Thursday, July 28, 2005

Corridor, Serbian condition for Kosovo’s independence (Kosova Sot)

Kosova Sot reports that Serbs in Gracanica are very open about their intention to attach Cagllavica, Llapnasella, and several other villages in Lipjan municipality and in Fushe Kosova to the new pilot municipality of Gracanica. This would create organic links with Serbia as a condition for their acceptance of Kosovo’s independence.

According to the paper, Serbs in Partesh, another pilot municipality, say if Kosovo becomes independent before implementation of decentralization, then Serbs will abandon Kosovo. However, if real decentralization is in place, Serbs may accept independence for Kosovo, provided Gracanica has organic links with Serbia through a corridor.


Chris Blaku said...

Exactly what is an "organic" link with Serbia?

Anonymous said...

"Serbs in Partesh, another pilot municipality, say if Kosovo becomes independent before implementation of decentralization, then Serbs will abandon Kosovo." And I say go ahead..see what serbia has to offer, poverty anyone, corruption, trafficing, murderers. Well Serbia has it all, open 24/7. Note: U have to be serb to be part of the wonderful world of The Union of Criminals.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time that you have been in kosova?
Law and order? eh?
and what kosova has to offer?
I guess serbs prefere more their own than albanian murderers and criminals...

Anonymous said...

Well let's start packing, because decentralization aint' happening anytime soon.
We'll even pay for the buses and the gas :)
Farewell Serbs!

Anonymous said...

For 3:23AM
Last time I was in Kosova was about 20 days ago. Law and order yes, compared to Serbia, which has been feeding of Kosova and other Balkan states far to long and been the source of criminal activaties in the region. Kosova has first and foremost Humanity to offer, serbs make barely 8% of the population, still they are at the top of the government agenda. Spending a lot to make serb lives less complicated is far more than something Serbia would have done for their minorities. 3:23 AM blogger, I know that Kosovar society isn’t perfect but this doesn’t mean that we glorify the Serbian one. Once again Kosova can not be compared to Serbia, Serbia is nothing but a criminal breeding country while Kosova has a young and prosperous future ahead of itself. Come back in ten years and I might invite you to the glorious republic of Kosova for a coffee. (another thing we are good at)


Chris Blaku said...

How can the Serbian jokers present arguments to base the lifestyle in Kosova against the lifestyle in Serbia? Serbia has been a recognized nation for over 125 years now, Kosova has yet to even reach independence.

Must be great to know that the only reason Serbia is economically viable (which is generous) is because of the exploitation of Kosova's resources, which are no longer in Belgrade's hands.

Albanian murderers and criminals? Perhaps we can compare war casualties between Albanians and Serbians, that might yield a constructive answer to your claim. Or how about Serbians compared to every other ethnic group in the former Yugoslavia?

Anonymous said...

Read this article and you decide who are the real criminals, and murders. The fighting between families and tribes will derail any hopes of independence. Oh by the way.....I live in Kosovo and I am neither Serb or Albanian.

Thursday, July 28, 2005
Blood feuds? in Kosovo[Kosova] threaten final status talks
Journalist, family members of political figures shot dead in two months of violence

Peja- Kosova/Kosovo- A spate of ruthless assassinations in Kosovo[Kosova] is threatening to divide the Kosovo Albanian elite. As final-status talks loom - with most bets on late summer to early autumn - this could splinter it and weaken the Albanian side, should it develop into a renewed power struggle. With some form of hedged independence the most likely outcome of the negotiations, the stakes are high.

On June 3 Bardhy Ajeti, a journalist on the newspaper Bota Sot, was shot in the head near Gnjilane. He later died. Bota Sot is close to President Ibrahim Rugova's Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) and Ajeti was a vocal critic of the post-war elite, most of whom were associated with the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK).

Then, on July 12, two members of the Musaj family were killed in a drive-by shooting near Pec in western Kosovo.

The killings fall into a pattern of feuds that run both on the family and clan level, and at the political level. The Musaj family was prominent in the so called Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosovo (FARK) during the late 1990s. FARK was allied to the LDK, and was a bitter rival of the UCK. During the 1998-99 conflict the Haradinaj family, also from the Pec area and influential in the UCK, became embroiled in a vendetta with the Musajs.

