Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thaçi: 1244 is not a Bible or Koran, it can be changed

In reaction to the recent statement of Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandar Aleksijev that UN SCR 1244 represent a word of God, PDK leader Hashim Thaçi said that everyone is convinced things are changing in Kosovo and this means ‘the resolution should be changed as well’. He also said UN SCR 1244 shows that transition process has been successfully overcome and that the ‘perspective for solving the final status of Kosovo is now opened’. Thaçi made these remarks after meeting head of Russian Office in Pristina, Sergey Bazdnikin.


illyr jom said...

First comment from this man i admire.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Kosova Albanians. If Res 1244 should be changed, to whos favor would you suggest ?

Anonymous said...

To the people of Kosova of course.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that resolution was intended to protect Kosovars from Serb terrorism, thus terrorists have no say in how it will be changed.

Isn't it time Serbia becomes Europe? Move away from those bloddy habbits.

Anonymous said...

Europe has no room for the uncivilized people of Serbia.

Serbia has not fulfilled its "standards" for admission to Europe.

Anonymous said...

I think the Resolution 1244 was designed to protect people of Kosova including Kosova Serbs from Belgrade/Serbian regime. It is protecting Kosova Serbs and all other minorities from Serbia, but it definitelly needs major changes to reflect the current situation in Kosova.

Anonymous said...

To change res 1244 and for Kosovo province is like take the moon down. Impossible. The world have other priorities now.

Anonymous said...

Right on, why bother UN, which is busy fighting genocides out in Africa. We'll change it ourselves to reflect the situation on the ground.

The Russians recognized this capabality of Albanians early on. They packed their "triumphant" rose-embroidered APC's and went home quite a while ago. No matter how much more delusive Serbs are, they will settle at their homes beyond the border as well sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Your leaders are criminals and have no honor among each other.In greek we call you gypsies Turkosporo.You should give up your intentions on Epirus since it will never break away from Hellas.The malakas you have running around in jogging suits with automatic weapons who call themselves "freedom fighters" won't help you gain a greater albania.Read the report below on how unworthy you turkosporo are.

Europe News

Former Albanian rebel commanders killed in Kosovo, Macedonia
Jul 13, 2005, 9:57 GMT
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Pristina/Skopje - Two former ethnic Albanian rebel commanders have been murdered in Kosovo and western Macedonia in the past 24 hours, police in Pristina and Skopje confirmed Wednesday.

Muhamed Xhemaili, also known by his nom-de-guerre "Rebeli" (The Rebel), was killed in eastern Kosovos town of Gnjilane from a moving vehicle. No other details were immediately available.

Xhemaili, a hard-line commander of Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja (UCPMB) units during the 1999-2001 insurgency in southern Serbia, was famous among his compatriots for his uncompromising stance against any kind of dialogue with Serbs.

In western Macedonian town of Struga, another former UCPMB leader Nuri Mazari, or "Commander Struga" was shot dead during a bar fight.

Mazari, who joined Macedonian government junior coalition partner Democratic Integrative Union (BDI) in 2002, was previously involved in Albanian uprisings in Kosovo, southern Serbia and Macedonia.

Dozens of former UCK commanders have been killed in past several years because of personal disputes, blood feuds, political differences and a brutal struggle for dominance between local crime gangs.

© dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Anonymous said...

You are right. When EU discussed Kosovo yesterday briefly, most of the countries wanted it to remain a province of Serbia with IC monitoring.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, poor Serbs (and possibly Greeks) express their racist ideology :)

Ice Cream for you :)

Anonymous said...

El Greco,

I wonder why you are so threatened from Albanians. Maybe because 25% of Greece is in fact Albanian and I am not talking about Arvaniti. The way you refer to Albanians goes to show how cultured you are. It looks like there is no connection between you and the Greek Classicism and the great Greek Democracy that you so dearly profess.

You know what we say in Albanian, underneath every Greek there is an Albanian. Hahahahah enjoy my friend. Yasou to you.

Chris Blaku said...

Amazing. I have never seen clear-cut racism professed so harshly. It is indeed amazing to see the unexpected animosity between the age-old neighbors, Greece and Albania, notabley the former's deep hatred of the latter.

