Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kurti: The revolution will prevent war in Kosovo

In an interview with Zëri, Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-Determination Movement, said Kosovo was heading toward negotiations on status and this implies reaching a compromise or giving up on independence.

‘They can find some politicians who can sign the new formal dependence of Kosovo from Serbia, but the people will never accept this. This is the reason why I think the current political system should be changed in a radical manner and this radical change is nothing else than a revolution which will not cause war but will prevent war from happening,’ Kurti was quoted as saying.


Ibro said...

Bad luck for Kosovars. Unfortunately, the present government and leaders (position and oposition) were freely elected by Kosovars, and this time, under no pressure by Serbia. Elections were widely qualified as free and fair by International Community and locals alike. Old saying applies fully ” Leadership of one Country/Nation is a true reflection of the County/Nation itself”. You voted for them, now put up with them. If you didn’t vote, why didn’t you? You think you can do better, form a party and participate in elections next time. There was a time for revolution (personally I think that was late 1960’s) but now that is, not just out of fashion but irresponsible too. Sometimes I think that Kosovars are genetically programmed moaners and complainers.

Chris Blaku said...

Serbians are genetically programmed moaners and complainers.

Your quote is ridiculous- especially considering that in a democratic society it is impossible for the leadership of a country to reflect the nation. A democracy means the leadership would have to reflect a VOTE, and in that case, unless it was a 90% LANDSLIDE victory, it only reflects the portion of the population that voted for the respective leader.

Regardless, Kurti does not represent the opinions of all Kosovars, as most are generally happy with the performance given the circumstances. In a democracy such as Kosova, the opposition and those with opposing views are able to voice them without fear, something far-fetched for the Serbians, such as Natasa Kandic, who lives in fear for her life.

Ibro said...

In response to Chris Balaku.
It might just as well be true that ” Serbs are genetically programmed etc…” but that does not exclude that Kosovars are too. However ridiculous my quote may seem and however pedantically you try to explain with % of electoral proportion that voted for this or that party, my impression is that ”Leadership of one Country/Nation is a true reflection of the County/Nation itself”. This holds for every country and democracy including Kosovo. Kosovo is not a democracy and not a recognised country yet. For now it is a very “ridiculous” creature described by a number. 1244.
Comparison between Kosovo and Serbia is not a very good one.
In terms of politics, the state affairs and government organisation, culture, industry, science, sport, (and yes why not) crime, etc, Kosovo can learn a lot and is far behind from Serbia. Serbia, however, should not be Kosovos benchmark in any of the aforementioned areas.
By the way, Natasa Kandic is not a politician and since we’re here Kosovo to date doesn’t have an equivalent of Kandic too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kosova is so far behind Serbia, Ibro? Serbia treated Kosovars in the best possible manner, but who knows, Kosovars might just be genetically programmed not to want to develop, right? I

Kosovars might be behind in all the fields you mentioned, except culture :). I don't know but it seems like you are praising a culture that encourages massacres and mass killings. What is one good thing in the Serbian culture (if there is such a thing)?

Lastly, we (Kosovars) DO NOT need a Natasha Kandic type of a person for the simple fact that those alleged of committing war crimes and such DO NOT hide behind their actions, in other words they are not pussies like Serbs. This brings up another field where Serbs trail very very behind, manhood :).

Mr. F

Chris Blaku said...

Ibro, so you claim that President George W. Bush of the United States is a reflection of the entire country? It seems odd that in a nation made up nearly evenly of Democrats and Republicans, both on far diverging arenas of the political platform, you can classify the entire nation as being represented evenly by a clearly right wing president.

However, taken into a more severe context, we can conclude that Slobodan Milosevic reflected Serbia itself. Perhaps there may be some truth to your statement, if looked at in that sense.

Kosova may not yet be a recognized country, but it is a democracy, as you mentioned clearly in your first blog.

Elections were widely qualified as free and fair by International Community and locals alike.

It has yet to be recognized as a country, but the obvious actions taken by the international community are clear requisites for the inevitable, independence.

The politics of Kosova are far beyond those of Belgrade, as our leaders are not assassinated for voicing their opinions. The state affairs of Kosova (can they be called state affairs, since as you put it "Kosova is not a recognized country yet"?) are superior in every sense to those of the Serbians, who have used much needed funds for organizing the hiding of war criminals and resisting reforms that promote aid from the West. There is no need to mention culture, as the Albanians have traditions that predate Serbian existence in the Balkans in its entirety. Kosova's crime is on-par with a developing nation and actually pretty low for an unrecognized territory with 60% unemployment. This shows particular patience on behalf of the population, 70% of whom is under the age of 30.

