Friday, July 15, 2005

Full freedom of movement in 92 % of Kosovo’s territory, says Gvt.

Zëri writes on the front page that the government and UNMIK are continuing their joint work on assessing progress on Standards implementation.

Standard on Freedom of movement is being hindered by parallel structures active in northern part of Kosovo, according to Minister of Local Government Lutfi Haziri quoted by the paper.


Anonymous said...

Balls, ask a 12 year old Serbian Kid from Strpce when was the last time they saw a traffic light. I guess freedom of movement needs to be re-defined. While Serbian still fear going into Albanian towns freedom of movement does not exist. Looks like the Albanian Leaders need to get out from behind thier desk and see the real Kosovo. I know go visit a Serb Village without a armed escort and then talk about freedom of movement.

Chris Blaku said...

Perhaps you can tell us which Albanian groups in particular have restricted the Serbian's movement? Which armed Albanian groups have threatened the Serbians?

Remarkably, the Serbians themselves, under the influence of Belgrade, have enclosed themselves in strategically located enclaves, the largest of which is in the mineral rich town of Mitrovica. The fact that they themselves ignored populating cities and towns, reflects their inability to benefit from the advantages of city life.

Do not blame the Albanians for the resistence of Serbians due to the influence of Belgrade, to move into Albanian populated areas.