I fail to understand what you hope to achieve by showing us articles of military commanders being killed. However, what is clearly understood is your fear of the Albanians and their future. Your chauvinist mentality is particularly identifiable among your compatriots, who will be known to history in the coming decades as the most grand of factual thieves, for their falsification of history on every front for centuries.

Bear in mind, that in the Greek War of Liberation, the tone of the day was that "the Greek Navy and Armed forces speak Albanian to each other exclusively, and this deporable habit must be altered." Furthermore, British diplomats visiting eastern and northern Greece found absolutely NO Greek speakers at the end of the 19th century. The corruption of Greece with regard to the further illegal annexation of southern Albania is well known, including their manipulation and extortion of the town of Gjirokastr in beginning of the 20th century. While professing that southern Albania's town was ethnically Hellenic, and sympathetic to Greece in nature, foreign observers from the Great Powers arrived to personally view the character of the people. They were surprised, upon arrival, to constantly be in the company and under the watchful eye of an armed group of men. When asked of their identity or allegiance, the men said nothing, however, the townspeople were particuarly frightened. Greek flags had been painted on every house door in Gjirokastr, however the doors were closed. The committee was shown staged acts of Greek allegiance, and the British delegate, outraged at the insulting behavior, forcefully opened one of the doors that was closed in the town, to speak to the individuals inside, who apparently understood no Greek.

This is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to Greece's coordinated siezure of Albanian land with their Orthodox brethren in Serbia. It is indeed contradictory for the Greeks to flaunt their ancient roots, many of whom are borrowed from Illyrian and Albanian, and at the same time portray such barbaric ideologies on par with the subcivilized culture of the Serbians.

Perhaps, as is commonly thought, modern day Greeks are nothing but a Turko-Gypsy assimilated population, that has claimed linkage to the glorious Greeks of the ancient, only to reap the benefits of international praise, which has proven to be undeserved among this barbaric people.

You fear the Albanians because you have stolen from them, and the day to pay the piper will soon arrive.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. It seems like the whole world have stolen land from the Albanians. Remember how it went for the country half a century ago that thought they needed "lebensraum". It would take US one week, EU two weeks and Serbia 2 months to bring back order in the chaotic province of Kosova. My God, cant you see that no one wants to have anything to do with you.

Xavvi, Espania.

Anonymous said...

That's great. Don't bother yourself dealing with us. We'll handle the situation.
Kosovar politicians have been asking just that for about four years know. Unfortunately, it took the March riots for the transfer of power to proceed.

Chris Blaku said...

It is interesting to note your animosity towards Albanians and their cause. We have never claimed that the whole world stole land from us, merely our neighbors.

Our neighbors would have you believe that we occupy land, then demand it be incorporated within their fabled "Greater Albania." However, despite millions of Albanians living in Turkey and Southern Italy, the Albanian people have never made a claim to that land. Moreover, we demand a return to pre-1878 ethnic boundaries within the Balkans, we do not desire our age old position as sole inhabitants of these regions.

Please refrain from making uneducated statements, make an attempt to sound intelligent.

Serbia had the province for a century, and could not restore the order it took the Kosovar Government with UNMIK days to realize. An alien government and administration cannot get a second chance at governing a people they directed with an iron fist.

If no one wants anything to do with us, what brings you to our forum?

Anonymous said...

Friends in Kosova, please ignore the creepy greeks and serbs who undoubtedly want to prove to the world that Kosova is incapable to be a new european nation. These same people are stuck in some rock somewhere in time where neanderthals are considered genius' as Albert Einstein. What these blind fools don't want to see is the balkans become rich and powerful. Kosova gaining independance would help the region gain in popularity in with the EU. Let's examine why such countries as serbia and grease would want the balkans to be a,as the west call us,blackhole. Greece is the richest country in the region reaping in tourism mostly. Aside from a failing olympics last year which the greek government is in turmoil in as far as money is concerned,the country is the tourist able for all peoples of the world but there economy is also golden due to agriculture. The serbs used to flaunt belgrade in the everyones face when it was "yugoslavia" and serbia reaped on the other state republics agriculture,not knowing how to produce there own. Serbia wants to be on greases level as far as tourism,but is losing out to Slovenia in that dept. Agriculture goes to the remaining republics since serbia relies on Macedonian and Kosovar tobacco fields for their own cigarettes. Grease does not want any competetion and serbia wants to come up to the grease level of making money. It is so simple to figure out. Everything is about money. Why should Kosova be independant and gain monetarily while grease has the balkans covered and serbia is trying to reach its level. From a Macedonian who wants to see Kosova become independant,beware of many wolves who have lots to lose in this region of ours.


