Thursday, July 14, 2005

KFOR: There will be no exercises with Serb Army in Kosovo

‘It has never been planned that KFOR and the Army of Serbia and Montenegro would have joint exercises in Kosovo’s territory. There have been some speculations spread but there is no truth in it’, is the response of KFOR-s spokespersons, Charles de Kersabiec to concerns of the people about the ‘return’ of Serb army.

Last week’s joint exercises were held within territory of Serbia and had medical purposes, the KFOR official clarified, according to Zëri.


Chris Blaku said...

What was the Serb army doing, refilling water coolers for KFOR?

Anonymous said...

OPERATION SNOWPLOW, the return of Kosovo to owning nation in accord with inernational law is being rehersed.


Anonymous said...

No Chris....they were not refilling water. That is what you would have done if you were there.

I have never experienced this dicipline, comeradeship and tactical skills on many places before and believe me...I HAVE been on many places.

"There will be no exercises with Serb Army in Kosovo" Maybe thats true, but recently "There have been....". In the end, according to Res 1244, VJSCG will be sent back into Kosovo, step by step. Why on earth otherwise do you think that Serbia with the help of US and EU are building a huge military base outside Bujanovac in south Serbia called Cepotima for about 20 mil euros ??

Anonymous said...

Serb army plowing snow? In summer?

Chris Blaku said...

$20 million euros, that's a hefty price tag... Especially when compared to America's puny $2 billion investment in Camp Bondsteel. However premature it may be to say, I would highly doubt the US will allow its largest base outside of the US to fall within enemy borders. Moreover, Serbia is still considered to be a delinquent state, with its government and church playing a leading role in hiding the greatest mass murderers in Europe since Hitler and Stalin.

Your belief that somehow, the Americans are working with the Serbians they bombed only six years ago displays an eroded alternate reality you seem to be living in. It is time for a much needed reality check, you should realize that Serbia is still looked at with the same disgust in the west, particularly during the 10th anniversary of Srebrenica, when hardline Serbs staged a demonstration on the Serb victims and Serb parliament failed to recognize Srebrenica.

You are a modern day Nazi Germany, and all you have done is replace your Hitler with a stool pigeon to do his work.

Anonymous said...

In mountains :)

But the only exercise between NATO and Serb troops is the one where Serb troops are the target, and NATO drops the bombs. You see, NATO bombs are made to hit terrorists, proudly in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Serbia.

Anonymous said...

What good will it make for the world to grant independence to people unable to behave according to the 21st century,people whose values are reduced to vendettas and family imposed ignorance,in which anything that remainds them Serbian heritage has to be destroyed and erased from the face of the planet, but to their disgrace the world is awakening to their lies and distortions and the copper has started to emerge on what they tried to pass as gold and what is going to be left is nothing more than what they really are, the last corrupt uneducated uncultured criminal tribe in Europe .

Chris Blaku said...

It is more accurate to say the Serbians are unable to conform to 21st century standards of civilization. It was they who, a decade ago, set fire to the bloodiest war Europe has seen in 50 years. It was they who committed over a million systematic rapes in the Balkan wars. It was they who ensured the death of over 250,000 individuals inside the time span of a few years, including 7,000 in a few days in Srebrnica. Moving forward, it was they that killed their own heroes, Arkan and Djindjic, in the wake of the War Crimes indictments.

As for the present, it is they who still deny a role in the Srebrenica massacres, despite the overwhelming evidence ON TAPE to suggest that the Serbian Government, as long believed, was involved in supporting the Bosnian Serb army in their massacres.

Things of Serbian heritage have remained in Kosova during Turkish occupation due to the protection of Albanians, largely with no compensation. As Noel Malcolm mentions in his book Kosovo, it is a phenomenon that historicans have not been able to explain: Muslim-majority Albanians defending Serbian Orthodox Churches, largely with no compensation.

Moreover, the Serbian language has been preserved in Kosova, despite it being the mother-tongue of only 5% of the population. It would be wiser for you to praise the Albanians for their tolerance and level-headed approach despite your record of betrayal. Betrayal to the Balkans, to Christianity, and to your own nation.

Corrupt, uneducated, uncultured and criminal tribe in Europe? Sounds like Serbia.

Chris Blaku said...

Perhaps we can compare the living standards of the 250,000+ Albanians in the Presheva valley in Southern Serbia to the Albanians in Kosova. The Serbian Government has made it illegal for the Albanians in Presheva to fly their own flag and have not provided them with an education in their own language, two basic rights that the Serbians enjoy in Kosova.

Anonymous said...

I was working in Kosovo from 1999 to 2004, and belive me Serbs and Albanians are the biggest assholes in the whole area.
For the mentioned price 20 mil. eu. are a lot of money for the army who do not pay for the Kelogs B&R drivers a 15.000(fifteen towsend) dolars, or for the meal a 30$. That how much are payed B&R in Kosovo.
For 20 m. eu. Serbian army can do mirracle!
I do not like them, but the serbian army even in trouble can employ 50.000 high trained army personal within 24 hours in Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

I hate when somebady like chris blaky is comenting something he do not know. If you were in kosovo ok, but if you are in NY and just read and hear from people what is happening in kosovo, be silent. The albanians are killing serbs almost every day in kosovo. The serbs do not have rights to travel (freedom of movement). Albanians are like a small children, just cry and never responsible for their own actions.