Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Covic: Kosovo can only be taken from Serbia through use of violence

Citing information published by Belgrade’s daily newspaper ‘Kurir’, Zëri reports that the head of the Belgrade’s Coordination Center for Kosovo, Nebojsa Covic, has said that Kosovo could be taken away from Serbia only through violence.

While all the solutions are on the table, Covic said no politician in Serbia would recognize or allow the independence of Kosovo. ‘No one dares to give away a part of our territory’.

If Albanians in Kosovo have the right to declare and gain separation, then the people in Republika Srbska should have the same right, Covic said.


Anonymous said...

I laugh when I read the comments of such a capable politician (Mr. Covic). The Serbs once considered Yugoslavia as their territory. It seems to me, in those terms, they have lost a lot of their territory even through their glorious wars. Funny indeed.

Anonymous said...

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in response to your comments: Illegal Aliens Use of Terrorism to Get a Seat in the United Nations
By Mary Mostert (07/17/05)

Below is my response to your request for me to “check my facts” about Albanian occupation of Kosovo re:
My article in American Daily entitled: Illegal Aliens Use of Terrorism to Get a Seat in the United Nations

This is specifically in response to the the following comments:

“The kosovars never have gone out of kosova for any "terrorist act"!

“You begin your statistics from 1929 but you don't now how come that in this year in Kosova was more serbians than albanian. Do you know how many albanians was send in Albania and Turkey after they became the Kosova gift from Russia and other europian forces! In twenty years there was more then half of ethnic Albanian sended out from Kosova!”

“You never heared what the serbians did with albanians in centurys? You never heared how many albanian churchs and mosques they burned? Did you never writted about Kroatian Mostar or Bosnian Srebenica?” … Than we are in Kosova today and after centuries of Serbian occupation we have what is ours!

The topic here is the terrorist acts committed by Albanians IN Kosovo . Just last year 25 Serbian Orthodox Christian Churches were blown up in Kosovo. At least five of them were 500-600 years old. It is exactly that kind of behavior, plus the kidnapping and killing of Serbs in Kosovo that account for the huge illegal movement in recent years for Albanians to totally occupy Kosovo, disconnecting it from Serbia. If you want to go back further into Kosovo demographic history to see what was going on prior to 1929, we can do that. Let’s talk facts – not fiction. You surely know that during the 500 years the area was ruled by the Turkish empire, the Turks conducted tax censuses to COUNT people. In 1455 in a tax census 80% of present day Kosovo and Metohija showed a grand total of 14,087 households (headed by 480 widows and 13,607 adult males. The ethnicity of those 14,087 house holds showed:

12,985 Serbian dwellings present in ALL 480 villages and towns

75 Vlach dwellings in 34 villages

46 Albanian dwellings in 23 villages

17 Bulgarian dwellings in 10 villages

5 Greek dwellings in Lausa and Vucitrn

1 Jewish dwelling in Vucitrn

1 Croat dwelling.
This indicates that out of the total number of 13,130 households in Kosovo in 1455, a tiny fraction, 0.35percent, were Albanian. This does not indicate Albanian ownership of Kosovo.
By the 19th century three different reports showed the Albanian presence in Kosovo was growing, but still the minority:

A study in 1838 by an Austrian physician, Dr. Joseph Müller found Metohija to be mostly Slavic (Serbian) in character. 10 Müller gives data for the three counties (Bezirke) of Prizren, Pec and Djakovica which roughly covered Metohija, the portion adjacent to Albania and most affected by Albanian settlers. Out of 195,000 inhabitants in Metohija, Müller found:

* 73,572 Orthodox Serbs 38%
* 5,120 Catholic Albanians 3%
* 2,308 other non-Muslims (Vlachs etc.)
* 114,000 Muslims (58%), of which:
o c. 38,000 are Serbs (19%)
o c. 76,000 are Albanians (39%)

Müller's observations on towns:

* Peć: 11.050 Serbs, 500 Albanians
* Prizren: 16,800 Serbs, 6150 Albanians
* Đakovica: majority of Albanians, surrounding villages Serbian

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Kosovo#Ottoman_Rule)
By 1948, following World War II during which between 1.5 to 1.7 MILLION Serbs were slaughtered (according to the Holocaust Museum) by Croatians, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, not surprisingly the percentage of the population of Serbs had taken a dramatic drop. Since 1970, we see from the chart below a clear pattern: A sharp INCREASE in Albanians and a corresponding sharp DECREASE in Serbs in Kosovo. This chart, created under the auspices of UNMIK is probably the best indicator of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs.