Anonymous said...

I have a few friends, Albanians and Macedonians, from Orhid/Ohrit and Skopje/Shkupi. They all acknowledge the fact that an independent Kosova will change the balance in the region. This due to the fact that Albania, Macedonia, and Kosova are natural allies. In fact the cooperation between Albania and Macedonia is one of the best in the region. Moreover, once Kosova overcomes a few obstacles on its way to independence the relationship, although a bit fragile, will go stronger and stronger. This are not my views, they are the views of the Albanians and Macedonians from Macedonia.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster,yes you are correct. The ties between Macedonians and Albanians are getting stronger. Check this out:

Multinational Exercise Strengthens Security in Adriatic
Story Number: NNS050713-16
Release Date: 7/13/2005 6:00:00 PM

From Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet Public Affairs

ADRIATIC SEA (NNS) -- Nearly 1,500 Navy and Marine Corps personnel are participating in a multinational exercise with Albania and Macedonia, July 11-30, in the Adriatic Sea.

Named Adriatic Engagement 2005, the exercise is focused on developing the individual and collective combat proficiencies of participating nations, as well as promoting friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation with NATO and regional allies. A comprehensive agenda will provide all countries with numerous opportunities to operate together and develop productive relationships through diverse and challenging training scenarios.

“Exercises like Adriatic Engagement enable us to be better prepared to pursue productive theater security cooperation efforts that foster mutual commitments to regional stability, advance multinational interoperability, and deter potential adversaries...all invaluable contributions to the international fight against terrorism,” said Vice Adm. J. Boomer Stufflebeem, commander, U.S. 6th Fleet.

Participating U.S. forces include amphibious assault ship USS Saipan (LHA 2), rescue and salvage ship USS Grasp (ARS 51), Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 8, Helicopter Support Squadron (HC) 4, Marine Corps Security Force Company Europe, and Commander, Task Force (CTF) 67.

In addition to providing training ranges, Albania will contribute three infantry platoons, an EOD team, a dive team and helicopter support. Macedonia will participate with a combat engineer platoon and special forces. Training will include field exercises, search-and-rescue and dive scenarios, live-fire drills, casualty evacuation rehearsals, maritime interception operations, and small boat attacks.

Saipan’s participation also corresponds with the U.S. Navy’s Global War on Terrorism Surge 05, demonstrating the Navy’s ability to prepare and provide support to the strategic, regional engagement and operational requirements of combatant commanders, delivering scalable naval power and the specific forces necessary to support their mission.

For related news, visit the COMUSNAVEUR/COMSIXTHFLT Navy NewsStand page at


Chris Blaku said...
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Chris Blaku said...

To say that Albanians and Macedonians are historical allies is false on many fronts. First and foremost, today's Macedonian has no historical heritage to be tied in with ancient Albanians. Second, present-day Macedonians have proven true to their Bulgar-Slavic roots in undermining the existence and peace of the Albanians in the Balkans, particuarly behind their own borders. It was only five years ago, that the Albanians staged a rebellion and were at the gates of Shkup, prompting the Macedonians to seek a peaceful settlement and recognize the very basic civil rights of its Albanian inhabitants, whom they still claim to compose only 25% of the population. The reality is that Albanians in Macedonia compose over 50% of the population, despite heavy forced immigration and mass expulsions at the hand of the Macedonian criminal state under the Yugoslav authority.

However, it would not be against Kosovar and Albanian interests to pursue a partnership with the Macedonian state. Of course, it would be premature to suggest that Macedonia's interests are purely neighborly, as they are keen to notice the newfound extent of Albania's power and wise to accomodate their interests accordingly. The Bulgarian state, Macedonia's primary insurance policy against aggression, will avoid conflict in the coming years due to their EU candidacy, and the thinning number of Balkan states that will provide Macedonia allied support and relief from Greek and Serbian aggression that is sure to come. Macedonia's tiny population and weak army will be unable to defend itself successfully without alliances in the region, and supporting the Albanian cause today ensures them on two angles. First and foremost, good relations with Albania would help discourage rebellion and separatism amongst Macedonia's ambitious Albanians, and secondly, the momentum of Albanian power in the region can help discard regional threats that the tiny Macedonian state would face.

