Monday, July 04, 2005

Saturday explosions in Pristina strongly condemned

Dailies carry reactions by the SRSG, Søren Jessen-Petersen, Kosovo officials, and representatives from diplomatic offices to three explosions in Pristina on Saturday.

‘Such actions, which I know are not supported by the people of Kosovo, will not be allowed to damage the democratic process in Kosovo’, the SRSG said, adding ‘violence will not divert us from our determination to support the PISG and the citizens of Kosovo in their strong efforts to build a peaceful, democratic and multi-ethnic Kosovo’, according to a UNMIK press release.

President Rugova said, according to a press release, that this is “an act against the freedom, independence, and democracy in our country” and said that “these dangerous acts aim destabilization of our country and come at a time when we were expecting a positive assessment” of the Standards implementation in Kosovo.

PM Kosumi called it an attack against Kosovo institutions and political process in Kosovo. ‘There is no force that can stop progress in Kosovo’, Kosumi said.

The explosions have also been condemned by OSCE chief, Werner Wnendt, the chief of US Office in Pristina, Philip Goldberg, the Head of British Office, Mark Dickinson, and main political parties: LDK, PDK and AAK.

‘The people of Kosovo and the international community will not allow terrorist acts to derail us from the important work we have ahead”, a press release from US Office reads.

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