Figure 5: Ethnic distribution 1950- 2000

Source: Annual statistics of SPA of Kosovo , 1988, Statistical federation Institute Agricultural statistics in Kosovo

In 1929 sixty-one percent of the population of Kosovo was Serbian. By 1948 the Population of Kosovo was 729,000 people – with 68% of them being Albanian, 24 Serb and 8% others. By 1961, the actual census population was 964,000. After all the mistreatment you claim the Albanians in Kosovo experienced from Milosevic and the Serbs, from 1961 to 2001, according to UNMIK the population of Kosovo was 2,400,000 and 88% of those people are Albanian.



Actual Census (655,520 Albanian, 231,360 Serbs )



Actual Census (1,219,680 Albanians) 205,910 Serbs



Actual Census (1,603,920 – Albanians) 160,920Serbs



OSCE Estimates (2,112,000-Albanians) 144,000 Serbs

According to the Statistical Office of Kosovo). The total population estimate in 2003 was 1 900 000 with the following representation of ethnic entities: 4

• 88% Albanians (1,733,600)

• 7% Serbs (137,900)

• 3% Muslim Slavs (59,100)

• 2% Roma (39,400)

• 1% Turks (19,700)

Note that just in the past 10 years when, supposedly, 100,000 Albanians in Kosovo were killed by those nasty Serbs, the Albanian population of Kosovo some how shot up from 1.6 million to 2.1 million while actual NUMBERS of Serbs sharply dropped. So, perhaps you can explain exactly how the Albanian population in Kosovo went UP a half million people while the Serb population went DOWN if those 160,000 Serbs were slaughtering and successfully hiding the bodies of those 100,000 Albanians they supposedly killed? I’m not sure, if I were an Albanian, I would want the world to know that 160,000 Serbs COULD kill 100,000 Albanians – especially when the Albanian population was reported to be 1,603,920. What were the 1,503,920 Albanians in Kosovo doing while the160,000 Serbs were killing 100,000 of their friends and relatives and disposing of their bodies – which you people keep telling the Serbs somehow managed to accomplish?

These are the figures I want explanations for – not more absurd stories that make no sense at all. Explain the statistics. As John Adams said “Facts are stubborn things.” These facts are easily verified. Explain them.

Ed: Views are those of individual authors and not necessarily those of American Daily.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying that there is a prosperous career awaiting you in the Statistics office of Kosova - JOIN NOW (above blogger).

Let me explain part of your BS analysis - I like that part where Serb pop. contracted while the Albanian one expanded.

I don't know if you are attending Svetisavi high right now, or just your intellect is malfunctioning, but suggesting that Serb pop. went from more than 50% to a mere 7 due to them being killed by Albanians is idiotic.

It is true that Albanian pop. has grown fast, (and still is btw) - but that's due to high birth rates not because they are coming from Albania or Turkey.

And please do NOT talk about burnt churches, because you (Serbs) have the worst record in burning religious institutions.

OK KID, your next task is to investigate the disappearance of hundreds of mosques in Belgrade alone, and how you ended up with one (which you also burnt last year)?

And since you went a bit back in history, go back to the 7th century when Slavs appeared in the Albanian lands from the jungle and ask yourself if anything you said makes any sense at all.

And please don't mention John Adams because that same quote is not encouraging manipulation of statistics, like you are doing presently.

Serbs were more powerful than Albanians in Kosovo for years and decades. It is foolish to believe that they allowed such mass invasion of "their" country and the extermination of their people.

Mr. F

P.S. British once argued that anglos were a majority in South Africa :).

Anonymous said...

"Covic: Kosovo can only be taken from Serbia through use of violence"

Kosova was taken with violence (remember the three Balkan Wars?), so there is no anomaly if its taken back with violence.

hasta la vista, mr. thrown with spoiled eggs.

Anonymous said...

Where was Mr Covic 1998-1999? IIRC the Serbian forces were FORCED out of Kosova with violence?

Chris Blaku said...

2:36 Blogger- I am struggling to make sense of your blog. In the midst of your mad ranting, I have found a few points that are easily available for contradiction.

