Saturday, July 09, 2005

Contact Group calls on Government to step up decentralisation

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that the Kosovo Government and the UN have decided to step up the implementation of pilot projects for decentralisation after constant pressure by Western diplomats. The paper notes that this was announced after a meeting held yesterday between PM Kosumi and PDSRSG Rossin.

Several dailies report on the front pages that US Under-Secretary of State Nicholas has telephoned PM Kosumi yesterday calling on him to step up the process of decentralisation.

Government spokesman Daut Dauti told the media that Western diplomats have sent a clear message that ‘the time has come to start the process as soon as possible.’

According to Zëri, PM Kosumi and Local Government Minister Haziri will meet today with the SRSG to discuss the preliminary modalities of the first two pilot projects.

According to Express, the government is having difficulties to find people from the minority communities to work in the councils of the new municipalities. EU representatives, claims the paper, have called for the involvement of Oliver Ivanovic or at least Randjel Nojkic in this matter.

Epoka e Re claims that the government is on the eve of failure regarding the pilot projects. ‘The government is caught in the crossfire. On the one hand, there is growing international pressure to start the implementation of pilot projects, whereas on the other hand, the opposition is attacking it for surpassing its competencies and for endangering the future of the country,’ the paper elaborates.

Epoka e Re also carries a column which criticizes PM Kosumi for signing decisions that ‘damage Kosovo and the absolute majority’.

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