From an economic standpoint, the main advantage of Kosova is often neglected and ignored when its prospects are up for discussion. This is the province that has supplied the Balkans, Greece excluded, with its wealth for nearly a thousand years. The beauty of Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Shkup would have never been, had Kosova's resources not been exploited by the Yugoslavian state. With the Trepca mines being valued at over $6b, and numerous other industries and opportunities being created, it is only a matter of time before Kosova realizes its true potential, to be the richest region in the Balkans.

Ivan's support, and the support of Macedonia, is welcomed but cautioned, as the Macedonian state is guilty of many an injustice towards our Albanian brethren there. All things considered, within the coming years Macedonia could be the stage of the next fight for freedom among the Albanians, who have illegally been separated by the very same powers that compete for their friendship today.

PhantomIV said...

Ahh Chris...keep that healthy ethnic paranoia don't want to get too cosy with the neighbours!!!
Just a small question though??? Why should Macedonia seek to foster good relations with Albania purely for "protection" from the Greeks and Serbia?? Macedonia is on the eve of joining NATO. Greece is already a member as is Bulgaria. Serbia wishes to become part of the EU and it would seem that, these days, one has to be a member of NATO to get a "look-in". Does that not make them all allies eventually??? A strange logic indeed.

Anonymous said...

To Chris,the only thing I can honestly agree with you from your post is that the serbs were feeding off of Kosova's economy.
Now for the rest of your BS,and I am being kind in even calling it that,to say that Macedonian and Albanian relations haven't gotten any stronger is a farce on your part. Many of Macedonias politicians are Albanian. Macedonia had recently elected an Albanian ambassador to bulgaria to promote better cooperation between the two countries. Mind you these Albanian politicians aren't doing this for the Albanian minority,but they are doing this for Macedonia as a whole.
By the way,put down the first shooter video games and pick up a book or a newspaper and leave your imagination under the pillow. Your dreams of another balkan war are just what they are,dreams. Macedonia has too much to lose right now since they are so close to EU and Nato membership. And besides that,the U.S. is keen on seeing Macedonia prosper and is making sure that Macedonia is a good example to follow for the region.
Also you consistently call us Macedonians serbo-bulgars and I keep telling you that we are not. We are plain and simple Macedonians,who have been Macedonian for centuries now. What do you think millions of people woke up and said "I think I'll call myself Macedonian from now on". LOLOLOL. You're too much chris. Keep on denying the facts man. Keep your war going in your imagination since that is the extent of another war.


illyr jom said...

'What do you think millions of people woke up and said "I think I'll call myself Macedonian from now on"'

Yes, that's exactly what happened. Personally, I welcome all the support that comes from you, but let's not get into that kind of discussion, because we all know the only thing you and your people have in common with the ancient Macedonians is the geography and the name you have claimed as your own.

Anonymous said...

Prove it illyr, also prove that modern day albanians are in fact the descendants of the ancient illyrians. I can't imagine that someone would believe such greek propaganda as millions of people waking up one morning calling themselves Macedonian. The name we claim has been ours for thousands of years. Why didn't your people call your land "Illyria"? Why albania? That is something that is questionable. But I'm not here to stoop down to chris' level. I'm here to support your cause as is Macedonia. Check it out:

TIRANA, July 15 (Xinhuanet) - The Macedonian parliament adopted Friday a law on use of flags of the ethnic communities in the country, the Macedonian Information Agency reported.

The law regulates the right and manner for using the flags the communities will choose to express their identity.

According to the law, in municipalities where community representatives are in majority, their own flags may be posted in front of the local government premises always along with the Macedonia's one.

The law was adopted by 50 votes "for", four "against" and eight "restrained", while the opposition deputies boycotted the vote.

The law is among the final steps for implementing the Western-brokered Ohrid Accord which ended Macedonia's 2001 domestic conflict which had brought the country to the edge of a civil war.

In the total 84 municipalities and the capital city of Skopje inMacedonia, there are 16 municipalities with ethnic Albanians in majority, two with Turks and one with Romas.