First and foremost, you base your information on Mary Mostert, a fanatical ultra-right wing reporter who wrote an editorial in the days after the 9/11 bombings, claiming that environmental groups were behind the attacks, not foreign terrorists. Her opinions are taken lightly, if taken at all, and her writing is considered second-tier and not worth quoting by any respected journalist.

Perhaps it may be wiser to speak of the terrorist acts of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in preparing to discuss the acts against the Church by the Albanians who have defended its sites for centuries. It was made apparently obvious in the Srebrenica video that the Serbian Orthodox Chuch has systematically been encouraging its flock to seek violence as a means to attain land and power. This fact has been widely known among the Albanians for centuries, however it is something beyond the comprehension of the West. An organized church, to promote genocide? As far-fetched as this would have seemed to the average Westerner, it became as clear as day upon seeing it on the video.

In proclaiming that the attacks on churches are EXACTLY what the Serbians have been talking about... Do they recall that they are responsible for the worst European bloodshed of the century, only behind Hitler himself?

Moving forward to the irrelevant discussion on 15th century Kosovar census statistics, it has become commonplace for pro-Serbian writers to quote and mention falsified documents. For instance, with regard to the mentioned "fact" that during an Ottoman census in 1455, the census found that there were 12,985 "Serbian dwellings" present in all 480 villages. However, the article is at a loss for words when presented with the most obvious of facts regarding Ottoman nationalistic policy and census taking... The Ottomans never took a census based on nationality, nor did they recognize nationality formally, they took census numbers based on RELIGION alone. Furthermore, the Lazarovic and Draskovic dynasties, which inherited control over Kosova after the fall of the Nemandji dynasties, were keen on maintaining control over Kosova, and as such had continued the Nemandji policy of Slavization of the inhabitants. The Lazarovic's and Draskovic's also flexed considerable political muscle within the Ottoman empire, as numerous noblewomen were married off to Ottoman officials, in a move to attain control and influence (Stefan Lazarovic's sister, Olivera, was married to Sultan Beyazit I, despite the fact that his father Sultan Murat I, killed her father, the famed Serbian hero of the Battle of Kosova in 1389, Knez Lazar). Due to this fact, upon further investigation, Ottoman census reports, taken by name (i.e., Full name, followed by Father's name) revealed that the degree of Slavization of Kosova's inhabitants was incomplete, and a vast majority of the province was actually Albanian. Names given under this census reveal that an overwhelming majority were declared to be ethnic Albanians with Slavic names (i.e. Vlado, biri i Gjonit ... Vlado, son of Gjoni). The Serbians conveniently omit these facts from their versions of history, and proclaim instead that the Slavic first names indicate a Serb nationality, and go on to falsify Ottoman census reports, immediately translating anything Orthodox, into Serbian Orthodox. The fact remains that due to the strong Slavization policies of the Nemandji's, a vast majority of Kosova's Albanians were undergoing Slavization, which was resisted strongly, and may have indeed been halted by the invasion of the Ottomans. The great Albanian priest of Shkup, Andre Bogdani (who is the most accurate record keeper of 15th century life in Kosova through his detailed and often written letters to the Pope) wrote that the most serious of oppressors towards the Catholics were not the Ottomans, but the Orthodox Serbians themselves. Due to the strong relationship between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Ottoman Porte, the Patriarch of Pej was given virtual automony within the Empire, and furthermore, granted complete jurisdiction over ALL Christians in the region, Catholics especially.

Joseph Mullers observations were considered fact until being overruled by more apt modern Balkanologists such as Noel Malcolm and Robert Elsie, who have contested his population figures.

Your figures on 1929 are laughable, and obviously quoted from Mary Mostert, the journalistic joke of the conservatives. The figures on 1929 were provided by the same government in Belgrade that was conducting a program of expulsion regarding the Albanians, and a program of colonization regarding the Serbians. As a matter of fact, any member of the Chetniks was allotted 10 hectares of land, and any Serbian family with 2 or more people received 3 hectares of land, at the expense of the Albanians. Land was confiscated at will if the Albanians did not have proof of ownership of the land, in Yugoslav documents, which were never provided to the Albanians. Furthermore, the inflated numbers were given to encourage further movements of Serbians into Kosova as colonists.

Actual census, by the Serbian Government? Does this really require comment?

