Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We can live together, Ministers tell Serb hosts

Dailies report that the Kosovo Government officials are planning to spend two months visiting Serb areas to promote better communication between ethnic communities.

The programme is an effort by the Ministry of Local Government, which is a coordinator of the third and the fourth Standards dealing with the ‘freedom of movement’ and ‘sustainable returns’.

‘The visits aim to create an environment that promotes tolerance, respect for diversity, freedom of movement, human rights, property rights and is a call for the integration and employment of minorities,’ reads a Government programme.

Kosovo Government leaders will be split in three groups; each comprising four ministers, who will visit different regions inhabited by Serbs.


Anonymous said...

A very neat idea. I'm sure there are a lot of little step like this that can be done, including telling the Serb hosts what their Albanian neighbors expect from them in order to live in peace.

Anonymous said...

yea "neat idea".

Hey Ive got another "neat idea", how about the albanian neighbors come over and help rebuild the Churches and Monasteries that they destroyed?

Or maybe the disburse the monies allocated to the Serbs to rebuild their homes that were destroyed during the war.

That would REALLY be "neat"

Anonymous said...

Eh where do you live? Pluto? That is EXACTLY what is being done! Kosovar money is rebuilding houses, churches, infact KPC (ex-KLA) units are helping in that task.

P.S. money or funds not monies.

Anonymous said...

in the serbian part of town. No. wrong again.

Anonymous said...

BBC had an article on how KPC is helping Serbs building their houses. As you well know, they have also offered protection to Serb churches but since that chance has never been given to them, nobody can blame them.

Now its time for Belgrade to pay war reparations to Kosovars that they invaded.

Anonymous said...

It's a great step that Kosovar money is being used for the KPC to rebuild Serb houses destroyed by a few Albanian fanatics.
So imagine what a step toward reconciliation it would be if the Serbian government allocated money to rebuild 100,000 Albanian houses and 200 mosques destroyed by its official armed forces in 1999. Tadic? Draskovic? Kostunica? Any takers?

Anonymous said...

I checked the weather, it wasn't snowing in LA.

Anonymous said...

you sure they werent destroyed when Nato started bombing?

Where is you proof that all these albanian mosques were destroyed?

Anonymous said...

Lets see this BBC article. Show me the UN report.

Otherwise, false.

Anonymous said...

Last poster, you are behaving like we owe you something, but it's the other way around. Malo morgen if you think something. Just send them to +988-800-dontcarewhatyouthink. I fear for your mental health, you might decide to castrate yourself if left unattended.

Srbija nije mala, nije mala, ali je propala.

Anonymous said...

Dear Serbs,

Here is how the KLA (Kosovar Liberation Amry, please note it doesnt say Albanian Liberation Amry and quite rightly since there was also Gypsies fighting against Serb terrorism), is helping rebuild Serb houses. Also please note that KLA fighters fought against Serb terrorism, not Serbs.


Chris Blaku said...

The fact that Serbia and its supporters even offer such meaningless and shabby arguments is particularly expressive of their collective state of paranoia and mass delusion.

They make mountains out of the pebbles of their meager problems, yet conveniently avoid the carnage they were responsible for in the Balkans. The riots in March displayed the very worst of the Albanian people, however it pales in comparison to the seemingly nonchalant behavior of the Serbian Chetniks throughout the 20th century.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the supporters of this "civilized" nation have failed to acknowledge the massacre of Srebrenica, and have even taken steps and measures to discredit and smear the innocence of those massacred at the hands of the Bosnian Serb army, supported by Belgrade and the Serbian Church.

Which brings us to the point of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a very unique religious institution in both character and practice. Whereas most religious institutions in today's world would avoid supporting any movement regarding warfare or repression, the Serbian Orthodox Church has proven to be anything but neutral. What the Church has actually done, historically, is beyond Western convention with regard to the appropriate behavior of a religious institution. They have been instrumental in spearheading the Serbo-Chetnik cause, and participated strongly in the rewriting of Serbia's history to suit their expansionist aspirations. Before condemning the Albanians without a thought for the cause of such hate, the Westerner must realize a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for centuries, but is apparent to any who study Albanian culture and history: The preservation of Orthodox sites throughout Kosova by Albanians, the majority of whom were Muslim during Ottoman rule in the Balkans. The Albanians, for centuries, have defended, protected, and maintained Serbian Orthodox sites, usually without compensation.

