Thursday, July 14, 2005

Demaçi: It will be worse than March 17 (Epoka e Re)

Epoka e Re reports that in an interview with Belgrade-based Blic daily newspaper, political analyst and human rights activist Adem Demaçi warned about a new wave of violence against Serbs in Kosovo.

‘The Albanian majority has realised that no one is interested in its demands. There is unemployment, crime and other kinds of dissatisfaction in Kosovo. Everyone is talking about decentralisation and the interests of 7 to 8 per cent of Serbs. The people are blinded and they think that Serbs are to blame, and not Belgrade and UNMIK,’ said Demaçi, adding that violence could also be channelled to corrupted Albanian leaders.

Demaçi said a new wave of violence could be launched against Kosovo Serbs, ‘in dimensions that would make one forget about 17 March 2004’. According to Demaçi, the only way to prevent the bloodshed is for Kosovo to be granted its independence.

Commenting on Demaçi’s predictions, a retired Serbian general Ninoslav Krstic told Blic that there is a risk that the situation could get out of control on the eve of status talks. Krstic also warned that cases of individual violence could turn into mass violence if not quickly prevented by KFOR troops.


Anonymous said...

Actually, March 17 (when Mitro blew) was fairly harmless in the end. The damage occurred on the 18th and 19th when they hit the patriarchal sites and serb enclaves that KFOR didn't start guarding on the 17th.

What are the KAlbs going to do this year they didn't try last year? Upping the violence would only get a stronger KFOR response and more international condemnation. Or is that what Demaçi means - he is warning his own folks?

Anonymous said...

Demaci has probably right, but there is one thing different next time; Kfor are ordered to shoot immediately "when life or property are in danger". Kfor 66BK 2004.

Chris Blaku said...

Sure, you can count on those tough French and Dutch troops to react swiftly. What a joke.

In response to the first blogger, what the Albanians did in March of 2004 pales in comparison to what the Serbs did in the province only 5 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

5 years? They still doing it, Serbs are excellent in stirring up things, they are far more organized than us, which is why they were excellent at murdering all the Bosniacs.

Chris Blaku said...

Serbians are very apt in turning their problems from pebbles into mountains.

Anonymous said...

Please stop the Serb's gets a little tiring on this site. The Serbs are suffering from their own economic woes - not to mention the ghettoised Serb enclaves in Kosovo. Shame on a population that would, as victims, become the victimizers. You only inflame and do not set a tone for reconciliation! As well, if K Albanians don't do what is necessary to allow their minority populations to feel incorporated into Kosovo as a part of the society, then you have, de fact, enacted a social policy of ethnic cleansing to a minority population that IS also a part of Kosovo's societal fabric. And all done under the watchful eye of the international community. So - the historical implications of this will not bode well - Kosovo Albanians are, what, a population of 1.5 million in Kosovo? What real global power can Kosovo really have with such a small, ethnically pure population? Without an incorporated society of many ethnicities, your power is even less! Some Serbs living in Kosovo have been there for 600 years and more...I know some. And, are they not also Kosovans??

Anonymous said...

I believe the Serbs are ghettoizing themselves. They do not speak a word of Albanian, how do you live in a country of 93% Albanians and not speak a word of Albanian. You obviously learned English in order to fit in and not ghettoize yourself wherever you are. The same would happen to the Serbs if they were in America and did not learn a word of English.
What is worse is that the Serbs continue to insist to have everything served in Serb for them, without consideration where they live.
German has about 8-10% Turks in Germany. I have yet to see a single state document in German and Turkish. But fortunately for the Albanian good will Serbian is written in every state document in Kosovo, for a mere 7% of the Serbs that insist on ghetoizzing themselves. Europe has pockets of Ghettos too, they just use a more politically correct word for it: un-integrated communities.


Anonymous said...

