Monday, July 25, 2005

Editorial: Unhappy with the world

Kosova Sot carries an editorial on the front page saying that the repeated boycott of decentralization by the Serbian List is likely to slow down the processes.

Participation in the pilot projects of the Serbian representatives was considered a victory for efforts to include Serbs in the process. However, despite the fact that the SRSG allowed adding more cadastral zones to the municipal units, something that was opposed by Local Government minister, Lutfi Haziri, Serbian politics orchestrated by Belgrade have found other reasons to impede implementation of the projects.

Serbs continue to remain the biggest obstacle for implementing the reform and for political stability in the country.

It will be difficult to even think of succeeding in areas inhabited by Serbs, if they do not want to support the process. Therefore, from now we can foresee a failure, which will be detrimental to the process and will affect Eide’s report. Although Albanians are not to blame, the responsibility for success falls on them as they control the governance structures. Serbs should consider it a smart move to become once again involved in the working groups, the editorial concludes.

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