Natasa Kandic may not be a politician, but for voicing her opinions and beliefs her life has been threatened on numerous occasions. Moreover, as mentioned above, the Albanians do not require a Natasa Kandic, as our actions have been honorable throughout history.

The Albanians only resorted to violent measures against the Serbian occupation (only military and police forces were targeted by the organized rebel groups) when democratic and peaceful resistence brought on further crackdowns. The Serbians have portrayed a dispicable degree of behavior not seen since World War 2 by Germany's Nazis. At least the Germans did not reelect the Nazis to form the largest group in Parliament following the Holocaust, the Serbians did.

Chris Blaku said...

Perhaps you can explain to us why the Serbians were withheld aid by the United States for nearly a decade? Moreover, why don't you explain to us why Albania is the recipient of over $100 million in annual U.S. aid?

Do you condemn the actions of the United States? It seems in the mind of the Serbians, even the US is wrong when it conflicts with their expansionist, psychopathic national motives.

Anonymous said...

Ibro - Let me clarify a few things. Mr. Blaku never stated that Natasha Kandic was a politician. This is what he did say: "the opposition and those with opposing views are able to voice them without fear, something far-fetched for the Serbians, such as Natasa Kandic, who lives in fear for her life." This statement pertains to citizens and politicians alike.
Yes, Kosova does not have an equivalent to Natasa Kandic. But if your logic wasn't so backwards, you'd understand why. Kandic is an advocate for human rights and a beacon of hope in a nation where the extremist policies of the past regime resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions displaced, and four wars within the span of a decade. However, it is these same policies which have compelled men and women within Belgrade, like Natasa Kandic, to act, exposing the wrongdoings of the Serbian government. Bear in mind that Kosova is the victim of ethnic cleansing, not the perpetrator, so it is only natural one who denounces atrocities and human rights abuses would emerge from a populace that has committed so much of it.

In terms of industry, government, and other economic aspects, Kosova does lag behind somewhat, but you are mistaken in inferring that the people of Kosova are accountable.
Do not be so careless as to forget that for nearly a century all of these entities were controlled by and manipulated for the benefit of an oppressive Serbian regime. In fact, given the situation Kosova is in, it has made exceptional progress in all of these areas.

You are right, however, in stating that Serbia should not be Kosova's benchmark in any of these fields. If we were to follow this policy, we would first have to forcefully colonize our neighbors, demoralize them by underminding their most basic of human freedoms, falsify their history, exploit their resources, and, when they dare rise to challenge our control, butcher and massacre them by the thousands.

Anonymous said...

well said by both chris and the anonymous writer after him.

Chris Blaku said...

3:45 blogger- GREAT RESPONSE... No need for more to be written.

Ibro said...

Please try (I know it is hard for you guys) and leave out emotions and national romantism when you address important issues such as the future of your country (or number thingy as I say).
1) I am reading your responses and trying to change my mind about Bush (or any president vs nation) reflection of Americans, but you failed to convince me.
2) Culture issue, some examples - the biggest event in Kosova recently was a certain Ibrahim Tatlises concert while just few weeks ago in Novi Sad has finished EXIT festival where top world DJ-s and dance artists have participated and this was hottest topic within most of dance community world wide. It is a matter of taste but, would you rather be associated with western DJ’s or Tatlisess? Most of the famous rock/pop bands from around the world (Classical and jazz music too) have concerts in Belgrade and the same cannot be said about Pristina. One of the top directors although of muslim and Sarajevo origin creates his movies in Belgrade(Kusturica) and they are presented as made in Serbia and Montenegro. Serbs, have a writer Nobelist while Kosovans still don’t. Examples like this are numerous.
3) Kosovo maybe doesn’t need a Kandic of it’s own for war crimes but it most definitely needs a brave person of some sort to point out and talk about all the corruption and misuse of public funds.
4) I completely share the view of mr Kurti in regards of current state of affairs in Kosovo but disprove of his methods of achieving his goals.
5) If Kosovans are at ease and don’t have anything to complain about its leaders than they better get up because it could be very late. I think that it is not going 100% Kosovars way. This time you have to do something about it and not let others do your work for you. It worked out when you made NATO fight the fight that you’ve picked but it may not happened this time.

Chris Blaku said...

Kosovar's have an esteemed writer in Ismail Kadare, who is Albanian. The commonly mentioned "differences" between Kosovars and other Albanians are not recognized by Albanians themselves, and Kosovars proudly identify with Kadare, and Mother Teresa.

Misuse of public funds? That is quite an accusation to come from the Serbian camp, where public funds have been used to hide Karadzic and Mladic, the very people whose actions have devestated the Serbian economy and people that these funds are derived from.