I’m not sure, if I were an Albanian, I would want the world to know that 160,000 Serbs COULD kill 100,000 Albanians – especially when the Albanian population was reported to be 1,603,920. What were the 1,503,920 Albanians in Kosovo doing while the160,000 Serbs were killing 100,000 of their friends and relatives and disposing of their bodies – which you people keep telling the Serbs somehow managed to accomplish?

In 1915, tens of thousands of Ottoman troops succeeded in the first genocide of the 20th century, the murder of 1.5 million Armenians. For you to suggest that the murder of an unarmed population numbering 1.6 million by an armed militia and regular army backed by the strongest power in the Balkans is absolutely ridiculous.

It's quite normal for underachieving journalists such as Mary Mostert to write controversial articles in the hopes of attaining a level of celebrity attributed to conservatives minds such as Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. However, it just isn't working out for her, especially after that article about the environmentalists being behind September 11. Sure... And animal rights groups must have been behind the recent attacks in Europe, we must be chasing our own tail with this Al Qaeda thing!

Anonymous said...

If it's violence they want, it's violence they'll get!
I just feel bad about the Serbian population of Kosovo, because they are ultttimately going to end up paying the highest price because of the manipulation of the Serb government, truly sad.

Chris Blaku said...

Kosova was taken with violence from the Albanians, and was taken back by violence by NATO on behalf of the Albanians.

Covic is about six years too late.

Anonymous said...

Serbs are idiots intent on creating war after war. Let them use violence. Its a great way for them to bring theie downfall.

Serbs cry about Kosovo and the demographics but dont dare mention what they have done in Vojvodina over the past century.

In the 1920s Serbs made up 20% of Vojvodina's population. In less than 100 years its now 80% Another fine example of their ethnic cleanising.

If you want proof take a look at the Catholoc cathedrals that dominate cities like Novi Sad, Subotica, Vrsac, etc. Where are the catholics in cities that are now Serbian.

Serbs are the worst genocidal maniacs in Europe. Always have been and always will be ....

Anonymous said...

Covic is acting like Comical Ali,ex minister of Information of Iraq
let's call him Comical Covic,he make us laugh.....Serbia has no Political or military power for another war in Kosovo and he knows that very well

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what Serbs learn in their schools? War 1000, Genocide 3400, Rape 4000? It is saddening, sad sad that there is so much hate and unhappines in that nation, can someone help them???? Is it possible to help them? Therapy?

Chris Blaku said...

The Serbians have been programmed to be nationalist machines of hate. Their ideologies are akin to Nazi-era Germany and their schools are comparable to the Wahhabi schools of Pakistan that have created the world's deadliest terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes those nazi's that they fought against in WWII?


blaku your sources are as controversial as anyone elses.

Quit trying to revise History.

You make it sound as if God created the world and then the Albanians who are the defenders of truth justice and of all things good on this Earth.

I await the day that the albanians become exposed for the frauds they are.

Chris Blaku said...

The Germans put Serbia on its belly with two tanks in 20 minutes, quit kidding yourselves. For your references, the nation of Albania was the only one in Europe to free itself from Nazi occupation without ANY foreign aid, whatsoever. It was also the only nation to free itself from Ottoman rule, without any formal foreign aid, whatsoever. Moreover, it was Tito's devious actions and misleading treaty with Enver Hoxha that had the Albanian partisans fought as far north as present day Bosnia and south of Belgrade.

If my sources are controversial, point out my mistakes and correct them. I never suggested God created the world then Albanians, and never suggested that Albanians are defenders of truth and justice, however that seems to be the case in this situation.

The Serbians and their leader, Slobodan Milosevic, have been commonly compared to German Nazi's and Adolf Hitler himself. But the Germans were quick to shed their Nazi clothing upon defeat, the Serbians reelected hardcore nationalists to form the largest part of their Parliament, and strongly deny the genocide and massacres they were responsible for to this day.

No one has claimed that the Albanians are angels, but they are the victims, and the denial of your nation's evil makes your guilt all the more apparent in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Don't hold your breath to see the Albanians exposed, for they are brutually honest in showing their true colors.

Again, I implore you to point out my mistakes and correct them, if you can, otherwise, stick to whining like a little girl.

Anonymous said...

2 tanks in 20 min? NOw I know you are full of shit.

The Government compitulated yes, but in days not minutes.