7:31, your words would be correct if Serbs themselves took steps to remedy that. How can you help them if they are not helping themselves. Belgrade is basically sacrificing them so that it achieves its goal of "no progress" in Kosova and thus necessitate partition.
I don't know if you have been reading the news on this blog or just the comments, K. government has been working on all fronts to make a more welcoming environment for the Serbs. Have they been using those chances? Not much.
They complain about jobs yet don't want to join local and national administration (if you know Serbs in economic woes, the Serb minister said to give him a call), police, and KPC. The truth is that government can offer only government jobs and Serbs can't join that government because they can't overcome the fact that Kosova is moving towards Independence and no matter how much Belgrade sacrifices Serb citizens of Kosova they won't stop the process.

Its true that there is a lot of Serb bashing, but it's usually a response to Serb senslessness propagated here only by a couple of a few people who should just be ignored at best.

Unfortunately, Albanians are one of the most forgiving and forgetting people around. No wonder they got it so bad over and over again. So don't worry on that department, when Serbs are ready to come back we'll be more than ready.

Anonymous said...

Threatning to burn more churches and monastaries if you don't get your way, Muslims? Maybe some beheadings will do the trick?
And once you have created a infidel-free land, you will look like every other Islamic country in the world. Corrupt, violent, oppressed and miserable. But don't worry you can just blame 'the other' and play the victim like you always do and beg the infidels for money and help only to curse them at the same time. Luckily America will never go to war to stop muslims from being massacred ever again. So, that is a relief!
We've seen how grateful Muslims are! You'll have to beg Europe or the UN to help, good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

"Threatning to burn more churches and monastaries if you don't get your way, Muslims"

Don't address albanians as "muslims" you narrow minded medieval peasant.
Haven't you noticed that albanians never call you "christian"
What separates them from you is certainly not their religion.

Anonymous said...

No, they don't have to call anyone Christian...burning churches speaks loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

People really you must settle down. We, the Muslim Albanians and the Catholic Albanian cannot be refered to as "church burners" as the appropriate term is "burners of filthy serb orthodox churches."

Now before you all send us to Hell let me just state that burning the devil is not a sin in christianity or islam. At the same time no one can argue that what the filthy serb orthodox church did in the Balkans in the 90s can be washed away for a million years in heaven or hell.

As far as what Demaci said, the man is old and somewhat senile but this time he is right. We are sick of these damn serbs trying to run us to the ground and eventually we will get upset and infilict some pain on their sorry arsses.

As a note, if they are willing to accept our independece we will respect their rights but that damn church Millosevic build in Prishtina, that biatch gots to go.

Anonymous said...

The Serbs talk about freedom of movement and how they are being victimized and Ghetto-ised howevere if you read the news, they are the ones that will not allow free movement over the bridge that divides Northern and Southern Mitrovica. They are the ones that harassed an Albanian wedding column going through the Serb enclave of Gracanica by ripping the Albanian flag to shreds and throwing bottles at the wedding goers. They are ghettoising them selves and the Albanians are running out of patience. Demaci is right when he says that the international community, UNMIK and Belgrade are playing up the needs of a 7% minority and completely ignoring the needs of the vast 93% majority. Even the Turks, Roma, Bosniac and Croatian minorities in Kosovo want it to be independent from Serbia. The Serb minority is the only one opposing it. If independence is not granted soon War will be unleashed, and this time I can not forsee any enclaves will be left.

Anonymous said...

Stupido ! Kfor is also Very tired of Albanians that think Kosova will be independent. It will not for sure. I the riots start again, Kfor will have to shoot to kill.

Chris Blaku said...

The descriptions of Serbs and Serbia on this blog are not Serb bashing, but are rather accurate. If you read further you will notice that the Serbians simply refer to us as "siptari" and the Greeks as "turkosporos," implying racist overtones in their words. Nearly all Albanians on this blog refrain from name-calling, but understandably, resolve to declaring their deeds as the World saw them. The World must stop breast feeding 5% of Kosova's population, whilst they display stubborn and infant-like tantrums to get their way.

