Monday, July 25, 2005

Thaçi: Security in Kosovo (Koha Ditore)

Koha Ditore carries an opinion piece by PDK leader Hashim Thaçi who claims that with its current coalition Government status, Kosovo is in serious danger. According to Thaçi, a right solution for Kosovo’s political status cannot be reached with the weakest and most corrupt government in the region. ‘This type of Government not only misuses the will of citizens, but has also installed fear among international friends who support independence,’ Thaçi added.

On the issue of security, the PDK leader makes the following proposals -- to build as soon as possible a joint local and international committee that would identify the key problems of security in Kosovo; to create the Ministry of Order and the Ministry of Justice that would not be controlled by political entities and would be in the service of all Kosovo citizens; intensive work on making official the Kosovo Intelligence Service, which should be apolitical, professional, multiethnic and according to Western standards; effective management of Kosovo Consolidated Budget funds for the return of refugees The PDK leader also proposed to draft a project in cooperation with local authorities in Mitrovica for the return of IDPs from both parts of the town, for the reconstruction of damaged houses and especially for opening Mitrovica Hospital, faculties and high schools for all citizens; to use government funds to build a neighbourhood for Romas in a proper part of the town and not continue to endanger them on the banks of the River Ibër; to launch reforms in local government that would correspond with the requirements for decentralisation according to European standards; and civic principles.

Thaçi also criticised current Government officials for involvement in misuse of the budget. ‘Such a situation is intolerable. We must all put an end to this situation, so we can build a democratic state, with functioning institutions, with the rule of law and with civic democracy,’ Thaçi concluded.


Anonymous said...

"Thaçi also criticised current Government officials for involvement in misuse of the budget. ‘Such a situation is intolerable. We must all put an end to this situation, so we can build a democratic state, with functioning institutions, with the rule of law and with civic democracy,’ Thaçi concluded.", This is a mobster talking, he would clean out the budget in one month, this is a man from a party of criminals and he has the stomach to talk about how to run a government. If he would spend more time concentrating on building a future state of Kosova by working with the current government he would be more respected then he is right now. This man is left out in the cold and is having a very negative effect on Kosova with his complaining.

I would like to comment about something else also, I have been reading the comments some of the other bloggers have posted and Chris Blaku seems to be incredibly well-informed if I may put it in that way. I truly hope that Chris is active in more then blogging, we (the kosovar) could use that kind of knowledge in many aspects. We could use someone to give Mr. Thaci a lesson in politics and history.

Anonymous said...

Thaçi's criticism should be taken seriously, but truely one can only question the sincerity of the "Snake".

Chris Blaku said...

I appreciate your kind words 1:19. I am involved in many activities beyond blogging, and would agree with you that the Albanians, Kosovars and others alike, need an informed and educated population to take control of our own destiny.

Ferick said...

While I am not a big fan of Thaqi, I think he is up to something. There should be zero tolerance when it comes to corruption. That is the only way to build a strong state. Ministers should not be appropriating funds as they wish!

Read this :
Three Kosovo Ministers to be fired?
PRISSTINA -- Kosovo governor Soeren Jessen Petersen has asked Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi for the dismissal of three ministers of the Kosovo government. Petersen is asking that Deputy Prime Minister Adem Saljihaj and Ministers Melijhat Trmkoli and Astrit Haracija be replaced before the start of status discussions in Kosovo for the misuse of power as officials of the Kosovo government. According to sources of the daily Koha Ditore, the three ministers may be dismissed at the beginning of September if Kosumi does not react by then, since Petersen is pushing for the status discussions to begin in the fall. The three ministers in question have been called out in the media several times for having alleged ties to criminal activity, misusing their parliamentary positions and being affiliated with the Homeland Security organization. All of these ministers belong to LDK, the largest political party in Kosova.
Koha Ditore.
I found this article at the following Link:

Anonymous said...

"While I am not a big fan of Thaqi, I think he is up to something." Ohh yeah..ask him how his own party-member Jakup Krasniqi got that big ass house built for him while he was in office. He has no other income (atleast not registered). There is no doubt that corruption is a big problem in the Kosovar society but Koha ditore news must be taken with ease. If the ministers in question really are suspected of criminal actions they would have been out of office a long time ago.

I think Petersen has shown a strong side so far and would probably not doubt a second to sack anyone suspected of criminal actions. I am of the belief that we have lost a common enemy somehow, before we could stand united against our common enemy Serbia but now that Serbia is left in the dirt (risen from dirt and returned to it) our politicians have more time to beat at each other. It’s sad I must say, this year should be a year were our so called politicians (u may call them criminals, it’s a thin-line in the Balkans) concentrate on reaching their common goal.

Call me stupid now or whatever u dear bloggers would like to but does anybody know of another place in the world were Standards like those in Kosova have been put as a condition for freedom and the right of self-determination?

Anonymous said...

No one is above the low!
Although the timing is not right to tackle these issues, as PDK is doing, they are welcome. If someone is found to be misusing the public funds they should be prepared to face the justice. If a government member is shown to do so especially at this very important stage when “the world’ is focused on the Kosovar politicians, the least they can do is resign.
Pointing fingers at each other is not the right way of going about it. Everybody understand that the PDK is overdoing it a bit by pretending to be the “strong” opposition. Their work and energy sometimes is not very well channelled. Their leadership seems confused in their approach to the important matters of Kosova. However, if the obstacle is these “three cabinet members” then for Kosovas’ future sake the sooner they resign the better.
No one is above the low.


