Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kosovo Government doesn’t share Eide’s opinion

Lajm reports that the Kosovo Government does not share the opinion of Ambassador Kai Eide on the implementation of standards. The newspaper says regardless of Eide’s statement that he is disappointed with lack of progress in Standards implementation. However political advisor to Prime Minister Kosumi says the Government has made considerable progress implementing the Standards.

‘The Kosovo Government is close to finalising the plan for Standards until the end of the year. We are also seriously thinking of preparing an action strategy for Standards that will be called ‘Standards toward Europe’, even after the resolution of Kosovo’s final status,’ said Naser Rugova, PM Kosumi’s political advisor.

The newspaper recalls that in an interview for ISN Security Watch, Ambassador Eide said he would have liked to see more progress and political maturity in Kosovo. Asked to comment on the issue, the PM’s advisor said Eide’s statement was surprising to the Government. He added that due to insufficient competencies, Kosovans cannot be expected to make major accomplishments in the area of standards.

The paper quotes former Prime Minister and senior member of the PDK, Bajram Rexhepi, as saying, ‘one can notice more words than concrete actions for standards’.


Anonymous said...

I cannot but realize how UNPATRIOTIC and IMMATURE Kosovar Albanian leaders are today.

For God's sake let aside your differences and unite to achieve the common goal and then you can kill each other if you want in a Jerry Springer setting.

If any of the leaders says that they fought for a better future of Kosova - he is LYING. They expected a better future for their selfish

Albanians should riot and overthrow this government, which is made out of former shepherds, and install an apolitical one to take us forward.

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me who Eide is? I don't understand why in the world is he waisting time trying to find hair in the egg :). Presently Kosovo provides better human rights in real terms than any other nation in the world.

Chris Blaku said...

It is a fact that Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci fought against the illegal Serbian occupation for the liberation of Kosova. There aspirations following the liberation do not overshadow their patriotic fighting, and should never in the future, regardless of their political actions.

Consider your suggestion, if Albanians riot to overthrow the government of a nation that has yet to be recognized, what does that say for our ability to maintain a democratic government? How do you suppose we may govern democratically with an apolitical system? An elected government is the only manner in which Kosova will be driven forward.

The idea behind an elected government, if you don't like what they're doing, elect someone else. Simple, and best of all, no rioting involved.

Anonymous said...

Chris Blaku, first let me clear out something. I never mentioned R Haradinaj in my comment. Btw he was one of the few honest ones and they had to take him away. I was mainly talking about PDK vs LDK.

And also by fight I didn't only mean fighting with weapons, but also by peaceful means that some adopted.

If anyone fought to end Serbia's illegal occupation of Kosova it was done to make life better for Kosovars not just to do the right thing.

THIS is where the contradiction takes place. If they fought couple of years ago to make life less miserable for Albanians, today they are hurting the interests of the same people they fought for. How do you explain this?

What the world will think of Kosovars if they overthrow the government?
They will see that Kosovars are unable to accept corrupted leaders, who have taken those positions to benefit themselves solely. Leaders who can't agree in ONE national flag and one anthem and encourage violence against each other have no place in a democratic government.

I think that what is happening now in Kosova is being viewed much more negatively (and rightly so) by the west and is hurting us much more than if we tried to root off corruption.

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

Presently Kosovo provides better human rights in real terms than any other nation in the world.
you funny :-))

Chris Blaku said...

It is unclear to me whether your suggestion is to overthrow the LDK, or do away with both political parties in general. Whichever outcome you prefer, you should understand that any political instability inside of Kosova will be classified by the Serbian media and Government as the Albanians inability to govern themselves.

Again, I have to reiterate a point that you seem to fail to grasp, ALL politicians are where they are to benefit themselves. Sadly, this is the reality of politics. Here is the key, the point of a democracy is to have opposing sides. If the opposition agreed fully with the Government, they would be out of business. Moreover, apolitical systems are akin to the one party system of the communists, and as taught by history, does not work. The idea of a multi-party system resembles the very idea of a monopoly law, competition keeps all sides in check and under pressure.