To say that the Albanians have become victimizers is premature, the people of Kosova are too busy looking for work to bother with some imagined conspiracy to drive out the Serbians. 7:31 AM blogger, perhaps you can outline what Kosova Albanians should do, instead of blindly suggesting they do things, as they have already begun to do. The historical implications of what the Kosovar Albanians are doing is regardless, particuarly when, in the coming decades, Serbo-Greek falsifications and fabrications will come to light.

For the 7:31 AM blogger to imagine that a population which is ethnically pure, is automatically weak is ridiculous. Furthermore, the Kosovars have not attempted to drive out the remaining Serbs in anyway whatsoever, perhaps he should mention that it is the Serbians in Northern Mitrovica that are blocking the opening of the bridge, not the Albanians, who have welcomed it.

As previously mentioned, the Serbians are also defying the international standard in refusing to learn the language of 95% of the population. This is contrary to their belief that the Albanians must learn the Serbian language, which most Kosovars do. Furthermore, no one has forced the Serbians into their Belgrade-financed "ghettos," but the Serbs themselves. No group has threatened to expel them, nor has made the claim that they must leave. These fabrications are purely imaginative and fantasy, strongly influenced by the policies of Belgrade, not the Serbs in Kosova, who have been their sheep for centuries.

2:40 PM blogger, you cannot seek refuge in your Christianity any longer. Corrupt, violent, oppressed and miserable? Sounds like Serbia circa 1878-2005. The rest of your post is comedy.

Albanians have burned the churches whose priests have carried automatic weapons, participated in the blessing of Serbian irregular and regular troops prior to massacres, which the priests they themselves encouraged (as vividly shown in the Srebrenica tape). Moreover, the top brass of the Serbian Orthodox Church recently coordinated an event held during the same weekend as Srebrenica in Bosnia, to celebrate the suffering of the Serbs during the war. Imagine the Germans had held such a celebration on the suffering of Nazis, during a significant Holocaust day of remember. This is the Church that has been accused of hiding the most wanted war criminals in Europe, Karadzic and Mladic, yet you defend it solely on the grounds of it being a Church. Churches in the Western sense are generally free of corruption and expansionist ideologies for their host nations, however the Serbian Orthodox Church is highly unconventional, and should be treated as such.

No one is asking KFOR for their opinions on the state of the Albanians, they are soldiers not decision makers. Their capability to maintain peace has been shown through their inaction last March.

And if you know Serbs that have been living in Kosova for over 600 years, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Anonymous said...

KFOR ain't tired of Albanians, maybe a few soldiers from US or Britain or Spain or Italy, but these people are not American, or British, or Spanish or Italian, they are nothing but racists, no different than those Serbs who embrace the murderous ideology of their Church.

NATO and Albanians stand on the same side, and hopefuly Serbs will join it but only after a de-Serbization (de-Nazification) programe :) full of ice-cream!!!!

Independece to Serbia now!!!

Anonymous said...

"Churches in the Western sense are generally free of corruption and expansionist ideologies for their host nations, however the Serbian Orthodox Church is highly unconventional, and should be treated as such."

Yes, and we all SURELY know that Mosques are free of corruption and expansionist ideologies. Certainly!

Chris Blaku said...

No one made the claim that Mosques are free of corruption and expansionist ideologies, but with regard to their actions within Kosova and Albania, the Mosque and the Muslim community is strikingly tame. The Albanian Mosque has never served as a sight of expansionist ideologies, such as the Serbian Orthodox practice of teaching Serbian history, almost entirely falsified, to their respective congregations.

The Albanians have never tied their history with their mosques, it is a habit of the Serbians, unfortunately. Religion would not be discussed, had it not been constantly brought up by the Serbs themselves, in an effort to mask their genocide with the familiar veil of Christianity and discredit their enemies with ideas of Islamic fanaticism.

Bring valid arguments with supporting facts, otherwise refrain from posting.