It's hard to argue with you when you present such vague arguments, but it would be wise for you to remember that we are a people that have provided the world with Mother Teresa's not Milosevic's.

Chris Blaku said...

Moreover, a recent survey showed that Albanian Kosovars have a 98% favorable to very-favorable image of the United States. I highly doubt those numbers would be imitated by the paranoid Serbian side, who still believe that the World went to war with them over a lie.

Again, I must state in the face of your comparisons regarding concerts (a very intellectual way to gauge the population), that your people have voted, in fair and free elections to place Milosevic-sympathetic politiains as the largest party in the Serbian Parliament. Explain yourselves.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Tatlises? Man you have the same name as him. Just FYI a difference in music taste doesn't make a culture better or worse, even though this is not the case in Kosova.
You should visit Kosova sometimes and see how many clubs are playing Tatlises.
The fact that the event was so big, was that he is a Turkish music legend, and we are happy when distinguished artists throw a concert in our country.
The reason why we dont get many of those DJs in Kosova is because of Serbs who are the ONLY reason why Kosova is still so unstable.
We have been supressed for decades and yet we have produced some of the world's most valuable people (see Chris Blaku), while Serbs with all the opportunities to produce and show their work have produced less than others in their position.

Chris Blaku said...

The Albanians have produced some of the most influential people in the World, despite enduring thousands of years of foreign occupation. Among them may be the most influential human being of the past two thousand years, Constantine the Great. Pope Clemente XI, was of Albanian descent, as was the most generous woman the world has ever known, Mother Teresa. Gjergj Kastrioti (Skenderbeu) is regarded as one of the finest generals the world has ever known, and had prompted the great Voltaire to proclaim that had the Byzantines generals such as Skenderbeu serving them, they would have survived and thrived. In addition, King Phyrrus of Epirus is known widely in Western circles as one of the finest figures in Ancient History. Alexander the Great's mother was of Illyrian/Albanian descent, despite constant Greek and Macedonian denials. There are numerous other Albanians that rose to power under Roman, Byzantine and Turkish occupation to attain roles of power and greatness. In the coming years, with the large and influential Albanian diaspora's second generation actively pursuing education in the world's most thriving nations, the World will witness the true benefit of the Albanian people and their empowering character.

We have not, however, created Milosevic's, despite being Europe's most suffering population.

Anonymous said...

Man goes on rampage in tax office

Fri Jul 29,11:30 AM ET

BELGRADE (Reuters) - After twice receiving a tax bill, an enraged Serb stormed the tax office, started shooting and tried to set the tax chief and the building on fire, Serb media reported Friday.

Nebojsa Miladinovic, a saw-mill owner in his fifties, tried for days to convince tax officials in the central town of Gornji Milanovac he had paid his 192,200 dinar ($2,794) bill. They said he had not, sent the bill again and blocked his bank account.

After arguing his case Thursday, Miladinovic returned, doused tax chief Gojko Stefanovic and the office files with petrol, shot at computers and yelled "I was ripped off."

Two people were injured in the melee and parts of the office caught fire, with panicked staff escaping through the windows.

Police arrested Miladinovic, whom neighbors described as a hard worker who never made trouble. Witnesses said he even paid for parking his car in front of the tax office before the rampage.

Chris Blaku said...


Anonymous said...

Kurti is good listener of A.Demaci.
Demaci national hero of albanians one time he used to work for UDBA, yogoslavian secret service.
I don't believe him, I don't belive Kurti too. Both of them, they work for western secret services. Western countries destroyed serbian, croatian, bosnian and albanian culture and tradition. There are working to make a new war again for anglo-british-american interest. In the end they will colonize this region with people from Africa and Asia.

Chris Blaku said...

Great conspiracy. Ridiculous.

vullnessa said...

I completely agree with A.Kurti.The people of Kosova need freedom and the new version of "indepedence" would not bring it.What we need is the right to deside for own future not to let someone who's not going to live to Kosova to deside for us.After all they(un or unmik) wouldn't face the consequnses of their acts

jeta said...

Albin Kurti is right, the decisions here are being taken from a very small number of politicians, why for example, in the Europian Union, the citizens themselves decide for important issues, the last example is that of the Constitution, in Kosova, it is different. The International community decided to take into consideration the oppinion of the politicians only, and left behind the people themselves. After all, the people are those who will live in the Independent Kosova or the dependent one, the peopel are those who will suffer the consecuences of their decisiones, as for the politicians, now they have enough money to live happily in some island with all the good things around them. But the poeple won't have the chance to do so.

After all, how can one expect to create a democratic state where democratic values are respected when from the beggining ignores the most fundamental democratic right: the right to self-determine!