mitrovica who threaten everyone? Or the three bombs in Prishtina a month ago which was the work of the serbs? Or the terror bombs used in London 7/7 which were made in Belgrade?
serbia is the craddle of terrorism, no matter how you try and twist that...


Ibro said...

“Or the three bombs in Prishtina a month ago which was the work of the serbs?”
Tosi Sweden, I’m curious to learn more about the above. What is your source of info to confirm that?

Anonymous said...


the London bombs were home made, not Yugoslav military explosives as initially suspected. That said, why do we all of sudden need new information to comfirm that Serbia plays nasty? Does anyone need new evidence? Not in Washington where I am sitting.

Anonymous said...

It is not Tosi saying. It is e serious information from Israel about serbian origin of London bombs.

Lea, Tel Aviv

Anonymous said...

as much as I would like for Israel's DEBKA news site to be right that "Belgrade is where al Qaeda goes shopping for the explosives and arms for its terror attacks," the bombs in London were of homemade high explosives.
The materials used are widely available products, such as peroxide. Some were packaged like pancakes, and others contained nails for use as shrapnel.
See the link below for details:

Anonymous said...

I remember his speaches before, during and after the NATO bombing and how passionate and honest they were. When asked what his single most important achievment of his life was he replied "protecting Kosova", even referring to the place by it's Albanian name.
Right before the NATO bombing started I was in my apartament in Prishtina with my family watching BBC News and Robin Cook said "the World will not turn away, we will not cower. We will stand up to tyrany and look it straight in the eye. People of Kosova you are not alone". When facing Genocide and mentally preparing yourself for execution those words carried so much weight and they brought all of us to tears.
I am deeply moved by his passing.
God bless his soul and may he rest in eternal peace.

"If you save a life you would have saved the whole world"!

Robin Cook, thank you for saving us.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the three bombs in Prishtina a month ago, I read it in a newspaper in Kosova where I was last month (can't remember which paper though). The article said the a source from UNMIK had revealed that they suspected that this was a job orchestrated from Serbia. But due to the ongoing investigation, they couldn't reveal more.
Make of it what you want.

And about the London bombs, as Lea said, it was the Israelis that came up the information.
Whether that turns to be true or not is another matter (the link provided by 5:26 PM blogger says otherwise).
However, for Israelis to imply such a direct connection is not a small deal.