Ramush Haradinaj commanded the UCK's 'Dukagjini' Operational Zone and then founded the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) after hostilities ceased. In December 2004 he became prime minister after the AAK became Rugova's junior coalition partner. Four months later he was indicted by the Hague Tribunal and resigned his post.

The Haradinaj-Musaj feud became emblematic of wider FARK-UCK bloodletting. In 2000 Ramush Haradinaj was involved in a gun battle with members of the Musaj family at their home in Strelnik, western Kosovo. The Musajs allege that he ordered the murder of their brother and three others in 1999.

Then in November 2002 the hybrid international-local war crimes court in Pristina convicted Haradinaj's brother Daut of torturing and killing four people in the aftermath of the conflict in 1999 - including a member of the Musaj family. He was sentenced to five years in jail. Subsequently Musaj family members who testified at the trial were threatened and harassed. One of them, Sadik Musaj, was shot in Pec by unidentified gunmen on February 2 and died later from his wounds.

In March, days after Ramush Haradinaj surrendered to The Hague, his younger brother Enver was murdered by gunmen. According to a source in The Hague,in addition to the Serbian Government, former FARK members have co-operated in the indictment against Haradinaj. The indictment includes the following: "Ramush Haradinaj [and those under his command] did not tolerate the presence of any other Albanian factions fighting against the Serbs, such as the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosovo ("FARK") in their territory. On July 4 1998, Ramush Haradinaj along with soldiers of his headquarters in Glodjane/Gllogjan beat, humiliated and seriously injured four members of these forces."

If FARK members did indeed assist The Hague, it will add further intensity to the conflict. Nevertheless, it appears so far to have been confined geographically and politically. According to Jeta Xharra, Kosovo director of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), "There is definitely a personalised, local vendetta in western Kosovo, but it does not affect Pristina. Although these are the military wings of LDK and AAK, the parties themselves remain in coalition and unaffected. This is a wild, thuggish and irrational war, and it doesn't matter to them what happens in Pristina."

For those watching the security situation as status talks approach (for which KFOR's intelligence capacity has been bolstered considerably) it is hoped that the conflict does not break out of its local confines and spread to civilian politics. For many, however, possibly including the local police, the vendetta is almost a natural phenomenon that must be allowed to run itself out. "This sort of thing happens in Kosovo," one seasoned Balkan diplomat told The Budapest Times.

Anonymous said...

Aye, we have problems, and we will have greater problems if Serbia continues to have influence over the people of Kosova.

Chris Blaku said...

Oh my god four people died in two months, I can see how that threatens to derail independence!

A reporter, you say? Heavens, no! And two members of a family involved in open rebellion as well?Good God.

I see it now, Kosova must be DOOMED.

Don't kid yourselves Serbs, your Prime Minister was gunned down in broad daylight.

At worst, this is a family dispute that has led to bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Serb (Mijailo Mijailovic) that killed the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh in 2003...

Cancel the Serbian state I say! They have proven again and again that they are murderers.


Anonymous said...

by the way the family feud is not between just any two families. its the family of former prime minister.

the reporter killed is not just any reporter killed. he has links with the president of kosovo.

serbs are definitely playing games with the corridor issue.

but who are YOU kidding with the security situation and family feud?

oh yes remember, it was JUST one man who committed suicide over iraq war in london. does anyone know what are the repurcussions?

Anonymous said...

friends pls be objective. rhetoric, that, u leave kosova and we live here, wont work. it never has, it never will. the earlier everyone accepts them the better it is.

where are the people who are practical and objective in running the affairs of government. not only the politicians, also the technical professionals. people (inluding albanians) are so disappointed with the jobs they are doing and yes the salaries too.

will the guys in the blog living abraod the life of luxury come back. oh yes kosova has security to offer, human rights and yes excellent standard of living. why dont some of you come back.

who are you guys kidding with all the rhetoric. only thinking of violence and how it bring revolution, etc. and independence too, all the time. oh yes that supplemented by the fact that, the violence does happen in Kosova, whenever given the chance. As if that is the only thing one is waiting for. C'mon.........

Independence is the birthright and Kosova will be independent soon if not later. But I am sorry if you guys have the same thinking and mentality, god save it.

Anonymous said...

The government of Serbia cannot even control its Army Generals. I believe this presents a security issue for Serbia and the entire Balkans. But let them worry about a family feud in Kosovo, it only shows the rage they have inside from their inability to solve their own problems.

