Thursday, July 14, 2005

Picture of the Day - Great Britain We Are With You - People of Kosova

Picture of the Day - Kosovo
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A boy walks in front of a billboard in the Kosovo capital Pristina expressing support for Britain after last week's bomb attacks on London, July 14, 2005. The British capital led the tributes on Thursday as millions of people across Europe joined a two-minute silence to mark the July 7 London bombings that claimed at least 52 victims. REUTERS/Hazir Reka.


Anonymous said...

British tourists raped by gangs
From John Carr in Athens and Sean O'Neill

TWO young British women on holiday on the Greek island of Zakinthos have reported that they were gang-raped in separate late-night incidents, police said yesterday.
Officers in the town of Zakinthos said that they were searching for at least three British males in connection with one of the assaults. An Albanian immigrant worker has been arrested and charged in connection with the other.

The victims of the alleged attacks, who cannot be named, are in their early twenties. They said that they were attacked on Laganas beach, in the southern part of the holiday island, on Friday night or Saturday morning.

“It seems that in the darkness the perpetrators could not be accurately identified,” Dimitris Drivas, the Zakinthos police chief, said.

One of the victims was walking to her hotel from a late-night party when, she alleged, she was assaulted by the Britons and taken by force to a remote spot and raped.

Within hours, another British woman said that she was waylaid in similar circumstances. This time the victim identified an Albanian in a police identity parade as one of the alleged rapists.

Laganas is an increasingly popular holiday destination for young Britons who are attracted by its lively nightlife and a growing number of clubs and bars.

The beach is also known as one of the breeding grounds of the loggerhead sea turtle and, as such, is a magnet for tourists with an interest in the environment and wildlife.

The beach is supposed to receive special police protection because it is the habitat of an endangered marine species, but environmentalists are worried about the impact of the growth in package tourism. The popularity of Zakinthos — also known as Zante — as a holiday destination has soared in recent years and there has been substantial commercial development in the coastal areas.

Tour companies specialising in holidays for single young people have switched their attention to Zakinthos after their packages to the island of Falaraki attracted widespread publicity and a police clampdown on alcohol abuse and lewd behaviour. Bookings on Zakinthos are reported to have risen 25 per cent last year and are expected to go higher this summer.

Despite their growing concerns about the antics of young Britons, tourism authorities on the island have been stunned by the allegations of gang rape.

Like most Greek islands, Zakinthos has become a draw for Albanians who do seasonal work in the tourist industry. There is a widespread belief in Greece that a perceived rise in crime across the country can be attributed to the Albanian influx.

Police regularly warn single female tourists about the threat of sexual assaults in the alcohol-fuelled island nightlife. Many cases are thought to go unreported.

A Foreign Office spokesman said that no reports had been received regarding sex attacks. He said: “Consular officials have had no reports of any incidents involving British citizens".

Turkosporos from serbia,you and the toothless brits are a match made in heaven.Rape each other all day and night.Just don't do it in Hellas.We dont want your type of filth around us.The only thing you mavri are good for is washing dishes at our cafes.

Anonymous said...

Yo dude, a chill pill is an order here you filthy, gay-and-actually-proud-of it moron.

At least make your comments in the right forum but oh-no-wait that what would be too much to ask for as you probably cannot tell your head from your ass.

Come to think of it that is probably you hellas men like other mens asses so much. Yeap, I remeber that gay-greek movie, Alexander the Gay or something like that. . .

Chris Blaku said...

I wonder how long it takes one to look through news reports to feed their insatiable hunger for racism and hate towards Albanians, looking for someone to blame for their own insecurities and problems. In response to your article, here's one of yours:

Taxi driver arrested for series of murders

Athens police arrested a taxi driver on charges of committing five murders as well as a number of attempted murders and armed robberies over the past 10 years.

Dimitris Vakrinos, 35, has reportedly admitted to killing his room-mate, 53- year-old Panayiotis Gaglias on Aug. 6, 1987, by using an iron bar. The victim had apparently stolen a hunting rifle from Vakrinos and when the latter told him that he would go t o the police, Gaglias threatened to beat him up.

Vakrinos' second victim was Anastasia Simitzi, 26, whom he killed on Nov. 20, 1993.

According to reports, after leaving a nightclub the woman asked Vakrinos to take her home. Instead, he asked her to make love with him and when she refused and insulted him, Vakrinos drove her to a remote area near Mantra, Attica, doused her with petrol and burned her alive, police said.

His third victim was a collague, Theodoros Andreadis, 39, who was murdered on Jan. 9, 1994. The two taxi drivers had quarrelled four months before the murder because the victim had picked up a customer from a taxi lane.

Posing as a customer, Vakrinos asked Andreadis to take him to Loutraki. Along the way, he asked the driver to stop and shot him four times. He then drove the taxi back to Elefsina where he doused it in petrol, burning both the vehicle and the driver.

Vakrinos' last two victims were the brothers Costas and Antonis Spyropoulos, 33 and 35, respectively, whom he killed on Dec. 21, 1995.