Among the country's two million people, 64 percent are ethnic Macedonians, 25 percent are ethnic Albanians and more than ten percent are members of other ethnic communities, such like Turks, Romas and Serbs.


Anonymous said...

Ivan. Dont bother to argue with a bunch of people that think that "they are Illyrians here, Illyrians there". I dont think the albanians come from Illyrians at all. If they do not behave in the future, we´ll bomb them back so far that they really can meet their Illyrians.
Every people in the Balkans is of course of mixed ethnicity. The Romans (Italy) had all of Balkans about 2000 years ago and I dont think that the Roman soldiers practiced celibat.

Anonymous said...

Friday 15 July //// Former commander of the international peace forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lewis MacKenzie, said that “not even close” to 8,000 Muslims were killed in Srebrenica.

According to daily Blic, the Canadian general claims that the armed forces of Naser Oric killed several thousands of Serbian civilians. MacKenzie said that Oric “is responsible for the deaths of as many Serb civilians in the Srebrenica region as the Bosnian Serbs are responsible for killing Muslims in Srebrenica.”

MacKenzie said that the actual events in Srebrenica in July 1995 are far from what the media has been claiming to have happened.

“I was there, I know what was happening and I wanted to show that it’s not all black and white, that the ‘bad people’ did not show up all of a sudden and kill the ‘good people.’ The situation was a lot more complex than that.” MacKenzie said.

He added that he has no problem with accusing Ratko Mladic for war crimes against Muslim civilians but believes that those who committed crimes against Serbian civilians must be prosecuted as well. ///////

Anonymous said...

Guys first let's give Mr. Taqi some credit here. Then lets be thankful that the macedonians gave up when they did otherwise these men that got shot this week and some others would have marched down to the NATO member-greece, and wopped your sorry gay asses.

I mean seriously the only reason greece still exists, aside from the NATO membership, is because greek women give excellent bj so everytime we are about to beat them into submission, their women distract us. But we'll put this aside for now.

I say keep the hatred going because we find it stimulating. Ups got to go I see some greek women coming this way and I am somewhat horney.

Anonymous said...

Look at you turkosporo and the skopiani fighting over ancient rights.This is why the americans want Greece to take control of the situation in the balkans.Because they know that we Hellenes are the oldest civilization who came up with democracy and that we know how to civilize trash like you slavs and turks.Both skopjans and turkosporos are newcomers to europe.And when you arrived on our soil we enslaved you and you were all called sklavini.And the malaka pusti who says that there are 25% turkosporo in Hellas should know that there are no other type of people in Hellas except the Hellenes.Sure we have tourists come in and out of the country but that doesnt make you a proud Greek.

Anonymous said...

I think now I am beginning to understand the greeks or hellenes, as this last dud says. These shit packers (pardon the foul laungage) have now begun to burry their heads into other men's asses so they have missed the last 2000-3000 years.

Alright so here is a refresher course. As it turn out, there are no half-god half-men creatures, Zeus is a cartoon character, the earth is around, now you do to jail for pedophilia, America discovered real democracy, and the Albanians saved you from the Turks. Granted there is much more that happened in the past 2000-3000 years but this should hold you up for another 1000 or so years. Oh yea and Aristotle was wrong about everything he wrote.


Anonymous said...

To the so called Greek (or as Ivan puts it Grease) person-Welcome to the real world!!!!!

"Americans want Greece to take control of the Balkans"
What a stupid remark!!! Grease and US have never had good diplomatic ties between each other. They know your kind. Who is the largest military supporter of Turkey? US. Who is the largest supporter of Albanian army? US. Who is holding a joint military excersise I the Adriatic sea? US, Albania, and Macedonia. Why does US want to give Grease a region to control when we all very well know you are not capable of controlling your own country (Albanians and Macedonians run it for you). Furthermore, everything that the US does the Grease has to object it. It pays a lot you know!!! I am GREASE we once upon a time where called GREEK but i am not sure that i am one since the Dorinas, the Romans, the Turks and the Albanians made sure of that I wont be one.
You say that there are no other people living in Grease apart from the grease!!!! Let me refresh your memory the President of your country is Albanian (go through some of the grease papers and read but do not get shocked. It’s a fact). Furthermore, there are about 30% Albanians and about xxx% (ivan help out) Macedonians living in Grease
You drink Turkish coffee right???? Now go make yourself an Albanian or Macedonian or a Kosovar coffee. Do not forget to smell it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... 8:02 PM.
" I mean seriously the only reason greece still exists, aside from the NATO membership, is because greek women give excellent bj so everytime we are about to beat them into submission, their women distract us."
I´ll tell you "proud" Albanians a big secret. Your women are also EXCELLENT giving bj !! Many of them, I promise !!
X Kfor.