Anonymous said...

That serb that killed the swedish minister was mentally disturbed buddy. Sweden released him from a mental facility and didnt even provide protection for its ministers before that incident.

Do I need to list all the kosovar criminals in Detroit that commit murders and flee to Kosova to avoid prosection?

Anonymous said...

The poster before above is right, we have a lot of work in Kosova, not only build a safe country but place ourselves in a position so we can compete with the rest of east european countries, including Albania.

Its business ppl...

Ibro said...

“Must be great to know that the only reason Serbia is economically viable (which is generous) is because of the exploitation of Kosova's resources, which are no longer in Belgrade's hands.”
Really really you should be more realistic. There was no way, there is no way and there will be no way that Kosovo has resources to help build or enrich Serbia or any other country. You should be very lucky if Kosovo has enough resources (apart from abundance of young unqualified and, it seems, lazy workforce) to support itself.
Ok lets just for a moment agree with you that Serbia prevented Kosovo development, then these past 5 years Kosovo has developed greatly? Not according to all economic parameters published by Kosovo or international institutions. On contrary, and sadly for you, things have gone from bad to worst in this area.

Anonymous said...

Ylber said:

Well Ibro if you actually do some bacground research and find out the facts you might learn how to build an argument.
Here, I'll give you a short lesson.
Kosovo has the third largest Zinc mining complex in the world. It has the highest reserves of Zinc in Europe. What good could Zinc be for? you might ask, well read the following:

"The 'Zinc Air' battery will be to the next decade what oil and gasoline are to this one, as the now perfected Electric Car becomes widely marketed. Zinc will rise in value progressively as Oil becomes a secondary transportation fuel. Countries rich in Zinc mines are going to gain prominence geopolitically and economically." Forbes Magazine.

Other facts you might like to know before you make a judgment and pass the verdict on Kosovo’s future:

"The sprawling Trepca mining complex in Kosovo, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, is worth at least $5 billion." The New York Times

“Lignite deposits in the Kosovo mines are, according to experts, sufficient for the next 13 centuries. The capacity of the lead and zinc refineries ranks third in the world.” The New York Times

Also, in the past five years these recourses have not been explored in any way. This is because the corrosive UNMIK occupying regime has halted any form of development until just late 2004. Also, the authorities in Belgrade tried to halt the process by laying claim to these properties, a case they lost when the UN authorities decided that Kosovo has a right to privatize and exploit these recourses because they belong to Kosovo and its people.

So in conclusion, not only do we have enough recourses to support ourselves, but we will be able to support the surrounding region with all their energy needs, all be it for a price, and Kosovo is poised to become the strongest economy in the Balkans in the next 10 to 15 years.

Next time before you make unfounded claims based on personal feelings and emotions, driven by jealousy, read a little. Browse the web or grab a book, do something. It does not hurt one to use one’s brain once in a while.

Best regards, Ylber Burgija, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be very critical of the Kosvar institutions in their ability to restore an economic stability to Kosova!!! I agree that Kosova is not economically stable. However, your comments would be understandable if Kosova was on the verge of joining the EU. Many EU countries like Greece for e.g., had the weakest economy when they joined the EU. Many years after they are still were they started compared to other original EU members.

Comparing the economy of our neighbouring countries, Kosova without its final status determined, has done very well indeed to survive with all the obstacles on its way. The emergence of new economically strong country is on its way. Until then none of us has the right to judge the post war Kosova. This not only to the lack of investors due to the uncertainties of the final status but also due to failures of the international community to create an economic stability. The latter is very well documented. Only after the March04 did they decide to hand over the economic powers to the local institutions and allow the privatisation of many companies that were left in ruins by the Serbs daylight robberies and NATO bombings. In fact only this year we have seen a number of companies being privatised and access to international loans (such as the one from the EU central bank) being approved. If we were in this position from the start of the post war Kosova today we would have been commenting about their great successes. Great successes because many of the Kosovar companies waiting to be privatised have the greatest capabilities to compete not justs on regional scale but worldwide, this based on the fact of not just natural resources but also on the workforce which is one of the most capable in the region.
You refer to the Kosovar workforce as a lazy and uneducated because those are the first insulting words that come to your mind, failing to give a reason for your comment. In many cities around Kosova you have a rising young populatiam that compensate the lack of jobs with a good time out. However, those uneducated lazy young individuals when emigrating in cosmopolitan cities such as London or New York seem to excel in some of the most demanding and competitive environments.
Kosova has a good future despite the fact that we have many challenges ahead of us. Ten years on it will not only overcome Serbia, which according to statistics from the Education Ministry, nearly 50 percent of Serbian citizens never finished elementary schooling (, but all of its neighbouring countries.


Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, the arguments you continue to present are laughable and depict your racism clearly. It should be noted that Kosova provided World War 2 Germany with over 25% of its natural resource requirements which essentially made it extremely valuable to Hitler.

As mentioned clearly by the above bloggers, Kosova's zinc supply is tremendous. As it looks like oil will permenantly hover around the $60 range, Zinc will become a more valuable commodity with time. Also not mentioned, is Kosova's untouched uranium deposits throughout. Do not forget Ibro, that it was Kosovar minerals that built Slavic cities for the past ten centuries.

As for questioning the movement forward of Kosova's economy and progression in mineral capability, you should know better. Kosova's economic progression has been placed under UNMIK control, which has been decent at best, however was able to gain Kosovar control over real estate that Belgrade laid claim to. Perhaps it would be wiser to question the progression of the Serbian state, which has been independent for over 125 years, and has advanced little since then. As the chief beneficiaries of the Tito regime, Serbia remained under the liberal cloak of soft Communism, yet retained its nationalist and animalistic expansionist ideologies. As compared to the nation of Albania, which the Serbians love to invoke, Serbia's progression is mild, to say the least. Despite over four decades in isolation, the Albanian economy has bounced back, with real GDP per-capita doubled in seven years and on par with EU-candidate, Romania.

If the Albanians are host to a lazy, uneducated population, how do you explain the unquestionable success of the Albanian diaspora you Serbians despise so strongly? The Albanians of the United States, clearly the most advanced of the group, have propelled the Albanian cause into the minds of Americans whilst the Serbians remained in the 19th century. Lazy Albanians have managed to excel and reach successes when provided the opportunity, as you of course know, one of the richest men in Europe is Albanian.

Save your criticism and mild intellectual capability for your nation. You have been independent for over a century, and even while under the protection of Russia, you have failed to advance beyond the ragtag farmers you were a century ago.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:45 blogger

Hey buddy, the murderer Mijailovic was never in a mental institution.

He started his "career" by stabbing his father when he was a teenager.

Years later he stabbed the Swedish foreign minister, the mother of two, to death. In the middle of the day, inside a mall. He then fled the scene, got a haircut, buried his clothes and went underground for a month. Only after pressure from his mother did he surrender.

One day before the stabbing, he was seen in a meeting for an opposition leader in Stockholm. Both that leader(Lars Leijonborg) and Anna Lindh were strong supporters of NATOs bombing of Serbia. And Mijailovic was seen near both of them...
You think it's a coincidence that a serbian killed Anna Lindh?
No way, buddy!

Sweden is an open society, with relatively few crimes, especially political. That's why politicians didn't feel the need for stronger protection. But that had to change after this savage attack. Having murderous serbs roaming the streets, stabbing politicians, did inevitably change the climate. That's Serbias donation to world heritage...

Not to mention other serbian warlords and criminals, like Arkan with a long criminal record, or Legija.
I mean hey, their entire criminal state is being tried in Hague.

So, lay off your apologetic posts about serbian murderers.
If you judge every nation like you do with Kosovars, Serbia doesn't deserve an own state either.


Chris Blaku said...

According to Serbian standards for Kosovar independence, the United States should have its soverignity revoked.

Regarding the remarks about a criminal Serbian state, even after the evil of the 1990's (which the Serbians perfected over a century of training), the Serbian public still voted the nationalists into the largest party in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I have grown weary of people whose only defense of Serbia is to cite criminal activity in Kosova. If freedom from crime were a condition for independence of any country, then every country on earth would have to surrender its sovereignty. I am also weary of seeing the words "Serbian Condition for...." Serbia has no authority or mandate to impose any condition upon anyone. The last conditions they imposed were murder and massacre of non-Serbians. Independence (officially recognized) is right around the corner. Independence already exists in the mind of Kosovars. It is here and there's nothing Serbia can do about it.