Anonymous said...

What PDK is doing is good. The corrupt must go down, both in LDK and PDK, and (insert three letter acronim).

I myself am with Ceku, the armed forces :)

Chris Blaku said...

You guys are surprised that our politicians are thieves?

Sorry to burst your bubbles gentlemen, but all politicians are thieves, they didn't get to their positions with honesty.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the sacking of three ministers - PDK and Koha Ditore would be much more convnicing if they pointed out someone else, but Adem Salihaj, the guy is so useless I don't think he is able to even get corrupted let alone have lionks with so -called Homeland Security

Anonymous said...

Blogger at 5:03. You are not stupid. Everyone knows that East Timor was never forced to comply with some standards before it was recognized. In fact I think I went to geographically far to illustrate an example. Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, never had to undergo standards for statehood. This is all a political game that many westerners play for career points. Think of how many people would of never had their name in the New York Times if the Kosovo issue was not around. I can think of plenty.
And to think, what would the Serbs do if they had no Kosovo issue, they would eat each other alive.

varske said...

Like Chris Blaku says, who would be surprised at their politicians. Either you get rich first and buy influence to be elected or you get elected and benefit when you get there.

However, you can be just as cynical about the Opposition. A good opposition has a credible alternative policy and approach to the current lot. A bad opposition just complains and points the finger at the current lot. Just the pot calling the kettle black. I'm sure somebody can supply the Albanian equivalent to this proverb.

May the least bad deserve the place.

Anonymous said...

Hashim Thaci should be ignored by all the media, especially when he talks about corruption. The majority of gas stations in Kosova were opened by him, his brother was caught with 2mil marks couple of weeks after the war :). He is an uncivilized stubborn who is not worth to allow to enter Pristina.

Chris Blaku said...

They're all corrupt, now would you people focus on the enemy rather than letting the enemy divide and conquer?

Anonymous said...

Thaqi is talking bout security and corruption?
The same guy who's got rich by corruption? Who's party members have got rich by intimidation and threats?

Yeah, he's a reliable source alright!

And ponder the media he wrote for: Koha Ditore. Owned by Veton Surroi, leader of opposition party Ora. Surprise surprise!

The biggest threat to Kosova after we get independence will come from PDK. Ganglords and mobsters who usurped a lot of land property, and still are connected with the big head mafioso Fatos Nano.


Chris Blaku said...

Tosi your posts are usually quite informative, however I must implore you to resist giving way to the propaganda created on both sides.

There is no reason to arm the Serbian propaganda machine with more to say about our people.

Anonymous said...

That one dude is right, we need more people like Chris to bore us in news bloggs.

Thaqi is right about corruption in Kosova, and Koha Ditore is right about the ministers from LDK. All those guys are lying, cheating, thiefs. But not Jakup Krasniqi; he is more of a racketeer then anything else, well probably a thief too but I am sure to him is more of a hobby. But hey let's not let the little things divide us.

Right Chris, let's just ignore these things so that we can be united and fight the enemy because they are coming, they are after us.

Despite Thaqi and Koha Ditore being right about corruption in the government of Kosova, Koha Ditore should quite being such a bitch and do some true reporting. If this was to happen then they would have mention the stealing and illegal activities that Thaqi is also involved in. Instead they have it so bad for LDK that they make themselves appear like fools.

Chris Blaku said...

It is juvenile minds such as yours that will riddle Albanian society with complications between each other in the face of an impending regional crisis. It is indeed unfortunate that in Kosova's more dire hour, you choose conflict between your people over unity. But even this obvious fact you ridicule, "fight the enemy because they are coming after us."

It seems you have forgotten the events of 1998-99, when a million Albanian refugees were in the mountains and hills, and over ten thousand met their ends at the hands of the imaginary enemy you engage with humor. There are things far more important than your partisan bickering, such as the very future of our nation.

You seem to fail to grasp the very makings of a politician. Try to follow me closely... Every politician, in every country in the World is a liar, a cheat and a thief. Simple fact. They did not get to their post of power by singing in Church chiors or selling Scout cookies. It is this basic fact that seems to elude you in your everlasting journey for political perfection and the formation of the corruption-free democracy that is unattainable. In the United States, President George W. Bush's War on Terror spending increased Halliburton's revenues by $11 billion dollars in 2004. That prompts partisan bickering in the US of course, however that bickering is marginalized in the name of national unity in the face of the state's enemy. In defense of Bush, President Bill Clinton gave Halliburton subsidiary a $2 billion contract to build Camp Bondsteel in Kosova as well. I don't feel I need to explain to you the political connections and contributions that Halliburton has made to political parties, the Republicans specifically. Furthermore, it requires mention that the man in charge of Bush's environmental policies are all ex-Energy lobbyists.

I regret the digresion, but it is important that you recognize that everywhere in the world, including the vaulted home of democracy and capitalism, the United States, there is political corruption. Live with it, and learn that unity in the face of the enemy is the only way to succeed as a nation.