The two brothers were shot repeatedly after chasing Vakrinos, who had earlier stolen the car of Costas Spyropoulos.

Vakrinos is also alleged to be responsible for four cases of attempted murder, one of which was against a police officer and five armed robberies.

Authorities believe Vakrinos committed the murders because he had an acute inferiority complex and psychological problems since a child, in addition to childhood abuse.

Vakrinos reportedly spent many of his childhood years in an orphanage.

Perhaps you need to avoid the Albanians and their issues, and focus more on your ancestor's acclaimed discovery of homosexuality and child molestation.

Anonymous said...

Yep pedophilia was invented by the Greeks.( The Spartan army remind you of anything?)

Chris Blaku said...

Greek senators and high society was keen on keeping adolescant slave boys to keep themselves occupied.

Anonymous said...

How did an article about such a horrofic event turn to blame of Albanians?

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Only a greek gay pedophiliac can turn this tragedy into a anti-Albanian thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Leave the Greek (or should i say Turko-albanian-greek) guy alone. He is a sad character which has suddenly woken up and smelled the coffee. Albania, Macedonia, Kosova, and Turkey will make sure they are kept quiet. All of the sudden they are starting to see that the long overdue changes in Balkans are happening, which will put Greece to where it was 50 years ago, when they were coming to Albanian villages and towns asking for food to take to their families because they were starving.
Live in your own dreamland, if i may call it as such, but know for sure that you are not Greek at all. Dorians, Romans, Turks, and the Albanians have made sure of that.

P.S. I do not understand your attitude towards the British. You should be grateful to them. If it wasn’t for the British tourists you would now be asking for bred around Albanian villages instead of your mom.
In a way that is good for the Albanians, which have a great relationship with the British, and the Albanian coast and hospitality will make sure that the British enjoy their time among friends.

Anonymous said...

London police sources now believe the explosives used in Thursday’s Tube blasts came from the Balkans. On July 8, 24 hours after bombings, DEBKAfile revealed that al Qaeda buys its bombs in Serbia.

July 16, 2005, 11:31 AM (GMT+02:00)

London police sources now believe the explosives used in Thursday’s Tube blasts came from the Balkans.

On July 8, 24 hours after bombings, DEBKAfile revealed that al Qaeda buys its bombs in Serbia.

This exclusive account with background was aroused great interest in the Belgrade media this week. We are therefore re-running the story.

July 8: Belgrade is where al Qaeda goes shopping for the explosives and arms for its terror attacks, according DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence and counter-terror sources. Thursday, July 7, eight hours after four coordinated blasts hit London transport and killed at least 50 people, British terror experts were on a special flight from London to the Serbian capital.

They were carrying samples of the explosives collected from the four crime scenes to probe their origin and find out how the substance was smuggled into the UK. According to our sources, several large illicit weapons traffickers set up business in Belgrade a year ago. Al Qaeda is one of their biggest customers. The Americans discovered this from examinations of explosives and weapons seized from terrorists in Iraq and Israeli probes of the origin of weapons seized from smugglers crossing through the southern Negev on their way from Egyptian Sinai to Jordan and thence to Iraq.

The arms traffickers in Belgrade help themselves to the contents of Serbian army arms stores by bribing the right officers. The Serbian government has not responded to appeals from Washington to shut down this arms racket.

Copyright 2000-2005 DEBKAfile. All Rights Reserved.

Chris Blaku said...

How interesting to note that an article regarding Serbia's long known connection to Islamic terrorists comes from an Israeli thinktank, Debkafile.

How amusing would it be to watch the Serbian bloggers explain this one?

By the way, recent studies by prominent Greek professors and progressive thinkers have revealed that Greece's increased crime as of late is not attributed to Albanians, but to Greeks alone. According to their proportion of the overall population, Albanians are arrested on average less frequently than Greeks in the country.

Another Balkan country laying the blame for their own problems on the backs of the Albanians, nothing new.

Chris Blaku said...

By the way, Britian and France are the reason Greece existed until today. Show your gratitude, gimp.

Anonymous said...

About the Debka File:

The Serbian plan was to support Al-Qaeda then blame Kosovo Albanians for supporting them.

Another loss for the Serbian dirty game players.

I am not sure if any of you on this blog remember this.

On 31 May 1988 Janez Jansa, a Slovenian writer on military affairs was arrested on suspicion of betraying Yugoslav military secrets. Later two more journalists and a non-commissioned officer were arrested after classified documents were found at the newspaper's office.

What these classified documents contained were the secret plans of the Serbian Army to occupy Albania. Every little detail was planned (dressing Yugoslav soldiers in Albanian uniforms and videotaping them while entering the Yugoslav territory, show these tapes on the Yugoslav media and mobilize the whole country against Albania).

This was the document that convinced Slovenia to press harder for independence as Serbia's manipulation with the Yugoslav Army (JNA) could not be trusted.
This also increased the Slovenian support for Kosovo's self-determination. In addition, all the Slovenian policemen in Kosovo during that time were recalled to Slovenia.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissy, This one is for you!