It is common sense that violence against each other should be discouraged, however may not be common practice in a democracy in its infancy. As long as the politics in Kosova remain somewhat civil, the United States can accurately make the case for its independence. Contrary to popular belief, the nations in the Contact Group have already made their decisions for Kosova's future, and what happens from now to the decision making process is merely base for arguments.

The only issue I have with the political parties is that they allow distance to exist between each other based on foreign inspired (Serbian, Russian, Greek and Macedonian) rumors and propaganda. They should resist aiding the enemy, and work on establishing a future for Kosova as a democratic nation. That does not mean they should agree with each other, for that defeats the very purpose of a multi-party system, however their idealogies and goals must be one and the same, for the independence of Kosova, which I believe is the case.

Anonymous said...

I think you are avoiding to stress the point that I am making. I am not against having many parties and have competition between them, but that only when you have responsible leaders that work for the common goal. I think that Kosovars are facing huge market failure in this regard.

No matter what the percentages of voters are, I bet you that more than 99% of them would want independence for Kosova. PDK and LDK and their animosity is not helping us get there. What does that tell you? They ought to go.

It is something else to have different views in issues such as trade, taxes and so on, but not agreeing in ONE national flag and anthem?

They are not arguing which is the best way to take Kosova forward. In fact they don't even have different strategies in doing that. They agree and BS all day that Kosova should be Independent. But the thirst for power is making them forget that goal. Like that moron who went to play baby games with Serbs.

I am guessing this is good according to you since it creates competition and puts pressure into these parties (now Rugova will call Tadiq for a game too). It also put pressure in some to go and throw couple of bombs in Pristina just because Luan Krasniqi waved Rugova's flag instead of the Albanian flag :), and of course made the news the next day all over the world.

When each party proposes e different flag for the nation and cannot agree in one, that is a good indicator that they are stubborn and unable to compromise, and will do anything to get it their way. Is that politics too? Because as far as I know compromise is a major part of being a politican.

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

5:36 poster, note that I said in real terms.

Chris Blaku said...

You mentioned that we should create an apolitical system, that is what I understood. The goal of the LDK and PDK is independence, and while I agree with you that the Albanians can do much better than Rugova, Thaci, Berisha and Nano, there will never be the perfect politician available. I disagree with you however, on the point that their animosity is not helping us get there. It is a vital part of democracy to have opposing sides on the political spectrum. The Republicans and Democrats in the United States make far more serious claims about each other than Rugova and Thaci do, however they are still able to agree on the basic ideologies that the United States was founded on. It is important that you do not misunderstand disagreement between political parties for a rift in our stand against Serbia.

It is the Serbians that must get their house in order, as their front as being completely against independence is whithering away slowly. The Albanians, Rugova or Thaci, will accept absolutely nothing less than independence, and that is more than we can say for Serbia's flock of jokers.

I disagree personally with both the flag and anthem, and Kosova being a democracy it is open for political parties to voice those opinions if they see fit.

Both Thaci and Rugova disagree and argue on the best ways to move Kosova forward, however in its infancy, Kosova will be the battleground for a fight on fundamentals, as is usually the case with emerging democracies. The bombs placed in Prishtina were found to be by Serbians, attempting to incite the hate between political groups that you proudly profess.

When each party proposes a different flag for the nation and cannot agree on one, it does not show that they are stubborn and unable to compromise, but rather that they are living in a free democracy where opposition is welcome. Eventually, they will reach a compromise, be patient. Do not let the exaggeration of Serbia's media and propaganda influence you to believe that all is lost in Kosova, simply because the political parties don't agree with each other. That's their job, to disagree with each other. If not for this basic principle, there would be absolutely no need for a multi-party system. It is refreshing to see them disagree over flags and anthems, than over more serious issues such as independence. That's a problem the Serbians are having.

In my opinion it should be the flag of Albania, with the words Dardania under it. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you - I think it should be Rugova's flag :).

I did not know that Serbs were caught throwing the bombs in Pristina - thanks for updating me on that.