The Royal Army fled to the mountains where they became the first organized resistance against the Germans in WWII. Their Leader, Draza Mihailovic was credited for the saving of 500+ US Airmen downed over Yugoslavia, and later given the Legion of Merit for his actions. They tied up over 20 German divisions in Yugoslavia which easily could have been used in other places namely the Russian front.

SO once again, get your facts straight.

Chris Blaku said...

Sure, rely on Serbian sources for a Serbian history of fighting against the Nazis.

Explain Belgrade being declared as the only Jew-free city in the world.

Serbians are very well versed in rewriting and redecorating history to excuse their cowardly actions and instead create a false reality of some heroic advanture taking place. The current behavior of the Serbians is nothing new in the region, they have always been known as barbarians that celebrate their losses.

Anonymous said...

Please, I was fotunate to have spoken to eye witnesses both from the serbian side and from American and British Intelligence officers that were paradropped into the region during the occupation. Are you going to tell me that was all fiction?

Was the Legion of Merit awarded to Draza Mihailovic fiction too?

Get real!

Chris Blaku said...

You still have not explained why Belgrade was considered the first jew free city in Europe.

Anonymous said...

"Belgrade was considered the first jew free city in Europe."

By whom? Where is this coming from?

Chris Blaku said...

The Serbians, under the leadership of Chetnik Nationalist Milan Nedic disintegrated Serbia and purged Jews, Croats, Bosnians and Albanians by the hundreds of thousands. Milan Nedic in 1941, issued a proclamation to Hitler saying he had made Belgrade "the first jew free city in Europe."

Anonymous said...

As posted on the World Jewish Congress website:

"After World War I, upon the creation of Yugoslavia, the Jews of Serbia were linked to Jews in other parts of the Kingdom. The destruction of Serbian Jewry commenced with the German invasion and occupation of the country. Already in August 1942, a German report stated that "the problem of Jews and Gypsies has been solved; Serbia is the only country where this problem no longer exists." Belgrade was the first city in Europe officially declared Judenrein. A number of Jews distinguished themselves in the partisan struggle against the German invasion. After the war, the Jewish community was reconstituted. Unlike most of their brethren in eastern Europe, the Jews of Yugoslavia maintained lively contact with Jews in Israel and Western countries."

So by their own account, the blame lies in the German invasion and not upon Nedic as you had said.

The majority of the Chetniks came from the Royalist Army and fled to the mountains after the comptulation by Regent Paul.

Chris Blaku said...

When compared to the Albanian actions towards the Jews, the Serbians are downright shameful. In Albania, there were more Jews after World War 2, than prior. Albania experienced absolutely no Jewish loss of life, particularly due to the assistance of the Jewish people by the Albanians themselves, who have been commended for their actions.

I personally am involved with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), and it is a growing concern among the worldwide Jewish community that Anti-Semitism is on the rise more so in Serbia than anywhere in Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

Double check your numbers or your source.

The Largest Europe population of Jews live in France. It also hosts one of, if not, the largest populations of Muslims, again in Europe. It is there that anti-Semitism is at its worst, and at one point last year Prime Minsiter Sharon encouraged French Jews to emigrate to Israel.

" Albania experienced absolutely no Jewish loss of life, particularly due to the assistance of the Jewish people by the Albanians themselves, who have been commended for their actions."

Who commeded them, Himmler himself?

Let us not forget your 21st SS Division Skanderberg which was made up of Kosovo albanian's and set up by Himmler in 1944. Their sole purpose was to committe acts of genocide against Jews & Serbs.

Nice Try blaku...

Chris Blaku said...

According to Noel Malcolm, the SS Skenderbeg division was made up of barely a thousand Albanian Kosovars, more interested in fighting the Serbians than purging the Jews, whom they had no contact nor quarrel with.

In addition, I stated that Serbia is the home of the biggest increase in Anti-Semitism in EASTERN Europe. If you've looked at a map recently, you would realize that France is in Western Europe.

The nation of Albania is recognized by Israel and in the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem for its heroic action. It is also written about in a book entitled, Rescue in Albania: 100% of Jews Rescued in Albania During WW2.

Good try on exploring the ever popular SS Skenderbeg issue, which historians have proven to be fiction at best.

Anonymous said...

Please name me these historians that you speak of, or once again is it you that is revising history.

Anonymous said...

Also please provide me with your sources for your claim "Serbia is the home of the biggest increase in Anti-Semitism in EASTERN Europe."