Belgrade, 14 July (AKI) - As British police investigating last week's London bombings search for the one man who is believed to have assembled all four devices, Serb media are speculating that the type of explosive used in the attacks may have originated in the Balkans. According to Belgrade daily, Blic, only four countries in the world produce or have produced the type of high-grade military plastic explosives believed to have been used in the Thursday, 7 July, attacks, and that the type produced in the fomer Yugoslavia was of the "best quality."

The Yugoslav explosive was even better than another type also mentioned in connection with the attacks, the American-made C4, the former head of Belgrade's Military-Technical Institute, Milovan Azbejkovic told Blic. Azbejkovic said that while Yugoslav explosive may have been used in the London bombings, he excluded the possibility that it came from the military supplies of Serbia and Montenegro.

Azbejkovic said that large quantity of plastic explosives had been left in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, after the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, and might be easily accessible on the black market.

A French explosives expert assisting London police with their investigation, Christian Chaboud, said he thought the ordnances were probably of "miltary origin" and may have come from the Balkans, or have been obtained from a military establishment by an insider, the Times of London reported.

Blic also reported that Moroccan-born Mohamed al-Guerbouzi, whose name was mentioned in the early stages of the investigation into the London bombings,lived in the Bosnian village of Gornji Rasljani, near northeast town of Brcko, in the 1990s.

Bosnian Serb daily, Nezavisne novine, also said al-Guerbouzi lived in the town and published a list of 31 Moroccans and one Turk who lived in Gornji Rasljani during the 1992-1995 civil war in Bosnia.

The paper said that the list was compiled by Brcko police at the request of Interpol, but didn’t specify to which period the list referred. Police in Brcko, which is under international protectorate, said they had no knowledge of the list.

Several hundreds of former mujahedin, Muslim volunteers who fought on the side of Bosnian Muslims in the civil war remained in the country and acquired Bosnian nationality. According to intelligence reports, they operated training camps and recruited local Muslims in what is called “white Al-Qaeda” for the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks in Europe.

Several Greek newspapers this week reported that a team of British experts had arrived to Belgrade to check the origin of the explosive used in London, but a high placed police source, which asked not to be named, told Adnkronos International (AKI) that it was “absolutely not true”.

Anonymous said...

This article is from the serb media, you imbecile. Consider posting an independent and credible source, and we may consider taking you seriously.

Anonymous said...

So Albanian media should be more trustful ??! They have lured the people that Kosova will be independent, you fool. What will happen if you dont get it at all. Think about it !!

Chris Blaku said...

Albanian media, based on its past track record, deserves more credit than the Serbian media, which almost falsifies stories as force of habit.

Independence is also widely circulated by various Western media outlets to be the only viable and expected outcome of the status talks in the region, do you recommend they also are discredited and only Serbian sources taken seriously? Seems likely given the past victim mentality mindset of the Serbians.

Anonymous said...

"Independence is also widely circulated by various Western media outlets to be the only viable and expected outcome of the status talks in the region, do you recommend they also are discredited and only Serbian sources taken seriously".

No Chris, I do not recommend they also been discredited....."
But the fact remains, I have not read anything that CONFIRMS that Kosova will be independent like an own country. I read guesses and I read wishes from differet sources. However, I read and speak to those who are very much "in the game", and in the end I would say that the percentage that Kosova will gain independece would be about 20% possibility if we talk about the coming 10-20 years. Well, we have to see what happens, but do not hope to much about it, even if you might be worth indpendence, because in the case of rejection, you´ll be very disappointed in the end.

Chris Blaku said...

On the other hand, I have not read anything that CONFIRMS that Kosova will not get independence. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Any veteran of politics will tell you that the eventual outcome of an impending decision lies within the inferences and little suggestions made by decision makers. For instance, Nicholas Burns recently stated that while the United States remained neutral, it would not "support any decision that is not supported by the majority in Kosova." That lingo has now become characteristic of an indirect support for Kosova's conditional or direct independence, whereas the opposite lingo has strongly been diminished. For instance, years ago Russia claimed that Kosova could never receive independence, whereas now they claim that "no rash decisions should be made," an obvious tone down of the rhetoric to suit the current political environment.

The fact of the matter remains, despite European and Russian dismay, it is inevitable that the Kosovars head toward their independence, whether it be conditional or full-fledged. The old European idea of colonialism died with the creation of the European Union, and for 5% of Kosova's population, the murderous 5%, to control 95% of a largely pro-American, pro-Democratic people is against the very model the EU now claims it stands for. In any case, the will of the people must be heard, as it should have been countless times prior.

So you claim you have yet to read a confirmation of Kosova's independence, well I have yet to read that Kosova will NOT achieve independence. But the facts are indisputable, the large majority of media outlets now freely mention independence as a likely and viable possibility, a trend in which we may see conditional independence become more and more acceptable to even Kosova's critics and enemies.