Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kai Eide’s review mission enters a new stage

According to Koha Ditore, UN Special Envoy for the assessment of Standard implementation Kai Eide said in Belgrade that ‘now we need to enter a new stage in our mission, in which we need to systematically deal with key problems we are facing in Kosovo’.

Kai Eide and Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro Vuk Draskovic agreed on Monday that it was necessary to defend the rights of Serbs in Kosovo, but Serbs must also participate in the work of Kosovo institutions.

During his stay in Belgrade, Eide also met with PM Kostunica and was scheduled to meet President Tadic today.

Eide said that he went to Belgrade to listen to the stances of authorities there on the issues that needed to be addressed. In this regard, he mentioned decentralization and participation of Kosovo Serbs in processes in Kosovo.

Following meetings in Pristina and Belgrade, Eide is going to visit international organizations involved in Kosovo; OSCE, NATO, EU and the Council of Europe. Afterwards he will consult with Contact Group representatives and around the end of July he will travel to UN HQ in New York. He will be back to Kosovo and Belgrade around mid-July to start work on the report.

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