Thursday, July 28, 2005

Karadzic's wife urges surrender - BBC

The wife of fugitive Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has appealed to him to surrender to the United Nations war crimes tribunal.
In an appeal shown on Bosnian Serb TV, Ljiljana Karadzic urged him to do so for the sake of his family.
Earlier this month, Mr Karadzic's son was held for 10 days by Nato troops.
Mr Karadzic and his military commander during the Bosnian civil war, Ratko Mladic, top the UN tribunal's most-wanted list.
The two men are accused of genocide over the killing of about 8,000 Muslim men during the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995.

Mrs Karadzic, who has always backed her husband during his 10-year flight from justice, said: "This is a message to my husband, Radovan Karadzic. I have to address you this way, because there is no other way.

"Our family is under constant pressure from all sides. We are being threatened in every way, our lives and our property. We are living in a constant atmosphere of concern, pain and suffering.

"That is why, between loyalty to you and loyalty to our children and grandchildren, I had to chose and I have chosen.

"I find it painful and hard to ask you, but I beg you with all my heart and soul to surrender. That will be a sacrifice for us, for our family.

"In the hope that you are alive and that you are free to make the decision yourself, I beg you to make the decision and do it for all our sakes.

"In all my helplessness and my weakness, the only thing that I can do is beg you."


Nato has unsuccessfully raided several sites where Mr Karadzic was suspected of hiding.

His son, Aleksandar, was held between 7 July and 17 July on suspicion of giving support to his father.

The family has always claimed it has had no contact with Karadzic and should be left alone.

International security agencies - speaking on condition of anonymity - told BBC Radio Four's File on Four programme this month that Mr Karadzic was believed to be in a remote part of north-west Montenegro.

Peacekeeping troops in neighbouring Bosnia cannot take action as their jurisdiction does not cover Montenegro, which is part of Serbia


Chris Blaku said...

What a coward.

Anonymous said...

This is probably his plan to turn himself in. Get his wife on TV to beg him to come out, and then come out and say: “to protect my family I will turn myself in.” Truly a coward Chris.

Anonymous said...

Ma bre! Po mu dhimka shume, he, ma hanget nje mut te madh ai edhe gruaja e tij.

Anonymous said...

Actualy, their love life is probably very bad lately, so she's pissed at him :( relationships can get pretty bad....

Anonymous said...

Who is Chris Blaku.