I don't see a point in pushing you further to believe that the energy spent fighting over our national flag and anthem would be of a much better use if it was directed towards preparing for negotiations and toward progressive ideas and actions.

If they both were as good as you are portraying them than they would at least talk to each other. If both have a common goal (independence) tell me why there exists so much anger and hate between them? Or better, tell me how each party wants to achieve Kosova's independence, and how they strategies differ?

Imagine the democrats leaving the Capitol if something is not voted in their favor in Washington. Come on, they (our leaders) are stubborn, shortsighted, and should be removed.

Mr. F

Anonymous said...

Ramush Haradinaj honest?!? BHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHa

Its clear to me that neither of you have been to his region in Kosova and see what goes on there. His family's territory is a mafia state where they extort money from businesses as protection money. He is a sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

At least he moved Kosova forward. Thaqi is a thief and is still keeping is us behind with his stupid comments.

Chris Blaku said...

Mr. F, Democrats and Republicans have walked out on each other at various points of American history, particularly the segment of history predating America's independence. You are setting standards that are impossible to meet. You expect this nation, before its very birth, to live, breathe and act as if it were an adult.

I disagree with both parties on their approach towards each other, yet you cannot resent their resentment, for it is their livlihood. I believe in the face of negotiations against a common Serbian front, Rugova and Thaci, along with the Albanians in neighboring regions (Nano, Berisha, Ahmeti, etc) will present a common front of their own.

They will kiss and make up, no worries.

Haradinaj and Thaci fought for Kosova, what have you people done?

Anonymous said...

SOme are fit to fight and very and I mean very unfit to govern.

I am sorry I didn't get your last question.

The pre-independence period was in the 18th century America. Are you saying that we are that far behind? Are you comparing a group of farmers who came from all over with Kosovars, who have lived in the same land for milleniums?

If Dems and Reps did not walk out on each other after independence, and yet had to deal with the creation of a nation out of nothing, with mixes of people with extreme diverse backgrounds and beliefs, Kosovars leaders should kiss and make out day and night, while working towards the common goal.

I hope now you realize what is bothering me.

Mr. F

Chris Blaku said...

I did not suggest that we are that far behind, but in your invoking the comparison between the most modern democracy in the world, and Kosova, I was forced to suggest a similarly extreme comparison, which bizarre as it seems, fits the situation better being that Kosova is a democracy in its infancy.

The Americans were supported by the French, and were not systematically targeted by nearly every World power for their extermination. The comparison is again, inaccurate to say the least.

I understand what is bothering you, however I believe it to be exaggerated by the overblown media reports which are intended to project an image of a disruptive Kosovar government that is unable to govern itself without assistance from Belgrade. You must understand that this is politics, there will be arguments, disagreements and even bloodshed.

It was over fourty years ago in the United States, that President Kennedy was assassinated. Reagan was gunned down twenty years later, but survived. In its infancy, the United States would lose a president every five terms to either assassination or natural death. With the overplayed emotional issues that the Albanians play into, the United States should have discontinued itself after the assassination of Lincoln, considering all was lost.

The Serbians killed their own Prime Minister only years ago, and have had their "heroes" escape capture and elude authorities at the expense of the Serbian economy and people, yet still maintain a sense of pride, however alternative their reality may be. The Albanians, on the other hand, had their Prime Minister surrender to the Hague immediately to defend the charges against him, along with other accused KLA generals and soldiers, yet remain puppets in Serbia's game of dividing the Albanians in preparation for their attack, which has come in the form of a military attack in the past but is more likely to be political and even more dangerous this time around.

There is nothing wrong with promoting cooperation and dignity amongst our politicians, but let us not be foolish in condemning politicians for playing politics. We want cunning and clever politicians, for I need not remind you of the skill of Serbia's players in manipulation.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kosovo will get it's independency very soon. Also Serbia should let Kosovo go. Then we will see which one gets into EU first. My wild guess is that Kosovo will never be part of EU...

Chris Blaku said...

My wild guess would be otherwise, considering the billions of dollars at stake for EU companies with regard to cultivating Kosova's resources, something that the Americans are already first in line for.