Havent seen or heard anything like this lately in the news and would hope you can enlighten me with more of your amusing wisdom.

Chris Blaku said...

Noel Malcolm: Kosovo
Noel Malcolm: Bosnia

Noel Malcolm is known worldwide as the foremost voice on Balkan affairs, particularly with regard to Albanian, Bosnian and Serbian. His historical accounts are disputed by both Serbians and Albanians, yet are regarded as the most unbiased in the world, and considered factual by the majority of respected historians.

Rescue in Albania: Harvey Samer

Written by Harvey Samer and encouraged by the Anti-Defamation League, the foremost authority in Jewish matters in the United States. Story within the book is supported by hundreds of Jewish accounts, and is recognized by the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Inside the book, Samer states that
Herman Bernstein, while serving as the American Ambassador to Albania called this the most non anti-Semitic community in the world.

Also often quoted in my blogs is Steven Schwartz, Robert Elsie, Edith Durham and numerous other respected names in history.

Anonymous said...

Blaku, you must be having an off night. Wait a minute, I ve got to get my boots on because your CRAP is getting deep.

“Noel Malcolm is known worldwide as the foremost voice on Balkan affairs, particularly with regard to Albanian, Bosnian and Serbian. His historical accounts are disputed by both Serbians and Albanians, yet are regarded as the most unbiased in the world, and considered factual by the majority of respected historians.”

By who, you and your brethren?

Here is what British historian, Stevan K. Pavlowitch, professor of Balkan history at the University of Southampton-UK had to say about Malcom:

"As one who has studied Balkan history for 40 years and taught it for 30, I do not think that Malcolm's book is a profound, as opposed to an impressive work of scholarship. The very name of Kosovo is imprecise. The site of the Battle of 1389 and the Ottoman province are not the same as the 1945 Yugoslav province to which we refer today. For Malcolm to say that we can read a Kosovan history to ancient times is cheating. Kosovo. A Short History is often just Ottoman history or Albanian history. (…) Malcolm compounds popular nineteenth-century simplifications of the kind once widespread in Europe into an authorized version that he attributes to 'Serbian historians' and then proceeds to knock it down with the help of… twentieth-century Serb historians (using them selectively and out of context, we might add). Malcolm wants to demonstrate that the twentieth-century Serbian, Montenegrin, and Yugoslavian politics from 1912 onward are the core of the Kosovo problem (…) I happen to agree, but it should have been drawn from the evidence, not an assumption made first and then bolstered with evidence.”

Trying to keep this brief, I will list just a few other Historians, Scholars and Analysts that reviewed his books:

Tim Judah, New York Review of Books, May 14, 1998
Thomas Emerat, Professor – Gustavus Adolphus College
Christian A. Nielsen, Columbia University
Aleksa Djilas – Former Fellow at the Russian Research Center at Harvard University

The point being, critical reviews of his book by other Historians, Scholars and Analysts didn’t like the fact that Malcom disregarded Serb Archival sources, Serb Scholarship, his insufficient knowledge of recent history, his misunderstanding of myths in Serb history, his deficient criticism of Albanian myths and Albanian scholarship, as well as to his open political (pro-Albanian) choice in relation to the solution of the Kosovo issue today.

Atleast he spelled Kosovo correctly.

“Rescue in Albania: Harvey Samer

Written by Harvey Samer and encouraged by the Anti-Defamation League, the foremost authority in Jewish matters in the United States. Story within the book is supported by hundreds of Jewish accounts, and is recognized by the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Inside the book, Samer states that Herman Bernstein, while serving as the American Ambassador to Albania called this the most non anti-Semitic community in the world.”

As for Harvey SarNer (not Samer as you posted above), he is not a historian. He is a third generation American of Jewish-Polish descent and a retired American attorney.

Isnt he the chairman of the Anti-Defamation League Jewish Foundation for Christian Rescuers? Is this his encouragement, from his own organization?

Why doesn’t he mention that Yad Vashem has listed 118 Serbs as “Righteous Gentiles” who rescued Jews during the Holocost while only 61 albanians have been so honored?
Did your Historian forget his History or did he intentionally leave this out?

Why didn’t he mention the 21st SS Division “Skanderbeg” and the “Greater Albania” as envisioned by Hitler and Mussolini?

Raul Hilberg in his book The Destruction of the European Jews (1961) noted that the Skanderbeg played a major role in the Holocost, rounding up the Jews in Greater Albania who were subsequently sent to Bergen-Belsen where they were killed.