Thus, the question must be posed: What has caused the Albanians to project such unusual behavior towards their neighbors? What have they endured in decades past that has altered their behavior and their respect for the holy sites of the Serbs?

The answer is frighteningly simple, yet complex to the outside eye- It is the behavior and mismanagement of the Serbians themselves, through the influence of the Orthodox Church and its clergy, that has destroyed millions of Albanian lives. Obviously, the objectionable behavior of the Albanians towards Serbian holy sites must be condemned in every way, but that is not to say that the Serbian Church is innocent in its behavior, nor is it undeserving of such treatment by the long-suffering Albanians.

Remember it was the Serbian Orthodox priests in Kosova that carried automatic weapons and were responsible for the encouragement of massacres and crimes against the Albanians. However far-fetched this may be to the Western eye, the proof is in the pudding, with the Srebrenica tape painting a vividly detailed portrait of the type of behavior the Serbian Church is engaged in.

In conclusion, we have yet to see the behavior of the Albanian Kosovars in rebuilding damaged homes and churches mirrored by the Serbian Government in Belgrade, who is keen to avoid any and all blame for their crimes past.

Anonymous said...

Serb Orthodox Church is right there with the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"you sure they werent destroyed when Nato started bombing?
Where is you proof that all these albanian mosques were destroyed?"

Maybe try this:

or this:


and don't tell me the reporteers here - Michael Sells and Andres Reidlmyer - are anti-Serb - sure they're anti-Chetnik, but check Sell's site and he also reports on the destruction of Orthodox churches in post June 1999 and March 2004.

Anonymous said...

To the serb poster,

Don’t worry we are not so concerned about the mosques. They have no meaning to Albanians. I could not however, say that the Orthodox Church has no meaning to the Serbs. After all it did partake in the war. The church will pay too. In fact the Decani Monastery has been seeking forgiveness for some time now, but its hollow.

We, the Albanians, are concerned about HUMAN LIFE. That is the costly damage that you will be paying for generations. If not you, your sons and daughters and their kids and their kids will be paying. We will make sure of it, we will not forget.

CoOkIe_MoNsTeR said...

whats this? what nonscense is going on here? it was the serbs who massacred the albanians, kosovans, bosnians. in my opinion the serbs should have done to them what they done to the others. but its too sick no one can laugh and kill innocent children, thats a very christian thing to do, seeing as it was them who did the killing and the churches who funded the killings. listen up if you are a supporter of serbs or you are an actual serb. we have not forgotten what you did to the innocent albanians, kosovans and bosnians etc. mark my words the whole international muslim community is very angry and fed up, the numbers of fighters increase day by day. if serbs ever decide to do such a thing again they would get a stinging slap. patience is running very thin. mujahideen will come down to cut your throats open and watch you cough up your own blood. how evil were you to kill innocent men woman and especially children whilst laughing. a nice muslim warrior needs to send you people into the afterlife where you can see who's side jesus is really on, because if you read the quran you will understand. the future is practically told in the quran and hadiths that non muslims will try to eradicate islam indescriminantly but in the end islam will prevail inshALLAH. dont worry my dear kosovan, bosnian, albanian brothers and sisters, or wherever you are from. you are getting more attention from us muslim brothers and sisters abroad now. dont worry your hidden massacre became exposed years ago. inshALLAH we will never let this happen again, and we will rescue you (even the non believers) because its our duty inshALLAH. take care salam

p.s. to clarify 'the one drop of muslim blood is said to be worth more than the holy kaabah and its surroundings' this is how much ALLAH swt loves us, but we show our loyalty and love by protecting them till martyredom.

CoOkIe_MoNsTeR said...

even on tv they showed camera footage of the serbs dragging young children by the hair outside a lorry and whilst laughing torturing them before eventually killing them. i do not understand how even an evil person could laugh whilst killing children. my anger for serbs increases on a daily basis, i dream about slitting thier throats open.