Monday, July 18, 2005

Differences bet internal and public approach of West toward Kosovo?

Zëri carries an exclusive article on the front page on ‘confidential detailed notes’ from the last three meetings of the Contact Group Plus with SRSG Jessen-Petersen, COMKFOR, Yves de Kermabon and Ambassador Kai Eide.

It reports that in the last meeting of CGP in Pristina, Jessen-Petersen said although it was very important to go ahead and implement local government reform, the issue of borders of pilot-municipalities should be dealt with cautiously. Jessen-Petersen warned that there could be reactions in places such as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia where borders of several municipalities changed. Furthermore, the creation of two new ministries later would also influence these projects, said the SRSG according to the paper.

COMKFOR Yves de Kermabon stressed during the meeting that the period when Kosovo’s political status will be discussed could be more problematic than the current situation of ‘fragile stability’.

UN Special Envoy for assessing Standards implementation, Kai Eide described his mission as independent, with wide competencies and without time limits.

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