Why didn’t your great historian not make mention of Balli Kombetar?
Why did a Professor of History at Indiana University B. J. Fischer know about their collaboration with the Nazi’s and document it in his book Albania at War, 1939-45?

He went on to say how Rexhep Mitrovica was appointed Prime Minister (later replaced by Fikri Dine) and Xhafer Deva appointed Interior Minister.

Why didn’t Sarner mention their roles in the round up of Jews in the “annexed territories?”

This is why your “historian” can not be viewed as a trusted or credible source, nor can you.

Anonymous said...

1:28 AM Poster

Nice Job!

Anonymous said...


What are you arguing about, that you didn't waste the Jewish population of entire Serbia, that Belgrade wasn't the first Jewish-free city in Europe?
I'm sure there must have been good Serbs and there are such now. But the fact remains, that "Greater Albania" was the only part of Europe where Jewish population actually increased during the war. Bosnian and Albanian SS divisions were a joke, although they were used as scapegoats by Tito Wanabe Stalin and his Serb generals to bring havoc to the local population after the war. Rexhep Mitrovica was a geo-strategist who used Hitler's hate for the Slavs to bring together the unification of Albanian lands. His followers were actually freeing Jews from the Prishtina jail. It's not just about Jews, in Gjakova my grandparents would tell me how they saved the Serbs from the Nazis. Despite everything that had happened inbetween the wars and since then, they were were very proud of their actions. Now, that's what I call strength of character.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Schwartz, an author and journalist, is author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror. A vociferous critic of Wahhabism, Schwartz is a frequent contributor to National Review, The Weekly Standard, and other publications.

Ms. Gorin restates the well-known and controversial claim that “Jews and Serbs, both… were persecuted by the Nazis’ Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian brigades during WWII.” While this oft-repeated charge contains a grain of truth, it is only a grain. The lowest rate of Jewish survival in ex-Yugoslavia in World War II was in Macedonia, which was under Bulgarian control, and where 90 percent of Jews were deported and killed. The highest rate was in Kosovo, where 62 percent of Jews survived. Serbia and Croatia (the latter including Bosnia-Hercegovina) both had high levels of Jewish martyrdom during the Holocaust. The Serbian capital, Beograd, was declared by the Germans the first Judenrein, or “Jew-free” city in Europe. In Bosnia, the infamous Bosnian Waffen SS units played no role in the removal of Jews on their territory, which was carried out by Germans and Croats. The Bosnian Waffen SS units were assigned to combat Muslim and Serb Partisans, including residents of villages from where many of the recruits themselves originated. They were reluctant to participate in such actions, having enlisted in the Waffen SS on the mistaken belief that such service would resemble that of the Bosnian gendarmerie under the Habsburg empire. They were sent by the Germans to France for retraining. There they mutinied against their Nazi officers and attempted to join the French Partisans, the only known example of a Waffen SS rebellion. By 1944, most of them had joined the Yugoslav Partisans. In addition, the Bosnian Muslim clerics issued three declarations publicly denouncing Croat-Nazi collaborationist measures against Jews and Serbs: that of Sarajevo in October 1941, of Mostar in 1941, and of Banja Luka on November 12, 1941. These fascinating documents have never been translated and published in English, but I am completing work on them for publication now. As to the Albanians, while it is true that the Albanian Waffen SS Skanderbeg division turned some 210 Jews in Kosovo over to the Nazis, not one Jew was handed over in Albania itself, which was the only country to come out of the second world war with a larger Jewish population than it had at the beginning of the war. This fact has been noted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and by Yad Vashem in Israel, where Albanian Muslims have been honored as “righteous Gentiles.”


Anonymous said...

stupid albanian, dont you know that there are serbian catolics???

i am from Sweden and there are lot of albanians here, i have never met (or heard about) a normal albanian person or family. Albanians have bad reputation. You guys are so useless, it was a big misstake of TITO to let you move and live in yugoslavia... The reason why yugoslavia broke up was because of you. The most of the tax-money from the yugoslavian republics went to build Kosovo up, and support albanians, who dont want to work. The slovenians got pissed of and didnt want to pay for animals, so they leaved the yugoslavian federation.and then everybody know what followed this.... Kosovo and Metohija is Serbian and will remain Serbian!