Anonymous said...

To the foul greek,what exactly are you trying to prove. Coming here and hurling racial insults and trying to boost your countryfolk is really childish. Which is why I'm not surprised at all that a greek acts like this.
Ok greaser, since you know so much about your country please explain the reasons for looking for an official language after greek independance was gained. Was it because 'hellas' had 4 official languages being used, one of those languages being Albanian. So if you are related to the ancients why did you have to forcefully teach your inhabitants a modern version of the koine(ancient greek)language. Shouldn't there have been an existing language through the millenias.
And since you love your greece so much why did the first greek president Kapodistria propose that Epirus and Macedonia be independant. Maybe you should stop spreading your propaganda and you should start going to a none greek library and learning something.


Anonymous said...

KFOR my ass!!
you mean those brothels set up (in northern mitrovica) especially for you guys!!!!

Chris Blaku said...

Phantom, Macedonia is not on the "eve" of joining NATO, Macedonia is years, perhaps decades away. Nato members are obligated to defend each other upon attack from a non-member country Phantom, does not make them allies, but sure makes one think twice before attacking a member.

Moving on... I did not state that their relations have not gotten stronger, but the goody goody relations you portray between Albanians and Macedonians are fantasy.

What do you think millions of people woke up and said "I think I'll call myself Macedonian from now on".

Millions? Macedonian population in Balkans = 500,000.

By the way, your thoughts on no more war in the Balkans were echoed before the last one, in the 1980's by arrogant political amateurs.

Modern day Albanians are generally accepted by historians to have come from Illyrians. Albanians NEVER called their land Albania, they called it Shqiperia, and they themselves Shqiptares, children of the Eagle. During and after Roman integration into Illyria, the term Illyrian slowly gave way to Shqiptare, and regional terms were used to describe home towns, as the common nation mentality was still thousands of years away for the Balkan people. Or another way to phrase your question, why don't Italians call themselves Romans or Venetians?

Common military excercizes are not indicative of cooperation, however unusual they may be. The Romans did have the Balkans, however, if you are familiar with Rome at all you would know that they preferred their colonies be self ruled, paying homage to Rome. Moreover, Roman provinces recruited regional officers for duty home and abroad, which would mean the presence of Roman soldiers in the Balkans was not as profound as that of the Turks during their reign.

Greece is blatantly anti-American, with its policies and its population. If the US wanted Greece to take control in the Balkans, why did they insult Greece by recognizing FRYOM as Macedonia? The Illyrians were inhabitants and rulers of the Balkans while, and maybe before, the Greeks were. The Greeks have been keen to steal nearly all of their history though, as they fail to explain the origins of their God's names, which are obviously non-Hellenic but surprisingly similar to Albanian. At least 25% of Greeks today are Hellenized Albanians, and a large majority also Macedonian and Turkish. The original Greeks have been lost, and the most accurate way to look into the ancient history of the Balkans is through the Albanians, who have maintained and preserved culture despite significant hardships.

illyr jom said...

Ivan, none of us here are historians, but everyone knows the history; i don't have to prove anything; the work has been done by countless others (historians, that is) and all you have to do is read it(a recent one being Noel Malcolm's 'Kosovo: a short history').
It's not greek propaganda that i believe, it's the fact that your people are Slavic, something ancient Macedonia had nothing in common with; by this, understand, i'm not supporting the greek stance on Macedonia, but i'm not gonna support yours either if you keep claiming you're the descendant of the ancient Macedonians. The name Macedonia should be left to the history books only and you and your people should find your own identity.
Actually, you know what, i couldn't give a f**k about the name; just accept that it's just something your people have adopted as your own, your geographic position being so favourable.


Chris Blaku said...

Above poster- Agreed in full.